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					                                                                                                         SUMMER 2002

                    DEPARTMENT OF

Oregon Receives $23 Million in Airport
                                                                                                         ODA Director
O      n April 13, 2002, at a Press
       Conference held at Portland
International Airport, U.S. Secre-
                                                                                                         Ann Crook
                                                                                                         accepts $ 16
                                                                                                         million in federal
tary of Transportation Norman                                                                            grant dollars
Mineta presented the award of                                                                            from U.S. Trans-
federal grants totaling more than                                                                        portation Secre-
$23 million to Oregon airports.                                                                          tary Mineta, with
   Oregon Department of Aviation                                                                         Congressman
(ODA) Director Ann Crook, Port                                                                           Brian Baird of
of Portland Director Bill Wyatt                                                                          the Washington
and Steve Schreiber, Airport                                                                             State 3rd Congres-
Manager for the Port, attended the                                                                       sional District
                                                                                                         looking on.
formal ceremony, which was also
attended by a select group of               For a listing of Oregon airports designated to receive grant assistance,
industry representatives.                 see page 6.
   Two separate grant allocations
were presented. The first, in the
amount of $5.5 million, was
                                           2002 Oregon Airport
dedicated to specific projects at          Directory Available Soon!
the Port’s three smaller airports in
                                                                                     appropriate) and information on ground
Hillsboro, Troutdale and Mulino.
A second grant in excess of $16            T    he flying public will be pleased
                                                to learn that Oregon Department
                                           of Aviation is nearing completion of
                                                                                     transportation, and nearby eateries and
                                                                                     overnight accommodations. The
million was accepted by ODA                                                          finished spiral bound directory will
                                           an updated 2002 Oregon Airport
Director Ann Crook on behalf of            Directory. We are now in the final        measure 7" by 8.5" and have laminated
approximately 20 public airports           stretch - staff are working hard          covers for ease of use by a pilot.
across Oregon.                             processing new aerial photographs of         The 2002 Oregon Airport Directory
   “This federal grant award is            the 100 public use airports in the        will be available only upon request. A
incredibly timely,” says Crook. “The       state, revising airport drawings, and     nominal fee of $8 will be charged to
Department is currently focused on a       collecting updated local data from        cover cost of printing and mailing. Be
vital statewide project to identify the    airport owners and businesses. It is      watching ODA’s web page <http//
                                           anticipated that this long awaited        aviation.state.or.us> or the Fall 2002
optimal network of airports that will
                                           publication will be available to the      FlightLines newsletter for details on
best meet the needs of both rural and
                                           public by September.                      how to order.
urban communities across Oregon.
                                              This directory will feature a wealth
The funding delivered by Secretary
                                           of current data on each airport,          Questions about the project?
Mineta today will go far to strengthen     including color aerial photographs        Contact Gary W. Viehdorfer,
Oregon’s aviation future.”                 and dimensional line drawings, as         ODA Senior Airport Planner, at
                                           well as recreational data (where          1-800-874-0102, ext. 230.
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The Director’s Desk
     by Ann Crook, Director               The 1st tier includes traditional     for a period of time served New-
                                       major and national air carriers,         port and Corvallis in nine-seat
                                       like United, Alaska and Delta            aircraft before closing its doors,
                                       Airlines. These carriers tradition-      was a 3rd tier carrier. Big Sky
                                       ally focus on larger passenger           Airlines, which operates 19-seat
                                       markets, utilizing their hub-and-        aircraft in the state of Montana, is
                                       spoke systems. In the process,           another 3rd tier carrier. So clearly
                                       smaller communities are elimi-           Oregon must fill the need that
                                       nated due to simple economics.           exists in this 3rd tier. We must keep
                                       Communities that no longer fit           in mind, however, that even if
                                       into the major airlines’ route           Oregon had a healthy 3rd tier
                                       structures are prime candidates for      carrier providing service, some
                                       regional carrier routes – the 2nd        smaller communities – such as
                                       tier. Horizon is an example of a         Roseburg, Florence, La Grande,
                                       regional carrier. These 2nd tier         Baker City, John Day, Brookings

I  ’ve been talking quite a bit
   lately about my vision for
aviation in Oregon – a vision that
                                       carriers are currently transitioning
                                       to larger aircraft and connecting
                                       these medium-sized communities
                                                                                and others – still might lack
                                                                                sufficient ridership to receive this
aviation will come to serve as a       to the commercial hubs. Once                My vision is for a 4th tier in the
real transportation alternative in     concerned that they were losing          system – general aviation – which
this state. Not just a way to get      service from the big airlines, these     could provide a safe, reliable,
from Portland to another part of       communities are instead experi-          affordable means of aerial trans-
the country or the world. Not just     encing an excellent level of ser-        portation for all Oregonians.
a mode of transportation for the       vice – sometimes even in small           Technological advances in air-
elite. Not just a hobby. Aviation is   jets – from the 2nd tier regional        frames, composite construction,
a realistic way for “regular”          carriers.                                powerplant design, avionics,
people to get where we want to            As the regional carriers fly          navigation, and communications
go.                                    larger aircraft and move into            are all making this 4th tier a possi-
   Over 100 public use airports        bigger (medium-sized) communi-           bility. And the exciting thing about
exist in Oregon. Only 7 of those       ties, the smallest communities           this vision is that many of the
offer commercial air service. This     once served are finding them-            technological developments are
means 93 percent of the Oregon         selves without air service. It is true   actually happening right here in
communities with airports have an      that nature abhors a vacuum,             Oregon!
under-utilized transportation          because smaller airlines com-               Oregon Department of Aviation
facility. It also means a lot of       monly referred to as 3rd tier carri-     and the State Aviation Board are
Oregonians are driving to airports     ers have begun to strategize ways        committed to making this vision a
– often several hours one way – to     to serve these communities.              reality. Together we plan to make
access commercial flights.                Small communities across              Oregon a leader in aviation trans-
   The need for speedy, reliable,      Oregon are admittedly suffering          portation.
affordable, safe modes of travel is    from poor air service. This is, in
ever-increasing. A four-tiered air     large part, because Oregon has no
transportation system is becoming      3rd tier carriers. Harbor Air, which
the most effective response.
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Spring/Summer 2002 Brings Series of Retirements

