Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility Vehicles Located Onsite by pxt10903


									        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated     8/17/2010

Year   Make               Model         Description of Vehicle              Row Number   Year   Make        Model         Description of Vehicle                 Row Number
1991   ACURA              INTEGRA       BLACK,2DR,1.8L,MT                   UPULL-15     1991   BUICK       REGAL         WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT                       UPULL-06
1991   ACURA              INTEGRA       RED,4DR,1.8L,MT                     UPULL-12     1992   BUICK       REGAL         MAROON,2DR,3.8L,AT                      UPULL-08
1990   ACURA              LEGEND        GREY,4DR,2.7L,AT                    UPULL-14     1994   BUICK       REGAL         GREEN 4DR CUST,3.8L,AT4                 UPULL-07
1975   AMC                HORNET        YELLOW                              UPULL-07     1995   BUICK       REGAL         BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                        UPULL-05
1969   AMC                RAMBLER       BLUE,2DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-06     1996   BUICK       REGAL         BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                        UPULL-08
1992   AUDI               100 AUDI      WHITE,4DR,2.8L,AT                   UPULL-14     1972   BUICK       RIVIERA       GREEN                                   UPULL-15
1986   AUDI               5000 CS       GREY,4DR,2.2L,TURBO,MT,AWD          UPULL-15     1973   BUICK       RIVIERA       BROWN 2DR,455,AT,RUSTY AND OLD CAR      UPULL-15
1990   AUDI               90 AUDI       PEARL WHITE,4DR,2.3L,AT             UPULL-12     1994   BUICK       SKYLARK       RED,4DR,3.1L,AT                         UPULL-06
1990   AUDI               V8            SILVER,3.6L,AT,AWD                  UPULL-16     1997   BUICK       SKYLARK       GREEN,4DR,2.4L,AT                       UPULL-05
1990   AUDI               V8            WHITE,4DR,3.6L,ATOD                 UPULL-13     1986   BUICK       SOMERSET      WHITE,2DR,2.5L,AT                       UPULL-07
1995   BMW                325i          WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT                   UPULL-16     2000   CADILLAC    CATERA        WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT                       UPULL-08
1986   BMW                735i          TAN,4DR,3.5L,AT                     UPULL-14     1984   CADILLAC    CIMARRON      CREAM 4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-14
1970   BRITISH LEYLAND    MG            GREEN,2DR,4CYL,MT                   UPULL-05     1963   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       CREAM 4DR,390,AT,BAD MOTOR,RUSTY CAR    UPULL-16
1986   BUICK              CENTURY       BLUE,4DR,2.8L,AT,SW                 UPULL-08     1968   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       WHITE,4DR                               UPULL-16
1987   BUICK              CENTURY       BLUE,4DR,2.5L,AT                    UPULL-01     1989   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       BROWN,2DR,4.5L,AT                       UPULL-07
1993   BUICK              CENTURY       WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                   UPULL-01     1990   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       WHITE,4DR,4.5L                          UPULL-08
1997   BUICK              CENTURY       MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT                  UPULL-06     1991   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       GREY,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-01
1998   BUICK              CENTURY       MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS          UPULL-09     1991   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       WHITE,4DR,4.9L,AT                       UPULL-05
2001   BUICK              CENTURY       SILVER,4DR,3.1L,AT                  UPULL-05     1992   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       BLUE,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-02
1969   BUICK              ELECTRA       GREEN,2DR,7.0L,AT                   UPULL-04     1992   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       BLUE,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-07
1974   BUICK              LESABRE       GREEN,4DR,455CI,AT                  UPULL-01     1992   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       BLUE,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-07
1986   BUICK              LESABRE       TAN 2DR,3.8L,AT4                    UPULL-08     1992   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       BLUE,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-07
1987   BUICK              LESABRE       BROWN,4DR,3.8L,AT                   UPULL-05     1992   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       WHITE,4DR,4.9L,FED,AT                   UPULL-06
1987   BUICK              LESABRE       GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-05     1993   CADILLAC    DEVILLE       GRAY,4DR,4.9L,AT                        UPULL-01
1990   BUICK              LESABRE       RED,4DR,3.8L,AT                     UPULL-01     1980   CADILLAC    ELDORADO      TAN,2DR,V8,AT,BIARRITZ                  UPULL-07
1990   BUICK              LESABRE       WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT                   UPULL-07     1986   CADILLAC    ELDORADO      MAROON,2DR,4.1L,AT                      UPULL-06
1991   BUICK              LESABRE       WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT                   UPULL-07     1991   CADILLAC    ELDORADO      WHITE,2DR,4.9L,AT                       UPULL-02
1994   BUICK              LESABRE       GREEN 4DR LMTD,3.8L,AT4             UPULL-07     1981   CADILLAC    SEVILLE       BROWN,4DR,6.0L,AT                       UPULL-07
1997   BUICK              LESABRE       GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-02     1985   CADILLAC    SEVILLE       YELLOW,4DR,4.1L,AT                      UPULL-07
1998   BUICK              LESABRE       BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-05     1962   CHEVROLET   10 PICKUP     BLUE,2DR,6CYL,AT                        UPULL-04
1998   BUICK              LESABRE       GOLD,4DR,3.8L,AT,PRE-DIS            UPULL-09     1985   CHEVROLET   10 PICKUP     BROWN,5.0L,AT4,4X4,BAD ENGINE           UPULL-10
1988   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-07     1988   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   BLUE STD 4X4,5.7L,MT5,C4C               UPULL
1989   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   MAROON,4DR,3.8L,AT                  UPULL-08     1988   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   RED-SILVER,2DR,AT,EXTCAB,4X4            UPULL-06
1992   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT,ULTRA,SUPERCHRGD   UPULL-02     1989   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   MAROON,5.7L,AT4,4X4,BAD ENGINE          UPULL-05
1993   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-06     1989   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   RED STDLB 4X4,5.7L,AT4                  UPULL-09
1994   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   TAN 4DR ULTRA,3.8L,AT4              UPULL        1989   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   RED,5.7L,AT,4X4,BAD ENGINE              UPULL-05
1995   BUICK              PARK AVENUE   BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-07     1992   CHEVROLET   1500 PICKUP   RED,5.7L,AT4,RWD,EXTCAB,BAD ENGINE      UPULL-16
1977   BUICK              REGAL         BLUE,2DR                            UPULL-05     1965   CHEVROLET   20 PICKUP     BLUE,2DR,STDCAB,350cc,MT,RWD            UPULL-03
1991   BUICK              REGAL         MAROON,4DR,3.1L,ATOD                UPULL-05     1991   CHEVROLET   2500 PICKUP   BLUE,5.7L,AT4,4X4,BAD ENGINE            UPULL-16
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model              Description of Vehicle          Row Number   Year   Make        Model         Description of Vehicle          Row Number
1992   CHEVROLET        2500 PICKUP        RED,5.7L,MT5,4X4,BAD ENGINE     UPULL-05     1965   CHEVROLET   IMPALA        ORANGE 2DR,NO MOTOR OR TRANS     UPULL-16
1953   CHEVROLET        3100 3200 PICKUP   RWD,BLUE                        UPULL-12     1968   CHEVROLET   IMPALA                                         UPULL-14
1955   CHEVROLET        3100 3200 PICKUP                                   UPULL-15     1969   CHEVROLET   IMPALA        GREEN,2DR,5.7L,AT                UPULL-01
1953   CHEVROLET        3600 PICKUP                                        UPULL-14     2003   CHEVROLET   IMPALA        TAN 4DR,3.4L,ATOD,PRE-DIS        UPULL-09
1955   CHEVROLET        3600 PICKUP        BLUE/WHITE                      UPULL-13     2004   CHEVROLET   IMPALA        WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT,PRE-DIS        UPULL-09
