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Colgate-Palmolive Courses - PDF by lqh68203


									                        Colgate-Palmolive Courses

Prefix   Number   Course Title
BUS      C1410    GIT Implementation Methodology- PLA Course                         1
BUS      C1540    Business Presentation Skills- PLA Course                           1
BUS      C1750    Introduction to Project Management- PLA Course                     2
BUS      C1520    Synectics Facilitation Certification- PLA Course                   3
BUS      C1560    Commerical Goals in Action- PLA Course                             1
BUS      C1490    BASICS- PLA Course                                                 1
BUS      C1430    Strategic Sourcing Workshop- PLA Course                            1
CMP      H1001    Server Administration- PLA Course                                  3
CMP      H1002    DataMaster I- PLA Course                                           1
CMP      H1003    Crystal Reports: Levels I & II- PLA Course                         2
CMP      H1004    TCP/IP Version 4- PLA Course                                       2
HUR      C1050    Competency-Based Interviewing (variable credit) - PLA Course       1
HUR      C1070    Continuous Improvement Reviews Facilitator- PLA Course             1
HUR      C1090    General Instructor Training- PLA Course                            1
HUR      C1990    Sarbanes Oxley Compliance- PLA Course                              1
HUR      C1050    Competency-Based Interviewing (hybrid) (variable credit) - PLA     2
HUR      C1030    Facilitating Positive Employee Relations- PLA Course               1
HUR      C1120    Global Succession Planning System- PLA Course                      1
HUR      C1010    Goal Oriented Learning- PLA Course                                 3
HUR      C1095    Virtual Instructor Training Certification- PLA Course              1
HUR      C1490    Effective Labor Relations Workshop- PLA Course                     1
HUR      C1850    Environmental Standards & Guidelines- PLA Course                   1
HUR      C1950    Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Leadership- PLA      1
HUR      C0950    Implementing Occupational Health & Safety Standards &              3
                  Guidelines- PLA Course
HUR      C1590    Strategic Labor Relations- PLA Course                              2
LDR      C1010    Bringing Out the Leader in You- PLA Course                         1
LDR      C1110    Leadership Challenge- PLA Course                                   3
LDR      C1020    Everyone a Leader- PLA Course                                      1
LDR      C1150    Leadership Development Program- PLA Course                         3
LDR      C1120    Women Unlimited- PLA Course                                        3
LDR      C1190    Leadership for Manufacturing Work Teams- PLA Course                1
LDR      C1290    Strategic Leadership for Manufacturing Work Systems- PLA           1
MAN      C1120    Audit Skills and Techniques- PLA Course                            1
MAN      C0880    Control Point Monitoring- PLA Course                               1
MAN      C0100    Good Manufacturing Practices- PLA Course                           3
MAN      C0920    Manufacturing Data Analysis- PLA Course                            1
MAN      C0810    On Shelf Quality- PLA Course                                       2
                       Colgate-Palmolive Courses
Prefix   Number   Course Title
MAN      C0710    Process Safety Management- PLA Course                           2
MAN      C0840    Supplier Certification Seminar- PLA Course                      3
MAN      C0870    Supply Chain Continuous Improvement- PLA Course                 4
MAN      C0103    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM 103) - PLA Course             1
MAN      CO104    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM 104) - PLA Course             1
MAT      C0910    Basic Statistics- PLA Course                                    2
MGE      C1030    Coaching and Feedback- PLA Course                               1
MGE      C1090    Driving Team Effectiveness in Organizations- PLA Course         1
MGE      C1190    Fundamentals of Accelerating Effective Change- PLA Course       2
MGE      C1210    Managing with Respect- PLA Course                               1
MGE      C1510    Indirect Trade Business Management- PLA Course                  2
MGE      C1530    Managing the 5Ps with Effectiveness- PLA Course                 1
MGT      H1001    Understanding Validation Requirements- PLA Course               1
MGT      H1002    Intro to Good Manufacturing Practices- PLA Course               1
MGT      H1003    Business Integrity- PLA Course                                  1
MGT      H1004    Inclusive Work Environment- PLA Course                          1
MGT      H1005    Category/Performance Management- PLA Course                     2
MGT      H1006    Management Systems/Quality Improvement- PLA Course              1
MKT      C1150    Customer Planning in Action- PLA Course                         1
MKT      C1160    Customer Development Supply Chain- PLA Course                   2
MKT      C1250    Customer Engagement through Joint Business Plan- PLA Course     2
MKT      C1050    Shopper Marketing- PLA Course                                   2
MKT      C1260    Concept Development Workshop- PLA Course                        1
MKT      C1070    Consumer Insight- PLA Course                                    2
MKT      C1010    Fundamentals of Marketing- PLA Course                           3
MKT      C1350    Media Management- PLA Course                                    2
MKT      C1360    Promo Power- PLA Course                                         2
MKT      C1020    Basis Sales Techniques- PLA Course                              2
MKT      C1270    Category Management- PLA Course                                 3
MKT      C1090    Field Sales Leadership- PLA Course                              1
MKT      C1440    Managing the Customer as a Business- PLA Course                 3
MKT      C1190    ProSales Selling Skills- PLA Course                             2
MKT      C1290    Electronic Auctions- PLA Course                                 1
MKT      C1910    Introduction to Customer Service & Logistics- PLA Course        1
SCI      C1200    Design of Experiments- PLA Course                               2
SCI      C1990    Surfactant Chemistry- PLA Course                                2
SCI      C0510    Ergonomics- PLA Course                                          1
SCI      H1001    General Nutrition- PLA Course                                   1
SCI      H1002    Wellness- PLA Course                                            1
SCI      H1003    Therapeutic Nutrition- PLA Course                               2

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