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                       FACILITY SUMMARIES

                       BRANCH SUMMARY

                       The Arcade Library was renovated in 2005, which included both the
                       renovation of existing spaces and the addition of library space by enclosing
                       formerly outdoor patio and entry areas. Improved service includes a new
                       computer lab, expanded teen space, areas for merchandising materials,
      Arcade Library   and a single service point for customers. While these improvements have
                       greatly improved the functional aspect of the library, the site and facility
                       still have some issues such as poor site visibility and site use conflicts.


                       The Arcade Library serves the portion of the County of Sacramento,
                       generally bounded by I-80 to the north, the Capital City Freeway to the
                       west, Arden Way to the south, and east to the border of the Carmichael
                       Library’s service area near Eastern Avenue. The area is built out, although
                       it is experiencing infill development with medium and high density
                       housing that will add more residents to the service area. Residents of
                       the community tend to be low and middle-income workers. The Russian,
                       Farsi, Spanish, and Chinese-language populations are significant and


                       The Arcade Library is located close to community amenities such as
                       shopping. Parking is at a premium, particularly as users of the adjacent
                       post office and bingo parlor tend to overflow into the library’s dedicated
                       spaces in the contiguous parking lot, and there are not any good control
                       mechanisms to limit usage of the space reserved and marked as library
                       only spaces. The parking lot’s layout is also a safety factor due to lack
                       of clear vehicular circulation and control mechanisms and lack of clear
                       pedestrian markings.

                        Service                                                Current
                        Service Area Population                               34,161 pop
                        Year Facility Constructed                                 1976
                        Year Facility Remodeled/Expanded                          1995
                        Collection Size                                     77,481 volumes
                        Reader Seats                                            66 seats
                        Public Computers                                     27 computers
                        Community Room                                          87 seats
                        Group Study Seats                                        0 seats
                        Building Size                                        12,686 sq. ft.

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                                                                                          COUNTY OF

Although the library is located on a busy neighborhood thoroughfare,
an earthern berm partially obscures the building’s visibility for those
walking or driving along the street and a surprisingly large number of area
residents are unaware that a library is located here. The below-grade staff
entry results in security problems such as loitering and illegal dumping of
trash, as well as safety issues for deliveries.

                                                                               Newly renovated Arcade Library
In 2005, the original 1964 building received ADA upgrades as well as
an addition of approximately 600 sf to improve circulation at the entry
and restrooms and create new areas for periodicals and for teens. These
changes have resulted in better functioning for the entryway and restrooms,
merchandising opportunities, and more space for users. Building envelope
problems were generally addressed as part of the renovation, although
leaks still occur where the building meets the exterior landscape berm,
particularly on the north side.


Children make up approximately half of users of the library, and another
15-20% are teens. Neighboring business owners use the library as a
backup copy and computer center but otherwise do not form a significant
portion of the library’s customer base.

The recent renovation created a new area for teens that is more easily
identifiable; however, users of the adjacent children’s area tend to overflow        Arcade magazine area
into the teen area due to the heavy use by children and lack of adequate
visible or physical separation of these two areas. Children’s programs held
in the community room often have attendance of 50-60 children and 35

The Arcade community has a strong need for increased access to computers
and the Internet, as many people do not have access to computers at home
or at work. Branch statistics indicate that the computers are occupied at
least two-thirds of the time. A lab with 12 computers enables the library
to offer technology programs that are very well-attended. As this is one
of only three computer labs in the system, programs currently service not
only Arcade customers, but all customers in the northern part of the library

The collection was weeded heavily during the renovation. Customers
have requested an expanded Russian language collection. The renovation
created one central service desk with good visibility of public areas.
However, there is not enough space at the staff desk or in the back
workroom for current operations.
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                                  FACILITY SUMMARIES

                                  BRANCH SUMMARY

                                  Originally established in 1949 as a “storefront” library in Arden Town
                                  Shopping Center, the library moved to the corner of Watt and Northrop in
                                  1975. The library underwent a renovation and expansion in 1999, which
                                  added a community room and expanded the building to its maximum site
                                  capacity. The community room has proved to be a valuable resource
                                  and this, as well as the rest of the library’s resources, are well used by
                                  the community. Primary issues for this building are the lack of adequate
      Arden-Dimick Library
                                  parking and poor vehicular circulation in the existing lot, and some
                                  crowding of library resources within the library.


                                  Located south of the Arcade Library service area, the Arden-Dimick
                                  Library serves the area of Sacramento County bounded by the Sacramento
                                  city limits, the American River, Arden Way, and the border of the
                                  Carmichael service area at Eastern Avenue. The service area, which is
                                  generally built out except for infill development, is home to families with
                                  young children as well as seniors.


                                  The Arden-Dimick Library sits on a high-profile corner location on
                                  Watt Avenue, an important north-south throughway connecting I-80 and
                                  Highway 50. This location is very convenient, as evidenced in part by the
                                  large number of material returns from other library branches. The library
                                  is close to many schools, including two middle/junior high schools, a high
                                  school, and two colleges.

                                  The site itself is constrained; the 1999 facility expansion removed some
Crowded parking at Arden-Dimick
                                  of the parking spaces and disrupted driving paths. This left the site with
                                  inadequate parking and dead-end vehicular circulation; there is no nearby

                                  Service                                               Current
                                  Service Area Population                              38,209 pop
                                  Year Facility Constructed                               1970
                                  Year Facility Renovated/Expanded                        1999
                                  Collection Size                                   91,974 volumes
                                  Reader Seats                                          96 seats
                                  Public Computers                                    16 computers
                                  Community Room                                        147 seats
                                  Group Study Seats                                      0 seats
                                  Building Size                                       11,901 sq. ft.