1957   CHEVROLET        BEL AIR            GREEN,2DR,WAGON                 UPULL-13     1990   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    GREY,4DR,3.1L,AT,EURO            UPULL-05
1957   CHEVROLET        BEL AIR            PINK,4DR                        UPULL-05     1991   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-08
1991   CHEVROLET        BERETTA            RED,2DR,3.1L,ATOD               UPULL-05     1991   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    RED,2DR,3.1L,AT                  UPULL-06
1995   CHEVROLET        BERETTA            BLUE,2DR,2.2L,AT                UPULL-08     1992   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    BLUE,4DR,3.1L,AT                 UPULL-08
1996   CHEVROLET        BERETTA            WHITE,2DR,2.2L,AT               UPULL-08     1992   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    GRAY 4DR EURO,3.1L,AT3           UPULL-09
1959   CHEVROLET        BISCAYNE           GREEN                           UPULL-15     1992   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-02
1959   CHEVROLET        BISCAYNE           RED                             UPULL-09     1993   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    GREY,4DR,3.1L,AT,EURO            UPULL-07
1997   CHEVROLET        CAMARO             BLACK,2DR,3.8L,MT               UPULL-08     1993   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    TAN,4DR,3.1L,AT                  UPULL-08
1951   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE                                            UPULL-12     1997   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    GREY,4DR,3.1L,AT                 UPULL-05
1953   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE                                            UPULL-11     1998   CHEVROLET   LUMINA CAR    BLUE,4DR,3.1L,AT                 UPULL-02
1954   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE            BLUE,2DR,6CYL,AT                UPULL-05     1997   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        SILVER,4DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-05
1956   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE                                            UPULL-12     1998   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        GOLD,4DR,3.1L,AT                 UPULL-06
1978   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE            WHITE,2DR,5.0L,AT               UPULL-01     1999   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        GREEN,4DR,2.4L,AT                UPULL-07
1990   CHEVROLET        CAPRICE            MAROON,4DR,5.0L,AT              UPULL-07     1999   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        SILVER,4DR,2.4L,AT,PRE-DIS       UPULL-09
1994   CHEVROLET        CAVALIER           RED,2DR,2.2L,AT                 UPULL-07     2000   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-08
1996   CHEVROLET        CAVALIER           BLUE,2DR,2.2L,AT3               UPULL-05     2000   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        WHITE 4DR,3.1L,AT4               UPULL-08
2000   CHEVROLET        CAVALIER           BLACK 2DR,2.2L,AT4              UPULL-08     2000   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        WHITE,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS        UPULL-09
2000   CHEVROLET        CAVALIER           BLUE,2DR,2.2L,AT                UPULL-06     2000   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        WHITE,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS        UPULL-09
1966   CHEVROLET        CHEVELLE           GREEN,NODAM,4DR                 UPULL-09     2003   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        GREEN,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS        UPULL-09
1993   CHEVROLET        CORSICA            GREY,4DR,3.1L,AT                UPULL-02     2003   CHEVROLET   MALIBU        SILVER,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS       UPULL-09
1993   CHEVROLET        CORSICA            RED,4DR,3.1L,AT                 UPULL-08     1975   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   RED,2DR,NO MOTOR,NO TRANS        UPULL-09
1993   CHEVROLET        CORSICA            WHITE,4DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-02     1975   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   SILVER,2DR,NO MOTOR,NO TRANS     UPULL-07
1994   CHEVROLET        CORSICA            GREY,4DR,3.1L,AT                UPULL-05     1977   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   GOLD,2DR,5.OL,AT                 UPULL-14
1962   CHEVROLET        CORVAIR            RED                             UPULL-07     1978   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BROWN,2DR,5.0L,AT                UPULL-10
1963   CHEVROLET        CORVAIR            MAROON,2DR,4CYL,MT              UPULL-06     1978   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BROWN,2DR,5.0L,AT                UPULL-10
1965   CHEVROLET        CORVAIR            BROWN,2DR                       UPULL-04     1978   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BROWN,2DR,5.OL,AT                UPULL-10
1965   CHEVROLET        CORVAIR            WHITE                           UPULL-14     1978   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BROWN,2DR,5.OL,AT,T-TOP          UPULL-10
1966   CHEVROLET        CORVAIR            GOLD 2DR,6CLY,AT,RH SIDE,RUST   UPULL-16     1979   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BLACK,2DR,5.0L,AT,T-TOP          UPULL-10
1965   CHEVROLET        EL CAMINO          RED                             UPULL-04     1979   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BLUE,2DR,5.0L,AT                 UPULL-10
1973   CHEVROLET        EL CAMINO          BLUE,2DR,5.7L,AT                UPULL-03     1980   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BLACK,2DR,4.4L,AT,T-TOP          UPULL-10
1976   CHEVROLET        EL CAMINO          BLACK,2DR,SUPER SPORT           UPULL-01     1980   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BLUE,2DR,3.8L,AT                 UPULL-10
1979   CHEVROLET        EL CAMINO          WHITE,2DR,V8,AT                 UPULL-02     1996   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   MAROON 2DR,3.1L,AT4              UPULL-05
1963   CHEVROLET        IMPALA             BLACK,4DR,4.6L,AT               UPULL-04     1997   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   BLACK,2DR,3.4L,AT4,BAD ENGINE    UPULL
1965   CHEVROLET        IMPALA             BLUE,4DR,283CI,AT               UPULL-04     1997   CHEVROLET   MONTE CARLO   WHITE,2DR,3.1L,AT                UPULL-05
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model           Description of Vehicle                Row Number   Year   Make       Model             Description of Vehicle             Row Number
1976   CHEVROLET        NOVA            WHITE,2DR,AT                          UPULL-06     1990   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          BLACK,2DR,3.0L,AT,CONVERTIBLE       UPULL-04
1987   CHEVROLET        NOVA            BLUE,4DR,1.6L,AT                      UPULL-06     1991   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          SILVER,4DR,3.0L,AT                  UPULL-13
1988   CHEVROLET        NOVA            BLUE,4DR,1.6L,AT                      UPULL-05     1992   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          RED,2DR,3.0L                        UPULL-03
1947   CHEVROLET        PASSENGER       RUST,2DR,SIX CYL                      UPULL-08     1992   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          SILVER,4DR,3.0L,AT                  UPULL-10
1949   CHEVROLET        PASSENGER       GREEN                                 UPULL-16     1992   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT                     UPULL-07
1994   CHEVROLET        S10 BLAZER      BLACK 2DR 4X4,4.3L,AT4                UPULL-13     1993   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          BLUE,4DR,3.0L,AT                    UPULL-04
1996   CHEVROLET        S10 BLAZER      GREEN,4DR,4.3L,AT,4X4                 UPULL-06     1993   CHRYSLER   LE BARON          GREEN,2DR,3.0L,AT,CONV              UPULL-10
1998   CHEVROLET        S10 BLAZER      RED 4DR LS 4X4,4.3L,AT4               UPULL-09     1994   CHRYSLER   LHS               BROWN,4DR,3.5L,AT                   UPULL-13
1998   CHEVROLET        S10 BLAZER      RED 4DR LS,4X4,4.3L,AT4,BAD MOTOR     UPULL-11     1994   CHRYSLER   LHS               GREEN 4DR,3.5L,AT4                  UPULL-06
1997   CHEVROLET        S10 PICKUP      BLUE,4.3L,AT4,EXTCAB,RWD,BAD ENGINE   UPULL        1994   CHRYSLER   LHS               GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT                   UPULL-02
1993   CHEVROLET        SUBURBAN 1500   BLACK 4DR SLE 4X4,5.7L,AT4            UPULL-09     1995   CHRYSLER   LHS               WHITE,4DR,3.5L,AT                   UPULL-03
1996   CHEVROLET        SUBURBAN 1500   BLUE 4DR SLE 4X4,5.7L,AT4             UPULL-09     1997   CHRYSLER   LHS               WHITE,4DR,3.5L,AT                   UPULL-06