A     s summer approaches, Oregon
      Department of Aviation is
saying “Good-bye and happy
                                        among other things, Tom started the
                                        State’s Search and Rescue activities
                                        before they were transferred to
                                                                                up to the position of manager for the
                                                                                last decade of that time in highway
                                                                                maintenance. The Aeronautics
retirement!” to four long-time          Oregon Emergency Management in          Division was fortunate to hire Jim in
employees.                              1994. When the Aeronautics Divi-        1992 as airports maintenance
   Thomas E. Highland has retired       sion transitioned to Department of      foreman, and he has been with the
from his position as the                Aviation in 2001, Tom assumed           Department ever since. Jim’s
Department’s Land Use Planner. He       responsibilities for the RENs           excellent skills contributed to the
served in the U.S. Air Force for 20     Aircraft Monitoring Program.            Department’s Airport Team receiv-
years before becoming Airport              After more than 30 years in          ing the 1999 Excellence Award.
Manager at Pearson Airpark in           highway/runway maintenance,                Robert E. Lee came to work for
Vancouver, Washington. His state        James W. Johnson has retired from       the Aeronautics Division in 1985 in
service began in 1986, when he was      ODA’s Airport Maintenance Team.         a position called Highway Mainte-
selected to be Assistant Administra-    Jim began working for ODOT’s            nance Man. It is important to note
tor of Planning for ODOT’s Aero-        Highway Division in December            that the Distinguishing Features of
nautics Division. That position has     1971 and was with that crew             Work required for this position
evolved as the years unfolded, and      through 1992. He worked his way         required that “… the person filling
                                                                                this job must be inventive and
                                                                                ingenious in his approach to airport
 Airport Land Use Compatibility                                                 maintenance.” Bob has been all of
                                                                                that and more. He worked closely
 Guidelines Undergoing Revision                                                 with Jim Johnson over the past two
 & Update                                                                       decades to effectively maintain the
                                                                                Department’s inventory of public
                                        stakeholders has been formed to         use airports. His “inventive and
 F    irst published in 1978 and
      last updated in 1994,
 Oregon Airport Land Use Com-
                                        assist ODA and the consultant with
                                        the necessary updates. This com-
                                                                                ingenious” efforts contributed to the
                                                                                Airport Team receiving the Excel-
 patibility Guidelines is currently     mittee consists of a representative     lence Award in 1999.
 undergoing revision. Oregon            cross-section of airport managers,         Linda H. Zimmerman’s service
 Department of Aviation has hired       local governments, pilot organiza-      to the State began in 1981 with
 the firm of Mead & Hunt as             tions, the Oregon Legislature, the      Department of Justice. It was 1984
 consultant on the project, and         Oregon Farm Bureau Federation           before she caught the attention of
 completion is targeted for Novem-      and land use experts. ODA staff         folks at ODOT’s Aeronautics
 ber 1, 2002. The Oregon Airport        maintain a distribution list of         Division and transferred to in the
 Land Use Compatibility Guide-          individuals/organizations indicat-      capacity of Administrative Assistant
 lines publication provides recom-      ing an interest in following the        to the Airports Branch. Retiring now
 mended guidelines for working          project; these will receive materials   20 years after that modest start at
 with land use issues on and in the     as such become available.               Aeronautics, “Lindy” is retiring as
 vicinity of airports. Since the 1994      The updated land use compat-         Airport Property Coordinator. She,
 update, changes have occurred in       ibility guidelines will be in the       too, was part of the Airport Team
 both FAA design standards and          form of a workbook, with clear          that earned that 1999 Excellence
 Oregon land use laws.                  reference materials to assist people    Award.
    A review committee composed         to work through the existing
 of a broad assortment of public                      continued on page 4        Best wishes to all of you!
                                                                                                               Page 4

From the State Aviation Board
                                          two positions added to the Board by        Three members of the Board
                                          the 2001 Legislature.                   have had careers mostly in the
                                             With the State Aviation Board        private sector. The careers of three
                                          now fully established, some brief,      others have been mostly in the
                                          general characterizations about the     public sector. One has worked in
                                          Board membership may be interest-       both. Three are more or less retired
                                          ing and useful.                         from their main careers; four are
                                             Four members are pilots, all         still actively involved in theirs.
                                          instrument rated. One holds a multi-    There are two lawyers, one of
                                          engine ATP and a Citation type          whom has practiced aviation law.
                                          rating. One holds a seaplane rating.    There are two realtors/developers,
                                          Three own one or more aircraft, and     one of whom has been involved
      Bill Wilkins, PhD, Chair            the family of one member owns a         with extensive airport-related

