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                                                                                                                                              The Power of Words
                                                                                                                                                                          Paul Pakyam

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 “…I was filled with the Spirit and               A Trip Down Memory Lane PG 18

The Ethnic Church in a Multicultural Society
 began to speak…” PG 19

Roland M. Kawano
When we approach the Scriptures, we may be startled at the parallels they present to our situation. The Jewish people
were one ethnic unit living not only within the ancient boundaries of Palestine-Judea but scattered throughout the
Roman Empire.The Jewish figure who most interests Christians presents us with a prime example of ethnicity. According
to ancient tradition, Jesus of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem and made one journey outside his country’s borders early
in his life. All of his adulthood was spent inside the perimeters of his tiny country, which was much smaller than the
province of Ontario. Preaching, teaching and healing only among his own people, Jesus was bound to this ethnic Jewish
subculture not simply by vocation but also by language: he spoke Aramaic, the Hebrew dialect of his area, although he
read the ancient liturgical Hebrew. Almost certainly he did not know Koiné Greek, the lingua franca of the time. He even
disdained to have anything to do with outsiders, foreigners and the aliens who entered his subculture (John 12:20; Matt.
10:6; 15:24). And while he was yet alive, he sent his disciples only to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”                             The Rev. Dr. Roland Kawano

                                    “He was a
Compare, then, this                                          congregation in the
ethnic man with the                                          many-cultured                        Religious Persecution in Pakistan -
                                  marginal man,
figure who follows                                           society. Already the

                                  able to cross
him in importance,                                           format has been                      Will it ever end?
and who stands in                                            outlined for us in

                                   cultural and
great ethnic contrast.                                       the        preceding
                                                                                                  Sadia Joseph

St. Paul was born in                                         discussion of a                      Religious persecution in Pakistan is a     also the religion that is discriminated
the university town of                                       developing cross-                                                               and persecuted against the most.

                                 boundaries with
                                                                                                  serious problem that has existed since
Tarsus, although he                                          cultural     church.
                                                                                                                                             Christians in Pakistan have been

                                 knowledge and
was educated under                                           The       non-Anglo
                                                                                                  the birth of the country. 97% of the

                                                                                                                                             suffering for several years and with the
Rabbi Gamaliel at                                            congregation in a
                                                                                                  people in Pakistan follow Islam, 1.5%

                                                                                                                                             laws not being able to help them at all,
Jerusalem (Acts 22:3).                                       multinational
                                                                                                  of the population is Hindu and
                                                                                                                                             they have nowhere to turn. The state
His Hebrew name                                              society functions on
                                                                                                  another 1.7% is Christian, with 70% of
                                                                                                                                             religion is Islam and the Constitution
was Saul; Paul was                                           three levels: the
                                                                                                  the Christians belonging to the
                                                                                                                                             provides for religious freedoms, but many
his Greek name. His Bible was the             ethnic, the multicultural and the
                                                                                                  poorest segment in the country, it is
                                                                                                                                             of the laws are misused. For more than
Greek Septuagint; his education under         international.
                                                                                                                                             20 years, the blasphemy laws of the
                                                                                                  also the Christians that are among the

Rabbi Gamaliel was Hebraic. Unlike
                                              At the ethnic level, the pastor works                                                          Pakistan Penal Code under Section 295
                                                                                                  people that are persecuted the most.
Jesus, Paul traveled throughout the                                                               The Pakistani government and the
                                              within the subculture from which his                                                           have been used to cause fear and
known world of his day, probably as far                                                           Pakistani laws make it very hard for
                                              parish is gathered. The parish tends to                                                        suffering for the minorities of Pakistan.
west as Spain (Rom. 15:29), and                                                                   minorities to live peacefully there.
                                              be close-knit because it shares a
certainly to Italy, Greece and                                                                    What is the reason behind this great       Christians feel as if they are not safe,
                                              common first language and a culture
throughout Asia Minor. In our terms,                                                              hatred? Why has this discrimination        like there lives are in jeopardy. Many
                                              drawn from a homeland far removed.
Paul was multicultural, a citizen of the                                                          been allowed to exist in this day and      people use the laws to their advantage,
                                              The parishioners may live across vast
empire (Acts 23:27; 22:27). He was a                                                              age- in the 21 century? A century that     since it only requires the testimony of
                                              stretches of a city, but they gather
marginal man, able to cross cultural                                                              is unlike any other, with its freedoms     one Muslim man to bring charges
                                              together for common worship and life.
and linguistic boundaries with                                                                    and opportunities. Christianity is the     against another person for blasphemy,
                                              If the pastor belongs to the subculture,
knowledge and sensitivity.                                                                        largest religion in the world, yet it is   and the testimony of four Muslim men
                                              he needs no introduction at this ethnic
                                                                                                                                             can bring a conviction of death. So
Now when Jesus, the obscure ethnic            level. The pastor knows the gestures,
                                                                                                                                             the blasphemy law has been used as a
man, rose from the dead and                   the language, the responses — all of
                                                                                                                                             great tool to create fear in time of
continued to teach his followers, he left     which, combined with common
                                                                                                                                             disputes that have absolutely nothing
them with one dictum: Matthew                 worship, make up an ethnic liturgy.
                                                                                                                                             to do with religion. The ultimate
28:19. This baptismal command with            Like Jesus, who was obscured by his
                                                                                                                                             penalty is death, although no one has
the trinitarian formula, given just prior     immersion in the Jewish subculture,
                                                                                                                                             been executed under the laws.
to his ascension, is tied to the other        our pastor and congregation are
peculiar command, “Go therefore and           obscured from the mainstream of                                                                Since 1986, more than 579 people
make all nations my disciples.” At the        society by their subculture.                                                                   have been charged under the
very end of his earthly ministry, he                                                                                                         blasphemy laws. Many have been
                                              The pastor within such a subculture
threw open the shutters of his                                                                                                               prisoned for life. Although authorities
                                              needs special ethnic and cultural skills
teaching. Whereas once the disciples                                                                                                         have never carried out the death
                                              to allow him to move freely. It is usually
were to go to “the lost sheep of the                                                                                                         penalty, blasphemy suspects face
                                              difficult for an outsider to penetrate this
house of Israel,” they were now sent to                                                                                                      danger from extremists, even if they
                                              layer immediately so as to minister. At
“make disciples of all nations.”                                                                                                             are acquitted. Bantu Masih, aged 80,
                                              this level, the pastor must be
                                                                                                                                             was killed in the presence of the police
This study of Jesus and Paul leads us to      community worker, social organizer,
                                                                                                                                             in 1992. Niamat Ahmer who was a
                                                                                                  Raibqa Masih a Christian girl from

examine the role of the non-Anglo
                                                                                                  Faisalabad who was raped by a Muslim
                                                                                                  man who was never charged.
                                                                                  cont. on pg.2                                                                            cont. on pg.6
The Ethnic Church in a Multicultural Society
continued from pg.1
immigration-law         counselor     and    The pastor of             a subcultural       multicultural convictions out of fear of    church) and by providing both lay and
advocate, and ethnic promoter, as well       congregation, by virtue of his or her         rebuke from the powerful Jewish             clerical leadership in the multicultural
as pastor. Precisely because of the          representation in the mainstream society,     establishment (Gal. 2:14).                  society and church structures.
specialized nature of pastoral work at       participates at all three levels. Work at
                                                                                           Discussing the strategies of Paul and       At this point in the parish’s
this ethnic level, the pastor has peculiar   the ethnic (local) and international levels
                                                                                           Peter leads us to propose some              development, its young people will
dilemmas. He is unable to move to            is screened from the multicultural or
                                                                                           elements of strategy for the present        have begun to marry outside the ethnic
other types of parishes within the           national level. Yet it is often the
                                                                                           situation. The first priority is the        unit. If these couples remain as
larger church, move up the religious         multicultural level that counts — that
                                                                                           penetration of the ethnic community.        parishioners, and if outsiders become
hierarchy or to other jobs. Ethnic           provides financial support, criticism of
                                                                                           This can be done from the                   members, then an unusual kind of
pastors often remain at their posts for      work, rules and regulations, and
                                                                                           international, multicultural or ethnic      integration takes place. Whereas once
lengthy periods of service. On the           expectations for the pastor in the larger
                                                                                           level. Historically, each of these          the ethnic parish constituted a
other hand, very few people could            society. The multicultural layer is the
                                                                                           segments has raised up pastors to           linguistically     and       culturally
easily step in and carry on the role of      arena of power. The ethnic pastor and
                                                                                           penetrate the ethnic community. At the      homogeneous whole, now it begins to
pastor in such a community, nor would        congregation enter that arena as
                                                                                           international level, the church in the      accept parishioners from outside the
they likely want to.                         neophytes. Parishes and pastors from the
                                                                                           homeland has sent pastors to follow the     ethnic unit. The process of integration
                                             governing economy of the mixed
Ethnic congregations that are                                                              emigrations into the new territories or     usually happens in the opposite way;
                                             churches possess influence and financial
ecclesiastically independent function                                                                                                  an Anglo-Saxon parish accepts non-
                                             strength.      An
completely on the level I have                                                                                                         Anglo-Saxon parishioners.
                                             ethnic parish is
described. But those churches that are
                                             often seen as a                                                                           The model described in the preceding
tied into synods, presbyteries and
                                             hindrance,       a                                                                        pages is one of crossing barriers in the
conferences and have some mutuality
                                             group to be first                                                                         multicultural society. I have suggested
with and responsibility to a larger unit
                                             feared, rather                                                                            that three layers exist, and that there is
find their lives more complicated. They
                                             than accepted                                                                             work peculiar to each. Already it
must engage at the multicultural level.
                                             and approved.                                                                             becomes obvious that the most difficult
In our first examination of biblical
                                                                                                                                       part of this working model is
models, we found that St. Paul was our       That is why, for
                                                                                                                                       interaction and crossing over. This
example of the multicultural person,         instance,      St.
                                                                                                                                       model simply reflects the society itself,
who related to both the ethnic and the       Paul did not
                                                                                                                                       in which many ethnic layers constantly
multicultural levels. The pastor of an       seek permission
                                                                                                                                       relate to one another.
ethnic congregation that belongs to a        from          the
larger body of parishes must relate at       Jerusalem                                                                                 Yet the authorities of the multiculture
both levels. At the multicultural level,     elders,     who                                                                           are those who are able to frequent the
                                                                The evolution of the Ethnic Church in Canada.

the pastor associates with colleagues        held authority in the early Christian colonies. At the ethnic level, pastors              points of interrelation and crossing
who are in different strata of society,      church, to do his work. Only when his have been raised up from within the                 over. They are authorities by reason of
who belong to its larger and major           work among the gentiles was parish. At the multicultural level,                           their     knowledge,     action      and
cultural layer.                              somewhat established did he seek the church authorities are concerned to                  experience. Nevertheless, as I have
                                             approval of the Jerusalem elders. It is penetrate the ethnic communities.                 indicated, these actual authorities are
At this point the pastor must be, or
                                             also important to bear in mind that                                                       those who are most often curtained off
must learn to be, bicultural and                                                            When, however, when a mainstream
                                             when he went to Jerusalem the second                                                      by their involvement at the ethnic level.
bilingual in gesture and tongue.                                                            church governance feels called —
                                             time, Paul did not seek the authorities’                                                  They operate in ethnic obscurity.
Because the ethnic community is                                                             whether by conscience or demand to
                                             support as a gentile but rather as a
secluded by the subculture from the                                                         enter at the ethnic level, there is        Obviously these authorities do not have
                                             Pharisee and a Nazarene (Acts 21:23,
main workings of the society and from                                                       uncertainty, hesitance and resistance in   the respect in the church bureaucracy
                                             24, 26; 23:6). He identified himself
the churches that have power and                                                            its response. Authorities at the           that they have in their own groups. Yet
                                             with the establishment, seeking its
authority, the pastor must represent the                                                    multicultural level need some leads into   they are the authorities of the margins.
                                             approval, not permission, for work
parish to the larger community. The                                                         the ethnic community. They also need       They function as the unheralded eyes
                                             already done.
larger church community often knows                                                         signs of promise, economic stability       and ears of the episcopate in the
only the face the ethnic pastor presents.    Moreover, when Paul sought approval and communicant growth before they                    multicultural and marginal societies.
The other face, turned toward the            for his work among the gentiles, the plant themselves firmly behind new                   Though they have insight and
ethnic congregation and community, is        response of the Jerusalem elders was directions. The large corporate                      responsibility, they are largely ignored in
hidden.      Therefore     the    larger     twofold to give approval to Paul’s work churches are no longer the instruments            the larger policy decisions of the
community must often rely on the             among the gentiles (the multicultural but rather the institutions of salvation.           hierarchy. After all, the authorities and
pastor’s word for the work he is doing.      society) and simultaneously to bless the Thus, ethnic parishes often must work            the hierarchy recognize first and
                                             ongoing work of the ethnic mission to harder than the usual parish for                    respond most warmly to their own kind.
The pastor is engaged at yet another
                                             the Jews. The elders did not, I believe, recognition, sustenance and growth. In
level of activity: the international one.                                                                                              I have tried to describe what is
                                             want to give outright approval to Paul’s any case, inroads into the ethnic
It includes contacts with congregations,                                                                                               happening at three levels on which the
                                             strategy, but they could not approve communities are often cut by someone
individuals and pastors in the                                                                                                         church functions, and across those
                                             one without giving their blessing to the who is able to shift back and forth at
homeland or in other parts of the                                                                                                      levels. A conscious strategy to establish
                                             other. They were apprehensive about different cultural and linguistic levels.
globe, spread in a sort of diaspora.                                                                                                   parishes in the subculture would
                                             the possibility of future conflict
Again, this is underground activity as                                                      In its second and third generations,       recognize and support the necessary
                                             between Paul’s and Peter’s strategies.
far as the multicultural economy is                                                         the ethnic community is integrated         interrelations and crossings-over, and
                                             Already there are strong hints of their
concerned, since the network of                                                             into the larger multicultural scene,       give official authority to those who
                                             nervousness at the Jerusalem Council
contacts is maintained by the                                                               and another important strategy             already bear it.
                                             (Acts 15:1, 5). The Jerusalem elders
subcultural pipeline. Often it is through                                                   comes to the fore. It becomes
                                             were still very much a part of the
this network that pastors are called                                                        important for the ethnic parish to
                                             Jewish establishment. They saw what it
                                                                                                                                       The Rev. Dr. Kawano is an Anglican priest in
when a vacancy exists and through                                                           take its place on a par with other
                                             would mean to turn their backs on
                                                                                                                                       the Diocese of Toronto and currently
which problems arising in a particular                                                      mainstream parishes. It does so by
                                             Jewish culture and traditions. And
                                                                                                                                       incumbent at St. John the Divine Anglican
community are resolved. Because of                                                          becoming financially self-sufficient,
                                             Paul’s advocacy of the gentiles was                                                       Church in Scarborough, Ontario.
the vast immigration and refugee                                                            by having its own building (often
                                             already leading them in that direction.
movements of this century, this                                                             ethnic parishes remain in lease or
                                             These fears may well have been borne
international web of contacts is                                                            rental arrangements for years — a
important in almost every ethnic
                                             out by Paul’s rebuke of Peter, when
                                             Peter went back on his tentative
                                                                                            sign that they have no physical or
                                                                                            psychological territory in the larger               c
2   •   D H A R K A N     •   S P R I N G    2 0 0 7
O      Perspective
The Power of Words
Sungeeta Jain

I read somewhere:                                life. For better or for worse…               I do not remember ever reading this         would have said would have mattered
                                                                                              message before. I must have somehow         to him. And, maybe I was a bit lazy to
  Never underestimate the power of your          A wise man of God recently told me,
                                                                                              missed it. But reading it now made me       take the initiative to look him up. But,
  words. With one small word you can             “The opportunity of a lifetime has to be
                                                                                              think. It made me realize, once again,      now, after reading the message in my
  change a person’s life. For better or for      seized in the lifetime of the
                                                                                              that our actions and words are powerful.    yearbook, I think maybe I could have
  worse. God puts us all in each other’s         opportunity.” Wow. What a profound
                                                                                              Without even knowing it, we can make        made a difference. I do not know.
  lives to impact one another in some way.       statement. And so true. God gives us
                                                                                              a profound and lasting impact on the        But possibly I could have encouraged
                                                 opportunities to make a difference in
  The Bible says, “The tongue has the                                                         lives of those around us. Never             him. I just do not know. And now, I
                                                 the lives of those around us.
  power of life and death.” Proverbs                                                          underestimate the power of your words.      never will know. I missed an
  18:21. “Reckless words pierce like a           Those opportunities are here today, gone     With one small word you can change a        opportunity that I had been given.
  sword, but the tongue of the wise brings                                                    person’s life. For better or for worse…

                                                                                                                                          Never underestimate the power of
  healing.” Proverbs 12:18. “The tongue
                                                                                              The person who wrote this message           your words. With one small word you

  that brings healing is a tree of life, but a
                                                                                              was a redhead with freckles, over-          can change a person’s life. For better
  deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”

                                                     the power of
                                                                                              weight and lacking in hygiene habits (in    or for worse…
  Proverbs 15:4.
                                                                                              other words, he was not very clean).

