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					                       W I S C O N S I N              C E N T E R            F O R       MU S I C          E D U C A T I O N
               1005 QUINN DRIVE  WAUNAKEE  WI  53597  608-850-3566  FAX: 608-850-3515  WWW.WSMAMUSIC.ORG/CENTER

                                            FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT

First Name:                                           Last Name:                                             Company Name:

Address:                                              City:                                                  State:                     Zip Code:

Home Telephone:                                       Work Telephone:                                        Cellular Telephone:

Email Address:                                                                                               Fax Number:

Event Type:                            Meeting                      Clinic/Workshop/Class  Reception/Banquet                  Teacher In-service
Event Description: Please provide any additional information about the event such as, is this a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting; type of workshop
(student, professional development, community event, etc.); name of any guest speakers or need for registration tables or small group workspaces, etc.

Date of Event:                      Start Time:                                  End Time:                               Attendance:
Preferred Room Location:
 Pleasant Rowland Innovation Center                                              Yamaha Music Technology Lab
 Richard & Nancy White Resource Center                                           Lidy Lunda Conference Room
 White House of Music Digital Sound Studio                                       Arboretum Conference Room
Please check the appropriate         Classroom                                   U-Shape                                Hollow Square
seating arrangement for your                                                                                                 Hollow Square
                                               Theatre
                                         Theatre
Food Service Plans:                    Will food or beverage(s) be available?  Yes  No
The renter is responsible for making any catering arrangements for the event, however, it is very helpful if the renter can provide a brief description of what
catering plans will be made so we can make the most appropriate arrangements of the rental facility. A list of area catering companies is available at
www.wcme.org/Catering for your reference.

Audio/Visual Equipment Requests
 Digital Piano                            LCD Projector w/ Screen               Easel(s)                                 Microphone w/ Speakers
 Music Stand(s)                           VCR/DVD Player w/ Monitor             # Needed:                                 Speakerphone
   # Needed:                               CD/Tape Player                        Easel Paper Pad(s) w/ Markers            Whiteboard w/ Markers
 Overhead Projector w/ Screen             Laptop Computer                       # Needed:                                 Document Camera
 Video Conferencing Equipment             MIE Keyboard Lab                      Mobile Computer Lab                      Keyboard(s)


DATE RECEIVED:                                                                   RESERVATION FEE:
CONFIRMATION NUMBER:                                                             CONFIRMATION LETTER SENT:

APPROVED BY:                                                                     DATE:
BUILDING USAGE POLICIES                                                 A/V Equipment: Lessees may bring their own A/V equipment
                                                                        for use, however, the lessee is solely responsible for any
Facility Usage: Programs and activities of lessees must be of a
                                                                        technical assistance regarding their personal equipment.
nature suitable for presentation in a public school, must be
                                                                        Equipment is also available for rental through WSMA. Groups
lawful, and must conform to all of the policies of WSMA. Lessees
                                                                        are expected to leave all rented equipment in the condition in
whose activities or programs are determined to be illegal or
                                                                        which it was found.
inappropriate for presentation will not be granted permits
                                                                        Supervision and Security: All activities must be under
Hours: Approved lessees are restricted to the dates and hours
                                                                        competent adult supervision. Lessees must take reasonable
approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless
                                                                        steps to insure orderly behavior.
the Executive Director or designee approves changes. The
facility will be opened one-half hour before the scheduled event.       Fire and Safety Regulations: Approved lessees are
                                                                        responsible for complying with all local and state fire and safety
Rental Agreement: To reserve a facility, written permission
                                                                        regulations at all times.
from the Executive Director or designee must be obtained prior
to use. The person signing the rental request will become the           Staff: A WSMA staff member or designee shall be on duty
party responsible for facility use and compliance with all rules        whenever the facility is being used and will be responsible for
and regulations.                                                        handling furniture and equipment. Full costs for staff time will be
                                                                        added to the rental agreement.
Rental Fees: The lessee requesting the use of facilities will be
responsible for payment of all costs incurred. Half payment of          Enforcement of Rules: Approval to use the facility may be
rental fee is due upon approval of facility rental agreement. The       cancelled at any time when there is evidence that the rules and
remaining half of the rental fee plus any adjustments is due            regulations outlined herein are being violated.
within 30 days of use.                                                  Personal Property: WSMA is not responsible for any loss of
Reservation Status: A rental reservation is considered binding          valuables or personal property.
after the Facility Rental Agreement has been signed by the              Liability Insurance: A certificate of liability insurance will be
lessee and approved by WSMA personnel. Lessees may not                  required for all Category 3 users at least one week prior to use.
advertise any event until this time.                                    Users in Category 2 may be required to provide insurance at the
Condition of Rooms: Lessees are expected to leave all rooms,            discretion of the Executive Director.
furniture and restrooms in the condition and arrangement in             Caterers: Lessees must make private arrangements for any
which they were found. No decorations or temporary fixtures             catering needs for their event. Caterers are required to abide by
may be affixed to the building or any architectural feature with        all policies outlined in the Facility Rental Agreement. All food
nails, tacks, staples or any application that will cause irreversible   and beverages must be removed from the premises after the
damage. Tape is not permitted on any walls, glass or fixtures.          event. Waste food, ice and beverages may not be dumped onto
Lessees will be responsible for paying all damage incurred by           soil or landscaping anywhere on the premises by guests or
their use of the facility and/or equipment.                             catering staff. Lessees and/or their caterers are required to
Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be issued if notice of          provide their own tableware, linens and service needs. No
cancellation is received at least 48 hours prior to the rental date.    catering equipment, décor or other items may be left behind or
Rental deposit is forfeited if less than 48 hours notice is given.      stored on the property after an event unless prior arrangements
                                                                        have been made.
Cancellation of Events: Neither party shall be deemed to be in
default in the performance of the terms of this agreement if
                                                                        Required Signature:
either party is prevented from performing the terms of this
                                                                        I have read all of the rental policy information and agree to
agreement by causes beyond its control, including acts of God;
                                                                        comply with all policies. I understand that my security deposit
any catastrophe resulting from earthquake, flood, explosion or
                                                                        may be forfeited or I may be billed for any additional expense
other cause beyond the control of the defaulting party.
                                                                        should any of the aforementioned requirements be ignored or
Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages and controlled                 abused, or if any damages are a result of the actions of my
substances are not permitted within the facility and on all WCME        rental.
                                                                        Signature:                            Date:
Smoking: Tobacco is prohibited within the facility and on all
WCME grounds.
Handicapped Access: All rental facilities at the WCME are
accessible by wheelchair. Handicapped parking is available in
the front and on the side of the building.