CAnet3 International Transit Network (ITN) Service by keb35299


International Transit Network (ITN)

   Internet2 International Task Force Meeting
            Oct 29, Atlanta, Georgia

                              tel: +1.613.781.0662
 the richer the connections, the greater the possibilities
  and for all
 collaborative effort between STAR TAP, Abilene, and
 to facilitate the extension of the benefits of inter-
  connectivity of the world's National Research and
  Education Networks (NRNs)
 ITN Providers are:
    STAR TAP (AS 10764)
    Abilene (AS 11537)
    CA*net3 (AS 6509)
 who can benefit: any international NRN peering with
  at least one ITN Provider
      CA*net3 basic ITN policy
 will transit traffic between any two ITN participating
  international peers
    provided there is enough capacity
 will not transit to commercial networks
 MOU not required
       CA*net3 Int'l connectivity
 today
      Seattle (Westin building) Gigabit Ethernet 1 Gbps
      Chicago (Ameritech STAR TAP) OC-3
      New York (111 - 8e Ave) OC-3
      New York (Teleglobe 60 Hudson) up to OC-3
 future
    Chicago (optical STAR TAP) GigE / 10GigE in Q3-01
    Halifax (360 Networks/DalU) OC-3 in Q2-01
          CA*net3 ITN service reach
Internati onal peer   ASN     Peering points      Partici pating in
                                                  ITN service
Abilene               11537   Seattle             yes
ANL                   683     Chicago             yes
VBNS                  145     Chicago             yes
CERN                  513     Chicago             yes
DREN (ATT-DISC)       7170    Seattle             yes
ESnet                 293     Chicago             yes
IUCC                  378     Chicago             yes
NISN                  297     Chicago             yes
NORDUnet              2603    Chicago             yes
NREN                  24      Chicago             yes
PNW GigaPOP           101     Seattle             yes
REUNA                 11340   Chicago             yes
STARTAP               10764   Chicago             yes
TEN-155 (DANTE)       8933    NY (15 Mbps local   yes
   CA*net3 ITN implementation
 how to implement with international NRN peers
 how to coordinate with other ITN Providers
    CA*net3 ITN implementation:
            NRN peers

   CA*net3 offers ITN Service to peers
   a "yes" or an absence of response = yes
   "no" routes tagged with community 2500
   "yes" routes tagged with community 2501
   "yes" + MOU w/ Abilene, also tagged 2502
 CA*net3 ITN implementation:
     other ITN Providers

 STAR TAP routes tagged 2501 and CA*net3
  2501 routes passed on
 CA*net3 NOC verifies if new peer has MOU
  w/ Abilene. If so routes tagged 2502 and
  CA*net3 2502 routes passed on only
              BGP tag implementation
                      IF ITN service=0, set 6509:2500                                                     IF ITN service=0, set 6509:2500
                      Else set 6509:2501                                                                  Else set 6509:2501
 Int'l peer               IF MOU w / Abilene=1, set 6509:2502                                                 IF MOU w / Abilene=1, set 6509:2502        Int'l peer

match 6509:10
match 6509:11                                                                                                                   match 6509:10
IF ITN service= 1, match 6509:2501                                                                                              match 6509:11
    IF MOU w / Abilene= 1, match 6509:2502
                                                                                                                                IF ITN service= 1, match 6509:2501
                                                                                CA*net3                                             IF MOU w / Abilene= 1, match 6509:2502
                                                                                AS 6509

                                             match 6509:10
                                             match 6509:11                                                 match 6509:10
                                             match 6509:2502                                               match 6509:11
                                                                                                           match 6509:2501
                                                                set 6509:2502             set 6509:2501

                                              Abilene                                                         STAR TAP
                                             AS 11537                                                         AS 10764
  CANARIE's 6th Advanced Networks Workshop
                           "The Networked Nation"
                                November 28 and 29, 2000
                                   Palais des Congrès
                                Montreal, Quebec - Canada

 "The Networked Nation", will focus on application architectures ("grids") made
  up of customer owned dark fiber and next generation Internet networks like
  CA*net 3 that will ultimately lead to the development of the networked nation
  where eventually every school, home and business will have high bandwidth
  connection to the Internet.
 Three tracks:
      Customer owned dark fiber for schools, hospitals, businesses and homes.
      Next generation optical Internet architectures that will be a natural and seamless
       extension of the customer owned dark fiber networks being built for schools,
       homes and businesses.
      "application grids", which are a seamless integration of dark fiber and optical
       networks to support specific collaborative research and education applications.

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