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					 For Release:                    September 12, 2007
 Media Contact:                  Heather Lauer, (614) 644-2160
 Citizen Contact:                Jed Thorp, (614) 644-2160

                            Ohio EPA Seeks Comments Regarding FirstEnergy,
                          Sammis Landfill and Conveyor Construction, Wetland Fill

Potential water quality impacts from proposed activities in and near Hollow Rock Run will be the focus of a 6:30 p.m. September 26,
2007, Ohio EPA public meeting. FirstEnergy Generating Corp is proposing to construct a landfill and conveyor system to deal with
waste byproducts at the W.H. Sammis Coal-fired power plant.

Ohio EPA is holding the public information session and hearing to answer questions and accept comments about FirstEnergy's proposal.
The hearing will take place at the Knoxville Volunteer Fire Department, 15447 Route 152, Toronto, Ohio.

FirstEnergy is retrofitting its Hollow Rock facility, also known as the Sammis coal-fired electric generating facility in Stratton, with scrubbers
to reduce sulfur emissions and bring the facility into compliance with federal Clean Air Act requirements.

As the scrubbers remove sulfur from the gas going up the flue, they will create gypsum as a waste byproduct. Because there is not
currently a market for gypsum, the company proposes to dispose of the waste by constructing a landfill specifically for this waste.
FirstEnergy proposes to build an approximately 2.4-mile long conveyor system to move the gypsum from the plant to the landfill.

Construction of the landfill, conveyor system and associated access roads would have a permanent effect on 1,396 linear feet of
eight ephemeral streams, 1,107 linear feet of five intermittent streams and 144 linear feet of three perennial streams. Additionally, the
project would cause temporary impacts to 120 linear feet of stream channel in Hollow Rock Run. This project, if approved, would also
impact 0.36 acres of non-forested jurisdictional wetlands and 0.63 acres of non-forested, isolated wetlands.

The discharges from the activity, if approved, would not exceed the water quality standards that protect aquatic life and human
health. However, they could result in a change to the current water quality of the Hollow Rock Run and Yellow Creek watersheds.
Therefore, Ohio EPA is required to consider the technical, social, economic and environmental impacts of the project.

The facility has received air permit required to modify its permit and install the scrubbers. The facility still must receive its permit to build
and operate a solid waste landfill. Additional public hearings will take place about that.

Written comments are considered equally with those presented at the hearing. People who wish to comment by mail and/or be placed on
an interested parties mailing list for the project may do so by writing to Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water, Attn: Permits Processing Unit,
P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049. Comments must be received by October 3, 2007. All comments will be considered by
Ohio EPA before a final decision is made.

Arrangements to review the application and related material may be made by contacting Ohio EPA's Southeast District office in Logan by
first calling Angie Hardesty at (740) 385-8501. Links to maps (in PDF form) are available by clicking on http://www.epa.state.oh.us/

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