1968   CHRYSLER         300 (RWD)       GREEN,2DR,BAD MOTOR AND TRANS         UPULL-05     1985   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) BLUE,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD                 UPULL-05
1986   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      SILVER,4DR,5.2L,AT                    UPULL-13     1986   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) TAN,4DR,2.5L,AT                      UPULL-14
1987   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      WHITE,4DR,5.2L,AT,RWD                 UPULL-03     1987   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) MAROON,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD               UPULL-07
1989   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      BLUE,4DR,5.2L,AT                      UPULL-10     1989   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.0L,ATOD                  UPULL-14
1990   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      GREY,4DR,3.3L,AT                      UPULL-03     1990   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-07
1991   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      PURPLE,4DR,3.8L,AT                    UPULL-12     1991   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) BROWN,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-01
1992   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      TAN,4DR,3.3L,AT                       UPULL-02     1992   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-06
1993   CHRYSLER         5TH AVENUE      GREEN,4DR,3.8L,AT                     UPULL-07     1992   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.8L,ATOD                  UPULL-14
1995   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          PURPLE,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD                UPULL-03     1993   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-01
1996   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          BLACK,4DR,2.5L,AT                     UPULL-13     1994   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT                    UPULL-14
1996   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          RED,4DR,2.5L,AT                       UPULL-13     1996   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (FWD) WHITE,4DR,3.5L,AT                    UPULL-01
1996   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT                     UPULL-12     1987   CHRYSLER   NEW YORKER (RWD) RED,4DR,5.2L,AT                      UPULL-04
1997   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          BLACK,4DR,2.5L,AT                     UPULL-04     2001   CHRYSLER   PT CRUISER        BLACK,2DR,2.4L,MT                   UPULL-06
1997   CHRYSLER         CIRRUS          RED,4DR,2.5L,AT                       UPULL-14     1995   CHRYSLER   SEBRING           SILVER,2DR,2.5L,AT                  UPULL-13
1993   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        GREEN,4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-13     1997   CHRYSLER   SEBRING           GREEN,2DR,2.5L,AT                   UPULL-10
1993   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        GREY,4DR,3.3L,AT                      UPULL-12     2000   DAEWOO     LANOS             SILVER,4DR,1.6L,AT                  UPULL-16
1995   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        BLACK,4DR,3.5L,AT                     UPULL-03     2000   DAEWOO     LEGANZA           GREEN,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD               UPULL-16
1995   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        GREEN,4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-05     2001   DAEWOO     LEGANZA           BLUE,4DR,2.2L,AT                    UPULL-15
1995   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        GREY,4DR,3.5L,AT                      UPULL-12     2002   DAEWOO     LEGANZA           SILVER,4DR,2.2L,AT                  UPULL-10
1995   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        PURPLE,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-04     2002   DAEWOO     NUBIRA            SILVER 4DR SE,2.0L,AT4,BAD MOTOR    UPULL-10
1996   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        RED,4DR,3.5L,AT                       UPULL-07     1970   DODGE      100 PICKUP        BLUE,2DR,5.2L,AT,2WD                UPULL-03
1996   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        RED,4DR,3.5L,AT                       UPULL-01     1985   DODGE      600               SILVER,2DR,2.2L,AT,CONV,TURBO       UPULL-01
1997   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT                     UPULL-07     1988   DODGE      ARIES             MAROON,4DR,2.2L,AT                  UPULL-07
1997   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        PURPLE,4DR,3.5L,AT                    UPULL-10     1995   DODGE      AVENGER           RED,2DR,2.0L,ATOD                   UPULL-02
1998   CHRYSLER         CONCORDE        TAN,4DR,2.7L,AT                       UPULL-10     1995   DODGE      AVENGER           WHITE,2DR,2.5L,AT                   UPULL-03
1986   CHRYSLER         LE BARON        GOLD,4DR,2.5L,AT                      UPULL-14     1996   DODGE      AVENGER           BLACK,2DR,2.0L,MT                   UPULL-01
1987   CHRYSLER         LE BARON        WHITE,4DR,2.2L,AT                     UPULL-02     1996   DODGE      AVENGER           BLACK,2DR,2.0L,MT                   UPULL-01
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model            Description of Vehicle        Row Number   Year   Make    Model      Description of Vehicle               Row Number
1996   DODGE            AVENGER          RED,2DR,2.0L,MT               UPULL-02     1996   DODGE   INTREPID   PURPLE,4DR,3.5L,AT                    UPULL-07
1991   DODGE            CARAVAN          MAROON,2DR,3.3L,ATOD          UPULL-08     1996   DODGE   INTREPID   RED,4DR,3.5L,AT                       UPULL-04
1991   DODGE            CARAVAN          WHITE,2DR,3.3L,AT             UPULL-08     1996   DODGE   INTREPID   WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-05
1994   DODGE            CARAVAN          BLUE,3.3L,AT                  UPULL-08     1996   DODGE   INTREPID   WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT,FWD                 UPULL-04
1994   DODGE            CARAVAN          WHITE,3.3L                    UPULL-08     1996   DODGE   INTREPID   WHITE,4DR,3.5L,AT                     UPULL-07
1995   DODGE            CARAVAN          GREEN,3.3L,AT4,BAD ENGINE     UPULL-16     1997   DODGE   INTREPID   GRAY,4DR,3.5L,AT                      UPULL-07
1995   DODGE            CARAVAN          RED,3.0L,AT                   UPULL-10     1997   DODGE   INTREPID   GREEN,4DR,3.3L,ATOD                   UPULL-04
1997   DODGE            CARAVAN          WHITE 4DR SPORT,3.3L,AT4      UPULL-09     1997   DODGE   INTREPID   GREY,4DR,3.3L,AT                      UPULL-12
1999   DODGE            CARAVAN          SILVER,3.3L,AT4,BAD ENGINE    UPULL        1998   DODGE   INTREPID   BLACK,4DR,2.7L,AT                     UPULL-13
1985   DODGE            CARAVELLE        YELLOW,4DR,2.6L,AT            UPULL-07     1998   DODGE   INTREPID   BLACK,4DR,2.7L,ATOD                   UPULL-10
1989   DODGE            COLT 100         GRAY,2DR,1.5L,MT              UPULL-14     1998   DODGE   INTREPID   PURPLE,4DR,2.7L,AT                    UPULL-13
1990   DODGE            COLT PASSENGER   BLUE,2DR,1.5L,MT              UPULL-13     1999   DODGE   INTREPID   RED,4DR,2.7L,AT                       UPULL-10
1994   DODGE            COLT PASSENGER   GREEN,2DR,1.5L,MT             UPULL-02     1999   DODGE   INTREPID   SILVER,4DR,2.7L,AT                    UPULL-03
1992   DODGE            DAKOTA           RED EXTSB 4X4,3.9L,AT4        UPULL-09     1999   DODGE   INTREPID   TAN,4DR,2.7L,AT                       UPULL-02
1993   DODGE            DAKOTA           GREY,2DR,3.9L,AT,4X4,EXTCAB   UPULL-11     1999   DODGE   INTREPID   WHITE,4DR,2.7L,AT                     UPULL-03
1962   DODGE            DART                                           UPULL-16     1999   DODGE   INTREPID   YELLOW,4DR,2.7L,AT                    UPULL-12
1988   DODGE            DAYTONA          RED,2DR,2.2L,AT               UPULL-07     2000   DODGE   INTREPID   BLACK,4DR,2.7L,AT                     UPULL-12
1989   DODGE            DAYTONA          SILVER,2DR,2.5L,MT            UPULL-10     2000   DODGE   INTREPID   GREEN,4DR,9-99,2.7L,ATOD,BAD MOTOR    UPULL-03
1992   DODGE            DAYTONA          BLUE,2DR,2.5L,AT,FWD          UPULL-04     2000   DODGE   INTREPID   TAN,4DR,2.7L,AT4,                     UPULL-02
1989   DODGE            DYNASTY          GRAY,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-05     2001   DODGE   INTREPID   GOLD,4DR,2.7L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-04
1989   DODGE            DYNASTY          WHITE,4DR,3.0L                UPULL-05     2002   DODGE   INTREPID   BLUE,4DR,2.7L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-03