W       ith the confirmation of Joe
        Smith of Portland by the
State Senate on April 17, 2002, the
                                          private airport. One is a senior
                                          member of a flying club which
                                          owns seven airplanes and has access
                                                                                  projects. Two are in airport/aviation
                                                                                  management, and one is economist/
                                                                                  educator who has done aviation
State Aviation Board reached its full     to an eighth. Two were formerly         policy work at the local, state, and
authorized membership. The terms          Air Force aviators.                     national level.
of the four original members of the          One Board member is the man-            Three members of the Board are
Board who are still serving (Mike         ager of a commercial service airport    residents of the Portland area, one
Burrill, Medford; Mike Nelson,            and another is Airports Manager for     the central Willamette Valley and
Baker City; Carrie Novick,                the Port of Portland, which owns        one each Central, Eastern and
Redmond; and Bill Wilkins,                and operates Portland International     Southern Oregon. Last, and prob-
Corvallis), as well as Smith, who         Airport and three general aviation      ably least, three are Democrats,
was appointed to fill the vacancy         airports. One is a former member of     three are Republicans, and one is an
created by the resignation of Lisa        the Oregon Legislature and a key        Independent.
Dahl, run until June 2004. The            figure in the efforts to provide           Governor Kitzhaber and his staff
terms of Jack Loacker and Steve           transportation alternatives and         have assembled a diverse and
Schreiber, both of Portland, expire       economic development opportuni-         experienced group to help the
in June 2005. Loacker and                 ties for the rural communities of our   Oregon Department of Aviation
Schreiber were appointed to fill the      state.                                  advance aviation in Oregon.

  Airport Land Use Compatibility Guidelines Undergoing Revision
  & Update continued from page 3
  Oregon land use laws and pro-           tant to note that while the State          If you have any questions regard-
  cesses specifically as they relate to   can provide guidelines to airport       ing the project or would like to
  airports. These guidelines are          owners and planners, the ultimate       receive notification of the availabil-
  traditionally used by planners,         responsibility for adopting zoning      ity of materials for review, please
  airport owners and other interested     or other appropriate land-use           contact Gary W. Viehdorfer, ODA
  groups to protect the long-term         controls resides with the appropri-     Senior Airport Planner, at
  compatibility and viability of the      ate local jurisdiction.                 1-800-874-0102, ext. 230.
  State’s airport system. It is impor-
                                                                                                           Page 5

Tourism and Recreational Flying Are
Closely Connected
                                                                                  Commerce has an insert in their
M      ore and more aviators are
       realizing how closely
recreational flying and the tourism
                                       recreational activities available at
                                       some of our state-owned airports
                                       just make you want to go there?
                                                                                  “Treasures of the Oregon Coast”
                                                                                  brochures promoting the Newport
industry are connected. So it’s           It’s important to stress that           Municipal Airport as one of those
time for us all to start working       general aviation is not merely a           local treasures.
those connection for the benefit of    stand-alone component of tourism.             “Recreational pilots have one
the broader public - and the           Rather, it serves as an alternative        common characteristic - they have
tourism industry itself!               travel mode to link folks to such          an unremitting desire to fly,
   A quick read of the two-part        great tourism opportunities as the         coupled with a continual search
State Airport Recreational Oppor-      special “Fly-n-Soak Package” at            for new destinations,” says OPA
tunities story in the Spring and       the Surprise Valley Hot Springs in         President Dale Evans. “Recre-
Summer 2002 FlightLines reveal         Cedarville, California and the fly-        ational flying has always been the
the close ties between general         in accommodations at Flying M              predominate use of airplanes.”
aviation and state tourism. Pilot or   Ranch near Yamhill, Oregon. The            Why, then, do we read reports that
not - didn’t those descriptions of     Greater Newport Chamber of                 somewhere in the nation, an
                                                                                  airport is being closed every two
                                                                                  weeks . . . the victim of other
  Governor Re-Appoints                                                            priorities? Let’s all think about
                                                                                  how to connect-the-dots for the
  Leadership for State                                                            communities where we live.
                                                                                  Significant new business could
  Aviation Board                                                                  come from general aviation - and
                                                                                  in the process, local airports can
                                                                                  garner greater support from the
                                       and as staff economist for the U.S.
  O     n May 15, 2002, Governor
        John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.,
  announced FY 2002-2004 leader-
                                       House of Representatives Ways and
                                       Means committee. He is an active
                                                                                  local business communities. Now
                                                                                  THAT’s a “win-win”!
  ship for the State Aviation Board.   general aviation pilot.
                                                                                  Readers: You are cordially invited
  The Governor re-appointed Bill          Nelson, a former state legislator, is
                                                                                  to send descriptions of your
  Wilkins, Ph.D., of Corvallis to      owner of Nelson Real Estate in
                                                                                  favorite aviation/tourism destina-
  serve as Board Chair, and Mike       Baker City and has been involved in
                                                                                  tions to the “FlightLines” Editor.
  Nelson of Baker City as Vice-        statewide transportation issues for
                                                                                  Mail and e-mail information found
  Chair. Both appointments are         many years. He views air transporta-
                                                                                  on page 9.
  effective through June 30, 2004.     tion as a vital factor in the state’s
     Wilkins is Dean Emeritus of the   social and economic health.
  College of Liberal Arts, and            Other State Aviation Board
  Professor Emeritus of Economics      members include Mike Burrill, Sr.
  at Oregon State University. He has   of Medford; Jack Loacker of Port-
  also served as the Associate         land; Carrie Novick of Redmond;
  Administrator for Policy and         Steve Schreiber of Portland; and
  International Aviation for the       R.P. “Joe” Smith of Portland.
  Federal Aviation Administration
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Oregon Air Fair 2002 – Don’t miss it!
                                      greater under-
T    he Northwest Aviation Asso-
     ciation (NWAA) is pleased to
announce that the Oregon Air Fair
                                      standing of the
                                      wealth of career
will be held the weekend of           opportunities
September 14 & 15, 2002, at the       available
Linn County Fair & Expo Center        throughout the
in Albany.                            aviation indus-
   This year’s theme is General       try.
Aviation: Working for You. Chosen        The Oregon
by the NWAA Board in an effort        Air Fair has
to promote all facets of general      been an Oregon
aviation to both the flying and       tradition since
non-flying public, the theme will     1991. The event
create a focus on providing insight   changed venues
to the many ways that general         in 2000, moving
aviation contributes to our com-      south just a bit
munities, our state and the country   from Portland
as a whole. The aviation industry     to the Linn
                                      County Expo
                                      Center. The new
“Each year, aviation                  location pro-
business and industry,                vides ease of
                                      access for
commercial carriers,                  aviators (lo-
airline passengers,                   cated adjacent to the Albany           experiencing a bit of aviation
and private pilots                    Municipal Airport) as well as          activity. AND a perennial favorite
                                      convenience for the driving public     will return again this year: our
contribute more than                  (it’s right off Interstate 5).         extensive hands-on youth area for
$11.5 billion and                        In addition to terrific speakers,   kids (of all ages!).
over 160,000 jobs to                  Oregon Air Fair 2002 offers               For more information, check
                                      50,000 square feet of indoor           out the Oregon Air Fair web site
Oregon’s economy.”                    exhibit space and a large outdoor      at www.oregonairfair.org or call
Governor John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.      display area to indulge your           Class Act Event Coordinators at
                                      senses. You’ll see rotary wing,        503-371-8904.
                                      fixed wing, ultra lights, balloons,
                                                                             SPECIAL FLYING
faces continued uncertainty about     classic to modern aircraft, and
                                                                             COMPANION SEMINAR!
impacts to the future of our air-     model airplanes, as well as an
                                                                             Offered at the Oregon Air Fair
space due to new federal regula-      array of aviation-related booths
                                                                             on Sat. Sept. 14, from 9 a.m. to
tions in the months and years to      showcasing aviation in Oregon.
                                                                             4 p.m. Help your right seat
come. The Oregon Air Fair 2002        Helicopter rides – and, oh yes,
                                                                             passenger become in informed
highlights aviation businesses,       food – will be available too.
                                                                             helper in the cockpit. Call Bette
with a region-wide opportunity to     Events target not only pilots and
                                                                             Jackson (503) 647-2646 or Betty
promote services and products. In     want-to-be pilots, but any member
                                                                             Larson (503) 255-0418.
addition, the event will offer        of the general public interested in
                                                                                                                          Page 7

