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									Yangdong Yun: The franchising model in the end
   In the past 2009 years, many hotels the pace of expansion slowed down, and the
world's largest economy hotel chain in one - Super 8 hotel in China this
year to 320% of the rate of expansion of territory. Ended in January 2010, Super
8's have been opened and the total number of hotels to be opened more
than 210. Signed last year alone nearly 100 hotels, nearly 50 hotels have been
successfully opened.
  ?Beginning of the year 2010, Main Point Network reporter interviewed a Super 8
hotel in China, senior vice president of Mr. Yang Dongyun, who first grew up in P
& G, Triumph Group in Germany, Europe's largest stationery
company - Tech, served in China general manager and senior vice president of Asia
Pacific managers, relying on the Chinese market, familiar and excellent marketing
capabilities, in the past more than a year to promote the rapid development of Super 8.

   ?Yang Dongyun Description:
Mr. Yang Dongyun is the speed Boyi Te (Beijing) International Hotel Management
Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President, Franchise Development, Direct Development,
marketing and customer sales. He has an internationally renowned company of 15
years of successful management experience.
Constantly challenge, love the franchise
The late eighties of last century, China's reform and open policy has
attracted large international companies like Procter & Gamble of
foreign-funded enterprises to enter China, and began to recruit fresh university
graduates through campus for the P & G China into groups of fresh blood.
93 years, Procter & Gamble to recruit management trainees, Zhejiang
University, Zhejiang University graduate enrollment this posts more than 500 people,
but to become a P & G Management Trainee, candidates must meet the
global P & G set the standard selection and employment will eventually be
accepted by the people few and far between. After several rounds of intense written
examination, interview screening, Yang Dongyun stand out from the hundreds of
people, becoming the P & G, Zhejiang University was admitted one of two
management trainees, thus beginning his career in professional managers.
Into the P & G, Yang Dongyun rapid learning in the field of marketing
growth in P & G nearly 7 years, he from management trainee to sales
manager, regional marketing manager has done the country category manager and
became the most senior local P & G One manager, managing more than 4
billion yuan of business. Yang Dongyun with their performance, confirms the P
& G brands were selected as the century of precision eye.
After 7 years of experience in P & G, Yang Dongyun on consumer demand
and market-oriented have a grasp of their own success. In 2001, Mr. Yang Dongyun
joined one of the world's largest group of German underwear Triumph
Group, and served as general manager of China, the management group employees
over 3300. Under his leadership, a strong marketing strategy and promotional
activities to help Triumph quickly open the domestic market in China, established the
Triumph brand underwear market in China's leadership, and he also
ushered in a career development of a new peak. In 2004, he was invited to join
Europe's largest stationery company - accessible group, has served as the
general manager and vice president, Asia Pacific, responsible for China, Japan,
Southeast Asia business. After several years of efforts to make accessible successfully
risen to be China's leading brands of office stationery, one of his excellent
marketing can be once again been proven.
In 2008, Yang Dongyun chose a new challenge, adding a previously distinct industries
- hotels industry. He saw the management of different business in common,
"Although it looks very different, but essentially there are still many
among the various sectors in common. They are based on consumer demand,
market-oriented, and the core of all our work to meet and exceed consumer
expectations. plus there's things in common is the brand, chain business
model. "At the same time, he also discovered the unique charm of
franchise mode," I chose hotels industry is seen the future of this industry
has tremendous growth opportunities, brand, chain hotels is the inevitable trend is to
achieve brand franchise, chain a very effective means of franchising is my expertise
and interest, and I also felt the franchise great charm of this model. "
Mode, execution, timing - the key to franchising
Franchise mode has always been to China since the controversies, especially in the
hotels industry. Has many years of marketing experience, Yang Dongyun on
franchising this model has a unique insight: "China's economic
growth to a certain stage, brand, chain is inevitable. Hotels in this area benefits from
the single shop difficult and scale to compete with the chain brand. to achieve brand
and chain of many forms, such as Direct mode, franchise mode alliance model also
can be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages of each model. such as
Direct Mode financial stress and managing stress are very large, with the expanding
scale of development, the difficulties will be more obvious. Union model is too loose,
and the franchise mode for the current Chinese economy hotel market is a model of
comparative advantage. "
Yang Dongyun, said: "Franchising is a great competitive advantage,
potential model, the key is to make franchising a good grasp of itself, to put it right,
the implementation in place, there must be Chenggongmoshi and very strong
execution. Franchise mode is the essence of successful replication would be needed to
make a very successful model for mature, professional management team, strong
execution to ensure that it can effectively replicate. In fact the domestic Duojia hotels
brands are getting out of join the line confirmed the hotels long-term development
must be in this direction.
