Bonnie Abrams - Ameriprise Financial by pxt10903


									When I began at American Express Financial Services, now Ameriprise Financial in late 1999, I
knew that I would need to find ways to grow my client base. I also knew that I would have to
join organizations to develop relationships in the community and LBCCC seemed like a natural
place to start.

Having been familiar with the Chamber from another job and from attending Career Women on
the Move, it was an easy decision to establish a membership. The benefits and opportunities
that the Chamber has to offer were just what I needed to promote myself. I began to attend
some of the Business Card Exchanges and Percs, but what really helped me to increase my
relationships and build my network was becoming involved in a committee. I participated on the
Career Women on the Move subcommittee, became a sponsor of the event and now serve as
co-chair of the new Women’s Resource Committee.

By becoming involved in the Chamber I have made new contacts and renewed old ones, found
ways to improve my business or skills and have taken advantage of the great benefits for small
business owners.

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