                                                  your words. With
                                                                                                                                          Carpe diem. [Seize the Day]
Our words and actions are powerful                                                            He was not from a well-to-do family.

                                                   one small word
beyond our comprehension. With our                                                            So, he did not have the “name-brand
tongue, the words we speak, we can                                                            clothes.” He did not wear the
make war. With our tongue we can
                                                   you can change                             expensive shoes. He did not drive the

                                                   a person’s life.
                                                                                                                                                              Twenty-nine year old
bring peace. As a child we are taught                                                         latest sports car. He was not “cool.”                           Sungeeta Jain was born
the rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break                                                       So, the other kids made fun of him.

                                                    For better or
                                                                                                                                                              and raised in the United
my bones but words will never hurt.”

                                                     for worse…”
                                                                                                                                                              States of America. Born
                                                                                              We were never really close friends. At
However, as we mature, we begin to
                                                                                                                                                              into a Jain family,
                                                                                              least, I never considered him to be a
understand that, “Sticks and stones
                                                                                                                                                              Sungeeta did not know
                                                                                              close friend. But, I was always nice to
may break my bones; but bones will
                                                                                                                                                              the Lord until 1990, when
                                                                                              him, even when others were not. I
                                                                                                                                          Sungeeta Jain

one day heal. Words you speak they               tomorrow. We can either seize those
                                                                                                                                                              her entire family
                                                                                              made an effort to be kind. And I guess
pierce my soul; a pain I may always              opportunities as they come and make a
                                                                                              my simple gestures of kindness – a
                                                                                                                                          converted to Christianity. On14 June1986,

feel.” Never underestimate the power             positive impact in people’s lives, or we
                                                                                              smile, a wave, a welcoming glance –
                                                                                                                                          Sungeeta and her family were in a

of your words. With one small word               can let the opportunities pass us by, and
                                                                                              made a difference in his life far greater
                                                                                                                                          devastating car accident that left Sungeeta

you can change a person’s life. For              in effect, make a “negative” impact.
                                                                                              than I had ever known before reading
                                                                                                                                          confined to a wheelchair. At the age of ten,

better or for worse…                                                                          the note in my yearbook.
                                                                                                                                          Sungeeta had to relearn how to live her life,
                                                 “How can inaction negatively affect                                                      from putting on her socks, to moving about
There is a lady at work. I pass by her           someone’s life?” you ask me. Let me
                                                                                              Never underestimate the power of            using a wheelchair. At the same time, she
every day - often several times a day. She       explain with a real-life illustration.
                                                                                              your words. With one small word you         learned how to believe in herself and trust
is tall and thin. Very elegant. Very                                                          can change a person’s life. For better
                                                 It has been over ten years since I
                                                                                                                                          God. Determined not to let her disability
“model-esque.” Yet, very shy. Very quiet.                                                     or for worse…
                                                 graduated from high school. I was
                                                                                                                                          hinder her, Sungeeta graduated from a top
I often think of complimenting her. But,
                                                 thumbing through my senior
                                                                                              I met his sister a few years back. She
                                                                                                                                          engineering college in the US with a
then I just pass by her in silence,
                                                 yearbook the other day. As I was
                                                                                              told me that she was very disappointed
                                                                                                                                          bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
continuing on the mission at hand.
                                                 reading what people had written, on
                                                                                              with him because he had dropped out of
                                                                                                                                          She also went on to get a juris doctorate

A few days ago I passed her as I was             the inside front cover, in tiny block
                                                                                              college and was working as a waiter at
                                                                                                                                          degree in Law. She is currently working as an

headed to my office. I entered my                letters, I found this message:
                                                                                              some seafood place. He had been a
                                                                                                                                          associate in the premier law firm in the

office and shut the door behind me.                                                           bright guy; one I had expected to
                                                                                                                                          United States.
                                                   “For six years your loyalty has been
But, something in my spirit told me to                                                        succeed. I was sad to hear that he was
                                                   amazing. You are one of the few true
go back. So, in obedience, I opened                                                           not living up to his full potential.
                                                   friends I had in middle school, and the
the door and went back to where I had
seen her just seconds earlier. She was
busy with some documents; slightly
frowning as she fiddled with a machine.
                                                   trueness of your spirit has effected me
                                                   deeply. I have changed much over the
                                                   years, and a good part of it was through
                                                   your guidance. Thank you.”
                                                                                              His sister said to me, “You should talk
                                                                                              to him. Tell him to go back to school.”
                                                                                              But, I never followed up on her
                                                                                              request. I did not think that what I
I smiled and said, “You know, I have
been meaning to tell you, I think you
are very elegant.” Immediately she

                                                                   YES! I’d Like To Support Dharkan
looked towards me with a smile.

The smile widened as she told me how
growing up she had been extremely
conscious of her height. She was taller
                                                                                                Enclosed is my donation for:

than everyone, including the boys in her
                                                                                        I $20.00 I $40.00       I $ ___________ through:

class. It made her feel awkward. I                            I Cash        I Cheque in favour of Dharkan          I Via e-mail through to
asked her if she had ever modeled.                                                   
She blushed and replied in the negative.

Since that day every time she sees me,
                                                   Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________

she begins to grin from ear to ear. It
                                                   Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

was just a simple compliment. Yet, it              __________________________________________________________________________________________________
made a difference in her life. It

                                                                  Cheques should be mailed to: 291 Bartley Bull Parkway, Brampton ON L6W 2L2
encouraged her. Never underestimate
the power of your words. With one
small word you can change a person’s

                                                                                                                               S P R I N G    2 0 0 7    •   D H A R K A N        •   3
     Dharkan – the heartbeat
      of the Indo-Pakistani
                                                 O      Easter Editorial
                                                 Sometimes I feel hopeless, helpless and terrible…!
      Christian community
            in Canada
    Dharkan is an occasional publication         Paul Pakyam
    produced by individuals concerned about
    the lack of a community newspaper within     Do you sometimes thrash about like a         alone. They were alone with their             it was gone! It couldn’t be as she said
    the Indo-Pakistani community. Dharkan        trout on a hook? Do you reach for            enemies. They were alone with their           that He was alive. That just doesn’t
    welcomes news, articles and other input      what you cannot grasp, and scream            fears and nightmares and failure.             happen in real life. Does it? Yes. It does.

                                                                                              Do you feel this way? A lot of people         He came back from the dead. He
    from members of the community. The           at the receding image of life? Is there

                                                                                              do. A lot of people whom you might            brought with him all the hope of
    viewpoints expressed in Dharkan are          a gnawing hunger in you, a feeling of
                                                                                              meet every day while walking to school        heaven, all the power of a Loving
    those of the respective writers and not      missing-ness or absence?
                                                                                              or headed to work or to the shops feel        God and all the grace and forgiveness
                                                 A group of men followed a man. He was
    necessarily those of the Editorial Board.

                                                                                              just this way. They have a haunted,           that blood can buy. He came to set the
                                                 the Greatest Teacher they had ever met.
    While some effort is made to screen

                                                                                              hopeless expression, stooped shoulders,       trout free of the hook, to fill the
                                                 He was a man who cared for everyone,
    advertisers no endorsement is implied or

                                                                                              a stumble in their aimless walk.              emptiness, comfort the screaming and
                                                 who judged, not by your clothing or the
    responsibility accepted.

                                                                                              Sometime I feel this way.                     hand us the very thing we need.
    All communication should be sent to:         size of your purse, but by what you did
                                                 for those around you, and taught that the                                                  Jesus, the Chosen One of God, God in

                                                                                                “He came back.
                                                 Supreme King of all creation loved you                                                     Human form, rose from the dead, to

                                                                                                He brought with
                                                 and would care for you.                                                                    give us life, love and comfort. He

                                                                                                                                            became the answer to the needs of our

                                                                                                    him all the
                                                 His enemies came one night. They came
                                                                                                                                            heart and soul and mind, to grant us
                                                 and took this Teacher; they beat Him and
    Javaid Rahim Bakhsh

                                                                                                hope of heaven,
                                                                                                                                            the unspoken wish to be clean and
                                                 mocked Him. They made fun of Him
    Phone: 905-451-6189
                                                                                                                                            fresh as we were as children.

                                                                                                 all the power of
                                                 alone and in front of His people. Then

                                                 they took Him and killed Him. It was a                                                     Sometimes I feel hopeless, helpless and

                                                                                                a Loving God…”
                                                 terrible death. He hung there in the sky,                                                  terrible. Then I remember. He Lives!

    Paul Pakyam                                  blood dripping; sweat pouring, face lifted
    Phone: 905-427-3012                          to question God! And then He died.

                                                 How did His friends feel? They had           A few days after his death, a woman


    Assistant to the Editor: Sadia Joseph        loved Him, they had followed Him.            came running to His friends. It was
    E-mail:              Now He was gone, and they were               even worse! The body had been stolen,


    Don Joshua
    Phone: 905-453-0803
    E-mail:                    O
                                                 God is Love, Loving and Lovable
    Prio Khan
                                                 Rev Basil P. Dass
    Phone: 905-278-6469
    E-mail:                 Christmas is the celebration of the          The Season challenges us to ask of            God is known through the universe and
                                                 holy birth of Jesus Christ, the only         ourselves, why did God come to this           we realize how great and powerful. He
    COORDINATOR CHURCH OUTREACH                  begotten Son of God. The Gospel of           earth in Jesus? The Christian doctrine        is. God is known by His appeal to mind
                                                 Matthew makes a triumphant                   of Incarnation is a mystery to us. How        and conscience, and we come to know
                                                 declaration: “Behold, a virgin shall be      the Almighty, all powerful, all knowing,      how holy He is! But who God really is,
    Dot Joshua

                                                 with a child, and shall bring forth a        everywhere-present God could become           what is the essence of His divinity is
    Phone: 905-453-0803

                                                 son, and they shall call his name            a man in the finite human body of             supremely known and His presence felt

                                                 Immanuel, which being interpreted            Jesus – and how it was done is quite          in Jesus. In and through Jesus, God is
                                                 is, God with us.”(Matthew 1:23). But         outside the range of our finite minds.        love, loving, lovable and familiar. But

                                                 how do we know that God is with us?          We can only accept and understand the         how does Jesus do this for us? Because

                                                 How is His presence known and felt?          Incarnation as we perceive the need of        Jesus is God. The apostle Paul says:
                                                 It is Jesus who makes God real. In the       it in our own lives and because of our        “God was in Christ reconciling the
    Ronald and Jemima Umar-Khitab

                                                 holy incarnation God comes to be the         inability to account for Jesus Christ in      world unto himself.” Jesus is
    Phone: 905-469-0263

                                                 great reality in the person of Jesus         any other way.                                “Immanuel, which being interpreted,

                                                 Christ. A further question might be                                                        is, God with us:” God, who is love, God
                                                                                              Jesus makes God loving and lovable as
                                                 asked “What is God like?” The                                                              who is loving, and God who is lovable.

                                                                                              “Our Father who art in heaven.” We
                                                 answer given is “Like Jesus.” Yes, but                                                     God who “so loved the world that he
                                                                                              need a God whom we can turn to any
    PiggyBack Design & Communication
                                                 how do we know? Perhaps, the only                                                          gave his only begotten Son, that
                                                                                              hour of the day without fear and
    Kevin & Theresa Leonard
                                                 answer that can be given is that the                                                       whosoever believeth in him should not
                                                                                              without any physical preparations.
                                                 Christ Child makes God loving,                                                             perish but have everlasting life.”
                                                                                              Jesus revealed God whom we not only
                                                 lovable and in Him the divine love of                                                      Christmas is the “good tidings of great
                                                                                              reverence but also enjoy being with.
                                                 God, “Agape,” is manifested.                                                               joy,” of eternal life available only
                                                                                              This is what the Incarnation does for
                                                                                                                                            through Jesus Christ.
                                                 It is a satisfying answer which is borne     us. It is God in Jesus who is love, loving,
                                                 out by the portrait of Jesus in the four     lovable and familiar. That is why God
                                                 Gospels. We recognize Him as the
                                                 image of the invisible, unknowable
                                                 God when He declares, “I and my
                                                                                              became Man in Jesus. It was His plan
                                                                                              from all eternity – the plan of self-
                                                                                              revelation which was unfolded; as the
                                                 Father are one, and he that hath seen        Holy Bible puts it, “In the fullness of
                                                                                                                                            Editor’s Note: This article was written for our
        Dharkan is a member of the
                                                 me hath seen the Father.”                    time God sent His Son.”
                                                                                                                                            Christmas issue but was not included. We
     Canadian Church Press Association
                                                                                                                                            regret this omission.

4    •   D H A R K A N         •   S P R I N G   2 0 0 7
O      Letters to the Editor
The Christmas Pageant!
Advent last year was heralded on 25               The adoration and thanksgiving was enhanced         u   Thanks for informing me about Dharkan being online. I think it was a much
November 2006 at St. Luke’s Church,               by the variety of texts chosen to praise the            needed move that your team has made and I hope it can be expanded even more.
Mississauga with the revival of the traditional   Lord - the warm familiarity of medieval carols,         In this day and age you do reach out to many people who may not even know
Christmas Pageant.                                the joyful lilt of Punjabi zaboors, the measured        you. I am sending this on to some of my friends who can check the website and
                                                  cadence of Christmas hymns and the uplifting            get in touch with you all.
Recreated, in simple but inspiring images of
                                                  words of the Magnificat superbly rendered in
the first historical events of the Christian                                                              Tahira Haidar Ali, Calgary
                                                  rich classical measure.
calendar, the tableau held special significance
for the children present, as it introduced        The tableau faithfully reflected every facet of
them, in a reverential but enjoyable manner,      the venerated events of the birth of Jesus: the     u   This is an excellent Christian newspaper. I like it. If my daughter wants to write a
to the miraculous birth of our Lord and the       humble obedience of Mary in accepting the               small article, would it be possible to publish it in this paper. We are Pakistani
wondrous events associated with His coming.       awesome responsibility vested on her, the               Christians and live in Albany, New York, USA.
                                                  rapture of the glad tidings borne by the
The Christmas Pageant was organized through
                                                  angelic host, the pure and innocent faith of            Joe Mathias, Albany
the cooperative endeavors of some well
                                                  the lowly shepherds and the majestic splendor
known members of the Pakistani Christian
                                                  of the Magi bearing gifts for the baby Jesus
community of the Greater Toronto Area who
                                                  from lands afar.                                    u   Having a Indo-Pak newspaper on line is a major milestone and a step forward. A
responded admirably to the initiative and
exertions of Mrs. Edith Isaac.                    The performance was further enriched by the             big mubarik to you and to your dedicated team.
                                                  visual authenticity lent to it through the              Shadab Khokhar, Brampton
Arranged along the lines hallowed by the
                                                  excellent selection of costumes designed for
custom of generations of Christians
                                                  the participants - elegantly simple and where
celebrating the promise of Advent in
                                                  needed opulent and regal.                           u   We like to read Dharkan whenever it comes to us. It is a well balanced and well
worshipful expectation of the blessings of
Christmas to follow, this Mississauga             The tableau was performed before a full                 organised newspaper. It touches all kinds of subjects and is a great inspiration
performance had a special flavor and a charm      congregation and followed by an expansive               for people who like reading.
all it’s own.                                     tea, which gave all those fortunate to be               Elizabeth Din, Scarborough
                                                  present, the opportunity to enjoy each other’s

                                                                                                                 We’re ONLINE!
The singing, in keeping with the spirit of the
                                                  company, and also to extend sincere
occasion, was as delightful as only full-
                                                  felicitations and gratitude to the organizers for
throated caroling can be, and the
                                                  their truly outstanding achievement.
congregation, led with verve and gusto from
the lectern, raised its voice in unison and joy   A faithful supporter, Toronto
to glorify the Lord Jesus.                                                                                        Visit us at