                      Oregon Aviation Calendar
                                                               9-11    OPA Festival of Flight, Annual Awards and OPA meeting at
6      Lebanon Optimist Club Fly-in Pancake Breakfast,                 Corvallis Airport. (Details available directly through OPA.)
       Lebanon State Airports, breakfast served 6:00 - 10:30           Info: Mark Trujillo at PresidentElect@oregonpilot.org
       a.m. Info: John Atchley (541) 451-1312 or Chris Ruck
                                                               10      9th Annual Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, Central Oregon
       via e-mail at Chris.Ruck@rfsworld.com.
                                                                       EAA Chapter 617, Prineville. Info: on the web at
6-7    Polk County Fly-In Pancake Breakfast, Indepen-                  www.EAA617.org or contact Dick Hansen,
       dence State Airport.                                            dkhansen@coinet.com or 541.923.2318.
10-14 NW EAA Fly-In, Arlington Municipal Airport,              10      Pearson Field Fly-In, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pancake breakfast to
      Arlington, WA. Info: Barbara Tolbert @                           every pilot and their crew! NO field charges. Also Family
      flyin@nweaa.org or 360.345.5857 or see web page at               Fun Day. Theme: “Grandparents.” Pearson Field is located at
      www.nweaa.org.                                                   1115 East 5th Street, Vancouver, WA. Info: John Nold @ 360-
                                                                       694-7026 or pedson@pacifier.com.
20     Oregon Antique and Classic Aircraft Club Meeting,
       Cottage Grove. Info: Tom Bedell @ tbedell@peak.org.     16      State Aviation Board Meeting Hillsboro Airport Operations
                                                                       & Maintenance Facility Conference Room, 1040 NE 25th
20-21 OPA Mulino Chapter Blueberry Pancake Breakfast                   Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon. Info: [www.aviation.state.or.us]
      and EAA 902 FLYMART Hangar Sale, Mulino                          or ODA @ 800.874.0102.
      Airport. Info: Jerry Woody @ 503.829.9850.
                                                               16-17 Baker City Fly-In, Pancake Feed and Craft Show. Lions
20-21 13th Annual Prospect Fly-In, Prospect State Airport            Club will prepare breakfast Saturday morning, a steak feed is
      (64S), BBQ dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday, raffles,         scheduled for Saturday evening. Free transportation provided
      games, music, prizes, camping on field. Info: 541.582-         to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Info: Mel Cross @
      0139.                                                          541.523.6366 or 541.523.4539.
21-26 Oregon Antique & Classic Aircraft Club’s “Oregon         17-18 Rose Festival Air Show (by Intel) at Portland-Hillsboro
      Air Tour 2002” (sign up early!) Info: Tom Bedell @             Airport. Note: Thunderbirds perform Saturday only. Info:
      tbedell@peak.org or write to: ACAC – Air Tour 2002,            Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce @ 503.648.1102. Tickets
      c/o Gretchen Bencene, 25488 Wonderly Lane,                     available at all Ticketmaster outlets and the Rose Festival Box
      Philomath, OR 97370. “A fun trip around the state.”            Office – 503.224.5373
22     AOPA Town Hall Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Holiday Inn,
       Portland International Airport, 4839 NE Columbia        SEPTEMBER
       Blvd.                                                   7       Columbia Gorge Fly-In, The Dallesport Airport (WA). No
23-29 EAA Air Venture and Fly-In, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.                  admission charge. Info: Chuck Covert (541-296-9103 or
      Info: http://www.eaa.com.                                        Dennis Kindig (509) 767-1134, or www.Paddocks.com.
27-28 Paisley Fly-In and Acrobatic Air Show (in conjunc-       7       John Day Fly-In, Drive-In Breakfast, Grant County
      tion with the Paisley Mosquito Festival & Rodeo),                Regional Airport, 7:00 - 10:30 a.m. Info: Cheryl Berry
      Paisley Airport. Info: Visit the web site                        541.820.4310.
      www.paisley.presys.com/mosq.htm or contact Gary          14      OPA Quarterly Meeting, 10 a.m., motel at Linn County Fair
      Casteel @ N8402W@aol.com.                                        and Expo Center, Albany.
28     OPA Corvallis Fly-Out, Paisley Airport. Info: Jack      14-15 Oregon Air Fair, Linn County Fair and Expo Center, Albany.
       Mykrantz @ bjmykr@gateway.net or 541.753.0188                 Info: Oregon Air Fair web site at www.oregonairfair.org or
29     State Aviation Board Teleconference Meeting 10:00             call Class Act Event Coordinators at 503-371-8904.
       - 11:00 a.m., Oregon Department of Aviation Offices,    18      State Aviation Board Meeting, Salem (location to be
       3040 25th Street SE, Salem, OR 97302. Info:                     announced).
       [www.aviation.state.or.us] or ODA @ 800.874.0102.
                                                               Recurring Activities:
AUGUST                                                         Monthly, first Saturday: EAA 105 Blueberry Pancake B’fast.
3      OPA Tillamook Fly-In BBQ, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.,       Stark’s TwinOaks Airpark; 8-10 am.
       Tillamook Airport. Delicious BBQ with Tillamook ice
       cream, plus free admission to TilIamook Naval Air       The Oregon Aviation Calendar is a regular feature of “Flightlines.”
       Station Museum for pilots flying in. Info: David        If your organization has an important meeting or regularly scheduled
       Winter in Netarts @ david@bluefox.org or                meetings that you would like to have publicized, we’re pleased to in-
       503.842.9659. Check weather the day of the event at     clude them. Send your calendar items to Carolyn R. Bolton,th
       503.842.9678 or www.tillamookpilots.org.                Flightlines Editor, Oregon Department of Aviation, 3040 25 St. SE,
                                                               Salem, OR 97302-1125; or carolyn.r.bolton@.state.or.us
                                                                                                                                Page 8

