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CHRIS BOATMAN (urban planning) and JULIUS HAPBOTELHO (AFLAC Powered By Docstoc
					                         TODAY                              spirit of the newly adopted RI make-up policy
Craft Talks. As is our tradition on the fifth Thursday of   for this kind of make-up. Go to our website at
the month we have the opportunity to learn of the  to make up.
professional activities of some of our members. Today
we have the good fortune of hearing from                                 MEMBER MISCELLANAE
CHRIS BOATMAN (urban planning) and JULIUS                              (VERITIES & BALDERDASH)
“HAP” BOTELHO (AFLAC)….. What exactly do these              ED MALESKY has presented a Paul Harris Fellow to
guys do anyway….?                                           LORI RHODES (well done and Congratulations!).
                                                            JAN HUDSON appears to be involved in some type
                    LAST WEEK                               of city wide scheme to recognize extremely old
Mark Uffer, Chief Administrative Officer of San             appliances. JIM NOLIN has suggested that our
Bernardino County, presented a stimulating review           esteemed president be named as the city’s oldest
and update on the County’s four billion dollar annual       dishwasher….. The new officers for 2009-10
budget and its overall financial condition. Not much in     Redlands YMCA Board include BILL HATFIELD as
the way of good news was expected for the future and        VP (apparently no one else wanted the job).
                   we weren’t disappointed. Our
                   county revenues largely come             MEMBER BIRTHDAYS
                   from property tax and every 1%           Brandt Peter  20 July
                   drop in assessment value yields a        Burgess Larry 18 July
                   $4M drop in revenues. It was,            Carlson Daryl 25 July
                   however, satisfying to hear that         Holmes Jim    29 July
                   San Bernardino County, being             Hudson Marvin 19 July
                   more farsighted under Uffer than         Johnson Kathy 06 July
                   some of our surrounding counties,        Linden Lowell 12 July
does have a balanced budget and continues to make           Mills Ray     11 July
the hard decisions necessary to survive and maintain        Rhodes Lori   18 July
our reserves in these times of declining revenue.           Rogers Tom    03 July
                                                            Scharer Jon   28 July
                     NEXT WEEK
Our own TOM ROGERS will be speaking about his                             ALLAN’S AVENUE
efforts to develop a health care facility for a rural I have asked the six Directors of the main service
fair-trade farming cooperative in Nicaragua that would areas to hold meetings this summer with the Chairs of
involve Rotary’s support.                               each Committee under their guidance. The purpose of
                                                        these meetings is for all involved to be able to express
                  ANNOUNCEMENTS                         their thoughts, and too collectively work together to
Upcoming Membership Seminar, August 8 at Harvard                             suggest a level of budgeting that
on the Hill (Crafton).                                                       would realistically support the
                                                                             programming          of       each
RAY WATTS has volunteered to coordinate a trip to                            directorship. I know that calling
Pasadena to decorate Rotary’s Tournament of Roses                            more meetings is the bane of
float… look for more information to follow.                                  every busy person’s existence,
                                                                             but I feel the leaders of this
PETER DAVIS continues to seek additional editors for                         organization need to have the
the Spoke. LINDA SCHAUF spoke up and offered to                              opportunity to express their
help! Thanks LINDA – anyone else?                                            aspirations and hopes for the
                                                        Club. It only makes sense for me to hear those
DAVE MAUPIN welcomes the donation of any used suggestions before the budget is finalized. Therefore,
digital camera in working condition and preferably with I am asking each Chairperson to take this meeting
new batteries. The cameras are part of a “Kameras for request seriously. I feel it will be the key to my being
Kenya” campaign.                                        able to propose a meaningful and productive program
                                                        and budget for 2009-10. Thanks for your help.
Don’t forget about the opportunity for Online
Make-up's. Spending 30 minutes on our website                   Editor – Larry Pyle – No. 5 – 7/30/2009
constitutes an On-Line Rotary Meeting and meets the

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