                                                                                                                                 S P R I N G       2 0 0 7    •   D H A R K A N          •   5
Religious Persecution…
continued from pg.1
teacher, poet and writer was murdered          western anger on the young children          water tap. When a member of the staff
by extremists in 1992 as well. The             and women in Pakistan. Maulana               found out that Javeed was a Christian,
Senior Judge of Lahore High Court,             Fazal-ul Rehan, the secretary-general        he was taken inside and beaten severely
Justice Nazir Akhtar, has said in a            of the MAA of the Pakistan’s National        and ordered to embrace Islam by
public statement “it is a religious            Assembly openly said, “Those who are         reciting the Islamic creed. When he
obligation to kill the blasphemer on the       supporting infidels will face our wrath.     refused, they began to beat him.
spot without trial”. That one statement        Jews and Christian are our enemies,
                                                                                            After days of torture and Javeed’s
alone shows how dangerous the                  they cannot be our friends. Our jihad
                                                                                            refusal to deny Christ, staff members
situation in Pakistan has become.              is against all these infidels. This is not
                                                                                            took him to a local police station and
                                               a war against Iraq but against Islam
Many Christians face other dangers as                                                       attempted to accuse him of trying to
                                               and if the war will break then Muslims
well. Many women are raped and                                                              steal a water pump. The officers seeing
                                               will participate in this Holy War.”
tortured with no help from the                                                              Javeed’s condition took him to the
authorities. Since 9/11 and the war on         Christians in Pakistan are especially        hospital where he died because of
Iraq, the situation for women in               targeted because many Islamic                kidney failure due to the vicious
Pakistan has worsened. Many young              militants believe that by targeting the      beatings he had received.
children and women are facing the              Christians in Pakistan means that they
                                                                                            In November of 2004, after a church was
wrath of Muslim men and women,                 are somehow getting back at the
                                                                                            bombed and several people, including
with many young children being raped           Christians in the U.S. Anti-Christian
                                                                                            children were hurt, a number of the
and beaten by their Muslim                     sentiment in Pakistan is furthered by
                                                                                            witnesses withdrew their statements
neighbours. For instance in May of             hate campaigns and propaganda from
                                                                                            because of threats against them.
2003, a 10-year-old Christian girl was         various Islamic militant groups who
raped by her Muslim neighbour.                 openly distribute anti-Christian and         In January 2004, Islamic militants
                                                                                                                                         Mukhtara Mai, the young woman who was

Another 9-year-old girl was sexually           pro-jihad literature across the country.
                                                                                                                                         gang-raped on the instructions of her
                                                                                            published a pamphlet stating that            village elders, has told her story in a new
assaulted and beaten by her Muslim                                                          Pakistani Christians must convert to

                                                 “Even when the
                                                                                                                                         book “In the Name of Honor” which has

employers who told her that they were                                                       Islam or face death. The pamphlet,
                                                                                                                                         become a best seller.

                                                                                                                                         several of her bones and biting her

                                                  situation looks
doing this to her because she was an                                                        which was published by many national
“infidel and a Christian”. She was told                                                                                                  nose, chest and genitals while she lay
                                                                                            newspapers, stated that Muslims

                                                  bleak we must
that the reason this was happening to                                                                                                    naked on the floor. The reason? She
                                                                                            should kill infidels wherever and
her was because the Christians in                                                                                                        refused to convert to Islam. When her

                                               never stop praying
                                                                                            whenever they were found.
America were invading Iraq. When                                                                                                         brother tried to interfere, he tied him up

                                                for peace. Prayer
the girl would yell for mercy or help, her                                                  In 2005 the U.S State Department             made him watch while he beat Alina
employers would tell her to yell for the                                                    named Pakistan a “Country of                 with an iron rod.

                                               is the greatest and
Americans to help her and then laugh.                                                       Particular Concern” due to the lack of
                                                                                                                                         In 2006, Mansha Masih, a poor labourer,

                                                strongest armour
                                                                                            religious freedom and fundamental
The All Pakistan Minorities Alliance                                                                                                     had been living in the house that his
                                                                                            rights for Christians.The International

                                                 we have and we
(APMA), an organization, which bases                                                                                                     family owned for the past 40 years when
                                                                                            Christian Concern (ICC) located in
itself on human rights, put out a                                                                                                        a wealthy Muslim businessman named

                                                   should never
                                                                                            Washington D.C, learned of two cases
complaint for the young child to the                                                                                                     Nazar Mohammad laid claim to
                                                                                            that concerned them a great deal. One

police, but since then no action has                                                                                                     Mansha’s property. The dispute was
                                                                                            involved a 13 year old girl named Fozia
been taken against her employers.                                                                                                        supposed to go in front of the courts but

                                                     that fact.”
                                                                                            Zafar who was kidnapped by three
Many women fear for their life and the                                                                                                   before a verdict could be reached Nazar
                                                                                            young Muslim men while walking to
lives of their families and therefore do                                                                                                 decided to take the matters into his own
                                                                                            her uncle’s house. The local police
not report the crime, but even if they                                                                                                   hands. Reportedly acting with the
                                                                                            initially refused to do anything about
do have the courage to report the awful        In June 2004, a two and a half year old                                                   cooperation of the local police, Nazar
                                                                                            the kidnapping until the family went to
things that happened to them, they             girl was brutally raped while her 12 year                                                 stormed Mansha’s house where his wife
                                                                                            the Divisional Police Office. Only then
hardly ever see justice. The testimony         old sister was forced to watch. In May                                                    Arshad Bibi was alone with their two
                                                                                            did they write up a report and
of a non-Muslim woman counts for               of 2004, an 18 year old boy died after                                                    year old daughter and newborn son.
                                                                                            apprehend two of the young men. The
only a quarter while a non-Muslim              he faced brutal torture at the hands of                                                   Nazar accompanied by police officers,
                                                                                            third was still missing and so was Fozia.
man’s only counts for a half.                  students and teachers at an Islamic                                                       ransacked the house and beat Arshad.
                                                                                            After the initial report the police again
                                               school. Javeed Anjum was returning to                                                     The newborn died when one of the men
                                                                                            refused to do anything.
Since Christianity is viewed as a                                                                                                        threw the bed that held the poor little
                                               his home in Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, on
“western” religion, many Muslims                                                            Another case that is greatly disturbing is   boy. After discovering the death the men
                                               the afternoon of April 17 when he
think that Christians in Pakistan are                                                       of Alina, who was a new Christian            fled the scene. When Mansha tried to file
                                               became thirsty and approached an
“pro-American” they take out their                                                          bride. Her husband beat her, breaking
                                               Islamic school where he had spotted a                                                                                    cont. on pg.7

The Rickshaw                                   wheeler taxi and green salad saving
                                               when compared with a 4-legged horse.
                                                                                            visibly empty because depending on
                                                                                            his mood a driver at anytime may
                                                                                                                                         neck towards the passenger cabin in a
                                                                                                                                         long swooshing motion. This means
                                               When in need of repairs, the three-          declare a visibly empty rickshaw as          rickshaw is empty. Please get in.
                                               wheel structure also helps in lifting it     occupied. Then there is no question
The motor- (sometimes auto-) rickshaw

                                               from any side. When a side is lifted, it     of arguing. Rickshaw drivers have
was     invented      by   the    Reverend

                                               conveniently sits down on the other          also mastered the sign language. If a
Jonathan Scobie, an American Baptist

                                               two while a mechanic goes looking for        rickshaw is empty then instead of
minister living in Yokohama, Japan.

The first model was built in 1869 in           underbelly mechanical faults.                saying ‘yes’ a driver usually moves his
order to transport his handicapped
                                               Over the years certain etiquettes
wife. Today it remains one of the most
                                               have evolved among rickshaw
important modes of transportation in
                                               drivers. A passenger cannot just walk
Pakistan where it was first seen on
                                               into an empty rickshaw and sit.
August 14, 1947.
                                               He/She has to take drivers’
The three-wheel-design of a rickshaw           permission first. The magic question
provides it a better road grip than a          to ask is ‘Is rickshaw empty’
bicycle. It also provides gasoline             (rickshaw khali hai?). This question
savings when compared with a 4-                must be asked even if a rickshaw is
                                                                                            The Lahori model                             The Quetta Rickshaw

6   •   D H A R K A N       •    S P R I N G   2 0 0 7
Religious Persecution…
continued from pg.6
a complaint, the superintendent of the         religion and are doing what they think is
police threatened him. Now Mansha’s            right by killing those who are not of their
family is left without a home and Nazar is     faith. By saying that fighting against
building on the land.                          and eliminating people of a different
                                               faith for the sake of religion, is right, is a
It should be noted that although many
                                               twisted concept. The way these people
extremist Muslims in Pakistan are
                                               think is so cruel that to them the death of
opposed to Christianity, there are
                                               innocent people is justified. How can
people present that are trying to make
                                               the rape and beating of children be
the relationship between the two
                                               right? How can the killings of so many
groups work. Several Muslims do
                                               innocent people be justified? The
believe that the slaughter and abuse of
                                               simple answer is: it can’t.

                                                                                                               SHANA - E - SALEEB
Christians is wrong. Many acknowledge
the fact that what the extremists are          Note to Reader: I have based this article
doing is immoral. It is sheer ignorance        on truth and although I know a lot of
that drives people to hate and kill.           the things written in it are hard to read,
                                                                                                                                  by Wilbert Isaacs

                                               I have written them because to not write
Citizens should be taught that the two
                                               them or to sugar coat it would be wrong.
                                                                                                                  Saleeb bata teri apni kohi shan hai
groups can live in peace, but since
                                               But I would like to say that this article                          Kiya tu kissi ki maut ka nishan hai
people live in denial and ignorance,
                                               does not in any way promote hate
peace is a hard compromise, but not
                                                                                                                 Saza-e-maut ke faisala ka tu illan hai
                                               towards Muslims. I have met enough
impossible. Even when the situation
                                                                                                                Kasurwaroon ki maut ka tu saman hai
                                               Muslims in my life to know that not all of
looks bleak we must never stop praying
                                               them are as people think. I have met
for peace. Prayer is the greatest and
                                               many that are ashamed of the situation
                                                                                                                Saleeb bata Khuda tuj per merbaan hai
strongest armour we have and we
                                               in Pakistan and of the things that their
                                                                                                                 Us ka iklota bete ki tu qurban gha ha
should never forget that fact.
                                               people are doing to the Christians. It is                       Masih ki unmole qurbani sae teri shan hai
Recently there were Muslims that put           my belief that the majority of the hate                         Sab ke dil me tara mukaam aali shan hai
their own lives in danger to host a            that Muslims feel towards Christians is
combined service that would allow              due to a lack of knowledge and it is only                  Saleeb bata dunya mai mashoor teri dastan hai
Christians to worship as they saw fit. It      though awareness and information that                      Adam zaat per tera yeh bahauth bara ehsan hai
was stopped by extremists, but the very        the situation will get better.
fact that there are Muslims present that
                                                                                                           Masihi kaum ka tu aala aur wahid nishan hai
                                               Growing up in Canada I have had the
are trying to establish good relations
                                                                                                          Un ki zeenat un ka dharam aur un ki maan hai
                                               privilege of knowing people of different
with Christians shows that there is
                                               religions and backgrounds and most of
progress being made. It may not be as
                                                                                                            Saleeb bata tujh pas tesali aur itminan hai
                                               the people I have met will give you
fast as some people want but it shows
                                               respect if you give it to them. The
                                                                                                             Rah Haq aur Zindigi tujh per qurban hai
that there are at least some people
                                               situation of Christians in Pakistan is at
                                                                                                           Gunahoon ki muafi aur abedi zindigi ki jan hai
present that are trying to make the
                                               an extreme and we must do all that we                       Masih masloob per sab masihoon ka iman hai
relationship between the two groups
                                               can to help our fellow brothers and
work and are fighting hard and putting
                                               sisters. Since the laws are not on the
their own lives in jeopardy to help the
                                                                                                            Saleeb bata aaj Wilbert ko tu sab ki aan hai
                                               side of the Christians there, we must do
Christian-Muslim relations.
                                                                                                             Her basher ke liye tu ek mazbut chitan hai
                                               what we can to give them aid. Whether
                                               it is by giving them assistance or writing
                                                                                                             Khuda ki insaan se muhabat tera biyan hai
History teaches us that these stories of
rape, harassment, beatings and other           letters to the government, we must do
                                                                                                            Masih ka khoon teri chamak aur teri shan hai
forms of persecutions in Pakistan have         everything we can for the people that

been going on for decades. This is a           are suffering there. Please pray for your
problem that has been happening since          fellow brothers and sisters and show
the birth of the country. But what are the     them that they are not forgotten.
reasons behind the horrible situation for                                                       O
Christians in Pakistan? Is it just pure        Sadia Joseph is the Associate Editor or
hate? Discrimination? Or is it ignorance.      Dharkan
                                                                                                                  Peter Joshua              43 year old Joshua spearheaded
                                                                                                                                            numerous       initiatives  including
The fact is that many of these extremists
                                                                                                                  named one
                                                                 Read our review                                                            teachers mentoring students one on
believe that their way is the right way
                                                                                                                  of Canada’s
                                                                 of “In the Name                                                            one, making literacy part of every
and that there is no other way other than
                                                                                                                                            subject and following every student
what they believe. The reality is that
                                                                 of Honor” in the                                 principals.
                                                                                                                                            absence with a phone call to parents.
they think they are truly fighting for their
                                                                 next issue                     Peter Joshua
                                                                                                                                            The football team was fixed and both
                                                                                                                                            a breakfast program and clothing
                                                                                                Since he arrived as Principal, four

                                                                                                                                            closet established for the pockets of
                                                                                                years ago, Peter Joshua has worked to

                                                                                                                                            poverty in the school.
                                                                                                put the Winston Churchill High School
                                                                                                in Hamilton on the map. When he
                                                                                                arrived, Churchill’s literacy scores were   It’s no wonder he was named one of
                                                                                                below    both board and provincial          the nations outstanding principals. The
                                                                                                standards, there were frequent fights       son of Ivor and Anita Joshua, Peter is
                                                                                                                                            humble about his achievements. “I’m
                                                                                                                                            just part of a very great team” he says..
                                                                                                and bullying, the football field didn’t

                                                                                                                                            Still he is among a select few principals
                                                                                                have a home field to play on and

                                                                                                                                            across the country- only 32 were chosen
                                                                                                sports clubs were few and wavering.

                                                                                                Since his arrival attendance has gone up    nationwide-whom         the    Learning
                                                                                                about 10 percent, violent incidents are     Partnership, the non-profit organisation
                                                                                                down by 10 percent and failure rates have   presenting the award, calls “absolutely
Gulnaz Bibi, a 17 year old Christian girl, recovers with her parents in                         decreased about 15 percent. Literacy        exceptional”. We congratulate Peter, his
                                                                                                scores went through the roof from a 41      wife Penny and the Joshua family for
a hospital after being attacked by a Muslim man who threw acid on
                                                                                                percent to 75 percent success rate.         making us proud.
her face, arms, and chest.

                                                                                                                                 S P R I N G     2 0 0 7   •   D H A R K A N    •   7
                                  A Poem
                                    by Zakia Murray
                                                                                            O      From Our Youth
                     “Give me a new idea, “ I said.
                                                                                            The true meaning of Easter
                                                                                            Dorothy Lapinski
                                                                                                                                           And it’s not just Easter either- it’s
                  While musing on my sleepless bed
                                                                                            Easter     Monday        mornings     have
                    A new idea that’ll take this earth                                      always been something to look                  almost every holiday. Valentine’s Day,
               To the next year with a priceless worth.                                                                                    Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas
                                                                                                                                           are just some of the main ones that get
                                                                                            forward to. Waking up to a basket full

                                                                                                                                           exploited by advertisers and the “I
                                                                                            of Cadbury chocolate eggs, Kinder

                                                                                                                                           really only want your money” type
                   Leaving behind all nuclear threats                                       Surprise           and    the       yellow

                                                                                                                                           companies. We get so tied up in finding
                                                                                            marshmallow Peeps is a tradition my
                 Missiles and guns and chemical frets
                                                                                                                                           the perfect gift, preparing the most
                                                                                            brother and I know too well.

