Logan Airport by syz14012


									                                 Logan Airport
                               Arrival Instructions

REMEMBER: Always travel with our toll free number in case there is a change to your
final itinerary! 866-760-2555

Terminal A
Delta, Delta Shuttle, Delta Song
Sedan or limo: Exit lower level, cross one island and look to your left.
Minicoach or Motorcoach: Lower level curbside

Terminal B
Alaska Air, American West, American, American Eagle, American Trans Air, US Airways
Sedan or limo: Upper level (departures) outside to the private car pick up area.
Minicoach or Motorcoach: Lower level (baggage claim) at the Charter Bus area

Terminal C
Air Canada, Cape Air, Comair, Continental, Jet Blue, Midwest, United
Sedan or limo: Exit from upper level and cross over to second island.
Minicoach or Motorcoach: Lower level (baggage claim) and cross over to the second
island to charter bus pick up area.

Terminal D
Airtran and charters
Go to Terminal C and follow above instructions.

Terminal E
All International arrivals, Northwest Airlines.
Sedan, limo, or Van: Exit terminal and cross over island towards the left.
Minicoach or Motorcoach: Exit terminal and charter bus area is curbside

                               Providence Airport
                               Arrival Instructions
Upon arrival take the escalator down to the baggage claim level. Your driver will be
waiting for you with a sign at the bottom of the escalator.

*** If you have any questions concerning where to meet your car upon arrival, contact
Cape Destinations toll free at 866-760-2555. Or you can ask for assistance at the
information counter located on the baggage claim level of each terminal.

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