On the other hand is to have the right time. Franchise is built on the basis of social
division into early, if related parties are not quite ripe, it will not be successful, needs
a lot of time and energy to train franchisees. We must also recognize the first few
years, the market is not as mature, we are in a perfect process, it is the process of
mutual growth. But if time can be relatively mature into play when the best results,
now hotels are in a very good time, especially after last year's economic
crisis, many single hotel realized that they really can not compete than chain hotels.
They may also hold before the luck, that single hotel can make money, but actually
slightly increased competition, they will realize that this is not so easy. So in 2009
marked a change in the past that it would not join the single hotel then choose to join
the Super 8 hotel. "
In 2009, Yang Dongyun is by virtue of his unique perspectives on franchising model
and market opportunity insights to lead his team to the Super 8 in growth rate has
been dramatically improved. Meanwhile, the Super 8 in membership development and
marketing of important progress, further strengthened the existing franchisee on Super
8 Super 8 confidence.
To find core values and core competencies
Zai Chinese hotel industry has a special phenomenon of high-star hotel market is an
international associate occupy a dominant position, while economic model is the hotel
market was dominated by local brands. The reason people in the past regarded local
brands and international brands separately, some will stress the international brand
management, systems, and other areas, local people will stress the advantages of the
brand on the regional market, on the local market understanding. And Mr. Yang
Dongyun believe this is a one-sided, not the key problem. "Because a
company, whether international or local, is the key to success is to find the core values
and core competitive advantage. Jiushi Why are there, to consumers, partners,
provides the advantages of what can not be replaced? To find it kind of core values,
and to perform well, to reflect this value in order to go further. "
"The Super 8, in addition to brand, franchising model itself is the core
advantage of franchising is a truly safe, stable, long-term economical hotels market
discipline model. As for other cheap brand, They should totally dominated mainly to
the face of competitive pressure to keep the first place when they should totally,
because the impact of Direct significant about slightly volatile, which naturally led to
their energy, money, management, resources and so on are all Direct-based,
specializing in one thing and do two things at certain is designed to do one thing will
do more professional. "
The future will focus on consumer experience, speed up the membership development
"Internet Marketing" has been increasingly advocated by the
hotel industry, the Internet is like a window to the world, it makes the world smaller,
giving the hotel to communicate with customers more freedom, more timely
communication more diverse ways. In the financial crisis, attention network
marketing opportunity hotel brands found, grab the opportunities.
Began in 2009, Super 8 China pay more attention to network marketing headquarters
and held a series of online marketing activities. Yang Dongyun that these activities are
not simply promotion and marketing, more is to allow consumers to participate in
these activities through product upgrades, the design to the real consumer-oriented,
constantly optimize the consumer experience to stay. Because of such great
importance to Procter & Gamble, the consumer experience and consumer
research FMCG industry background, Yang Dongyun into the hotel industry quickly
realized: While hotels industry has also attached great importance to the consumer
experience, but for research in this area is not enough. Actually, this is an opportunity
where the Super 8 hotel. Super 8 China sees this and has taken a lead up.
"In the future, we will continue to be concerned about consumer
experience, this is the most important and fundamental. We will be based on
consumer demand in China R & D to improve our products and services so
that consumers feel the Super 8 Hotel 'clean friendly 'of human
experience. "
"In addition, we will further accelerate the development of our members so
that more consumers become our lifelong members. In fact, since last year, we have
significantly accelerated. Our members in a year the amount increased by 4 times.
According to Super 8 franchisee feedback, 2009 Super 8 hotel bookings and members
of the central reservation are improved obviously. This is our foundation, with this
foundation, we will further the development of franchising, so that more monomer
Hotel investors to join in to our system. in 2010 the number of Super 8 hotel shop will
also be further accelerated, is expected to contract from 130 to 150. "
    ?For the hotels industry, the "bubble theory" and
"Red Sea on the" endless, Yang Dongyun are convinced that the
future remains hotels sea of blue, the opportunity always lies in the hands of those
who are prepared. "Simple figures to illustrate with a current total number
of the hotels are only 34 thousand, and fewer chain brand, the market there are many
less-competitive single hotel, low-star hotel, indicating the market still tremendous
opportunities for development. Some experts predict the future five to six years, the
hotels will be developed to 15,000, I think it is entirely possible. rely on what to
implement it? of course, is the chain brand. The development of chain brand the most
effective and most efficient way to franchise, Super 8 Hotel is the effective mode of
some, so I am very optimistic about this direction, we generally will be based on
existing positioning it better. "
With the economy hotels, bullish on franchising model confidence and a strong grasp
of marketing, Yang Dongyun led his team created one after another excellent
performance. In 2010, the Super 8 hotel will have a kind of development? We look
forward to Yang Dongyun for the Super 8 Hotel draw a more wonderful.

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