                                                                                                                                           delicious meal that we forget the most
                   Hating nations, blacks and whites.
                                                                                            Almost any child growing up in North
                                                                                            America can relate to the annual Easter

                                                                                                                                                 “…the most
                        All beliefs of religious fights.
                              Leaving all polluted soil                                     egg hunt- something that is prepared

                                                                                                                                               important idea
                                                                                            the night before by this day’s mascot-
                                                                                            the Easter Bunny (at least that’s what
                          Air and water far behind.
                                                                                            they think). And of course every parent
                                                                                                                                                 about these
                    All the drugs that poison minds,

                                                                                                                                                holidays, is to
                      Killing and hating of mankind,                                        knows where to get the store-bought
                                                                                            color egg dyes that come with sparkles

                                                                                                                                                 be with our
                                                                                            and stickers for maximum Easter egg

                                                                                                                                              loved ones, and
                                                                                            decoration potential.
                  Greed, smuggling and child abuse.

                                                                                                                                                to be thankful
                                                                                            But behind the happy holiday facade
                        All evil that man produced.
                                                                                            something is diminishing, and most are

                                                                                                                                                for what God
                          Can’t it be Almighty God
                         I leave behind this evil lot                                       loosing sight of what Easter is really

                                                                                                                                                has given us.”
                                                                                            important for. What we, especially the
                                                                                            younger generation, need to remember is
                          Let thy ever lasting love
                                                                                            that the true meaning of Easter is Jesus’
                                                                                            resurrection- one of the holiest and most
                                                                                                                                           important idea about these holidays, is
                Dwell on earth with peace from above
                                                                                            significant days for Christians all over the
                                                                                                                                           to be with our loved ones, and to be
                                                                                            world, and although most know about it,
               Harmony brotherhood, love and honour
                                                                                                                                           thankful for what God has given us.
                May live and flourish for ever and ever                                     it is not being recognized in the same
                  The next year when unfolds its light                                      way as is the annual Easter egg hunt.          To say that all culture-produced
                                                                                                                                           traditions should be eliminated from all
                                                                                            So who is to blame? The source is
                                                                                                                                           holidays is not what is intended here-
                  We’ll walk by faith and not by sight
                                                                                            inevitably culture - our surrounding
                    Life indeed a blessing brings                                                                                          most traditions have already become
                                                                                            influence that gets into our heads more
                                                                                                                                           deeply rooted into our lives and help to
                                                                                            than we think. Commercialization is an
                    If we see God in everything.
                                                                                                                                           make the occasion a little more enjoyable.
                                                                                            everyday norm for us. It is something

                                                                                            truly inescapable when you live in North         The only thing that needs to be
                                                                                            America- it’s on our TV’s, the radio,          changed is the fact that children should
                                                                                            magazines, the internet, on buses and          know more about why certain holidays
O                                                                                           subways- everywhere. But we are used to        are important to Christians. More
                                                                                            it and it is something most of us learn to     people, especially children, should
Elizabeth Ann Mathai                                                                        accept. But when commercialization             become more involved in Lent as well,
                                                                                            takes over religious holidays, and turns it    which gives them a goal to work to and
                                                                                            into something it’s not, then it’s time        something else to look forward to than
Elizabeth Ann Mathai was born in
Toronto to Indian parents. Raised in a
                                                                                            people start to become more critical of        that chocolate bunny. In the end, the
Minister’s home she grew up listening                                                       what is being fed to them. And the worst       point is to get the message across that
to all types of music, but her style                                                        of it all is that the age group this           these holidays aren’t about materialistic
migrated to inspirational gospel.                                                           commercialization is affecting most is         things, they’re about our faith. And
From a young age Elizabeth has                                                              children. They are the ones made to            who knows, maybe chocolate
                                                                                            believe Easter is centered around the          companies worldwide will join in on the
                                                                                                                                           message too and opt to start producing
traveled and performed in India and
                                                                                            Easter Bunny and getting chocolate
                                                                                            from visiting relatives.                       chocolate crosses instead.
other cities across North America.

In her early teens, Elizabeth took up
                                             Elizabeth Ann Mathai

the piano and guitar. She started            population. Elizabeth reveals: “I often
writing songs about her relationship         get asked what kind of music I sing and
with God. Her lyrics speak about the         other [British] Asians are surprised that
amazing love of Jesus. For the past          I’m a Christian. I love the fact that I can
three years Elizabeth has had the            share something different with them and
opportunity to perform regularly on          that my music isn’t just Asian but has a
Canadian Christian Television Stations       different sound. It’s great that I’m able to
(CTS) specifically the Television            learn about another culture too.”
Program “The Meeting Place”. She
                                             Elizabeth’s debut album is called
graduated from York University with a
                                             “Humbled by your love” and contains
bachelor’s degree in Business.
                                             a number of already popular
Elizabeth has also shared her message of     Christian songs in addition to her own
Jesus Christ, with young people in the       compositions. The CD can be                     The Honorable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario speaking to
UK. The singer’s mission is to share her     purchased      online     by    visiting        the Bishop of Lahore, The Rt. Rev Alexander Malik during the
music with the masses and spread the You
                                                                                             Premier’s recent visit to Pakistan. Looking on is the Chief Minister
Gospel of Jesus Christ particularly in       can also listen to tracks from her CD
                                             on this site.                                   of the Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi.
Bradford’s     predominantly      Asian

8   •   D H A R K A N     •    S P R I N G   2 0 0 7
O     Profile
Sadhu Sundar Singh                           The following months proved to be           Singh’s needs were met entirely            others. Sundar      remained     modest
1889-1929                                    very difficult for Sundar and his family.   through the kindness of people he met      despite his fame.
                                             Becoming a shishya of Christ was not        wherever he went. His life story has
                        Sundar Singh                                                                                                Sundar never thought of himself. He
                                             taken lightly by his family nor his         been written down for us by several of
                        was born in                                                                                                 only desired to follow Jesus’ example: to
                                             community. Misunderstanding his new         his friends and admirers. He also,
                        R a m p u r,                                                                                                repay evil with kindness and to win over
                                             found bhakti to be a betrayal of all
                        Punjab in India                                                                                             his enemies by love. This attitude often

                                                                                            “…to repay evil
                                             loyalty to his community he was
                        in 1889. His                                                                                                caused his enemies to feel ashamed of
                                             excommunicated. Sundar may have

                                                                                             with kindness
                        mother,        a                                                                                            themselves. Once, he was preaching in
                                             been ill advised by some ‘Christians’ to
                        deeply religious                                                                                            a public market when a fanatic from a

                                                                                            and to win over
                                             cut his hair, unnecessarily maligning
                        woman, left an                                                                                              different religion suddenly punched his
                                             an     honorable       Sikh     custom.

                                                                                            his enemies by
                        indelible mark                                                                                              right cheek. Calmly, Sundar turned his
                                             Unfortunately, he followed their advice
                        on Sundar and                                                                                               left cheek towards the assailant. The

                                             and cut his hair, a gesture that did not
Sadhu Sundar Singh

nurtured him in the noble traditions of                                                                                             attacker left. But that night Sundar
                                             make things any easier with his family.
the Sikhs. Sundar often spoke of his                                                                                                received a message from the attacker
                                             His family was convinced he had
mother with much love and respect                                                                                                   asking for forgiveness.
                                             renounced his Sikh heritage. However,
because of the good foundation she laid
                                             through this strife and turmoil God         reluctantly, agreed to put his teachings   On another occasion, Sundar told some
for his life to come. Little did anyone
                                             cared for Sundar.                           and experiences in writing saying that     harvesters about the parable of the
know what God was about to do with
                                                                                         like His Satguru, he did not want to       weeds. They became annoyed and cursed
this keenly intelligent and disciplined      A month after he accepted the water
                                                                                         write a word. Sadhu Sundar Singh           him. One of them threw a stone at
young man.                                   diksha of Christ in the year 1905, he
                                                                                         reflected the character of Christ in       Sundar’s head. At that instant, the stone
                                             took the vow of a sadhu. He gave
When Sundar was about fourteen, his                                                      word and life; he had found ananda         thrower was struck by such a painful
                                             away his meager possessions, put on a
beloved mother and elder brother                                                         and shanthi in the abiding presence of     headache that he had to lie down on the
                                             saffron robe and became a barefooted
passed away. This left the young boy in                                                  Yesu his brother and Lord.                 ground. Without hesitations, Sundar took
                                             wandering man of God. Among
despair and spiritually restless and                                                                                                over that man’s chore and helped them
                                             Christians the world over, this             Sadhu Sundar Singh journeyed much.
hungering for peace. He sought                                                                                                      harvest the crops. They soon became
                                             barefoot sadhu was later called the         He traveled all over India and Ceylon.
meaning for his life.                                                                                                               friendly to him and invited him home.
                                             `apostle of the bleeding feet’ because      Between 1918-1922, he visited
One night, a year or two later, after        the soles of his feet were often covered    Malaysia, Japan and China, Western         Sundar visited Tibet every summer. In
bathing in cold water in preparation         in bloody blisters.                         Europe, Australia and Israel. He           1929, he visited that country again and
for pooja he asked God, ‘the all-                                                        preached in many cities: Jerusalem,        was never seen since.
                                             The life of a sadhu is hard and entirely
pervading, impersonal, unknowable,                                                       Lima, Berlin and Amsterdam among
                                             dependent on God. Sadhu Sundar
incomprehensible universal spirit’, to
appear to him as an avatar. He wanted
a divine revelation that would once
and for all destroy his doubts and end
his despair. His spiritual agitation was
such that he made a vow to throw
himself in front of the early morning
passenger train that passed by his
village if God did not reveal himself.
Shaped by the disciplined life of a
devout Sikh, this strong willed youth
meant to do exactly that.

That night as he prayed he became
conscious of a light shining in the room.
He looked outside to make sure it was
not someone shining a light. Gradually
the light took the form of a globe of fire
and in it he saw the face of Yesu.

Yesu was the last person Sundar was
looking for. After all, Yesu was the
‘foreign god’ of the Christian teachers
at his school. A zealous Sikh, Sundar
had publicly torn up a portion of the
Bible to protest its claims. Amazed that
his vision had taken the unexpected
form of Yesu, Sundar was convinced in
his heart that Yesu was the avatar in
whom God reveals Himself.

Did Yesu speak to him? No one knows
for sure; however, regardless of the
nature of the ‘conversation’, Sundar
threw himself on the ground and
surrendered His life to Yesu. At once
shanthi flooded his troubled heart. The
weary struggle to seek enlightenment
and moksha was over for Sundar, for in
Yesu he found shanthi. This divine
encounter with the Lord Yesu was to
Sundar a rebirth into a new life.

                                                                                                                         S P R I N G    2 0 0 7   •   D H A R K A N     •   9
 The Desi Church in Canada
AGAPE Care Centre
The Lord has done great miracles in         to the facilities of the church. When         When I was medically afflicted with
my life. As I was trying my best to do      Pastor Sarwar fell sick and could not         innumerable health problems I always
                                            continue, he asked me to fill in for him.     fought my way through the darkest
                                            The chairperson of the church asked if        hours with faith in God’s Agape love
the will of God, I developed a close

                                            I could take over the prayer meetings.        and that is the fragrance , the hope and
relationship with my heavenly father.

                                            He told me I would chair the Asian            the truth, I live to share with this world.
From 1993 to 1998 I had a great

                                            Outreach Program and become part of           There is one to share what you know
hunger for God, so I read the Bible

                                            their overall Outreach Committee.             and another to share what you
and meditated on it,

As God promised to Joshua “This book                                                      experience. Such life changing
                                            After speaking to the other members of
of the law shall not depart from your                                                     experiences that I and others have had,
                                            the fellowship, we decided to rename
mouth and you should meditate on it                                                       can be a tribute to the essential
                                            our ministry and call it the Agape Care
day and night and then you will have                                                      goodness of mankind that, where some
                                            Centre - meaning God’s unconditional
good success” (Joshua 1:8). As other                                                      forecast a shadow of despair in life,
                                            love. Today, we are the outreach wing of
good things happened to me, I did not                                                     others derive their strength from the
                                            the Second Christian Reform Church in
realize God was preparing me for this                                                     perennial spring of Godly compassion.
                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Jemima Massey
                                            Brampton. We receive a number of                                                            to join us is always welcome. If you
ministry. As I continued to search His
                                            prayer requests and we intercede on           We also work with other religions and         have a prayer request please contact us
Word, the anointing of the Holy Spirit
                                            behalf of those making the requests. We       spread the good news of the Gospel            at the numbers below:
was heavy upon me.
                                            also receive a number of praise reports       trying to meet the spiritual, physical,
At this time, Pastor Sarwar Din was         and many healings are reported.From           emotional and even material needs of          Jemima Massey - (905) 450-6447 or
using The Second Christian Reform           1998 to 2007, we have been meeting at         those we reach out to. We do not have         Pastor O Ali - (905) 278-5997
Church for his prayer meetings as their     the Second Christian Reform Church.           any financial support but through the
Asian Outreach Pastor and had access        On cold nights or on special request, we      little offering we generate, we try to
                                            meet at different homes.                      help others. Anyone who is interested

Eastern Koinonia Free Methodist Church
Eastern Koinonia Church was founded         worship in their native languages i.e.        been performed by our pastors during            stagnancy. We feel we are on the verge of
in 1984 by late Mr. Earnest Robson,         Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and English of           these years. Pastor Ousman is a true            a breakthrough. We are also experiencing
                                            course. It was his desire to teach the        man of God. We can say that he is on            genuine spiritual growth. This is the
                                            children religious studies and train them     fire spiritually. He is working very hard       foundation on which we are building and
son of the Rev. B Robson of Sialkot

                                            to speak publicly about The Bible and         to bring in more new members and                believe the Lord will honor our efforts.
Pakistan, under the umbrella of Free

                                            Jesus Christ. He always publicly              build a congregation of believers who           We look forward to a bright future for our
Methodist Church of Canada. Koinonia

                                            acknowledged his children’s talents to        can witness for the Lord and help the           church. We see true spiritual development
means a gathering of believers.

Located in Scarborough, Pastor Bob          encourage them. We can proudly say that       church grow stronger. Like all churches         as an urgent need in our community; and
Quick was the first pastor given to         our children are well trained in this field   Koinonia has seen ups and downs but             so we offer our people opportunities for
Koinonia by the Methodist church,           and some of them are serving the lord in      pulled through with the Lord’s help.            spiritual growth. We think this will
followed by Pastor Eyre , Pastor Nesa       churches already and volunteering with        We pray and hope the Lord will bless            attract individuals who are genuinely
Lysander from South India and the           missionary work in third world countries.     this church abundantly and will use it          interested in preparing for Kingdom work
Rev. Bobby Jaglal, from Guyana.                                                           for His glory.                                  and development.”
                                            In the last 22 years Koinonia has
Currently the Rev. Ousman Ali is
                                            helped many children with their studies       Here are few lines from Pastor                For more information about church
pastoring the church. He is a staunch
                                                                                          Ousman Ali:                                   services please contact Paster O Ali at
Christian with a Muslim background.         financially. The congregation has
                                                                                                                                        (905) 278-5997
                                            donated to charities, helped several             “We look forward to a growing future in
Mr. Robson’s dream was to form a church
                                            new immigrants settle. Many                     terms of members. We have just
in Toronto where Asian Christians could
                                            weddings, baptisms and funerals have            experienced some growth after a time of

Cornerstone Asian Church
Cornerstone Asian Church is an Indo-        MCB Church where over 500 Christians          Gospel Outreach ministries are
Pak congregational church and part of       from different ethnic backgrounds             growing rapidly in Pakistan. The Lord
                                            participated. It was a wonderful and          is using our staff and volunteers
                                            spirit-filled program. We arranged a          abundantly for his Kingdom’s glory.
Gospel     Outreach    Ministries   of

                                            Carol Singing service in our own church       We arranged three programs this
Pakistan. Our vision is to reach the

                                            as well. Many families participated in the    month which focused on the theme of
unreached in Canada and all over the

                                            program and were given a chance to            “sharing and giving”.
world through massive crusades,

                                            make a commitment for the New Year.
prayer seminars, get-togethers, self
bible study groups etc.                                                                   One outreach program focuses on the           Pastor Peter Paul and his wife
                                            On Christmas Day we invited several           poor areas in Pakistan. We go into            give, others are blessed and God is
December was a very busy month for
                                            non-Christians to share the meaning of        orphanages, reach out to widows and           glorified. “God loves a cheerful giver”
Christians all over the word. We
                                            Christmas with us. Many Muslims and           needy people , providing them with            (2 Corinthians 9:7). Please support us
prayed that God’s divine sprit should
                                            Hindus participated in that program           clothes, gifts and other basic necessities.   through your prayers and donations.
work in the hearts of mankind, so that
                                            with almost 200 people in attendance.
people may understand the real                                                            There is a great need for partners in
                                            Dinner was served after the program.
meaning of Christmas.                                                                     ministry. Partnership is the Key to
                                            Furthermore, we had a prayer day on
                                                                                          reach the world for Christ. Every time
The church participated in an               the 30 December to pray for the
                                                                                          we give sacrificially, we give a little of
International Banquet arranged by           ministry, church families and for the
                                                                                          our selfishness away. And when we
                                            coming Year.                                                                                                                 cont. on pg.11

1 0   •   D H A R K A N   •   S P R I N G     2 0 0 7
The New Covenant Church of Canada
The    New     Covenant      Church     of    need of the growing “Desi” Christian          activities and upcoming events along
Canada is one of the oldest and               community in Canada. The Sunday               with special announcements. The
                                              messages and beautiful music combined         church offers pastoral services for
                                              with the passionate preaching style of        christenings, weddings and funerals as
most active South Asian ”Desi”

                                              Rev. Alexander make the service at the        well. The church also has a website
church congregation in the Greater

                                              New Covenant Church a spiritually    The church recently
Toronto Area.