1990   DODGE            DYNASTY          BLUE,4DR,2.5L,AT              UPULL-01     2002   DODGE   INTREPID   TAN,4DR,2.7L,AT                       UPULL-03
1990   DODGE            DYNASTY          MAROON,4DR,3.3L,AT            UPULL-01     2004   DODGE   INTREPID   PURPLE,4DR,2.7L,AT                    UPULL-12
1991   DODGE            DYNASTY          BLACK 4DR,2.5L,AT             UPULL-14     1995   DODGE   NEON       BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-13
1991   DODGE            DYNASTY          GOLD,4DR,3.3L,AT              UPULL-14     1995   DODGE   NEON       GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT                     UPULL-12
1993   DODGE            DYNASTY          WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT             UPULL-12     1995   DODGE   NEON       ORANGE,4DR,2.0L,AT                    UPULL-13
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         BLUE,4DR,3.3L,AT              UPULL-01     1996   DODGE   NEON       BLACK,2DR,2.0L,AT                     UPULL-01
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         GREEN,4DR,3.3L,AT             UPULL-01     1996   DODGE   NEON       BLUE,2DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-05
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT             UPULL-01     1996   DODGE   NEON       RED,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-05
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         PURPLE,4DR,3.3L,AT,FWD        UPULL-04     1997   DODGE   NEON       BLUE,2DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-07
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         PURPLE,4DR,3.5L,AT            UPULL-02     1997   DODGE   NEON       PURPLE,4DR,2.OL,AT                    UPULL-06
1993   DODGE            INTREPID         RED,4DR,3.3L,AT               UPULL-01     1998   DODGE   NEON       BLACK,4DR,2.0L,AT                     UPULL-13
1994   DODGE            INTREPID         BLACK,4DR,3.3L,AT             UPULL-14     1998   DODGE   NEON       GREY,4DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-01
1994   DODGE            INTREPID         BLUE 4DR,3.3L,ATOD            UPULL-14     1999   DODGE   NEON       PURPLE,4DR,2.0L,AT,DOHC               UPULL-10
1994   DODGE            INTREPID         WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT             UPULL-04     1999   DODGE   NEON       SILVER,4DR,2.0L,AT                    UPULL-06
1995   DODGE            INTREPID         GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT             UPULL-03     2000   DODGE   NEON       WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD                 UPULL-05
1995   DODGE            INTREPID         WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT,FWD         UPULL-02     2004   DODGE   NEON       GREY,4DR,2.0L,PRE-DIS                 UPULL-10
1995   DODGE            INTREPID         WHITE,4DR,3.5L,AT             UPULL-02     1986   DODGE   OMNI       GRAY,4DR,1.6L,MT                      UPULL-13
1996   DODGE            INTREPID         GREEN,4DR,3.3L,AT             UPULL-02     1990   DODGE   OMNI       WHITE,4DR,3.2L,AT                     UPULL-05
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model        Description of Vehicle           Row Number   Year   Make   Model            Description of Vehicle                 Row Number
1966   DODGE            POLARA       CREAM 2DR,NO ENG OR TRANS        UPULL-15     1998   FORD   CONTOUR          WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-08
1990   DODGE            SHADOW       RED,2DR,2.5L,AT                  UPULL-12     1999   FORD   CONTOUR          BLACK,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-03
1991   DODGE            SHADOW       BLUE,2DR,2.5L,AT                 UPULL-14     1984   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   BROWN,4DR,5.0L,AT,RWD                   UPULL-11
1992   DODGE            SHADOW       RED,2DR,2.2L,AT                  UPULL-12     1986   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   BIEGE,4DR,5.0L,AT                       UPULL-01
1993   DODGE            SHADOW       BLUE,2DR,2.5L,AT                 UPULL-07     1989   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   BROWN,4DR,5.0L,AT                       UPULL-06
1994   DODGE            SHADOW       RED,2DR,3.0L,AT                  UPULL-12     1990   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   BROWN,4DR,5.0L,AT                       UPULL-07
1994   DODGE            SHADOW       RED,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD              UPULL-04     1992   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   BROWN,4DR,4.6L,AT                       UPULL-04
1994   DODGE            SHADOW       WHITE,2DR,2.5L                   UPULL-04     1994   FORD   CROWN VICTORIA   MAROON,4DR,4.6L,AT                      UPULL-08
1990   DODGE            SPIRIT       WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD            UPULL-05     1982   FORD   ESCORT           GREY,4DR,1.6L,MT,HTCHBK                 UPULL-03
1991   DODGE            SPIRIT       WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT                UPULL-12     1984   FORD   ESCORT           RED,2DR,1.6L,MT                         UPULL-02
1993   DODGE            SPIRIT       SILVER,4DR,2.5L,AT               UPULL-05     1987   FORD   ESCORT           BLUE,2DR,1.9L,AT                        UPULL-08
1994   DODGE            SPIRIT       GREEN,4DR,2.5L,AT                UPULL-10     1990   FORD   ESCORT           RED,4DR,1.9L,MT                         UPULL-08
1994   DODGE            SPIRIT       GREY,4DR,2.5L,AT                 UPULL-04     1991   FORD   ESCORT           WHITE,2DR,1.9L,MT                       UPULL-11
1993   DODGE            STEALTH      RED 2DR,FWD,3.0L,AT4,BAD MOTOR   UPULL        1992   FORD   ESCORT           RED,2DR,1.9L,AT,FWD                     UPULL-01
1996   DODGE            STRATUS      PURPLE,4DR,2.4L,AT               UPULL-06     1992   FORD   ESCORT           RED,4DR,1.9L,MT,HTCHBK                  UPULL-12
1996   DODGE            STRATUS      RED,4DR,2.4L,AT                  UPULL-06     1992   FORD   ESCORT           WHITE,4DR,1.9L,MT                       UPULL-05
1997   DODGE            STRATUS      PURPLE 4DR,2.4L,AT4              UPULL-10     1993   FORD   ESCORT           BLUE,4DR,1.9L,AT,FWD                    UPULL-01
1998   DODGE            STRATUS      GRAY,4DR,2.4L,AT                 UPULL-07     1994   FORD   ESCORT           GREEN,2DR,1.9L,AT                       UPULL-02
1999   DODGE            STRATUS      GREY,4DR,2.0L,MT                 UPULL-02     1994   FORD   ESCORT           SILVER,4DR,1.9L,AT                      UPULL-05
1999   DODGE            STRATUS      SILVER,4DR,2.4L,AT               UPULL-10     1995   FORD   ESCORT           MAROON,2DR,1.9L,MT                      UPULL-02
2000   DODGE            STRATUS      GOLD,4DR,2.5L,AT                 UPULL-04     1995   FORD   ESCORT           PINK,4DR,1.9L,AT,SW                     UPULL-02
2000   DODGE            STRATUS      RED,4DR,2.4L,AT                  UPULL-07     1995   FORD   ESCORT           RED,4DR,1.9L,AT                         UPULL-03
1989   EAGLE            SUMMIT       BLUE,4DR,1.5L,MT                 UPULL-12     1996   FORD   ESCORT           BLUE,2DR,1.9L                           UPULL-11
1990   EAGLE            TALON        RED,2DR,2.0L,AT                  UPULL-15     1997   FORD   ESCORT           GREEN,4DR,2.0L,SW                       UPULL-04
1994   EAGLE            TALON        BLUE 2DR ES,2.0L,AT4             UPULL        1997   FORD   ESCORT           PURPLE,4DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-06
1994   EAGLE            VISION       GREEN,4DR,3.3L,AT                UPULL-10     1998   FORD   ESCORT           GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-08
1980   FIAT             FIAT X 1/9   BLUE                             UPULL-09     1998   FORD   ESCORT           RED,2DR,2.0L,AT,PRE-DIS                 UPULL-03
1995   FORD             CONTOUR      GREY,4DR,2.0L,MT                 UPULL-12     1998   FORD   ESCORT           WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-12
1995   FORD             CONTOUR      MAROON,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD           UPULL-11     1999   FORD   ESCORT           BLUE,4DR,2.0L,MT                        UPULL-06
1995   FORD             CONTOUR      RED,4DR,2.5L                     UPULL-11     1999   FORD   ESCORT           RED,4DR,2.0L,AT                         UPULL-15
1995   FORD             CONTOUR      WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT                UPULL-06     1993   FORD   EXPLORER         MAROON,4DR,4.0L,AT,4X4                  UPULL-11
1996   FORD             CONTOUR      SILVER,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD           UPULL-11     1995   FORD   EXPLORER         WHT,4DR,4.0L,AT4,4WD,BAD ENGINE         UPULL-05
