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this is group A from top paying google adsense keywords price click start from 3$ to 75$ fror 1 click

Keywords CPC

conference calling 36.26

cheap auto insurance 33.55

consolidate student loan 32.72

life insurance quote 32.38

cheap car insurance 32.01

refinance home 31.48
car insurance quote 29.43

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online car insurance 27.27

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criminal defense lawyer 27.12

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bad credit home loan 25.86

New 2009-2010Top Paying Ads (Top 1000)

Over $75

College Loans Consolidation -0.16%

Endowment Policy Sales +0.84%

From $70 to $75

San Francisco Auto Accident Attorneys

Missouri Mesothelioma Lawyers -6.69%

School Loans Consolidation +0.12%

California Mesothelioma Lawyers -0.31%