From humble beginnings in the winter          uplifting experience. The church has          celebrated its 27th anniversary and
of 1993, its pastor and faithful servant of   fifty two families as members of the          published a special magazine for the
God Rev. Alexander David with a few           church. Each Sunday service is attended       occasion which covers the 27 year
Christian families sowed the first seeds      by approximately 100 to 150 members.          history of the church.
for a spiritually vibrant South Asian         The attendance balloons to over 400 on
congregation. The founding members                                                          The current church council consists of
                                              special services and almost close to 1000
of the church were (late) Mr. Eric Dass,                                                    the Moderator Rev. Alexander David
                                              flock to its Christmas dinner celebration.
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Rashid, Mr. & Mrs.                                                       and the executive council consisting of
David Massey and Ms. Mary Taylor.             The Church is well organized; it              Jonathan Devia, Tanveer Joseph, Bert           The Rev. Alexander David
                                              publishes the church bulletins quarterly      Dean, Victor Massey, Alvin James and           The church services are held every
Through many highs and lows over the          ,which includes dates and timings by          Asher Habib. The Church can be                 Sunday at the St. Jude’s Anglican Church
years, the church has overcome                day for each of the three months              contacted via email          at 1000 Central Park Drive, Brampton.
challenges and continued to preach the        similar to any mainstream Canadian            and by telephone 905-696-7590.
gospel and fill the ever growing spiritual    church. It highlights all special church

Evangelical Asian Christian Church
Evangelical Asian Christian Church            up my own business, but then I got very       pastor Din did not let that bring him          healings and the church has worked to
began its journey in 1989, with lead          sick. I was scared that I wouldn’t            down. He wanted to reach out all over          bring many guest speakers from all
                                              survive, it was then that I realised that     the world and preach the word of God           over the world to speak about their
                                              this was God’s way of telling me I had        as far around the globe as he could.           experiences as a Christian. Whether it
pastor Sarwar Din. Pastor Din began

                                              another purpose in life. It was when I        The Florida Tropical Presbyterian              is to speak of the hardships they have
the church with the purpose of uniting

                                              decided that I would give my life to God      Church enlisted the help of pastor Din         endured as a Christ-follower or to talk
the South Asian community. Before

                                              and would follow him in his way and           to help form a South Asian Fellowship          about the wondrous things God has
that he was involved in the First Asian

                                              pursue my family’s traditions that I          and radio program. He traveled to              done in their lives, the Evangelical
Bible Church, which was the first ever

                                              began to have a speedy recovery.”             Florida once a month for a year and a          Church is committed to spreading the
South Asian Christian church in

                                                                                            half and says that it was a great              word of God and also to teach about
                                              In 1971 pastor Din came back to
operation.    The First Asian Church
                                                                                            experience in his life, “I loved the           the suffering of Christians that are not
                                              Canada to settle and brought his family
commenced in 1979 and ran for ten
                                                                                            experience, watching the program grow          as fortunate as we are in Canada.
                                              with him. He started out as an
years before pastor Din decided to
                                                                                            and become what it did, was very
                                              insurance salesman and after some                                                            With that in mind, the Evangelical
start the Asian Evangelical Church.
                                                                                            satisfying and I loved being a part of it.”
“I wanted to bring the Asian                  years he decided it was time to fulfill his                                                  Church has been helping a church they
community together to worship. It was         promise to God and he started to look          Today pastor Din still leads as the           helped form in India with prayer and
important for me to be able to provide        around for a church that was suitable         head pastor of Evangelical Asian               monetary donations. They have sent
a place where people could come               for his and his communities needs.            Christian Church, he doesn’t preach as         over $16,000 over the last ten years and
together and sing and pray and just           That was when he began the First              much as he would like to anymore due           with the help of the money, people in
express themselves in their own               Asian Bible Church and then ten years         to health reasons but is always there for      India have been able to buy half the
language.” Pastor Din says that the           later, the Evangelical Asian Christian        his community members with love and            land they needed to start up a church
lack of an Indo-Pak Church was                Church.      “I named the church              wisdom. He now receives help from              and the Indian government has
unfortunate, “many people were                Evangelical, because to me, to be             his fellow church members Raj and              granted them the rest of the land
missing out on worship on Sundays             evangelical means to be a church that is      Namirta Das who preach the word of             needed. They now have a place of
because they had nowhere to go and            in conversation with God, following his       God every Sunday in English and                their own to worship and Evangelical
some people could not understand the          teachings and ways, it is to stress the       Urdu/Hindi to help people better               Church continues to support them.
English language. I was inspired to           importance of the scriptures.”                understand the sermons.
provide the community with a place                                                                                                         Pastor Din continues to seek different
where they could follow their own             In 1990, pastor Din began his                  Recently pastor Din received an award         ways to preach the word of God and to
traditions and culture.” Although the         television ministry. The show was             for fifty years of service from members of     help his community in any way he can.
endeavour was hard, he never gave up          called Evangelical Asian Television           his church and community. “I feel very         “We should thank God for bringing us
hope and remained determined to               Ministry and it started out as a simple       blessed doing what I do, I feel very           here so that we may worship freely and
provide a spiritual home for his fellow       fifteen minute show that aired on             privileged that people think of me             we should use our freedom to go into
South Asians. He says that he felt that       Vision TV Gradually with success the          enough to give me an award. I have             the world and preach the gospel. The
it was his destiny to become a pastor         show moved up in ratings and pastor           received many awards over the years and        world is here and we should go out and
and his purpose was to give his               Din was able to produce a half hour           I always feel very blessed that people         teach God’s word using whatever gifts
community a Church.                           show. The show stayed on air for an           think of me in such a way and are              he has given us. It is our right and our
                                              amazing twelve years, showcasing              acknowledging my work.” But he is              duty, God has shown us love and grace,
“I took my training in Pakistan and           testimonies of God’s work in                  quick to point out that it is the church       now it is our turn to show the world his
then came to Canada to study at the           individual’s lives, healings, lectures and    and God that we should all focus on. “I        love and grace.”
Toronto Bible College.” Pastor Din            topics that dealt with everyday life.         am happy to receive the award but I want
then went back to Pakistan to lead a                                                                                                       Evangelical Asian Christian Church is
                                              The show was important because                to keep focusing on the church and on
church with his father. “I come from a                                                                                                     located at St. Andrews Presbyterian
                                              through it many people were brought           God, which is what is really important.”
family of pastors; it was thought when I                                                                                                   Church on 1579 Royal York Road in
                                              to Christ, it was another way for pastor
was young that I would follow this                                                          The Evangelical Asian Church has a             Etobicoke and services are conducted
                                              Din to reach out to his community and
tradition.” But pastor Din is the first to                                                  great history of marvellous activities         every Sunday at 3:30 pm. For more
                                              it proved to be very popular among the
say that being a pastor was not always                                                      and workings of God. There have                information about church services
                                              Indian/Pakistani community.
his dream. “I wanted to do other things                                                     been over eighty non-Christians that           please contact Pastor Sarwar Din at
when I was younger, I wanted to open          After twelve years the show had to stop       have been baptized into the family of          (416) 414-8850
                                              production due to high costs. But             God, there have been miraculous

                                                                                                                             S P R I N G     2 0 0 7   •   D H A R K A N    •   1 1
O         Community News

                                                                                                        “And man, like flowers, too must sleep
      Hopefully, winter will finally be over by the time you read this issue of Dharkan.
     The waking earth at Easter reminds us that nothing ever dies that is not born anew.

                                                                                                      Until he is called from the “Darkened deep”
  Even flowers sleep beneath the ground, but when they hear spring calling them they push

                                                                                                         To live in that place where angels sing
   themselves through layers of earth to reach the sunlight. Thus the cycle of life continues.

This cycle reminds us of our own lives. We too pass through the four seasons – I would say

                                                                                                          And where there is Eternal Spring!”
   my life is passing though autumn and winter looms ahead. One day in the future the
earthly part of me will come to an end, as surely as any flower fades and become part of the
   earth. If we live well, we might be able to nourish the lives of those who come after us.

O     Congratulations:                                                                           Peter’s cousin The Rev Tina Boyd
                                                                                                 performed the beautiful ceremony. The
                                                                                                 bride and her three attendants looked
        Celebrations of love,
                                                                                                 gorgeous in their sequined Pakistani
       dreams and the special
                                                                                                 outfits. Peter’s mother, Joyce Faiz
      closeness of life together.
                                                                                                 looked      elegant      and      happy
                                                                                                 accompanied by sister Irene in a short
                                                                                                 silk blue shalwar kameez. His brother
                                                                                                 Andrew was the perfect M.C. Among
                                                                                                 the guests were Sasha’s family from the
                                                                                                 Netherlands, France and British
                                                                                                 Columbia. The sumptuous buffet with
                                                                                                 a variety of entertainment made it a
                                                                                                 night to remember. We wish the couple
                                                 Mark Samuel and Michelle Marshall
                                                  Rochester in England. The wedding              a happy life ahead.
                                                                                                                                              Raj and Princy Ghose
                                                  and reception were attended by a large                                                      couple and the Rev: David Alexander
                                                  number of family, friends and church                                                        gave thanks for the food. Kaleem
                                                  dignitaries, many from across the                                                           Zaman and Chris Rana entertained the
                                                  country and overseas. The bride and                                                         guests with melodious songs, Zara
                                                  groom arrived at the reception in a                                                         Joseph and Kenny David delighted the
                                                  Cinderella Coach drawn by four white                                                        guests with their dances, creating an
                                                  horses amid a fantastic display of                                                          atmosphere of festivity and enjoyment.
                                                  fireworks. We wish the couple a long                                                        It indeed was a grand evening. After
                                                  and happy married life ahead.                                                               enjoying a sumptuous dinner, everyone
Sharoon and Yamina Isaac
   Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Isaac held a
Walima reception for their son,                                                                                                               joined in dancing and socializing,
Sharoon and daughter in law Yamima                                                                                                            making it a memorable evening.
at the Payal Banquet Hall, Mississauga
on 9 December 2006. The couple was
married in Peshawar earlier in the year.
The godparents of the bride, relatives                                                           Joseph and Mary Dean
from USA and many friends and family
                                                                                                     A number of friends and relatives
members attended the function. Dennis
                                                                                                 gathered at the Sangam Banquet Hall
with his radiant wife Maria greeted the
                                                                                                 on 2 December 2006, to celebrate the
guests; Sharoon introduced his beautiful
                                                 Justin and Kiran Rahim Bakhsh
                                                                                                 25th wedding anniversary of Joseph
wife to everyone at the reception. The              Justin, son of Javaid and Hazel              and Mary Dean. Hosted by their three
food was delicious; Pastor Parvez Isaac           Rahim Bakhsh and Kiran daughter of             children, Arnold, Jessica and Ronald,
blessed the gathering and the food.               (late) Tahseen and Shama Alam Shah             the event brought together friends and
Friends of the couple performed lovely            were joined in holy matrimony on 12            relatives from across the country. A
dances and inspired everyone to join              December 2006 at the Naulakha                  number of people spoke of their
them. As the guests were leaving, Maria           Church in Lahore. The “Barat” from             associations with Joseph and Mary and
made paans for them to give the                   Canada included his parents, sister            traced this couple’s beginnings from
                                                                                                                                              William and Iffat Daniels
occasion a taste of Pakistani weddings.           Shumaila, aunt and uncle - Rena and                                                            William and Iffat Daniels of
                                                                                                 their first encounter in Karachi to their
It was indeed a joy to celebrate this             Tahir Umarkhitab with their sons                                                            Edmonton celebrated their 25th
                                                                                                 life in Canada. A delicious meal and
special evening with the Isaac family. It         Nadeem and Shiraz. The church                                                               anniversary on December 2006 in the
                                                                                                 dancing rounded off the evening. We
was a pleasure to see Roseline Isaac,             service was followed by an impressive                                                       midst of family and friends who had
                                                                                                 congratulate Joseph and Mary and
the wife of Dennis’s eldest brother               wedding reception at the Avari Hotel.                                                       joined them from across Canada and the
                                                                                                 look forward to celebrating their 50th
Kalash, who had flown down from Salt                                                                                                          United States. Their four sons paid
                                                  The following day, Javaid and Hazel            anniversary with them!
Lake City Utah, to join the celebrations.                                                                                                     tributes to their parents for being excellent
                                                  hosted the Valeema dinner and musical            In celebration of 25 years of their life
  Michelle Marshall and Mark                                                                                                                  role models for them. There was
                                                  evening. This was largely attended by          together with all its joy and challenges,
Samuel were married at St Andrews’                                                                                                            excellent, food, singing, dancing and
                                                  family and friends of both the groom           Raj and Princy Ghose invited family
Church Lahore on 30 December 2006.                                                                                                            much prayer for the couple and their
                                                  and the bride including a number of            and friends to share this special day with
Michelle is the daughter of Bishop                                                                                                            family. Congratulations William and Iffat!
                                                  military officers. Congratulations Justin      them at Bombay Palace on 30
Azad and Lesley Marshall and Mark is              and Kiran.                                                                                    David and Sabrina Robson were
                                                                                                 December 2006.           Their children
the son of Dr Vinay and Mrs. Colleen                                                                                                          honored by a multitude of their friends
                                                   Peter Faiz son of (late) Victor and           Andrew and Tania did an excellent job
Samuel of Bangalore and Oxford.                                                                                                               and family members as they completed
                                                  Mrs. Joyce Faiz & Sasha Wentges                in relating their parent’s relationship
The marriage was solemnized by the Rt                                                            over the past 25 years through songs and     25 years of their married life on 10
                                                  were married in the stately setting of
Rev Dr Michael J Nazir-Ali, Bishop of                                                            humor. Pastor Parvez Isaac blessed the       March 2007. They were married in
                                                  Casa Loma on 24 February 2007.
                                                                                                                                                                             cont. on pg.13