1996   FORD             CONTOUR      WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT                UPULL-05     1998   FORD   EXPLORER         BLUE,4DR,5.0L,AT4,4X4,BAD ENGINE        UPULL-16
1996   FORD             CONTOUR      WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD            UPULL-13     1966   FORD   F100 PICKUP      RED,2DR,352,MT,RWD                      UPULL-02
1998   FORD             CONTOUR      GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT                UPULL-01     1975   FORD   F150 PICKUP      WHITE,360,4X4                           UPULL-14
1998   FORD             CONTOUR      GREEN,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD            UPULL-04     1987   FORD   F150 PICKUP      GREY,2DR,5.0L,MT,RWD                    UPULL-11
1998   FORD             CONTOUR      MAROON,4DR,2.0L,AT               UPULL-12     1987   FORD   F150 PICKUP      GREY,5.0L,AT3,4X4,BAD ENGINE            UPULL-16
1998   FORD             CONTOUR      RED,4DR,2.0L,AT                  UPULL-05     1989   FORD   F150 PICKUP      RED,5.0L,AT4,4X4,EXTCAB,BAD ENGINE      UPULL-16
1998   FORD             CONTOUR      RED,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD              UPULL-04     1992   FORD   F150 PICKUP      WHITE,5.0L,AT4,4X4,EXTCAB,BAD ENGINE    UPULL-05
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model         Description of Vehicle                 Row Number   Year   Make   Model      Description of Vehicle      Row Number
1994   FORD             F150 PICKUP   BLUE,4.9L,MT5,RWD,BAD ENGINE           UPULL-16     1972   FORD   RANCHERO   WHITE,2DR,351,AT,RWD         UPULL-02
1998   FORD             F150 PICKUP   RED EXTSB XLT 4X4,4.6L,AT4,BAD MOTOR   UPULL-15     1973   FORD   RANCHERO   ORANGE,2DR,351C,AT           UPULL-02
1963   FORD             F250 PICKUP   WHITE,6CYL,MT,RWD,UNIBODY              UPULL-01     1987   FORD   RANGER     GRAY,2DR,2.3L,MT,4X4         UPULL-11
1972   FORD             F250 PICKUP   RED,2DR,5.9L,MT,4X4                    UPULL-03     1987   FORD   TAURUS     MAROON,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-02
1978   FORD             F250 PICKUP   BROWN EXTLB 2WD,460,AT3                UPULL-09     1991   FORD   TAURUS     BLUE,4DR,3.0L,AT             UPULL-12
1987   FORD             F250 PICKUP   RED,5.8L,AT3,RWD,EXTCAB,BAD ENGINE     UPULL-16     1991   FORD   TAURUS     GREY,4DR,3.0L,AT             UPULL-12
1989   FORD             F250 PICKUP   BLACK,5.0L,MT5,4X4,BAD ENGINE          UPULL-16     1991   FORD   TAURUS     RED,4DR,3.OL,MT,SHO          UPULL-06
1992   FORD             F250 PICKUP   RED,7.5L,MT5,4X4,BAD ENGINE            UPULL-16     1992   FORD   TAURUS     BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-01
1967   FORD             FAIRLANE      WHITE,4DR,260CI,AT                     UPULL-08     1993   FORD   TAURUS     PEWTER,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-01
1962   FORD             FALCON        BLUE,4DR,6CYL,MT,3SP ON COLUMN         UPULL-07     1993   FORD   TAURUS     RED,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-02
1993   FORD             FESTIVA       GREEN,1.3L                             UPULL-01     1993   FORD   TAURUS     TAN,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-02
2000   FORD             FOCUS         RED,4DR,2.0L,AT,PRE-DIS                UPULL-03     1994   FORD   TAURUS     BLUE,4DR,3.0L,AT             UPULL-03
1960   FORD             GALAXIE       BLACK,4DR                              UPULL-08     1994   FORD   TAURUS     GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-06
1965   FORD             GALAXIE       GALAXIE 500                            UPULL-03     1994   FORD   TAURUS     RED,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-07
1966   FORD             GALAXIE       PKR,RED,NO MOTOR,BASKET,500,12444      UPULL-15     1994   FORD   TAURUS     SILVER,4DR,3.8L,AT,FWD       UPULL-03
1969   FORD             LTD           RED,4DR,5.8L,AT                        UPULL-09     1995   FORD   TAURUS     RED,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-05
1984   FORD             LTD           GOLD,4DR,2.3L,AT                       UPULL-12     1995   FORD   TAURUS     SILVER,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-08
1987   FORD             LYNX          BLUE,4DR,1.9L                          UPULL-04     1996   FORD   TAURUS     GRAY,3.0L SHO, 4DR,ATOD      UPULL-08
1970   FORD             MAVERICK      TAN                                    UPULL-09     1996   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT            UPULL-01
1972   FORD             MAVERICK      BLUE 4DR,200,AT, LH SIDE HIT           UPULL-13     1996   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD        UPULL-01
1972   FORD             MAVERICK      ORANGE,2DR,200CI,AT                    UPULL-08     1996   FORD   TAURUS     PURPLE,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-02
1973   FORD             MUSTANG       BLUE 2DR,5.0L,AT                       UPULL-08     1996   FORD   TAURUS     TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-12
1979   FORD             MUSTANG       BLACK,2DR,2.3L,MT                      UPULL-14     1996   FORD   TAURUS     TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD          UPULL-03
1984   FORD             MUSTANG       RED,2DR,3.8L,AT                        UPULL-01     1996   FORD   TAURUS     TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD          UPULL-04
1986   FORD             MUSTANG       BLUE,2DR,2.3L,AT                       UPULL-05     1996   FORD   TAURUS     WHITE 4DR,3.0L,AT4           UPULL-03
1989   FORD             MUSTANG       BLUE,2.3L                              UPULL-10     1996   FORD   TAURUS     WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT            UPULL-01
1992   FORD             MUSTANG       GREEN,2DR,2.3L,MT,RWD                  UPULL-11     1997   FORD   TAURUS     BLUE,4DR,3.0L,AT             UPULL-07
1995   FORD             MUSTANG       RED,2DR,3.8L,MT                        UPULL-12     1997   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT            UPULL-04
1955   FORD             PASSENGER     BLUE,FORD RANCH WAGON                  UPULL-05     1997   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT            UPULL-04
1958   FORD             PASSENGER     WHITE                                  UPULL-16     1997   FORD   TAURUS     SILVER 4DR,3.0L,AT4          UPULL-12
1966   FORD             PASSENGER     GREEN,4DR                              UPULL-13     1998   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT,DOHC       UPULL-12
1984   FORD             PASSENGER     MAROON 4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-04     1998   FORD   TAURUS     SILVER,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-11
1979   FORD             PINTO         WHITE,2DR,2.3L,AT                      UPULL-07     1998   FORD   TAURUS     WHITE,4DR,3.0L,DOHC,AT       UPULL-11
1989   FORD             PROBE         BLACK,2DR,2.2L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-11     1999   FORD   TAURUS     BLK,4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-05
1989   FORD             PROBE         GRAY,2DR,2.2L,MT                       UPULL-11     1999   FORD   TAURUS     BLUE,4DR,3.OL,AT,DOHC        UPULL-06
1989   FORD             PROBE         MAROON,2DR,2.2L                        UPULL-07     1999   FORD   TAURUS     GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT,SW,DOHC    UPULL-06
1990   FORD             PROBE         BLUE,2DR,2.2L,AT                       UPULL-08     1999   FORD   TAURUS     TAN 4DR,3.0L,AT              UPULL-04
1993   FORD             PROBE         BLACK,2DR,2.5L,AT                      UPULL-12     1999   FORD   TAURUS     WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT            UPULL-04
1993   FORD             PROBE         BLUE,2DR,2.0L,MT                       UPULL-06     1999   FORD   TAURUS     WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD        UPULL-11
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model         Description of Vehicle      Row Number   Year   Make    Model         Description of Vehicle              Row Number
2001   FORD             TAURUS        BROWN,4DR,3.0L,AT,PRE-DIS   UPULL-08     1995   GEO     METRO         RED 2DR LSI,1.3L,AT3                 UPULL
2001   FORD             TAURUS        GOLD,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD        UPULL-02     1996   GEO     METRO         GREEN,2DR,1.3L,AT                    UPULL-13
2001   FORD             TAURUS        SILVER,4DR,3.0L,AT          UPULL-08     1996   GEO     METRO         GREEN,4DR,1.3L,MT,FWD                UPULL-15
2003   FORD             TAURUS        BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-02     1997   GEO     METRO         GREY,4DR,1.3L,MT                     UPULL
2003   FORD             TAURUS        GREEN,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-03     1997   GEO     METRO         WHITE,2DR,1.3L,AT                    UPULL-13
