Petey and Jaydee The Music Store by ikn20172


									Petey and Jaydee The Music Store

                                                                tv            mobile             internet

Petey and Jaydee, two ferocious little aliens with
an insatiable curiosity, travelling the world in
their ultra-sleek spaceship looking for adventure
                                                                   Fact BOX
wherever they go. When Petey and Jaydee
discover a music shop, there´s no telling what                     Format            13 x 45”

will happen next.                                                  Target Group      Teenagers, Young Adults
                                                                   Category          Animation
                                                                   Producer          Momentum Animation Studios Pty Ltd
Following the success of the previous series,
                                                                   Availability      Different Territories
Petey and Jaydee is now in its 8th season.

            for more information please contact ut at: OHM:TV GmbH phone: +49 221 7591455

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