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Method And Apparatus For Redirection Of Server External Hyper-link Reference - Patent 5870546


SThe present application is related to the following Application, assigned to the Assignee of the present Application:1) IMPROVED WEB SCAN PROCESS, invented by Kirsch, [Attorney Docket Number: INFS1003DEL/GBR], application Ser. No. 08/604,584 filed concurrently herewith and;2) Secure convenient and efficient system and method of performing tran-internet purchase transactions, invented by Kirsch, [Attorney Docket Number: INFS1004DEL/GBR], application Ser. No. 08/604,507, filed concurrently herewith.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION1. Field of the Invention:The present invention is generally related to the control of network information server systems supporting World Wide Web based data pages and, in particular, to a server system and process for efficiently redirecting external server hyper-linkreferences for purposes of controlling, moderating, and accounting for such references.2. Description of the Related Art:The recent substantial growth and use of the internationally connected network generally known as the Internet has largely been due to widespread support of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). This protocol permits client systems connectedthrough Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to access independent and geographically scattered server systems also connected to the Internet. Client side browsers, such as Netscape Mozilla and Navigator (Netscape Communications Corp.) and NCSA Mosaic,provide efficient graphical user interface based client applications that implement the client side portion of the HTTP protocol.Server side application programs, generically referred to as HTTPd servers, implement the server side portion of the HTTP protocol. HTTP server applications are available both commercially, from companies such as Netscape, and as copyrightedfreeware available in source code form from NCSA.The distributed system of communication and information transfer made possible by the HTTP protocol is commonly known as the World Wide Web (WWW or W3) or as sim

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