1985   FORD             TEMPO         BLUE,4DR,2.3L,AT,FWD        UPULL-03     1998   GEO     METRO         BLACK,2DR,1.3L,AT                    UPULL-15
1990   FORD             TEMPO         BLUE,4DR,2.3L,AT            UPULL-05     1990   GEO     PRIZM         GREY,4DR,1.6L,AT                     UPULL-07
1990   FORD             TEMPO         WHITE,4DR,2.3L,AT           UPULL-01     1990   GEO     PRIZM         SILVER,2DR,1.8L,AT,FWD               UPULL-14
1991   FORD             TEMPO         RED,4DR,2.3L,AT,FWD         UPULL-04     1992   GEO     PRIZM         BLUE,1.6L,4DR,AT                     UPULL-15
1993   FORD             TEMPO         BLUE,4DR,2.3L,AT            UPULL-03     1993   GEO     PRIZM         RED,4DR,1.6L,AT                      UPULL-13
1993   FORD             TEMPO         RED,4DR,2.3L,MT,FWD         UPULL-04     1995   GEO     PRIZM         BLACK,4DR,1.8L,AT,FWD                UPULL-16
1993   FORD             TEMPO         WHITE,4DR,2.3L              UPULL-04     1995   GEO     PRIZM         TAN,4DR,1.6L,MT                      UPULL-12
1972   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   BLUE 2DR,429,AT             UPULL-08     1996   GEO     PRIZM         BLACK,4DR,1.L,AT                     UPULL-12
1982   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   BROWN,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-14     1996   GEO     PRIZM         RED,4DR,1.6L,AT                      UPULL-13
1992   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   BLUE,2DR,3.8L,AT            UPULL-05     1997   GEO     PRIZM         GREEN,4DR,1.6L,AT                    UPULL-10
1992   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   RED,3.8L                    UPULL-01     1990   GEO     STORM         RED,2DR,1.6L.MT,FWD                  UPULL-15
1993   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   WHITE,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-02     1964   GMC     1000 PICKUP   GREEN,2DR,6CYL,MT,RWD                UPULL-09
1993   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   WHITE,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-02     1994   GMC     2500 PICKUP   WHITE,2DR,EXTCAB,5.7L,MT,RWD         UPULL-06
1994   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   GREEN,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-07     1960   GMC     3500 PICKUP   YELLOW                               UPULL-11
1994   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   WHITE 2DR LX,3.8L,AT        UPULL-06     1995   GMC     S15 JIMMY     WHITE,4DR,4.3L,AT4,4X4,BAD ENGINE    UPULL-13
1995   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   SILVER,2DR,4.6L,AT          UPULL-05     1970   HONDA   600           WHITE,2DR,MT,FWD                     UPULL-02
1995   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   TAN,2DR,4.6L,AT             UPULL-02     1985   HONDA   ACCORD        BLUE,4DR,1.8L,AT,FWD                 UPULL-16
1997   FORD             THUNDERBIRD   RED,2DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-05     1987   HONDA   ACCORD        GRAY,4DR,2.0L,MT,FWD                 UPULL-11
1976   FORD             TORINO        BLUE,2DR,5.8L,AT            UPULL-06     1987   HONDA   ACCORD        GREY,4DR,2.0L,AT                     UPULL-10
1990   FORD             VAN E-150     BLUE 2DR,CONV,5.0L,AT4      UPULL-09     1987   HONDA   ACCORD        WHITE,4DR,2.0L,MT                    UPULL-16
1998   FORD             VAN E-150     GRAY 2DR,4.2L,AT4           UPULL-09     1988   HONDA   ACCORD        GREY,4DR,2.0L,MT                     UPULL
1994   FORD             VAN E-250     WHITE,4.9L,AT4,BAD ENGINE   UPULL-05     1988   HONDA   ACCORD        WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD                UPULL-16
1996   FORD             WINDSTAR      RED,3.8L,AT,                UPULL-09     1989   HONDA   ACCORD        GREEN,2DR,5SP,MT,FWD                 UPULL-15
1998   FORD             WINDSTAR      GREEN,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-09     1989   HONDA   ACCORD        MAROON,4DR,2.0L,AT                   UPULL-13
1998   FORD             WINDSTAR      GREEN,3.8L,AT               UPULL-09     1989   HONDA   ACCORD        MAROON,4DR,2.0L,AT                   UPULL-11
1998   FORD             WINDSTAR      RED,2DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-09     1989   HONDA   ACCORD        TAN,4DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-15
1998   FORD             WINDSTAR      RED,3.8L,AT4,BAD ENGINE     UPULL-16     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        BLACK,4DR,1.6L,MT,FWD                UPULL-16
1998   FORD             WINDSTAR      WHITE,2DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-09     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        BLACK,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD                UPULL-11
1990   GEO              METRO         RED,4DR,1.0L,MT,FWD         UPULL-16     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        GREEN,2DR,2.2L,AT                    UPULL-13
1991   GEO              METRO         WHITE,2DR,1.0L,MT           UPULL-13     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        MAROON,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD               UPULL-16
1992   GEO              METRO         RED,4DR,1.0L,AT             UPULL-11     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        PEWTER,2DR,2.2L,MT                   UPULL-15
1993   GEO              METRO         WHITE,2DR                   UPULL-15     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        PURPLE 4DR EX,2.2L,AT4               UPULL
1994   GEO              METRO         MAROON,2DR,1.OL,AT          UPULL-11     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        TAN,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-16
1995   GEO              METRO         BLUE,2DR,1.3L,AT            UPULL-12     1990   HONDA   ACCORD        WHITE,4DR,2.2L,AT                    UPULL-13
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model      Description of Vehicle    Row Number   Year   Make            Model            Description of Vehicle           Row Number
1990   HONDA            ACCORD     WHITE,4DR,4CYL,AT,FWD     UPULL-13     1997   HYUNDAI         TIBURON          RED,2DR,1.8L,MT                   UPULL-15
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     BLACK,2DR,2.2L,AT         UPULL-12     1998   HYUNDAI         TIBURON          BLACK,2DR,2.0L,MT                 UPULL
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     BLACK,4DR,2.2L,AT         UPULL-14     1967   INTERNATIONAL   INTERNATIONAL    RED,2DR,STD,V8,MT                 UPULL-11
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     BLACK,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD     UPULL-15     1966   INTERNATIONAL   SCOUT            BLUE,2DR,4CYL,3SPD                UPULL-12
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     BLUE,4DR,2.2L,AT          UPULL-14     1974   INTERNATIONAL   SCOUT            BROWN,2DR,V8,MT,4X4               UPULL-15
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     GREEN,4DR,2.2L,MT         UPULL-15     1993   ISUZU           PICKUP           RED,2DR,2.6L,AT,RWD               UPULL-06
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     GREY,4DR,2.2L,AT          UPULL        1988   JAGUAR          XJ6              MAROON,4DR,3.6L,AT                UPULL-13
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     MAROON,4DR,2.2L,MT        UPULL-13     1988   JAGUAR          XJ6              SILVER,4DR,3.6L,AT                UPULL-13
1991   HONDA            ACCORD     RED,4DR,2.2L,AT           UPULL-15     1995   JEEP            GRAND CHEROKEE   RED 4DR 4X4,4.0L,AT4              UPULL-09
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     BLUE,2DR,2.0L,MT          UPULL-15     1999   JEEP            GRAND CHEROKEE   WHITE,4DR,4.0L,AT,RWD             UPULL-11
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     BLUE,4DR,2.2L,MT,FWD      UPULL-16     1989   JEEP            GRAND WAGONEER   MAROON,5.9L,AT3,4X4,BAD ENGINE    UPULL-15
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     GREEN 2DR LX,2.2L,AT4     UPULL        2000   KIA             SEPHIA           BLUE,4DR,1.8L,AT                  UPULL-16
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     GREY,4DR,2.2L,AT          UPULL-15     1998   KIA             SPORTAGE         GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT,4X4             UPULL-11
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     GREY,4DR,2.2L,AT          UPULL-10     1990   LEXUS           LS400            WHITE,4DR,4.0L,AT                 UPULL-11
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     MAROON,2DR,2.2L           UPULL-16     1985   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      BLUE,4DR,5.0L,AT                  UPULL-05
1992   HONDA            ACCORD     MAROON,4DR,2.2L,MT        UPULL        1992   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT                  UPULL-08