Federal Airport Grants
continued from page 1

Twenty-three Oregon public airports            s   $1,385,000 to EASTERN OREGON               s   $1,776,166 to MCNARY FIELD -
were designees of more than $23                    REGIONAL AIRPORT - Pendleton is a              McNary Field is a general aviation
                                                   non-hub primary airport. During 2000,          airport located in Salem. Expansion of
million in federal grants in April                 there were 13, 785 enplanements at the         the taxiway is necessary for safety.
2002. Mineta announced $1.2                        airport. Rehabilitation of the apron and       Rehabilitation of the taxiway and
million in security reimbursement                  taxiways is needed for capacity.               runway is needed to extend the pave-
funds, which were released to                      Security enhancements are needed for           ment life. Installation of runway vertical/
Portland International Airport in                  safety.                                        visual guidance systems, rehabilitation
                                               s   $150,300 to FLORENCE MUNICI-                   of the electrical vault, installation of
March 2002. In addition, Port of                   PAL AIRPORT - Improvement of the               medium runway intensity lighting and
Portland was the receiver for the                  access road and construction of taxi           the taxiway signs are needed for safe
following allotments to its smaller                lanes are needed for capacity.                 airport operations.
airports:                                      s   $150,000 to GRANTS PASS AIR-               s   $1,827,487 to NORTH BEND MU-
                                                   PORT - Rehabilitation of the apron and         NICIPAL AIRPORT - This is a non-hub
s   $5,020,000 to PORTLAND-                        taxiways will extend the pavement life.        airport. Rehabilitation of the runway,
    HILLSBORO AIRPORT - Rehabilita-            s   $245,000 to KLAMATH FALLS                      taxiways, and apron pavements will
    tion of Runway 12/30 (seal coat) to            INTERNATIONAL (Grant #1) -                     extend the pavement life. Installation of
    extend the pavement’s useful life, and         Update Airport Master Plan Study. This         medium-intensity runway lighting for
    improvement to Runway 12/30 safety             airport is a non-hub primary airport.          Runway 13/31 will enhance safe airport
    area.                                          During 2000, there were 31,629                 operations. Installation of a new runway
s   $150,000 to PORTLAND-                          enplanements at the airport. Updating          and identifier lights, as well as precision
    TROUTDALE AIRPORT - Installation               the Airport Master Plan Study is needed        approach path indicator, will also
    of perimeter fencing to protect the            to ensure orderly development at the           enhance operational safety. Security
    airport from incursions.                       Airport.                                       enhancements are included to protect
s   $300,000 to PORTLAND-MULINO                s   $755,000 to KLAMATH FALLS                      airport and passengers.
    AIRPORT - Installation of miscella-            INTERNATIONAL (Grant #2) -                 s   $970,000 to ROGUE VALLEY
    neous NAVIAIDS (including a rotating           Security enhancements are needed for           INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -
    beacon) and improvement to runway              safety. Construction of a parking lot,         Medford has a non-hub primary airport.
    safety area to promote safe airfield           including pavement and lights, is              During 2000, there were 242,645
    operations, construction of a taxiway          needed because the original parking lot        enplanements at the airport. Security
    for capacity.                                  was situated too close to the terminal         enhancements are needed for passenger
                                                   building. Rehabilitation of the apron is       and airport safety.
Oregon Department of Aviation                      needed to extend the pavement life.        s   $2,800,000 to ROSEBURG RE-
received federal grant funds on                s   $2,758,027 to MAHLON SWEET                     GIONAL AIRPORT - Acquisition of
                                                   FIELD - This non-hub primary airport           land for development.
behalf of these public airport                     is located in Eugene. During 2000, there   s   $90,000 to SCAPPOOSE INDUS-
projects:                                          were 374,174 enplanements at the               TRIAL AIRPARK - Update Airport
                                                   airport. Security Enhancements are             Master Plan Study.
s   $870,000 to BAKER CITY MUNICI-                 needed to provide a safer environment      s   $807,309 to Siletz Bay State Airport -
    PAL AIRPORT - Rehabilitation of                for the passengers and airport. Con-           Siletz Bay State Airport is a general
    Runway 12/30 is needed to extend the           struction of a new taxiway and runway          aviation airport located in Gleneden
    pavement life.                                 will increase airport capacity, while          Beach. Installation of weather reporting
s   $414,600 to CORVALLIS MUNICI-                  rehabilitation of existing taxiway             equipment (AWOS) and precision
    PAL AIRPORT - Construction of a                pavement will extend the pavement life.        approach path indicators (PAPIS), as
    helicopter apron will allow for addi-          Acquisition of aircraft rescue and fire-       well as runway end identifier lights
    tional capacity. Relocating the beacon         fighting (ARFF) vehicle will enhance           (REILS), are needed for operational
    will allow for airport growth and reduce       safety.                                        safety; rehabilitation of Runway 17/35 is
    the number of pilots losing the beacon     s   $305,000 to MCMINNVILLE                        necessary to extend the pavement life.
    in ground lights. Improvements to the          MUNICIPAL AIRPORT - Expansion
    access road will allow for better access       of the apron is necessary for capacity;
    to the airport. Rehabilitation of the          obstruction removal of trees in the
    taxiway will extend the pavement life.         approach is necessary for safety.
                                                                                                              continued on page 9
                                                                                                                              Page 9

                                                                                             FlightLines is an official publication
Notice Anything Different …                                                                  of the Oregon Department of Aviation.
