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					Update December 2008

Latest information on the recycling banks at the Tesco Store on Hawley Road, Hinckley: Since
the end of November, we have been reorganising the layout of the recycling banks to fit into the allotted
'L' shape space. By changing the layout we have retained most of the banks. Recycling banks at this
site include:

        Three banks for plastic bottles
        Three glass banks (one each for clear glass, green glass and brown glass) - if you have any
         blue glass then this can be put into the green glass bank
        Two banks for mixed paper and cardboard
        Two banks for paper
        One bank for drinks cartons

The Ragtex clothing (textiles and shoes) bank has been relocated at the Marston Stadium on
Leicester Road in Hinckley. Unfortunately there is no longer any room for the aluminium can banks at
this location. Residents can recycled both aluminium and steel cans by using their Bag It & Box It
kerbside collection service.

Please can we take this opportunity to thank both the Tesco store and residents for their patience whilst
we reorganised the layout of banks.

Bosworth Battlefield, Ambion Lane, Sutton Cheney - new site

We are pleased to announce that space has been provided for recycling banks at the battlefield. A syou
approach the car park at the top of the hill the banks are situated on the left hand side. There are three
glass banks (one each for clear, green and brown glass), a bank for mixed cans (aluminium and steel)
and also the popular plastic bottle bank.

Update September 2008

        Plastic bottle bank now at The Plough Public House on Church Street, Earl Shilton. The
         layout of the carpark has now changed which has made room for one of the large orange
         banks for plastic bottles.
        Due to a recent fire at the Community Centre, Main Street, Thornton the two plastic bottle
         banks have been severely damaged. Considerable repairs are needed at the community centre
         and until this work has taken place we are unable to provide banks at this site.

Update July 2008

        Wyevale at Woodlands Nurseries on Ashby Road, near Stapleton now has banks for
         plastic bottles, aluminium/steel cans and also glass bottles/jars. The banks are located in the
         'overflow' parking area on the left hand side.

Update June 2008

        Community College on Ratby Road in Groby now has banks for recycling plastic
         bottles. These banks will be available to the public during college opening hours. Please drive
         slowly through the school site

Update May 2008

        Tipsy Fisherman, Main Street, Thornton - due to circumstances outside the control of the
         Borough Council the recycling banks have been removed from this site.
        Newbold Verdon Library - Please note that later in May the recycling banks will be removed
         from the library car park. The library is to be renovated therefore it is necessary to remove the
         banks whilst work is in progress. Ideally we would like to resite the banks in the village and
         would be pleased to hear your suggestions for an alternative site. Please contact Kevin Taylor,
         Recycling Officer, on the helpline 01455 238141
Update April 2008

        Upton Barn at Manor Farm, Main Road, Upton - there is now a mixed paper and cardboard
         bank at this site
        Clarendon Club, Coventry Road, Hinckley - due to continual contamination of the paper
         bank this has now been removed. Local residents are able to use the kerbside 'Bag It & Box It'
         service for the collection of newspapers - for further details on this service please contact the
         council on the helpline 01455 238141

Update March 2008

        You can now recycle your paper-based drinks and liquid food cartons, such as those
         made by Tetra Pak, at various points within Hinckley and Burbage. Carton collection banks
         are situated at: Asda (Barwell Lane, Hinckley), Co-op (Hill Street, Hinckley), Morrisons
         (Cloverfield, Hinckley), Somerfield (Hawley Road, Hinckley) and also at The Hastings Public
         House (Atkins Way/Far Lash, Burbage)

Each year, UK beverage carton manufacturers produce 55,000 tonnes of paper-based cartons for milk,
juice, sauces and other liquid food/drinks. This equates to around 2.3 kg of cartons per household which
could be recycled instead of thrown in the rubbish bin.

In response, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council is working with Tetra Pak and the carton industry
body ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment) to establish carton collection points
at key recycling points for residents to take their empty cartons to be recycled.

Once collected, the cartons can be taken away to be baled and transported to a recycling mill. They can
be recycled into a number of different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper
bags and envelopes. For more information, please visit the following website:

Update February 2008

        50th Recycling Site now installed at Hinckley United's Marston Stadium on Leicester
         Road. Banks have been provided for glass bottles and jars, mixed cans and plastic bottles

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