1993   HONDA            ACCORD     BLACK,4DR,2.2L,AT         UPULL-13     1992   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      SILVER,4DR,3.8L,AT                UPULL-11
1994   HONDA            ACCORD     WHITE,4DR,AT              UPULL-14     1993   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                  UPULL-07
1996   HONDA            ACCORD     WHITE,4DR,2.2L,AT         UPULL-15     1994   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT                  UPULL-03
1989   HONDA            CIVIC      BLACK,2DR,4CYL,AT,FWD     UPULL-13     1996   LINCOLN         CONTINENTAL      BLACK,4DR,4.6L,AT                 UPULL-08
1989   HONDA            CIVIC      GREY,4DR,1.5L,AT          UPULL-14     1956   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         BLUE                              UPULL-02
1990   HONDA            CIVIC      BLACK,2DR,1.6L,MT         UPULL-11     1988   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         TAN,4DR,5.0L,AT                   UPULL-05
1990   HONDA            CIVIC      BLUE,4DR,1.5L             UPULL-13     1991   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         GOLD,4DR,4.6L,AT                  UPULL-05
1991   HONDA            CIVIC      RED,4DR,1.5L,AT,FWD       UPULL-11     1991   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         GOLD,4DR,4.6L,AT                  UPULL-12
1991   HONDA            CIVIC      TEAL,2DR,1.5L,MT,HTCHBK   UPULL-15     1991   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         WHITE,4DR,4.6L,AT                 UPULL-07
1991   HONDA            CIVIC      WHITE,4DR,1.5L,AT         UPULL-16     1994   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         WHITE,4DR,4.6L,AT                 UPULL-04
1992   HONDA            CIVIC      WHITE,4DR,1.5L,AT,FWD     UPULL-11     1995   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         PEWTER,4DR,4.6L,AT                UPULL-08
1993   HONDA            CIVIC      WHITE,4DR,1.5L,AT         UPULL-10     1995   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         WHITE,4DR,4.6L,AT                 UPULL-12
1995   HONDA            CIVIC      PURPLE,2DR,1.5L,MT        UPULL-16     1997   LINCOLN         TOWN CAR         TAN,4DR,4.6L,AT                   UPULL-15
1999   HONDA            CIVIC      RED,2DR,1.6L,AT           UPULL-14     1994   MAZDA           323              RED,2DR,1.6L                      UPULL-16
1986   HONDA            CRX        BLACK,2DR,1.5L,MT         UPULL-16     1989   MAZDA           626              GREY,4DR,2.2L,AT                  UPULL-13
1988   HONDA            CRX        RED,2DR,1.5L,MT,FWD       UPULL-13     1991   MAZDA           626              RED,4DR,2.2L,AT                   UPULL-15
1986   HONDA            PRELUDE    RED,2DR,2.0L,MT           UPULL-10     1991   MAZDA           626              WHITE,4DR,2.2L,AT                 UPULL-16
1997   HYUNDAI          ACCENT     SILVER,2DR,1.5L,MT        UPULL-16     1992   MAZDA           626              GOLD,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD              UPULL-11
1998   HYUNDAI          ACCENT     PURPLE,4DR,1.5L           UPULL-15     1992   MAZDA           626              GREEN,4DR,2.2L,AT                 UPULL-14
2001   HYUNDAI          ACCENT     BLACK,4DR,1.6L,AT         UPULL-14     1993   MAZDA           626              MAROON,4DR,2.0L,MT                UPULL-11
1998   HYUNDAI          ELANTRA    BLACK,4DR,1.8L,AT         UPULL-14     1993   MAZDA           626              SILVER,4DR,2.0L,MT,FWD            UPULL-14
1992   HYUNDAI          EXCEL      BLUE,2DR,1.5L,MT,FWD      UPULL-16     1993   MAZDA           626              WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT                 UPULL-14
1997   HYUNDAI          SONATA     BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT          UPULL-10     1994   MAZDA           626              GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT                 UPULL-15
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model           Description of Vehicle           Row Number   Year   Make         Model     Description of Vehicle   Row Number
1994   MAZDA            626             WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT                UPULL-15     1993   MERCURY      SABLE     TAN,4DR,3.OL,AT           UPULL-03
1995   MAZDA            626             GREEN,4DR,2.0L,AT                UPULL        1995   MERCURY      SABLE     GRAY,4DR,3.8L,AT          UPULL-01
1995   MAZDA            626             TAN,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD              UPULL-13     2001   MERCURY      SABLE     BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD     UPULL-11
1995   MAZDA            626             WHITE,4DR,2.5L                   UPULL-14     1993   MERCURY      TOPAZ     TURQUOIS,2DR,2.3L,        UPULL-07
1996   MAZDA            626             BLACK,4DR,2.5L,AT                UPULL        1995   MERCURY      TRACER    SILVER,4DR,1.9L,AT,SW     UPULL-02
1996   MAZDA            626             GRAY,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD             UPULL-15     1992   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   BLUE,2DR,2.0L,MT          UPULL-13
1999   MAZDA            626             BLUE 4DR LX,2.0L,AT4             UPULL-15     1992   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   GRAY,2DR,2.0L,MT          UPULL-14
1984   MAZDA            B-2000          BLUE,2DR,2.0L,MT                 UPULL-14     1993   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   GREEN,2DR,2.OL,MT         UPULL-12
1995   MAZDA            MILLENIA        WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT                UPULL-12     1993   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   MAROON,2DR,2.0L,AT        UPULL-14
1991   MAZDA            PROTEGE         GREY,4DR,1.8L,AT                 UPULL        1993   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   RED,2DR,1.8L,MT,FWD       UPULL-13
1991   MAZDA            PROTEGE         MAROON,4DR,1.8L,AT               UPULL-13     1997   MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE   MAROON,2DR,2.0L,AT        UPULL
1992   MAZDA            PROTEGE         TAN,4DR,1.8L,MT                  UPULL-16     1990   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD      UPULL-14
1993   MAZDA            PROTEGE         WHITE,4DR,1.8L,MT                UPULL-10     1990   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    BLUE,4DR,2.0L,MT,AWD      UPULL-15
1994   MAZDA            PROTEGE         BLACK,4DR,1.8L,AT                UPULL-14     1991   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    SILVER,4DR,2.0L,AT        UPULL-16
1994   MAZDA            PROTEGE         WHITE,4DR,1.8L,MT                UPULL-16     1996   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    GRAY,4DR,2.4L,ATOD        UPULL-11
1996   MAZDA            PROTEGE         MAROON,4DR,1.5L,AT               UPULL-12     1997   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    WHITE,4DR,2.4L,AT,FWD     UPULL-14
1998   MAZDA            PROTEGE         GREEN,4DR,1.5L,AT                UPULL-15     2002   MITSUBISHI   GALANT    OFF WHITE,4DR,2.4L,AT     UPULL
1998   MAZDA            PROTEGE         TAN,4DR,1.5L,FWD                 UPULL-14     1994   MITSUBISHI   MIRAGE    RED,2DR,1.5L,MT           UPULL-15
1984   MAZDA            RX7             RED,2DR,1144cc,MT,RWD            UPULL-13     2001   MITSUBISHI   MIRAGE    RED,4DR,1.8L,AT           UPULL
1986   MERCEDES BENZ    190E            PEWTER,4DR,2.3L,AT               UPULL-15     1990   MITSUBISHI   SIGMA     BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-16
1980   MERCURY          BOBCAT          RED                              UPULL-07     1995   NISSAN       200SX     RED,2DR,1.6L,MT           UPULL-13
1978   MERCURY          COUGAR          WHITE,2DR,5.0L,AT                UPULL-14     1955   NISSAN       210       BLUE,4DR                  UPULL-05
1979   MERCURY          COUGAR          WHITE,4DR,5.8,AT                 UPULL-02     1987   NISSAN       300ZX     TAN,2DR,3.0L,AT,2+2       UPULL-16
1985   MERCURY          COUGAR          RED,2DR,3.8L,AT                  UPULL-12     1995   NISSAN       ALTIMA    BLUE,4DR,2.4L,MT,FWD      UPULL-11
1987   MERCURY          COUGAR          BLUE,2DR,3.8L,AT                 UPULL-11     1996   NISSAN       ALTIMA    SILVER,4DR,2.4L,AT        UPULL-10
1989   MERCURY          COUGAR          MAROON,2DR,3.8L,AT               UPULL-12     1998   NISSAN       ALTIMA    BROWN,4DR,2.4L,AT         UPULL-16
1992   MERCURY          COUGAR          GREEN,2DR,3.8L,AT                UPULL-05     1999   NISSAN       ALTIMA    GRAY,4DR,2.4L,AT          UPULL-14
1993   MERCURY          COUGAR          MAROON,2DR,3.8L,AT               UPULL-04     1987   NISSAN       MAXIMA    TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT,SW        UPULL-13
