RAVALLI COUNTY AIRPORT BOARD
                                               MEETING MINUTES
                                                  05 MARCH 2008

A meeting of the Ravalli County Airport Board was held on Wednesday, 05 March 2008, in the 1st Floor Meeting Room at the Rava lli
County Administrative Center, Hamilton, Montana.
Board members present were: Dave Hedditch          Fred Hasskamp           Carl Fox    Frank Kucera        Jim Trowbridge
Others present were as follows:
         Kathleen Driscoll, Ravalli County Commissioner
         Page Gough, Ravalli County Airport Manager
         Deb Kleen, Ravalli County Aviation Safety Foundation
         Steve Wolters, North Star Aviation
         Dave Schultz, Bitterroot Cultural Heritage Trust Representative
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Dave Hedditch at 2:00 P.M. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct the regular
business of the Ravalli County Airport Board.
Item 1: Minutes of the 06 February 2008 Ravalli County Airport Board meeting were approved as presented.
Item 2: Airport Manager’s Report:
    1. Has purchased a digital camera for $199.99.
    2. Discussed Hangar Site 524 (Wolters). Steve Wolters requesting an increase in size for a proposed new hangar – requesting
       new dimensions of 125 ft. X 100 ft. The Airport Manager also discussed the necessary spacing between the existing North
       Star Aviation hangar & the proposed hangar, needing a 16 ft. separation. The new hangar will become an additional structure
       of the North Star Aviation complex.
                 Motion by Hasskamp to recommend for approval, Steve Wolter’s plan for a larger size hangar depending on building
                  code requirements & sufficient clearance from the taxiway. Seconded by Fox. Motion passed.
   3. Site 374 – Rocky Mountain Log Home (Schuller). Cliff Iverson & partner have applied to lease a 100 ft. X 100 ft. space for
       storage of aircraft.
                 Motion by Fox to recommend for approval a new lease to Cliff Iverson & partner for leasing of a 100 ft. X 100 ft.
                  space for storage of aircraft. Seconded by Hasskamp. Motion passed.
   4. Site 370 – Wendy Bye is selling her hangar to Joe Rimensberger. Rimensberger proposes to use hangar for purposes of
       aircraft rental.
                 Motion by Hasskamp to recommend for approval sale of the hangar to Rimensberger & a new lease to reflect the
                  type of aviation use for the hangar under new ownership. Seconded by Fox. Motion passed.
   5. Site 291 – Bill Stewart requesting to install a bathroom at the Site, including installing a holding tank.
                 Motion by Fox to recommend for approval installation of a bathroom & holding tank on Site 291, if such is approved
                  by the County Sanitarian. Seconded by Hasskamp. Motion passed.
   6. The Airport Manager is planning to purchase a pressure washer for use at the Airport when one is found on sale.
   7. DigiWx now functioning. Commissioning on Friday with FAA.
   8. Fire Marshal will be conducting an Airport inspection with the Hamilton Fire Chief during week of 10 March
   9. Tie-down fees. The Airport Manager still has not charged North Star Aviation or Hamilton Aviation. Also need discussion
       regarding the back fees for RCA tie-down space usage.
   10. Gravel pit evaluation has been completed & recommended that the Airport receive $5,000.00. There will a meeting with the
       County Commissioners regarding this matter. Chairman Hedditch stated that the Airport will not receive any money from the
       Ravalli Co. Department of Roads, but will receive $5,000.00 credit per year for services from the Department of Roads such as
       maintenance, mechanical, etc.
   11 Everything is ready for the Airport sign. The Airport Manager just needs some good weather to put it up.
   12 The Airport Manager recommends a change of wording in the Rules & Regulations regarding ramp fees based on weight. All
       of the larger jet aircraft need to be included.
Item 3: Treasurer’s Report. Chairman Hedditch gave a verbal report regarding the Airport finances.
Item 4: Chairman Hedditch brought up the recent Ravalli County Aviation Safety Foundation meeting. He stated that the Foundation
had loaned Ravalli County $15,000.00 for preparation of the State Historic Preservation Office’s report that is to be included in the
Ravalli County Airport Environmental Assessment. There was some discussion of why the Foundation is paying for the report ra ther
than such costs being included in the Morrison-Maierle contract. Also, Christine Komer wants an open house at the former Leonardi
home site after the Environmental Assessment is out – this in conjunction with the Bitterroot Cultural Heritage Trust. There was further
discussion on this matter by Deb Klean & Dave Schultz.
Item 5: Chairman Hedditch recounted discussion held at a recent State Aeronautics meeting. He stated that it was discussed that an
agenda should be published prior to even a Board meeting such as this one; that a vote on any matter could not be held at a m eeting
when such matter was being initially discussed, that approval had to be deferred to the next meeting. Some discussion ensued, with
some question as to whether such restrictions actually applied to our Board meetings as the Airport Board does not make any ruling
decisions, but only recommends such actions to the Ravalli County Board of County Commissioners.
Item 6: Chairman Hedditch handed out a paper he prepared due to a speech made by Gwen Hass at a 08 April 2005 Pachyderm
meeting. Ms. Hass comments are preceded by an *. Chairman Hedditch commentary is preceded by “Answer.” Some discussion
Item 7: Old business: None.
Item 8: Dave Schultz, Bitterroot Cultural Heritage Trust representative, brought up the matter of a lease for the former Leonardi
property. He recommended a lease be prepared for review & approval by the Ravalli County Commissioners. He stated that by 01
August 2008, plans have to be in place. Commissioner Driscoll asked whether there were any old pictures of the former farm
operation. Discussion ensued. It was recommended that contact be made with Charles Duus for additional information.
Item 9: When asked if he had a comments, Steve Wolters stated that the width of 125 ft. for the proposed hangar for Site 524 was
approved around 2001. He stated that Scott Bell, Morrison-Maierle, assured him at that time that there would be room without taxiway
Item 10: Dave Schultz stated that there is a DEQ meeting scheduled for 17 March.
Item 11: There was some general discussion regarding the gravel source located at the north end of the new runway location – how it
could be excavated and used for runway construction to offset some project costs, & the anticipated income that could be rece ived from
selling the remaining gravel deposit.

Next Airport Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 02 April 2008, @ 2:00 P.M.
Meeting adjourned @ 3:36 P.M.

Submitted by Jim E. Trowbridge
Secretary, Pro Tem
Ravalli County Airport Board

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