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					Employee Name:                                                                                                          Hire Date:

or N/A FORMS                                ROUTING                                                                  POLICY/ COMMENTS
                                              Use JobsatCU, contact hr-bgc@colorado.edu or submit form to HR (565
        Background Check                                                                                               http://www.colorado.edu/humres/downloads/BackgroundFormUCB.pdf
        Letter of offer                       fax copy to ES 492-4693; send original with signatures to HR (565 UCB)   http://www.colorado.edu/humres/managers/ClassifiedStaffLetterofOffer.html
        SSA-1945                              to campus HR office (565 UCB)                                            http://www.colorado.edu/humres/managers/ClassifiedStaffLetterofOffer.html
        I-9                                   I9 Partners or HR office to complete - send I9 to HR (565 UCB)           http://www.cusys.edu/policies/Personnel/ircaadmin.html
        W-4                                   original or fax to PBS (575 SYS or 735-6599)
        Direct Deposit                        original to PBS (575 SYS)                                                http://www.cusys.edu/policies/Fiscal/payroll.html
        PERA Enrollment                       to PBS (575 SYS)                                                         https://www.copera.org/PDF/8/8-324.pdf
        Social Security Card                  PPL must see original - do not route copy of SS to any office            https://www.cusys.edu/pbs/proceduresguide/1.1.09.html
        Personal Data Worksheet               for PPL to enter into HRMS PeopleSoft                                    http://www.cusys.edu/pbs/forms/downloads/Personal_Data-8.3.xls
        Emergency Contact Information         for PPL to enter into HRMS PeopleSoft                                    http://www.cusys.edu/pbs/forms/downloads/Emergency_Cnt-8.3.xls
        Outside or Dual Employment Form       to ES (565 UCB) if employee works a second job                           http://www.colorado.edu/humres/downloads/FinalCompGuidelines2007.pdf

or N/A REQUIRED TRAINING                    TIME FRAME                                                               SCHEDULE
        New Employee Orientation              ASAP                                                                     http://www.colorado.edu/humres/training/cu101_hr.html
        Benefits New Employee Orientation     Within 31 days of hire                                                   http://www.cusys.edu/pbs/benefits/services/nebo.html
        Discrimination and Harassment         Within 1st month of hire                                                 http://www.colorado.edu/odh/training.html#training
        Performance Management System         Within 1st month of hire                                                 http://www.colorado.edu/humres/training/cpp.html
        Supervisor Training                   Within 90 days of assuming supervisor duties of classified staff         http://my.cu.edu/
        Information Privacy & Security        Within 30 days of hire                                                   http://my.cu.edu/
        Fiscal Code of Ethics                 Recommended                                                              http://my.cu.edu/

or N/A CAMPUS INFORMATION                   COMMENTS/ ROUTING                                                        DOCUMENT/ WEBSITE LOCATION
        Human Resources website                                                                                        http://www.colorado.edu/humres/
        Plan/Evaluation                       copy of first page to Labor Relations (565 UCB) within 1 month of hire   http://www.colorado.edu/humres/performance/index.html
        PDQ                                   Employee should have a copy of their PDQ
        Information entered in PeopleSoft     REMINDER: Change campus box, campus phone and campus email               http://ucbparking.colorado.edu/AlternativeTransportation/Default.asp
        Time Keeping/ Leave Request Form                                                                               http://www.colorado.gov/dpa/dhr/pubs/docs/leave/Leave.pdf
        Worker's Comp/ Incident Report Form                                                                            https://urm.cusys.edu/docs/forms/incident_report_form.asp
        Parking                               see Parking Department Liaison                                           http://www.colorado.edu/parking/parking/permits/facstaff.html
        Buff One/ EcoPass                     employee must go to Willard Hall #182 with their employee ID             https://services.jsatech.com/index.php?cid=59&
        CU Boulder Emergency Alerts           recommended: Call 303-492-INFO                                           http://www.colorado.edu/alerts

or N/A SET-UP                               ROUTING                                                                  COMMENTS
        Identikey                             see Department Liaison
        Email                                 see Department Liaison
        Phone/Extension                       see Telecom Department Liaison                                           name to appear on campus Caller ID and for directory assistance
        Long-distance                         see Telecom Department Liaison                                           Long Distance Code or Long Distance Calling Card
        Building/Office access                Department Liaison to work with Access Services (Stadium Gate 8)

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Employee Name:                                                                                             Hire Date:

       Department property issued                                                                         Personnel or policy manuals, cell phones, computers, software, etc.

or N/A DEPARTMENT/ JOB SPECIFIC          FORM LOCATIONS                                                 TRAINING
       ACARD                               http://www.cusys.edu/psc/forms/NewCardholder.xls               http://www.cu.edu/psc/training/
       US Bank VISA                        http://www.cusys.edu/psc/forms/US-Bank-VISA_appl.doc
       HRMS PeopleSoft                     http://www.cu.edu/ums/security/ps-access.html                  http://www.cusys.edu/pbs/hrms/training/
       Finance PeopleSoft                  http://www.cu.edu/ums/security/ps-access.html                  http://www.cu.edu/psc/training/training.html
       Defensive Driving                                                                                  http://www.colorado.edu/TransportationCenter/ddc.html
       Fiscal Code of Ethics               Recommended                                                    http://my.cu.edu/
       HIPAA                                                                                              http://my.cu.edu/
       Hazardous Materials                                                                                http://my.cu.edu/
       SIS                                 http://www.cu.edu/ums/security/sis-access.html
       CIW                                 http://www.cu.edu/irm/CUonly/dwhse/signup/                     Fiscal Code of Ethics required for GL or HR Tables

       UCB organizational chart
       Department mission statement
       Overview of department
       Department policies/procedures
       Confidentiality/Ethics statements
       How to open/ close office
       Phones/ voice-mail
       Copy/ Fax machine
       Office supplies
       Business cards
       Purchasing process
       Tour of campus (if needed)
       Emergency evacuation procedures     create department emergency plans and discuss with employees

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