                                                                                             The intent of FlightLines is to keep
                                                                                             the aviation community and others
. . . in the Spring and                                                                      informed of developments in aviation,
Summer 2002 Editions of                                                                      as well aviation events across Oregon.
                                                                                             (Circulation: 7,500)
FlightLines Newsletter?
                                                                                             Oregon Department of Aviation was
                                                                                             founded in 1921 as the first govern-
I   f you did, it’s because Oregon
    Department of Aviation has a
new Newsletter Editor. Carolyn R.
                                                                                             ment aviation agency in the United
                                                                                             States. The Department is dedicated to
                                                                                             developing and improving Oregon’s
Bolton comes to ODA from the                                                                 aviation system.
Oregon Public Policy & Dispute
                                                                                               Director of Oregon Department
Resolution Program. Her actual job                                                                       of Aviation
title at ODA is Public Relations and                                                                    Ann B. Crook
Legislative Liaison. In State service
                                                                                                    State Airports Manager
less than two years, Carolyn’s                                                                            Daren Griffin
lengthy private sector background
focused on mediation, nonprofit                                                                        Flightlines Editor
                                             the State Aviation Board, the Oregon
                                                                                                       Carolyn R. Bolton
management, organizational devel-            Pilots Association and the State
opment, public relations, legislative        Legislature. She is currently planning          The State Aviation Board consists of
work, and community organizing.              an Aviation Town Hall for Septem-               seven members appointed by the
Not a pilot herself (yet), Carolyn           ber, to occur in conjunction with the           Governor and confirmed by the
asserts “I’m a GREAT passenger …                                                             Oregon Senate. The Board provides
                                             Board’s monthly meeting in Salem.
                                                                                             policy direction to the Director and the
and it’s never too late to learn to fly!”    She is also the Department’s Admin-             Department.
    In addition to the newsletter,           istrative Rules Coordinator.
Carolyn is responsible for many of                                                                      Members of the
                                                If there’s anything you would like
                                                                                                    State Aviation Board:
the agency’s outreach tools, includ-         to see in FlightLines that’s                    Chair Bill Wilkins, Ph.D. – Corvallis
ing the Annual Report and web page.          not already here, contact Carolyn               Vice-Chair Mike Nelson – Baker City
(Be watching for total redesign and          directly at 800-874-0102, ext. 223, or               Mike Burrill, Sr. – Medford
upgrade of the web page by end of            via e-mail at <Carolyn.R.Bolton                       Jack Loacker – Portland
2002.) Carolyn works closely with                                                                 Carrie Novick – Redmond
                                                                                              Steve Schreiber – Port of Portland
                                                                                                  R.P. “Joe” Smith – Portland
Federal Airport Grants                  continued                                            Oregon Department of Aviation
                                                                                             welcomes comments and suggestions
s   $500,000 to TILLAMOOK AIRPORT                Newport Municipal Airport and The
                                                                                             about FlightLines. Printing of articles
    - Installation of perimeter fencing is       Dalles Municipal Airport are needed to
                                                                                             submitted independently is subject to
    needed for safety, automated weather         ensure orderly development at those
                                                                                             available space and editorial review.
    system (AWOS) necessary for safe             airports. State co-sponsorship enables
                                                                                             All should be directed to the
    operations during inclement weather.         economies-of-scale which will result in
                                                                                             FlightLines Editor at:
                                                 improved products.
In addition, to these specific airport       s   $239,300 to ODA to Conduct a State           Oregon Department of Aviation
                                                 Aviation System Plan Study - This            3040 25th Street SE
allotments, ODA received funds for
                                                 project will accomplish elements of the      Salem, OR 97302-1125
specific Department projects:                    2000 Oregon Aviation Plan. It includes       Telephone: 503.378.8689, ext. 223
                                                 updates and analysis of data, publica-       Toll-free: 800.874.0102
s   $270,000 for ODA for Updates to              tion of documents and public informa-        Fax: 503.373.1688
    Airport Layout Plans - ALP updates for       tion meetings. It will also include          E-mail: Carolyn.R.Bolton@state.or.us
    Bandon State Airport, Brookings              compilation of data for the national plan
    Airport, Hood River Airport,                 of an integrated airport system, as well    Find us on the web at: http://
    McMinnville Municipal airport,               as individual pavement surveys.             www.aviation.state.or.us
                                                                                                              Page 10

