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Dear Parents of RCS Students,

All of us at Roanoke Catholic School want the best for our students from their
education to their health and general well-being. This extends beyond the
classroom into the cafeteria, where the foods we serve provide students with the
nutrition and energy they need to develop strong bodies and alert minds.

As a child nutrition professional, it is my and my staff’s responsibility to make
sure that our school is providing students with the most nourishing food choices.
One the most important components of our school lunch program is the varied
choice of quality main courses we serve every day; I’m delighted that we are now
offering new menu items daily for your child’s enjoyment. Students will have a
choice of the daily entrée special, pizza, cheeseburger, hamburger, chicken filet,
or a cold sandwich choice every day. Students will have a choice of fresh fruits,
cup of fruit, fresh made salads and a variety of hot vegetables including a baked
potato and soup from which they may choose. A meal will consist of an entrée,
two sides and a beverage.

We encourage you to have your child try the school lunch and see the new food
items that will be offered. You are invited to join us for lunch and see what RCS
is doing to enhance your child’s daily nutrition experience.


Brenda Parrott
Assistant Food Service Director

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