1 2   •   D H A R K A N        •   S P R I N G      2 0 0 7
O     Community News
                                             Pennsylvania,       USA.        Our                                                     their grandson, Steven Shad, born on
                                             congratulations go out to the couple                                                    20 February 2007. The proud parents
                                             and to both the families. Peter and                                                     are Anila and Ehtsham Shad. Steven’s
                                             Nina may this day be a marvelous                                                        sister Sarah is delighted to have a
                                             celebration, of the moment, when                                                        brother. Congratulations to the family.
                                             you exchange the sacred vows and
                                                                                                                                        On 16 February 2007, Rex and
                                             become one, for ever.
                                                                                                                                     Beulah Samuels were blessed with twin
                                                                                                                                     grand daughters, Madeline and
                                                                                        Rex and Beulah Samuel                        Eleanor. Their daughter, Virginia and
                                                                                        children and great grandchildren. The        Joe Chapman are the proud parents.
                                                                                        famous father and son duo, David
David and Sabrina Robson
Lahore in 1982. An elegant reception
                                                                                        Dean and Junior sang beautiful hymns         O    Condolences:
                                                                                        and songs, Rex’s nephew Brian, friend
was held at Le Treport Banquet Hall in                                                  Ronnie Joshua related stories of their               For this is a journey
Mississauga. Members of the family                                                      friendship, while long time friend                  that we all must take
traveled from U.S.A. , England and other                                                Willie Khan serenaded the guests with
parts of Canada to attend this function.                                                                                                  And each must go alone.
                                                                                        a song. Happy Birthday Rex!
                                                                                                                                                  It’s all a part of
                                             Elizabeth and Bashir Din
Their daughter, Sheena, niece Saba                                                         Our Dharkan Youth representative,
                                               Mr and Mrs. Bashir Din celebrated                                                                 the Master’s plan
along with cousin Tony Robson, did an                                                   Jessica Masih celebrated her 18th
excellent job as Masters of                  their 50th wedding anniversary                                                              A step on the road to home.
                                                                                        birthday on 18 February 2007. Her
Ceremonies. Cousin Noble Robson              recently. A beautiful and memorable
                                                                                        grandparents, Tara and Parveen Masih
recited a beautiful poem while friends       celebration was organized by their                                                         Mr. William Joseph at the age of
                                                                                        invited friends and relatives to a grand
Reuben Isaac, Lenny John together            children Zahir, Neelum and Mushir                                                       62, passed away on 16 January 2007 in
                                                                                        luncheon. God bless you, keep you in
with brother- in- law Paul Utraid            and their respective spouses.                                                           Taxila, Pakistan. He served at the
                                                                                        His care and give you many happy
narrated hysterical stories about their      Elizabeth and Bashir Din were married      years, Jessica.                              Christian Hospital, Taxila for 44 years.
friendship with the couple.                  in Pakistan in 1956 and migrated to                                                     He leaves behind his wife and five
                                                                                          Anita Ronnie Joshua celebrated her         children. One of his daughters Saima
The Robson’s three children, Anna,           Canada in 1975. They have been
                                                                                        65th birthday on 9 December 2006             William, wife of Mazhar William lives
Sheena and Jonathan paid tribute to          blessed with three children and five
                                                                                        with her family and friends. It was a        in Mississauga .Saima is sister in law of
their parents for not only being parents,    grandchildren, all of whom joined in
                                                                                        lovely afternoon to go back down             Mona Salik. Our sympathies go to
but friends and good role models.            the celebrations.
                                                                                        memory lane and remember past                Saima and her family.
David Robson thanked all the guests,         We congratulate this gracious couple       years. May you enjoy many more
especially those who had supported           and ask for God’s richest blessings on     birthdays, Anita.                               Our condolences are also extended
him during his sickness. He paid special     them and their family.                                                                  to Mrs. Mohini Mushtaq Rashid on
tribute to his wife for her love and                                                      Friends and family gathered secretly       the death of her brother, Michael
support. After a delicious five course                                                  at a church in Brampton to surprise          Mathew, who entered his heavenly
dinner, guests joined in dancing and                                                    Shafila (Pinky) Das on her 40th              home in January 2007 in Karachi. Also
socializing. It was indeed a starry night.                                              birthday. It was a happy evening with        to Mr. Mushtaq Rashid, on the passing
                                                                                        much singing and dancing – enjoyed by        away of his sister, Cecilia, in Peshawar.
                                                                                        everyone who came there. Her
                                                                                        husband Harry, brothers Yousaf and             Tahira Haider Ali lost her father on
                                                                                        Asif and her three daughters organized       10 December 2006. He served the
                                                                                        the party. Congratulations Pinky !           Lord for many years and now rests in
                                                                                                                                     His arms. Our prayers are with you
                                                                                            Births:                                  Tahira and other family members.
                                             Johnson and Daisy Charles with their
                                             children L to R) Joanna, Jeremiah, Joash
                                                                                                                                     Tahira has moved from Vancouver to
                                             and Jonathan.
                                               On 18 December 2006 , the Rev.Dr.          With great joy and delight we              Calgary. She will be ministering and
                                             Johnson Charles, senior pastor of the         welcome our New Arrivals.                 working with Forerunner Prayer Force
                                             Gateway International Church in                                                         in Calgary. Please remember her and
                                             Calgary Alberta and his wife Daisy                                                      her mission in your prayers.
                                             celebrated their 25th wedding                                                              At the age of 89, Mr. A.T. Joseph
                                             anniversary. A celebration was held at a
Bettina Abraham and Anand Jaggarnath
                                                                                                                                     Ampattu passed away peacefully in
  Bettina Abraham daughter of Ivan           local hotel and attended by a number of                                                 Trivandrum, Kerala State, India. He
and Neaomi Abraham and Anand                 people. Their son Jeremiah coordinated                                                  was the maternal uncle of John,
Jaggarnath were married on 17                the event impressively. Congratulations                                                 Abram, Samuel and Sonny Joshua also
February 2007 at the Trafalgar               Johnson and Daisy. Many blessings on                                                    of Jane Jawahir, Mariama (Rifat)
Presbyterian Church in Oakville. The         you and on your work.                                                                   Khan and Grace Roth. He lived with
wedding ceremony was followed by a
                                                                                                                                     his son in India, his other son; A.J.
reception at the Woodbine Banquet
                                                                                                                                     Abram lived in New York. Our prayers
and Convention Hall. The evening
                                                                                                                                     and sympathies go out to all the family
was filled with entertainment; a                  May every happiness be                                                             members in Grand Rapid, Michigan,
                                                                                        Jayden Samuels with his proud parents
classical dance performance by the               yours on your special day.
                                                                                        Assad and Merle
                                                                                           Assad and Merle Samuels were              Canada, New York and India.
groom’s sister Natasha, Tassa
(Trinidadian Drums) performers and             On 14 January 2007, Rex Samuel           blessed with a baby boy, Jaden                  Sheila Mansoor Dean, wife of (late
the Punjabi dhol. The dancing carried        was honored by his wife, Beulah and        Shayaan , born at St. Joseph’s               Mansoor Dean) sister-in-law of Surriya
on, till late into the night.                family as they celebrated his 80th         Hospital on 27 December 2006. The            Parasar and Ghazala James passed
                                             birthday. A grand celebration was held     proud dada and daadi are Retd. Lt.           away in Rawalpindi. She was 68 years
   On 14 April 2007 Peter , the              at the Maple Banquet Hall. His             Col. Arune Pervaiz and Mrs.                  old . She lived with her son, Kamran
youngest son of James and Zarina             brother Parkash flew in from               Samuels, naana and naani are Mr. &           Mansoor in Rawalpindi. Her daughter,
Khan and Nina, daughter of Mr. and           Maryland, USA for the event. Rex was       Mrs. Noel Cyprian.                           Lubna Khan lives in Chicago, USA
Mrs. James Petrucci will tie the knot        surrounded by wife Beulah, brother
                                                                                         Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph        and another daughter, Uzma David
at   Heinz    Memorial       Chapel,         Parkash, sister Usha, and brother in
                                                                                        Afzal Chanan Khan on the birth of            lives in England. Our condolences go
University      of        Pittsburgh,        law Wilbert Isaac, children, grand
                                                                                                                                                                 cont. on pg.14

                                                                                                                       S P R I N G     2 0 0 7    •   D H A R K A N    •   1 3
O         Community News
to all members of this family.
                                                   Graduations &                         read from the Scriptures. Kaleem
                                                                                         Zaman, James Luke, Parveez Masih,
                                                                                                                                         New Apostolic Church will hold their

                                                                                                                                      Easter divine service on Saturday 14
   Mrs. Marjorie Malik passed away
                                                                                         Abishan, Pastor Zia and Dr. Dennis           April 2007 at 5:00 pm at the New
in San Francisco, recently. She was 73
                                                                                         Isaac delighted everyone with their          Apostolic Church 45 Eastbourne Drive
years old. The wife of DSP Police
                                                                                         beautiful hymns of praise. It was a          at Clarke Blvd. in Brampton. A dinner
Wilson Malik, she worked at the CMS
                                                                                         great delight to see Rev. Sarwar Din,        is planned following the service, please
High School, and later Trinity Girls
                                                                                         who after a long absence attended this       call    905-790-0090       or    e-mail
High School in Karachi. Our
                                                                                         function. May God grant him         to confirm your
condolences go out to her many
                                                                                         complete recovery.        Later, guests      attendance.
relatives and family members.
                                                                                         socialized at the dinner, hosted by Rex
                   Retd. Col L. C. Rath                                                  and Beulah Samuel.                           O    Prayer Requests.
                 passed away on 10
                                                                                           Pastor Alexander David and the
                 March      2007      in                                                                                                     Somewhere there’s
                                                                                         New Covenant Church of Canada
                 Karachi. He was nearly                                                                                                    someone thinking of you,
                                                                                         held their annual Christmas dinner on
                 80 years old. . The
                                                                                         16 December 2006. It was a well                      Somewhere there’s
                 funeral was held in St.
                                                                                         organized function with Pastor David’s              someone who cares.
Lt. Col J.C.Rath Anthony’s       Church
                                               The Rev. Dr. Johnson Charles

                                                  After three years of study The Rev.    entire family taking part in the event.
Lahore the next day. After a long and                                                                                                     Your name has been spoken
                                               Johnson Charles of Calgary completed      Their son was the DJ, daughter
successful career in the army, he worked                                                                                                 So hold on in faith, There’s
                                               his Doctorate in Biblical Studies from    Angelina did an excellent job as MC
and served the Christian community in                                                                                                   always an answer to prayers.
                                               the Masters International School of       for the evening, and Mrs. Alexander
a variety of positions including
                                               Divinity in Indiana. His major was in     David was part of the choir. Under the
Administrator of United Christian                                                                                                     Your prayers are requested for the Rev.
                                               Biblical Expository Preaching. We         leadership of Angelina and her father,
Hospital Lahore, Principal of St.                                                                                                     Zaheer-ud-din of Edmonton, Mrs.
                                               congratulate him on this distinction.     the Nativity play was performed by the
Anthony’s          School        Lahore,                                                                                              Joyce Faiz, Archie James, Mr. and
                                                                                         volunteers and church school children.
Administrator of Bethania Hospital in                                                                                                 Mrs. Shamsher Rana, Harris Pikk,
Sialkot and Administrator of St.                                                           Several other events also took place       Beulah Samuels, Rani Charles,
Anthony’s School Karachi                                                                 in the city over Christmas including         Dilip Khem Chand, Mrs. Mercy
                                                                                         dinners by the Canadian Christian            Lewis, Mr. Massey of USA , Juanita
He is survived by his wife Naseem and
                                                                                         Association (CCA), the Asian                 John, Roberta Patterson, Mrs.
children: Richard Rath (Karachi),
                                                                                         Evangelical Church and other                 Mariam Peters and others who
Rebecca Fazal Din (Lahore), Caroline
                                                                                         organizations. These events provided         maybe sick or lonely and need our
Roboti (Lahore) and Tony Rath
                                                                                         opportunities for fellowship and for the     prayers. We thank God that Reubin
(Lahore). Our condolences go out to
                                                                                         community to meet each other.                Charles recovered from his recent
them all.
                                                                                                                                      surgery and is now recovering at home.
   Condolences also go out to Paul
Pakyam and Evelyn Samuel on the
death of their brother in law Norman                                                                                                        Looking for
Anthony who passed away in Karachi
                                               The Rev. James Luke                                                                      associates of the late
on 21 January 2007. He was 49 years              On 11 February 2007, James Luke                                                           Jacob Michael
old. He is survived by his wife Jocelyn        was formally installed as Director of                                                          of Lahore
and their three daughters.                     Christian Outreach at the Redeemer                                                      Mona Carapiet, the only daughter
                                               Lutheran Church in Brampton. A                                                          of the late Jacob Michael of Lahore
  On 2 February 2007, nine year old
                                               number of his friends and family were                                                   (also known as Jacobus Michael) is
Anna, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edgar
                                               present to witness this installation.                                                   looking for friends, relatives and
Gulzar Masih of Lahore, passed away.
                                               James will also be pursuing a degree in                                                 associates of her late father.
Our sympathies to her parents, brothers,
                                               divinity from Brock University in St.
grandfather Rev. Gulzar Masih and                                                                                                      Married to a former PAF pilot, John
                                               Catherine’s. We wish God’s richest
aunt, Dr: Zari Gill of Mississauga and                                                                                                 Carapiet, Mona lives in Adelaide,
                                               blessings on James and the rest of the
other members of the family.                                                                                                           South Australia and is anxious to
                                               Luke family.
                                                                                                                                       hear from anyone who knew her late
   Condolences to Eric Benson of
                                                  In December 2006, Javed Jamil                                                        father. Readers with information
Brampton and his sisters Sameena and
                                               was ordained minster with the                                                           about Jacob Michael should contact
                                                                                         Deaconess Shirley Harris
Sabina on the death of their father                                                        Deaconess Shirley Harris visited
                                               International Seminary Ministerial                                                      Don Joshua at 905-453-0803 or
Mehboob Benson who passed away in                                                        Toronto in March 2007. She was a
                                               Association in Plymouth Florida.                                                        email him at
Karachi in early March. Our prayers                                                      missionary in Karachi for 35 years
                                               Javed is the brother of The Rev. Irfan
are with the family at this time of grief.                                               before retiring to her native Australia.
                                               Jamil of Islamabad. We wish him
  Friends and acquaintances of Ken             God’s blessings on his future ministry.   While in Toronto she met a number
Old will be saddened to hear of his                                                      of friends and past acquaintances
death on 26 December 2006. He had              O   Other news:                           from Karachi.
been sick for many months. Ken was                                                          After working for 17 years at Johnson
principal and the spirit behind the               On behalf of “Dharkan” we              and Johnson, Anil Parasar retired
Technical Training School in                   congratulate The Rev. Richard Miller      from service on 1 December 2006. He
Gujranwalla for many years. He is              and members of St Luke’s Anglican         is now free to travel and enjoy his many
survived by his wife Patti and several         Church in Mississauga, on the 50th        other hobbies. Our best wishes to you
children and grandchildren. Our                Anniversary of their church. St: Luke’s   Anil. Have fun and enjoy life.
sympathies go out to them all.                 has always been very supportive of the
                                               paper and in allowing the use of             Do you like pizza? Well you should
   Our sympathies to Wayne Sommers             church for different functions.           visit the Pizza, Pizza store at the corner
(son in law of Rex and Beulah Samuel),                                                   of Bathurst and Steeles. The owners
who lost his father at the age of 92.            Dr. & Mrs. Rashid Gill inspired
                                                                                         are Saima and Asif Chowdhry who
                                               everyone by holding a musical             took over this franchise recently.
                                               Christmas service on 2 December
          c                                    2006. Urmila Nawaz and Dr. Saroea
                                                                                         Congratulations Saima and Asif. May
                                                                                         God bless you in this new venture.

1 4   •   D H A R K A N      •   S P R I N G     2 0 0 7
                                                                      What difference does Easter make?
    A NOTE FROM PRIOBALA KHAN                                         Rita Foulds

                                                                      The Easter Eggs and Bunny wins                of the Roman guards’ fire watch still
We wish you all a very happy Easter. May God show us ways of          the hearts of children everywhere.            smouldering. “How can they be so
spreading the Easter story. I would like to share an anonymous                                                      cruel?” she cried as she ran to tell
                                                                                                                    the apostles.
                                                                      “Easter vacation” is a substitute to
old poem with you all.                                                “Spring Break” in our schools. Lent
                                                                      Season is just a season before                But it wasn’t cruelty that rolled away
                                                                      Easter. So what difference does               the stone that Easter morning. It was
                                                                                                                    Jesus Christ, who stepped forth
                Don’t talk about things you are going to do,
                                                                      Easter make anyway?
                                                                                                                    brimming with life. Mary saw and
                                                                      It makes a lot of difference to those
               Don’t say that you mean to be noble and true,
                                                                                                                    heard him saying: - “Mary.” At once
                                                                      who are in touch with reality to take life
                                                                                                                    she fell at his feet, tears of grief melting
               Don’t wait till tomorrow to make up your mind
                                                                      and death seriously. It made a lot of
                                                                                                                    into tears of joy. “Rabboni,” (Teacher)
                                                                      difference to Mary, the mother of Jesus.
             That you’ll make others happy, and always be kind;
                                                                                                                    she said ,as she looked into his face.
                                                                      Mother Mary saw Jesus die an
              For tomorrow you’ll talk as you’re talking today,
                                                                                                                    Yes, Easter bunnies still capture the
                                                                      excruciating death, his whole body
                                                                                                                    hearts of children, schools talk about
                And your good resolutions will vanish away,
                                                                      hanging from the nails driven through
                                                                                                                    Spring Break, and Lent season is not
                                                                      his hands and feet, suspended from a
             Do it now let the world see you mean to be true!
                                                                                                                    entirely observed but you and I know
                                                                      cross like any ordinary man.
                                                                                                                    what really happened on Easter.
              Oh! Don’t talk of the things you are going to do!

