Now you can get arcade quality units in your by syz14012


									     Now you can get arcade quality units in your Home.
     Commercial Quality Cabinet                                     Arcade Quality Joystick/Buttons
     Full Arcade Versions of Games                                  21" Monitor on Full size models
     Microprocessor on JAMMA board                                  14" Monitor on Table size models

                                                                 TATIO 720                                         TAITO 446
                                                                 item#57050                                        item#57030

                                                                 Includes Games:                                   Includes Games:
                                                                 Arkanoid                                          Arkanoid
                                                                                                                   Bubble Bobble
                                                                 Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh                        Elevator Action
                                                                 Bubble Bobble                                     Jungle Hunt
                                                                 Chack'n Pop                                       Puzzle Bobble
                                                                 Elevator Action                                   Qix
                                                                 Jungle Hunt                                       Rainbow Islands
                                                                 Liquid Kids                                       Rastan
                                                                                                                   Space Invaders
                                                                 Lunar Rescue
                                                                                                                   Zoo Keeper
                                                                 Puzzle Bobble
                                                                 Rainbow Islands
                                                                 Rainbow Islands Extra Version
                                                                 Return of the Invaders
                                                                 Space Invaders
                                                                 Space Invaders DX
                                                                 Super Qix
                                                                 The New Zealand Story
                                                                 Zoo Keeper

                                                        CAPCOM 446
                                                        Item #: 57020 UPC: 6-81326-57020-2
                                                        Bionic Commando                                      SNK • PLAYMORE 446
                                                        Black Tiger                                          Item #: 57010 UPC: 6-81326-57010-3

                                                        Ghosts'n Goblins                                     Includes Games:
                                                        Final Fight                                          Metal Slug 2
                                                        Captain Commando                                     Top Player Golf
                                                                                                             Samurai Shodown
                                                                                                             King of Fighters 95
                                                        Magic Sword                                          League Bowling
                                                        Section Z                                            King of Monsters
                                                        Street Fighter II: The World Warrior                 Cyber Lip
                                                        Street Fighter II: Turbo Hyper Fighting              Last Resort
                                                        Mega Man: The Power Battle                           Riding Hero
                                                        Knights of the Round                                 Super Spy
                                                        Three Wonders                                        Nam 1975
                                                        Son Son                                              Super Sidekicks
                                                        Carrier AirWing                                      Alpha Mission II
                                                                                                             Robo Army
                                                                                                             Baseball Stars

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                                                                                                         a division of Jazwares Inc.

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