State Airport Recreational Opportunities
(Part 2 - continued from Spring 2002)

Part 1 of “State Airport Recre-           north lakes. The community of               Bandon is rapidly becoming
ational Opportunities” appeared           Lakeside is less than 1/2-mile           known for its world-class golf
in the Spring 2002 edition of             southeast of the airport, providing      courses. In fact, Bandon Dunes is
FlightLines. In that newsletter, we       restaurants, motels, a grocery store,    one of the highest rated golf courses
covered Nehalem Bay, Pacific City         and a boat livery.                       in the country. The new nearby
and Siletz Bay State Airports.               Perhaps the best feature about        Pacific Dunes also promises to
Reader response was very posi-            Lakeside is that it sits on Tenmile      become a world-beater.
tive! Part 2 finishes the Oregon          Lake. Fishing can be outstanding            If you want solitude and no
Coast and gives us the added              when the wind isn’t blowing. Boat        crowds, Cape Blanco State Airport
bonus of insight to the Owyhee            rentals and bait and tackle shops are    may be what you are looking for.
Treasure. Keep reading …                  all nearby. The Oregon Dunes             This airport is an old military field
                                          National Recreation Area is also very    from WWII, with a 5100' X 150'
                                          close, on the west side of Hwy 101.
S    ummer is rapidly approaching.
     The snow is gone from all the
airports now, and the unpaved strips
                                             Bandon State Airport is located
                                          about 20 miles south of North Bend.
                                                                                   asphalt runway. The airport is
                                                                                   unattended, the lights are long out of
                                                                                   service, and no on-site services are
are dry enough to use. Part 2 on this     The runway is 3600' X 60' asphalt,       available. There is a telephone on the
topic will continue with the coastal      with a full length parallel taxiway.     field, as well as a chemical toilet and
airports and then jump to the other       Fuel and maintenance services are        access water.
side of the state.                        available through Frank’s Flight            A variety of isolated places to
                                          Service (541) 347-2022. There is a       camp can be found around the
Try these coastal airports for            courtesy car available and rentals can   airport. Two private hangars and a
unique fly-in recreation:                 be arranged.                             residence remain on the airport, but
                                             Camping on the airport is not         there is plenty of room away from
   Lakeside State Airport is adja-        advised due to the fact that most of     them. Just remember to be respectful
cent to the town of Lakeside, about       the non-paved areas on the airport are   of the private property. Many trails
10 miles north of North Bend. The         covered with gorse. Gorse is an          exist around the airport, including a
turf runway is 2150' X 100'. There is     imported noxious weed that looks         trail on the northwest end of the
a 425' stopway on the north end and       somewhat like scotch broom, but          airport that leads to the cliffs above
a 650' stopway on the south end. The      sports very sharp 1" spines.             the beach. Be sure to use care if you
approach from the south is relatively        The area around Bandon State          try to get down to the beach itself.
open, but there are trees around the      Airport offers lots to see and do.       This airport’s main attraction is
rest of the airport. Lakeside has a       South only about 5 miles is the West     simple solitude.
very durable runway that does not         Coast Game Park – a walk-through
get soft when it is wet.                  safari with many great hands-on          A different experience awaits
   Informal camping is available on       activities. The City of Bandon is two    you out East – it’s the Owyhee
the west side along the tiedown area.     miles north, and offers many restau-     Treasure:
A pit toilet has been constructed on      rants and motels in and around town.
the airport, but no water is available.   The city boasts an Old Town district        Owyhee Reservoir State Airport
Several State Parks and camp-             that is rich in history and art. The     is on the eastern edge of Oregon.
grounds are within only 2-3 miles of      Bandon Cheese Factory on Hwy 101         Owyhee is unique in our state-owned
the airport, including a commercial                                                airport system – our one true “back
                                          is a great place to sample famous
campground about 1 mile east on the                                                country airport.” There is no ground
                                          local cheeses made right on the
canal that connects the south and                                                  access to the airport whatsoever; it
                                                                                                            Page 11