                                                                      Mother Mary had the honour of that
                                                                                                          Many religious                leaders have come
                                                                      heart-wrenching hour of washing the
Easter will soon be here. The following hymn touches my heart                                             and gone, the                 fact remains: only
                                                                      dried blood from
and makes me aware of the Great Love of our Saviour.                                                                                   One-stepped forth
                                                                      Jesus’ lifeless body.
                                                                                                 Easter Tidings:                       from the tomb.
                                                                      She wept as she
                                                                                                                                       Only One has risen

                                                                                                   “I am the
                                                                      washed. Her heart
                                                                                                                                       from the dead. Only
                                                                      was caught in her
                           A murderer they save;

                                                                                               resurrection and
                                                                                                                                       One has conquered
                                                                      throat,     as    she
                                                                                                                                       death. Only One
                        The prince of life they slay,

                                                                                                the life, he who
                                                                      watched the men lift
                                                                                                                                       offers the promise of
                                                                      Jesus’ corpse onto
                              Yet cheerful he,

                                                                                                 believes in me
                                                                                                                                       eternal life to those
                                                                      the tomb’s carved
                                                                                                                                       who follow him.
                             To suffering goes,

                                                                                                 will live, even
                                                                      ledge, and roll a
                                                                                                                                       Therefore, followers
                                                                      massive stone across
                              That he his foes

                                                                                                though he dies,
                                                                                                                                       of     Jesus Christ
                                                                      the doorway.
                                                                                                                                       gather in churches
                          From thence might free.

                                                                                                  and whoever
                   Each year we see the promise reborn                Early      Sunday                                                on Easter morning

                                                                                              lives and believes
                                                                      morning       Mary                                               to celebrate the
                                                                      Magdalene went to                                                victory of life over
                         That God gave the world

                                                                                               in me will never
                         On that first Easter Morn.                   the tomb to finish                                               death and to help

                                                                                                die” Jesus said.
                                                                      anointing his body.                                              their children and
                                                                      When she arrived                                                 grandchildren share
                                                                      the tomb stood                                                   their faith that Jesus

    Hazel’s Corner
                                                                      open, stone pushed            Happy Easter to all                is alive.
                                                                      to the side, ashes

O                                                                                     Dharkan acknowledged
                                                                                    at Lahore Cathedral Dinner

                                                                       Javaid Rahim Bakhsh, Chair of the Dharkan Editorial Board was
                                                                       acknowledged by the Bishop of Lahore the Rt. Rev. Alexander
                                                                       Malik at the Lahore Cathedral Christmas Dinner on 20 December
                                                                       2006 .Over 1100 guests attended the event, held on the beautifully
                                                                       decorated grounds of the Lahore Cathedral.

                                                                       The Bishop thanked the media for their support in reporting the
                                                                       fears and concerns of the Christian community in Pakistan.

                                                                                                      S P R I N G     2 0 0 7   •   D H A R K A N        •   1 5
O         News Digest
                                 A POTPOURRI OF INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL NEWS

Canadian explorer of                                             the main language         Sonia Gandhi, president of the                                 and urge his fellow
spiritual relations wins                                         used during        the    Congress party and chairperson of the                          countrymen to shun
Templeton prize                                                  church         service    federal     government’s        United                         violence and hatred
                                                                 known as the Mass.        Progressive Alliance coalition. This                           and promote peace.
                        Y O R K : Charles
                                                                 In his summary,           followed the passing of an anti-
                 Taylor, a Canadian                                                                                                                     Jalal’s journey of
                                                                 Benedict restates his     conversion bill by the state legislature
                 philosopher       whose                                                                                                                physical endurance
                                                                 strong opposition to      in December.
                 work has focused on           Pope Benedict XVI C a t h o l i c s                                                                      started three years ago
                 contemporary concerns                                                                                                                  when he was seriously
                                               remarrying, and also asks priests to
                 about religion and                                                        Faisalabad bishop
                                                                                                                                                        injured after being
Charles Taylor secularism, and who             refrain from celebrating the Mass
                                                                                                                                      Jalal Javed Masih shot by a lawyer.
                                                                                           and Muslims involved
                                               during weddings or funerals attended by
recently began exploring the spiritual                                                     in dialogue receive
                                               non-practising Catholics.                                                              “It’s my way of celebrating my new life.
connection to violence, has won the                                                        death threats
2007 Templeton Prize. In an                                                                                                    The    The gun shot almost killed me and
                                                                                                                                      people in my village thought I had
announcement of the 800,000 British            Pastor goes missing                                              Catholic bishop of
pounds (US $1.5 million) award in              in growing Sri Lanka                                             Faisalabad     and    died,” Jalal said.
New York, the John Templeton                   abductions                                                       two Muslims, a        “That’s when I decided I would pedal
Foundation said that for more than 40          BANGALORE:    The National Christian                             scholar and a         through cities, districts and provinces
years, Taylor, 75, “has argued that            Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka is                             journalist,           and carry with me the message of
wholly depending on secularised                pleading for international support                               received     death    peace. This is my way of sacrificing for
                                                                                           The Rt. Rev. Joseph

viewpoints only leads to fragmented,           after four members of the church,           Bishop of Faisalabad threats       after
                                                                                           Coutts, Catholic
                                                                                                                                      God,” he said. However, it is not the
faulty results”.                               including a pastor and his two sons,        attending an interfaith programme          first time that Jalal has adopted a
                                               went missing in early March. “We            held in a local madrassah some             unique way to spread the word of
Killing of Ghanaian                            are appealing to international              months ago. A hitherto unknown             peace. He walked bare feet a distance
priest sparks Kenyan                           agencies to put pressure on the             extremist group calling itself the         of 3,200km soon after recovering from
outrage                                        government       to    reveal    the        “Islamic Soldiers Front” claimed           his injury. Last year he toured Punjab
                                               whereabouts of these missing church         responsibility for threatening letters     on his China-made bicycle.
          Church leaders in Kenya are
                                               members,” Godfrey Yogarajah,                and phone calls which branded the
demanding action to stamp out armed
                                               general secretary of the Evangelical        three men as “infidels”. “Mgr Joseph       This year, dressed in black with a cross
crime in their country after the killing
                                               Alliance told media from Colombo.           Coutts, who heads the diocese of           painted on his left shoulder and a dove
of a Ghanaian Roman Catholic priest
                                                                                           Faisalabad, said: “We are not going to     on his right, Jalal has begun his journey
in Nairobi, that has triggered outrage
                                                                                           be terrorized by such intimidations,       from Peshawar and will continue to
about the safety situation in the East         India’s ruling Congress
                                                                                           we will continue our interfaith            pedal down south until he reaches his
African country.                               party denounced on anti-
                                               conversion law                              activities for social harmony and          destination, Karachi.
                                                                                           peace in the country.”
Pope reaffirms ban on                          BANGALORE:     Christian groups have                                                   This ‘Aman rally’, as Jalal likes to call it,
sharing communion                              condemned the Indian National                                                          will take him to a number of cities
with non-Catholics                             Congress, which heads the national          Pedalling on the                           including Gujrat, Sialkot, Lahore,
                                               ruling coalition government, after the                                                 Patoki, Sahiwal, Chichawatni, Multan,
          Pope Benedict XVI has
                                                                                           path of peace
                                               enactment       of     anti-conversion                     For Jalal Javed Masih,      Bahawalpur, Hyderabad and Karachi.
reaffirmed a strict ruling forbidding
                                               legislation in northern Himachal            his age of 75 years does not prevent       He will complete his journey in 40 days.
eucharistic     concelebration     with
                                               Pradesh state, which the Congress           him from setting out on a mission to
ministries of non-Roman Catholic
                                               party also rules. Christian leaders in      spread the message of peace. His
churches, while at the same time giving
priests the go-ahead to revive Latin as
                                               recent weeks have sent protest letters to   mission is to pedal across the country
O         Profile
Mark Samuel - Pakistan’s                                     In 1978 Mark Samuel joined the Credit and
Honorary Consul General in                                   Commerce Group as Market Development Manager,
Luxembourg                                                   based out of the United Kingdom. Within two years
                                                             he was coordinating a team of 165 managers and
Mark Samuel was born in Sialkot in August 1948 and
                                                             salesmen across Europe. In 1982, Mark was asked to
raised in Lahore.
                                                             set up the Islamic Takafol Company based in
He began his initial education at Don Bosco School in        Luxembourg. This was the first Islamic Insurance
Lahore, and received his B.Sc from FC College,               Company based in Europe.
                                                                                                                       Mark Samuel

Lahore. After graduation, he was offered a position as                                                                 His volunteer involvement over the past twelve years
                                                             While in Luxembourg Mark realized the real estate         has created many opportunities for the benefit and
a lecturer in the college, but educational institutions in
                                                             market was expanding rapidly. In 1986, he established     welfare of the people of Pakistan. To this end Mark
Pakistan were nationalized before this could be
                                                             Saviolux SA’- one of the first real estate companies in   established the Mark Samuel Foundation, a registered
finalised and Mark changed his focus to business.
                                                             the Duchy. The company develops shopping malls,           charity based in London. This non-profit
He Started ‘Apollo Kraft’ an import / export                 apartments and condominiums and has evolved into a        organization provides financial assistance to orphans
company and began exporting Pakistani handicrafts            multi million-dollar enterprise.                          and uneducated, deprived children in developing
and carpets to North American and European                                                                             countries. The Foundation is managed by a volunteer
                                                             On 14 August 1995 Mark Samuel was nominated
countries. In 1974 The Export Promotion Bureau                                                                         Board of Trustees More information can be found at
                                                             Honorary Consul General of the Islamic Republic of
arranged for him to participate in a trade exhibition                                                        
                                                             Pakistan to Luxembourg.
in Berlin, West Germany.

1 6   •   D H A R K A N      •   S P R I N G     2 0 0 7
O      Book Review
“In the Line of Fire” a memoir by Pervez Musharraf
Reviewed by Don Joshua

The last paragraph in this memoir is most pertinent. President Pervez Musharraf admits that while Pakistan has made progress under him,
it still has a long way to go to become “a state that is a model to be emulated not shunned.”

Heads of state do not often write their memoirs               airport, the media, the Defence                                            “mediocre” officer. It is rare in any
while still in the seat of power. Except of course in         Secretary and the Prime Minister’s                                         Army for a “mediocre” officer to
                                                              office in the space of one hour. The                                       become a Lieutenant General.
                                                              reader is left with the impression that
Pakistan where there is a precedence of another

                                                                                                                                           Musharraf states that his men “loved
                                                              everything they did went according to
Army officer, Field Marshal Mohammed Ayub Khan

                                                                                                                                           him because he was just and
                                                              a previous “plan”.
who wrote “Friends not Masters” while serving as
President of Pakistan in the late 1960’s.                                                                                                  compassionate”. One’s character is a
                                                              Musharraf was informed of his                                                product of one’s inheritance;
Memoirs are written for various reasons. The
                                                              predicament at 6.45 p.m. and his                                             environment;      and      education.
raconteur may wish to tell a story; share a vision; or
                                                              plane landed at Karachi Airport at                                           Musharraf studied at the St. Patrick’s
give his version of an historical event. Musharraf ’s
                                                              7.48 p.m. The high-jacking drama,                                            Catholic School in Karachi and
book does all that but it is also self-serving. The
                                                              covered in four chapters, is                                                 Forman Christian College in Lahore.
reader is informed on numerous occasions what a
                                                              fascinating but presented with an                                            He observes that “Forman Christian
good officer he is. Even while eulogizing his mentor
                                                              obvious personal bias; as is the                                             College was known as a college for
Major General Rafi Alam, he throws in the sentence
                                                              description of the events that made                                          anglicized   ‘modern’       students.”
“I think he considered me his best commanding
                                                              him Army Chief the year before.                                              Perhaps it was a combination of his
                                                                                                      In The Line of Fire
                                                                                                                                           background and schooling that led to
                                                              On the evening of October 7th, 1998 he was
Musharraf ’s book reads well.         He tackles some                                                                     the development of his idea of “enlightened
                                                              summoned to the Prime Minister’s office ASAP. He
difficult subjects notably about Mukhtar Mai, the                                                                         moderation” to ease the clash of religion in the world.
                                                              asked the Military Secretary “Should I come in
lady who was shamefully raped but had the courage                                                                         Musharraf states unambiguously that enlightened
                                                              uniform?” which was a strange question since Army
to make her story public, both nationally and                                                                             moderation has nothing to do with Islam. As he puts
                                                              officers wear a uniform only for battle or parade. In
internationally. Regrettably 5 years after the event,                                                                     it, it has more to do with Muslim emancipation.
                                                              this case, it seems that Musharraf suspected that the
the case is still pending in the courts of law. He also
                                                              PM wanted to pin on him the badges of his new rank The concept is defined as a two pronged strategy.
talks at length about A.Q. Khan, the rogue scientist
                                                              and wanted to come prepared. Musharraf claims The first prong is the rejection of terrorism and
who claimed to be the father of the “Islamic” atomic
                                                              that he was taken by surprise. This is hard to believe extremism in order to concentrate on socioeconomic
bomb but who buried his conscience to sell technical
                                                              from his account. Just before arriving at the Prime development. This, he says, is the responsibility of
information to other nations without permission. He
                                                              Minister’s office, he was informed by a Brigadier in the Muslim world. The second prong is a resolution
should have been charge-sheeted but Musharraf
                                                              the Inter Services Intelligence from Lahore that he of all political disputes afflicting Muslim societies,
chose to pardon him.
                                                              was to be the new Chief. It seems incredulous that such as the Palestinian problem and the Kashmir
But the most compelling reason to read his book is the        he as a Lieutenant General he did not know of the deadlock. This, he naively says, is the responsibility of
detail of the events that brought him to the                  high-powered developments but a Brigadier did.              the West.
Presidency in October 1999. What seems to emerge,
                                                              There are also derogatory comments made about a             For his ideas to be implemented and his dream of a
as one reads the story, is that he had a problem with
                                                              fellow officer which take away from the merit of the        stable world, Musharraf would have to be like
the civilian government of Prime Minister Nawaz
                                                              book. Musharraf had been picked as Army Chief               Ataturk of Turkey and lead Pakistan on “roads less
Sharif. In trying to exert his authority, Sharif took
                                                              instead of his batch-mate Lieutenant General Ali            traveled on.” He is perhaps the best person to do so
some curious steps which backfired on him and
                                                              Kuli Khan Khattak. Only one officer can be selected         and one hopes that he will be given the span of time,
brought the coup that put Musharraf in charge.
                                                              as Army Chief. That is a matter of choice not               the strength and the support to move Pakistan into
It is hard to conceive how Musharraf sitting                  seniority.     Very few officers attain the rank of         the main stream and out of “the line of fire”.
incommunicado in an air-borne civilian plane could            Lieutenant General but, by definition, those who do
direct his Army Generals in 3 cities – Rawalpindi,            have something extra “on the ball”. Yet Musharraf           O Next Issue: Read our review of
Islamabad and Karachi – to take control of the                says that Lieutenant General Ali Kuli Khan was a                            “In the Name of Honor”

O      Movie Review
Amazing Grace
The new film that emphasises authentic faith in modern times

Amazing Grace is based on the life of William                 The impact of this decision was that the course of his      generation of
Wilberforce, the son of a wealthy businessman                 nation was changed — and the world. William                 modern
                                                              Wilberforce was one of the most amazing figures in          readers will
                                                              British history. He wrote a book on his “Practical          discover this
and most known for his efforts to end the slave

                                                              View of Real Christianity” in which he set out to           w o n d e r f u l Amazing Grace- the film about William
trade in Britain.

