China Cheats by hdh16952


  pennsylvania loses.
               DemanD that the canDiDates put
             a stop to the cheating by enforcing
                our laws against unfair traDe.

Pennsylvania has lost 207,400 manufacturing jobs since 2000. Why? Because too many in Washington are
unwilling to enforce our laws against unfair trade, allowing countries like China to cheat, and putting U.S.
workers and manufacturers at a disadvantage. Want proof? Our soaring $256 billion annual trade deficit
with China has cost Pennsylvania alone more than 78,000 jobs and more than 1.8 million jobs nationwide.

We need a President and a Congress who will stand up to China. Until then, China will continue to illegally
subsidize their industries, keep the value of their currency low, dump their products in the U.S. and steal
our jobs. Don’t let them get away with it.

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