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street parking. There is “never enough parking,” particularly during
programs, and customers often park in the loading area due to lack of


Funded by Dr. and Mrs. Dimick, the 1999 renovation and addition
upgraded the original 1970 building envelope and systems, leaving the
building in good condition. The exception is the HVAC system, which
will require replacement in about five years; HVAC zoning should also be
reexamined as part of the replacement project.

Interior bearing walls block visibility of some public areas, such as the teen
and magazine areas, from service points. Noise within the building can be
a problem; the community room is used for quiet seating when not in use
for programs as most open areas of the library are impacted by noise.


The Arden-Dimick Library’s collection has been weeded in part to
accommodate implementation of the first phase of a merchandising
approach for displaying new and high-interest materials. More work
to move collections is needed to make this area more inviting and user-
friendly. Arden-Dimick’s Deaf Services collection is large and quite
popular.                                                                          Arden-Dimick Teen Area

The teen area is not well-defined and does not have an “identity” of its own.
Its proximity to the only adult quiet seating area causes noise conflicts.
Staff views of the teen area are blocked by interior bearing walls.

Added during the 1999 expansion, the community room is rated for 147
occupants, and is in nearly constant use. During library hours, the space
is used for quiet study between programs. With a separate entrance and
access to the restrooms, the community room is also well-used after
library hours.

Computers at the Arden-Dimick Library are very popular. The children’s
area has two computers, six computers are located in back, and additional
computers are near the library entrance.
                                                                                    Community Room
A Friends of the Library alcove added during the renovation functions
very well; it contains the Friends’ materials and, if desired, it can be closed
off. What works less well is the book return layout – while the single bin
is efficiently located in the staff workroom, it cannot effectively support
the rough-sorting opportunities if more than one bookdrop slot could be
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                                FACILITY SUMMARIES

                                BRANCH SUMMARY

                                The Carmichael Library has just completed a major renovation and
                                expansion, which was under construction at the time of the Facility Master
                                Plan facility evaluation site visits. Therefore, the building evaluation is
                                limited in scope but still encompasses site issues and community needs.


                                The Carmichael Library serves Carmichael, an established and affluent
                                neighborhood with many large houses on expansive lots. Portions of the
                                area have experienced infill development with higher-density housing. As
                                with the neighboring Arcade area, Carmichael has seen a recent influx
                                of immigrants from around the world, including Eastern Europe and the
                                Middle East. The area also has a relatively high proportion of families who
                                homeschool their children.


                                The library is located on a corner along Marconi Avenue, a well-
  Expanded Carmichael Library
                                traveled neighborhood thoroughfare. Exterior landscaping and parking
                                lot improvements are included in the current renovation and expansion
                                project that are intended to increase the building’s visual prominence
                                along the street. A private high school is located just down the street.


                                Renovation and expansion of the nearly 40-year-old facility has just been
                                completed. Approximately 5,000 square feet were added to the building,
                                including a new community room to seat 111 people and a conference
                                room for 20 people.

                                 Service                                               Current
                                 Service Area Population                             81,496 pop
                                 Year Facility Constructed                               1964
                                 Year Facility Renovated/Expanded                        2006
                                 Collection Size                                  105,000 volumes
                                 Reader Seats                                         128 seats
                                 Public Computers                                   42 computers
                                 Community Room                                       131 seats
                                 Group Study Seats                                      0 seats
                                 Building Size                                      20,690 sq. ft.

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                                                                              COUNTY OF


The expanded library branch provides seating for 110 customers, 42
public-access computers, a new community room, a teen area, a larger
children’s area, and space for special collections. It has a single public
service point for customers, as well as a computer lab.

SACRAMENTO PUBLIC LIBRARY FACILITY MASTER PLAN                                       117


                             The Arcade, Arden-Dimick, and Carmichael libraries have all been
                             recently expanded and renovated. These areas are built-out, with limited
                             growth expected from in-fill development. However, today’s population
                             is sufficient to demand an additional library in the area. A new facility
                             would supplement services provided by the three existing libraries.

                             The County is working on revitalization efforts along Fair Oaks Blvd.;
      Arden-Dimick Library   this may be an opportunity for the library to play an anchor role in the
                             revitalization of this corridor.

                             •   Carmichael, Arcade, and Arden-Dimick Libraries recently completed
                             •   New Library in the Carmichael, Arcade area

       Carmichael Library

         Arcade Library

118                                                   SACRAMENTO PUBLIC LIBRARY FACILITY MASTER PLAN
                                                     GROUP 4 ARCHITECTURE, RESEARCH + PLANNING, INC.
                                                                                        COUNTY OF

35,000 SF Library                                 2007 Dollars

Construction Hard Costs                             $16,179,000
Technology, Furniture, and Public Art               $2,134,000
Soft Costs                                          $6,572,000

Unescalated Project Budget                          $24,885,000
Does not include land, cost escalation, or
initial purchase of library materials


The base cost for this library is in January 2007 dollars and is from the
35,000 square foot template cost model. Other site-specific costs will
need to be identified once a specific site is identified. Cost Escalation,
Land Costs, and initial purchase of Library Materials are not included.

                                                                            NEXT STEPS
There are currently no funding mechanisms identified for this area.
                                                                            • Site Identification
                                                                            • Funding Identification
                                                                            • Planning efforts with County

SACRAMENTO PUBLIC LIBRARY FACILITY MASTER PLAN                                                         119