William’s dad died when he was only 9 years old and           contrast the belief system of a specific group of           man and the Wilberforce
he was sent to live with an uncle and aunt who                professing Christians in his day to what he considered      timeless message he delivered — a set of principles
influenced him towards Christianity. Having little            real Christianity.                                          critical in living an authentic Christian life today.
interest in returning to the family business, at the age of
21, he was elected to the British Parliament and began        Two hundred years later, Bob Belz “translated”              Amazing Grace stars Ioan Gruffudd, Albert Finney,
a career in politics. At the age of 26, Wilberforce           Wilberforce’s classic work out of the linguistic style of   Michael Gambon, Romola Garai, Toby Jones and
underwent a spiritual encounter and committed his             the late 18th century into a book that captures             Rufus Sewell. It was released in theatres across
future life and work wholly in the service of God.            Wilberforce’s message for a twenty-first century            Canada on 23 March 2007.
                                                              audience. His hope and intention is that a new

                                                                                                                           S P R I N G    2 0 0 7   •   D H A R K A N     •   1 7
Forman Christian College, Lahore
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Javaid Rahim Bakhsh

After 40 years, I visited my alma              After 31 years of nationalization, FC
mater, F C College in December 2006.           College was denationalized on19
                                               March 2003. At the time, there were
                                               only four Christians on the faculty and
I looked forward to this visit with
excitement yet had       apprehensions
about the degree of damage which               20 Christians in a body of 3,400
the neglect of nationalization would           students.Today the college has a strong
have done to this once great national          Christian presence, with 68 Christians
institution. My tour of the college            on staff and 495 Christian students.

                                               FC College is also reaching out to
was facilitated by Mr. David Francis,
Financial    Representative      of   the
                                               the Christian community in many
                                               other ways.
                                                                                          Sinclair Hall – FC College Lahore
                                                                                          the First Year program, and 245 met        FC College is also trying to become a
Presbyterian Church.

It was good to see that the new                Beginning in 2006, a “feeder school”       the minimum admission requirements.        model of Interfaith harmony by
administration, under the leadership           program was launched to            tutor   Overall 7,301 students had applied for     demonstrating that Christians and
of Principal. Peter Armacost, had              potential students so they could achieve   the 1100 spaces in the First Year          Muslims can live and work together in
worked hard to erase the scars of              higher marks in the college entrance       program, so only 7 Christian students      an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust,
nationalization. The exteriors of              examinations. For eight weeks 105          made the merit list. The Principal had     affection, and confidence. This
different campus buildings have been           boys studied English,                                        reserved          90     initiative seems to be working.
refurbished and restored. A modern

                                               Mathematics,                                                 additional seats for
student     center     with  sixteen                                                                                                 FC College has a total enrollment of
                                               Biology, Chemistry                                           minority students so

                                                                         and Muslims
additional classrooms and a                                                                                                          3,878 students and 190 faculty spread
                                               and Physics through                                          a total of        97
business and social science building                                                                                                 across four programs: If offers an

                                                                       can live and work
                                               the feeder school                                            Christian students
is nearing completion. A new science                                                                                                 Intermediate, A-Level, Certificate, four
                                               program.         The                                         were enrolled in the

                                                                         together in an
block is also planned.                                                                                                               year Bachelor and Masters degrees
                                               results         were                                         regular First Year
                                                                                                                                     based on an American model,

                                                                        atmosphere of
The grounds around the campus are              amazing..                                                    program.
                                                                                                                                     incorporating a semester system and
well maintained with lush green grass

                                                                       mutual respect…”
                                               Of       the      495                                         Since FC College did    course credits.
and tall shady trees. Students could be        Christian students                                            not wish to reject so
seen playing cricket and basketball. At                                                                                              FC College was awarded university
                                               currently registered                                          many students who
a recent alumni dinner, Peter Armacost                                                                                               status in October 2004, and will offer an
                                               at FC College, 187                                            actually met the
said he hoped the past glory of                                                                                                      MBA degree in 2007 .Other post
                                               are First Year students.           The     minimum admission requirement, the
Forman Christian College would soon                                                                                                  graduate and doctorate programs will be
                                               commitment of the college to provide       Principal asked the Board to approve an
be restored Both staff and students                                                                                                  offered after the first class has graduated.
                                               service to the Christian community is      Evening Program that meets from 12:30
are once again focused on their                evident from this enrollment. A total of   to 7:00 pm every weekday. Ninety           Over 1,500 students attending FC
primary goal – education.                      285 Christians applied for admission to    Christian students are enrolled in the     College need financial assistance to pay
                                                                                          evening program, taking the same classes   the cost of the tuition fees and other
                                                                                          as students in the regular program.        college expenses. Most of these
                                                                                                                                     students are Christians. The tuition fee
                                                                                          There is a vibrant Christian Life
                                                                                                                                     for one year is Rs. 36,300
                                                                                          Program at FC College, led by the dean
                                                                                                                                     (approximately USD605) per student.
                                                                                          of the chapel, Dr. Robert Johnson and
                                                                                          with an average of over 200 students in    Donations can be made payable to
                                                                                          attendance. Regular Bible study groups;    Friends of Forman Christian College,
                                                                                          community service projects, and an         and sent to 3434 Roswell Rd. NW,
                                                                                          active Student Christian Movement also     Atlanta, GA, 30305 USA.
                                                                                          provide many opportunities for
The Lucas Center at FC College                                                            fellowship and advancement.

                                                                                                                We need your
                                                                                             A DV E R T I S E M E N T S
                                                                                                           We invite community businesses to
                                                                                                          share their products and information
                                                                                                            with the community through an
                                                                                                               advertisement in Dharkan.

                                                                                                            For rates and other details
                                                                                                      please contact Javaid Rahim Bakhsh at
 Mrs. Riba Harrison, (2nd from left) sister of Mrs. Rebecca Veigas,                                            905-451-6189 or via e-mail at
 presents flowers to Princess Camilla when the latter                        visited                 
 Lahore last year. Looking on are                 Bishop Alexander Malik of
 Lahore, his wife Shamim and Prince Charles.

                                        We’re ONLINE:                              Visit us at

1 8   •   D H A R K A N      •   S P R I N G     2 0 0 7
From Salesman to Evangelist
Ramon Octavious
I migrated to Canada in 1994 and           with me” I replied. “I have this letter in   that she was out of her
settled in Ottawa with my wife, Veena      my hand asking for $ 4000.” She put me       mind! Finally at my wife’s
                                           on hold while she talked to her manager.     persuasion I went down to
                                           She came back on the line and said,          the    lake.    Here       a
and our children- daughter Natasha

                                           “You do not owe us any money, but            spontaneous baptism took
and son Zain. After visiting a couple of

                                           there is a refund owed to you for $7,700     place. We emerged from
churches we settled on a Catholic

                                           from Revenue Canada”.                        the water as people
church close to our home and became

                                                                                        clapped and sang praises
regular members. I was raised a
                                           One day I walked into work and was
                                                                                        to the Lord. Suddenly I
Catholic and my wife an Anglican but
                                           handed an e-mail. The sender was
                                                                                        began feeling a little tipsy.
                                           asking if I was from Pakistan and had
were open to worship in either
                                                                                        I could hardly walk, drove
                                           been in the Pakistan Air Force Cadet
denomination. After working for a car
                                                                                        home a little dazed and
                                           College in Sargodha. It was signed
dealer, I decided to open my own
                                                                                        went to sleep.
                                           Christopher Alam. I did not know a
used-car dealership. I owned that

                                           Christopher Alam specially one from          The next morning, I was
                                                                                                                        Ramon and Veena Octavious
dealership for five years, together
                                                                                                                                        shower, I was filled with the Spirit and-
                                           the Air Force Cadet College. When I          reading John’s Gospel when it felt that
with a gas station.We were financially
                                                                                                                                        began to speak, loudly, in tongues;
                                           got home I called and asked the sender       I was not speaking English. Veena
                                                                                                                                        Veena was not thrilled because I woke
comfortable, but something was

                                           how he knew so much about me.                came running from the kitchen to ask
                                                                                                                                        the whole family up. The following
missing from our lives.

In 2000 and 2001 God blessed us with       Christopher knew my cadet number             what was happening. She thought I
                                                                                                                                        morning the same thing happened
two more sons, Zacharias and               and the squadron I was attached to!          was having a stroke! I read the
                                                                                                                                        again. Before going to work I would
Raymond. Three years ago, a series of      When I asked if he was with the FBI or       scriptures quietly and left for work.
                                                                                                                                        pray in tongues and tears would
events took place, that were beyond my                                                  The entire way I spoke unintelligible

                                               “Before going
                                                                                                                                        stream down my cheeks. This
control. I felt uncomfortable at work                                                   words which made no sense to me.
                                                                                                                                        continued for a whole week!

                                             to work I would
and sensed an evil presence in that                                                     After work I went grocery shopping.
place. Being a nominal Christian I did                                                                                                  It has now been over two years since I

                                              pray in tongues
                                                                                        It was in the Costco parking lot that I
not know that I was being called by the                                                                                                 came to know the Lord. I believe God
                                                                                        was baptized with fire and began

                                             and tears would
Lord. I went through some rough                                                                                                         has a plan for me and my family. Veena
                                                                                        speaking in tongues again. The only
times, as I resisted the call.                                                                                                          and I are church elders and are

                                             stream down my
                                                                                        word I understood was Hosanna. I
                                                                                                                                        thankful     to    God      for    this
Veena’s best friend, whose young son                                                    kept speaking this unknown language

                                                                                                                                        transformation. During the past two
was suffering from cancer, had been                                                     for a while and was so overwhelmed
                                                                                                                                        years, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and
attending a healing service ministered                                                  that I called home. My wife recognized
                                                                                                                                        Jacob has blessed our family powerfully
by Pastors John Raymer and Bill                                                         my voice but could not understand
                                                                                                                                        and abundantly.
Prankard. She suggested we attend                                                       what I was saying.
                                           CIA Christopher laughed and told me
one of their services .At the end of the   he was my junior in the Cadet College                                                        Before this life changing experience, I
                                                                                        When I came out of my vehicle I could
worship, the pastors invited people to     and remembered me as the only                                                                knew little about Jesus and the
                                                                                        hardly stand, I was dazed and was still
the altar to receive prayer. My wife       Christian in the college at the time. I                                                      scriptures. Little did I know that I
                                                                                        speaking this unknown language. I
and I joined them. As we stood there,      was really confused because I knew                                                           would become a market-place
                                                                                        drove home and took a shower to get
we witnessed people falling to the         there was one other Christian cadet in                                                       evangelist and witness to others. I
                                                                                        rid of this hangover. I sat down for
ground. We thought they were being         the college and his name was definitely                                                      strongly believe that God wants me to
                                                                                        dinner but instead of speaking English
pushed. When someone came to pray          NOT Christopher Alam!                                                                        get out of our comfort zone, go into
                                                                                        I began speaking this unknown
for me, I firmly stood my ground.                                                                                                       the world and preach the Gospel. In
                                                                                        language again. My daughter Natasha
Nothing happened. I was a bit              The confusion cleared when Christopher                                                       April I will travel with an international
                                                                                        thought it was cool. As we drove to
sceptical and expected someone to          informed me that back in 1971 he had                                                         team of evangelists from Canada and
                                                                                        church, to help paint the building, I
push me. When Pastor Raymer prayed         been a Muslim and his name had been                                                          the United States to Faisalabad for a
                                                                                        began speaking in tongues again! My
over me however, no matter how hard        Mohamed Fakkar-Ul Alam. Christopher                                                          week long crusade and outreach. I
                                                                                        son Zain began laughing but Pastor
I tried, I fell to the ground under the    told me the story of how he was saved on                                                     solicit your prayers and support as I
                                                                                        John told me I was in no condition to
power of the Holy Spirit. I lay there      the streets of Lahore; how he was                                                            return to my country of birth with the
                                                                                        help and asked me to sit down and
for a while and felt a feeling of deep     persecuted and imprisoned for his faith                                                      message of true salvation. “For as
                                                                                        relax, which I did.
peace come over me.                        and almost killed.                                                                           many as believed him, to them He gave
                                                                                        The next morning as I stood in the              the power to become Sons of God”.
Pastor Raymer was a powerful               On 31 May 2004, Christopher Alam
preacher. During a service in              visited Ottawa and we met after thirty
December 2003, he urged us to make a       three years. He conducted a service at
faith offering assuring us that God        our church. Over 300 attended his
would return it to us a thousand-fold. I   meeting including my family and a
asked Veena how much money she had         number of my relatives.
on her. She said she had 50 Canadian       When Christopher invited people to
and 20 US dollars. In spite of our         come forward, my wife and I were the
desperate financial situation at the       first to come to the altar and accept the
time, we both agreed to give this          Lord Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.
money in faith, trusting God for a
miracle in our lives.                      In October 2004, our church organised
                                           a picnic to Machand in Quebec. About
I had closed my used-car dealership at     a hundred people travelled to Quebec
the time and owed Revenue Canada           for this day long event. At the picnic,
over $4,000. The following month I         some folks decided it was a great day
called Revenue Canada to inform them       for baptisms. Veena and I always found
that I could not pay the entire amount     these Christians a little weird but were
and to ask if I could pay them in          getting used to their behaviour. I was
instalments. The clerk punched in my       approached by Christine Raymer, a
business info and said “Sir you don’t      polite loving woman of God to go to           Members of Christian community offer prayers for the late Pakistani
owe us any money”. “Please don’t joke      the lake and get baptized. I thought          cricket coach Bob Woolmer at a memorial service in Islamabad

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O     Church Directory
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                                                                                  Pastor: John Mahaffey 416-281-4138
                                              South Asian Church
                                                                                  7601 Sheppard Avenue East
                                                                                                                                       Rita & Reggie Foulds
                                          (Birkdale Community Centre)
7. Evangelical Asian Church                                                       Scarborough ON M1B 2Y7
                                          1299 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough                                                            Farooq & Noreen Bakhsh
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church           Pastor: Ruban Davis
1579 Royal York Road. Etobicoke                                                       New Life Christian Church
                                          Services: 10 am every Sunday
                                                                                                                                      Esther & Aslam Barkat
Pastor: Raj Dass
Services: 3:30 pm every Sunday            18.Eastern Kiononia Free                Pastor: Wayne Wright 416-497-5437                         Usha Barkat
                                              Methodist Church                    480 Huntingwood Drive,
8. Behta Darya Asian Church               St. Giles Anglican Church               Toronto, ON M1W 1G4                               Christ Church, Brampton
573 Albion Rd, Etobicoke                  35 Kecalia Road, Scarborough
Pastor: Vishal Ranga Masih                Pastor: Ousman Ali (905) 278-0163           The Peoples Church                                Shama Khemchand
(416) 741-5421                            Services: 2 pm every Sunday   
Services: 3 pm every Sunday                                                       Pastor: Charles Price 416-222-3341
                                                                                                                                      Yunas & Suzie Wahab
                                          19.Tamil Christian Prayer Church        374 Sheppard Avenue East
9. Independent Christ Church              (Malvern Emmanuel United Church)        Toronto ON M2N 3B6
                                                                                                                                      Javaid & Hazel Bakhsh
(Korean Light Presbyterian Church)        25 Sewells Road, Scarborough
312 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke                                                           Rexdale Alliance Church
                                                                                                                                        Ivor & Nita Joshua
                                          Pastor: Chandrakanthan (905) 820-9323
Pastor: David Field (905) 677-3779        Services: 5:30 pm every Sunday                                  Marilyn Lutes
Services: 3 pm every Sunday                                                       Pastor: Sunder Krishnan 416-741-1110
                                                                                  2459 Islington Ave
10.Renforth Baptist Urdu
                                                                                                                                    Joel and Shirin Patterson
                                                                                  Etobicoke ON M9W 3X9

    Congregation                          20.Church of the Lamb of God
                                          28 Martin Ross Ave, Toronto
                                                                                                                                        Barton D. Borrison
627 Burnamthorpe Road (at Renforth)                                                   Toronto International
Etobicoke                                 Pastor: Samuel Joseph (416) 636-4189        Celebration Church
                                                                                                                                           Yasmin Fraser
Contact: Mr. Kanwal Dean                  Services: 3 pm every Sunday   
(905) 272-0397                                                                    Pastor: Peter Karl Youngren
                                                                                                                                           Sylvana Airan
                                          21.Warriors of the
Services: 4 pm every Sunday                                                       416-497-4940
                                              Cross Asian Church
                                                                                  190 Railside Road
                                                                                                                                      Elizabeth & Bashir Din
                                          96 Hucknall Road, Downsview, Toronto
                                                                                  Toronto ON M3A 1A3
                                          Pastor: B.M. Benjamin (416)787-8684                                                            Prio & Willie Khan
                                          Services: 3:30 pm every Sunday                                                            Noel and Rebecca Veigas

                                                                                                                                   Kalvin and Eileen Dinshaw

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