continued . . .                           most will probably prefer to pitch a
can only be reached by plane or by        tent – the cabin still provides a
                                          welcome refuge. Local pilots main-
                                                                                      OPA Flight
boat. This airport serves no commu-
nity and has little emergency value,      tain the cabin for everyone’s benefit,      Scholarship
but it offers great recreational oppor-   so users are asked to simply clean up
tunities if you have the right type of    and leave the space better than they        Deadline
aircraft and pilot skills.                found it. The cabin is nearing the
   The airport is located in the          stature of historical monument and is       Approach-
Owyhee Reservoir Canyon about 44          truly a treasure in this day and age.
miles south of Ontario. The dirt and      Food is often left in the structure for     ing!
gravel runway is 1840' X 30', lies        emergencies; so if you leave some-
across a peninsula, and is higher in      thing for the “cause,” be sure it’s in a
the middle than either end. The
surface is reasonably smooth with
                                          rodent-proof container. Yes. The
                                          place has resident pack rats, and
                                                                                      T    he Oregon Pilots Asso-
                                                                                           ciation (OPA) Air Safety
                                                                                      & Education Foundation
some scattered rocks, and can get         you’ll find their calling cards all over.   reminds us all that applications
both very soft when wet and very          Speaking of calling cards, sign-in          are due no later than July 2,
dusty when dry. The approaches are        logs are kept in the cabin. They make       2002, for the 2002 Raymond
over the water and are clear. Since       for very interesting reading and offer      Meyer Flight Scholarship. The
this strip does not meet normal           an intriguing snapshot of the history       scholarship is in memory of
dimensional standards, the airport        of the area.                                Raymond Meyer, an OPA
has been designated as a State                Owyhee Reservoir offers great fly-      member who introduced many
Warning Airport. (More information        in recreational opportunities. It’s a
                                                                                      people to the joy of flight
on State Warning Airports can be          great place to get away from it all, if
                                                                                      during his nearly 47 years as a
found under “Airport Safety and           you crave a bit of solitude. The
                                                                                      pilot. The 2002 scholarship is
Operations” on ODA’s website at           scenery in the gorge is spectacular.
                                                                                      in the amount of $500 for
http://www.aviation.state.or.us/          Every turn offers a new breathtaking
                                                                                      flight training.
airports%20info/state%20warning           vista. There are often deer in the area,
                                          and sometimes bighorn sheep can be             Scholarship applicants must
                                          seen in the hills to the west. Other        be residents of Oregon and/or
   In cooperation with the U.S.
                                          wildlife includes rattlesnakes, so a        members of OPA. Applica-
Bureau of Reclamation and the
Oregon Pilots Association, a toilet       little caution is in order. Fishing in      tions, scholarship eligibility &
was recently installed at the airport.    the lake is very good at times, but         selection criteria are available
The Bureau of Reclamation supplied        caution is advised if eating the fish.      on the OPA website http://
the structure, and the Bend Chapter       Mercury occurs naturally in the lake        www.oregonpilot.org or may
of the OPA supplied the manpower to       waters, so pregnant or nursing              be requested through the mail
dig the pit and place the toilet. They    women and children 6 years old or           to: Ray Meyer Flight Scholar-
also cut some cottonwoods at either       younger should not eat any fish taken       ship, 16950 SW Meyer Lane,
end for clear approaches.                 here. Children older than 6 and             Tigard, OR 97224-3100. The
   Owyhee’s tiedown area is smooth        healthy adults should eat no more           winner will be announced at
and grassy, with plenty of level areas    than 8 ounces of fish from these            the Oregon Festival of Flight
for tent camping. A cabin sits on the     waters 6 times a year. (Catch and           in Corvallis, Oregon, on
east of the runway, euphemistically       release sounds like a good idea,            August 10, 2002.
known as the “Owyhee Hilton.” It’s a      doesn’t it?) Check the Oregon
first-come-first-served accommoda-        Fishing Regulations for more infor-
tion. Though a bit rough – and while      mation.
                                                                                                PRSRT STD
            DEPARTMENT OF                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                              SALEM, OREGON
3040 25th Street SE
                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 81
Salem, Oregon 97302-1125
Telephone 503-378-4880
Toll Free: 1-800-874-0102
web: www.aviation.state.or.us
Editor: Carolyn Bolton

S    iletz Bay State Airport.
     Improvements will be made
this summer at Siletz Bay, includ-
                                      July. The airport may be closed for
                                      several weeks in August and/or
                                      September. Be sure to watch
                                                                             Crescent Lake State Airport has
                                                                             new stripes and numbers! Logging
                                                                             operations will occur throughout
ing construction of a parallel        NOTAMS and Notices of Closure          the summer along the sides of the
taxiway and connectors to the         Dates as they become available.        Airport. Watch NOTAMS in the
runway and reconstruction of the                                             event brief closures are necessary
entrance road. The existing run-      Aurora State Airport. The              to accommodate this project.
way will be shifted 100 feet to the   summer work at Aurora will not
south and 300 feet of runway          require closures of the airport. The   All airports previously closed for
added on the south end. The work      Department will finish the mid-        the winter are now open for
is expected to be finished during a   field apron.                           summer use!
90-day constriction period antici-
pated to start about the 15th of
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