1966   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   GRAY,4DR                         UPULL-13     1990   NISSAN       MAXIMA    IVORY,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-14
1985   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   BLUE,4DR,5.0L,AT                 UPULL-05     1990   NISSAN       MAXIMA    TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD       UPULL-16
1986   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   BROWN,4DR,5.0L,AT                UPULL-02     1990   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD     UPULL-16
1992   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   WHITE,4DR,4.6L,AT                UPULL-06     1991   NISSAN       MAXIMA    RED,4DR,3.0L,AT           UPULL-14
1993   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   MAROON,4DR,4.6L,AT               UPULL-04     1991   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-14
1994   MERCURY          GRAND MARQUIS   MAROON,4DR,4.6L,AT               UPULL-03     1991   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-15
1998   MERCURY          MOUNTAINEER     MAROON,4.0L,AT5,4X4,BAD ENGINE   UPULL-10     1992   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-14
1999   MERCURY          MYSTIQUE        BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD             UPULL-03     1992   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD     UPULL-15
2000   MERCURY          MYSTIQUE        MAROON,4DR,2.0L                  UPULL-11     1993   NISSAN       MAXIMA    MAROON,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD    UPULL-16
1992   MERCURY          SABLE           GREY,4DR,3.0L,AT                 UPULL-02     1995   NISSAN       MAXIMA    BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-13
1992   MERCURY          SABLE           GREY,4DR,3.8L,AT,FWD             UPULL-01     1996   NISSAN       MAXIMA    WHITE,4DR,3.0L,AT         UPULL-16
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model             Description of Vehicle               Row Number   Year   Make         Model             Description of Vehicle      Row Number
1997   NISSAN           MAXIMA            TAN,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-16     1995   OLDSMOBILE   CUTLASS SUPREME   WHITE,4DR,3.1L,AT            UPULL-02
1991   NISSAN           NX                BLACK,2DR,1.6L,AT,FWD                UPULL-11     1996   OLDSMOBILE   CUTLASS SUPREME   ORANGE 2DR SL,3.1L,AT4       UPULL-07
1989   NISSAN           PATHFINDER        BLACK,2DR,3.0L,MT,4X4                UPULL-06     1986   OLDSMOBILE   DELTA 88          BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-02
1994   NISSAN           PATHFINDER        BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT,4X4                UPULL-06     1988   OLDSMOBILE   DELTA 88          BLUE,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-05
1986   NISSAN           PICKUP            ORANGE,2DR,EXTCAB,2.4L,MT,4X4        UPULL-06     1964   OLDSMOBILE   EIGHTY EIGHT      WHITE,4DR                    UPULL-01
1987   NISSAN           PICKUP            SILVER,3.0L,MT5,4X4,EXTCAB,BAD MTR   UPULL        1991   OLDSMOBILE   EIGHTY EIGHT      RED,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-08
1988   NISSAN           PULSAR            RED 2DR,1.8L,5SPD                    UPULL-16     1994   OLDSMOBILE   EIGHTY EIGHT      WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT            UPULL-07
1989   NISSAN           PULSAR            WHITE,2DR,1.6L,MT                    UPULL-16     1996   OLDSMOBILE   EIGHTY EIGHT      MAROON,4DR,3.8L,AT           UPULL-07
1993   NISSAN           QUEST             BLUE,2DR,3.0L,AT                     UPULL-10     1996   OLDSMOBILE   EIGHTY EIGHT      WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT            UPULL-05
1994   NISSAN           QUEST             WHITE,3.0L,4DR,AT                    UPULL-10     1963   OLDSMOBILE   F-85              GREEN,4DR                    UPULL-13
1986   NISSAN           SENTRA            BLUE,4DR,1.6L,MT,FWD                 UPULL-15     1999   OLDSMOBILE   INTRIGUE          WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT,PRE-DIS    UPULL-09
1986   NISSAN           SENTRA            SILVER,2DR,1.6L,AT                   UPULL-10     2001   OLDSMOBILE   INTRIGUE          GREY,4DR,3.5L,ATOD           UPULL-07
1992   NISSAN           SENTRA            GREY,2DR,1.6L,MT                     UPULL-11     1998   OLDSMOBILE   SILHOUETTE        GREY,4DR,3.4L,ATOD           UPULL-03
1992   NISSAN           SENTRA            SILVER,4DR,1.6L,AT                   UPULL-14     1961   PEUGEOT      404               GREEN 4DR,1.5L,AT            UPULL-11
1993   NISSAN           SENTRA            MAROON,2DR,1.6L,MT,FWD               UPULL-15     1989   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           GREY,4DR,2.5L,AT,TURBO       UPULL-01
1996   NISSAN           SENTRA            WHITE,4DR,1.6L,AT                    UPULL-13     1989   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           RED 4DR,2.5L,AT              UPULL-13
1987   NISSAN           STANZA VAN        BLUE,4DR,2.0L,MT,4X4                 UPULL-14     1992   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           GREEN,4DR,2.5L,AT            UPULL-14
1995   OLDSMOBILE       ACHIEVA           WHITE,2DR,3.1L,AT                    UPULL-05     1994   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT            UPULL-10
2001   OLDSMOBILE       ALERO             MAROON,2DR,3.4L,AT,PRE-DIS           UPULL-09     1994   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           WHITE,4DR,2.5L,AT            UPULL-05
2001   OLDSMOBILE       ALERO             SILVER,4DR,2.4L,AT                   UPULL-05     1995   PLYMOUTH     ACCLAIM           BLUE,4DR,2.5L,AT,FWD         UPULL-05
2002   OLDSMOBILE       ALERO             BLUE,4DR,3.4L,AT,PRE-DIS             UPULL-09     1997   PLYMOUTH     BREEZE            MAROON,4DR,2.0L,ATOD         UPULL-14
1997   OLDSMOBILE       AURORA            TAN,4DR,4.0L,AT                      UPULL-08     1999   PLYMOUTH     BREEZE            RED,4DR,2.0L,AT              UPULL-12
1994   OLDSMOBILE       BRAVADA           RED,4.3L,AT4,AWD,BAD ENGINE          UPULL-15     1999   PLYMOUTH     BREEZE            WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT            UPULL-10
1989   OLDSMOBILE       CIERA             MAROON,4DR,3.3L,AT                   UPULL-01     1999   PLYMOUTH     BREEZE            WHITE,4DR,2.4L,AT            UPULL-13
1992   OLDSMOBILE       CIERA             BLUE,4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-01     1984   PLYMOUTH     HORIZON           BROWN,4DR,2.2L,AT            UPULL-06
1992   OLDSMOBILE       CIERA             GREY,4DR,3.3L,AT                     UPULL-07     1986   PLYMOUTH     HORIZON           GRAY 4DR,2.2L,AT             UPULL-02
1992   OLDSMOBILE       CIERA             WHITE,4DR,3.3L,AT                    UPULL-02     1989   PLYMOUTH     HORIZON           MAROON,4DR,2.2L,AT           UPULL-14
1994   OLDSMOBILE       CIERA             RED 4DR SW,3.1L,AT4                  UPULL-08     1992   PLYMOUTH     LASER             MAROON,2DR,4CYL,AT           UPULL-02
1976   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS           GRAY,2DR,5.7L,AT                     UPULL-11     1995   PLYMOUTH     NEON              TEAL,4DR,2.0L,AT             UPULL-03
1979   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS           SILVER,4.3L,2DR                      UPULL-03     1996   PLYMOUTH     NEON              GRAY,4DR,2.0L,AT             UPULL-05
1979   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS           YELLOW,4DR,4.3L,AT                   UPULL-12     1996   PLYMOUTH     NEON              RED,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD          UPULL-03
1989   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS CALAIS    MAROON,4DR,2.5L,AT                   UPULL-06     1997   PLYMOUTH     NEON              WHITE,4DR,2.0L,AT            UPULL-02
1989   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS CALAIS    WHITE,2DR,2.3L,AT                    UPULL-08     1998   PLYMOUTH     NEON              RED,2DR,2.0L,AT,FWD          UPULL-03
1990   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS CIERA     MAROON,4DR,2.5L,AT                   UPULL-02     1988   PLYMOUTH     SUNDANCE          RED,4DR,2.5L,AT              UPULL-05
1992   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS SUPREME   RED,4DR,3.1L,AT                      UPULL-07     1991   PLYMOUTH     SUNDANCE          WHITE 4DR,2.2L,AT            UPULL-14
1994   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS SUPREME   RED 4DR SL,3.1L,AT4                  UPULL-05     1993   PLYMOUTH     SUNDANCE          RED,2DR,2.2L,AT              UPULL-05
1995   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS SUPREME   BLACK,2DR,3.4L,AT                    UPULL-01     1979   PLYMOUTH     VOLARE            CREAM,2DR,3.7L,AT            UPULL-03
1995   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS SUPREME   GREEN 2DR S,3.1L,AT4                 UPULL-08     1994   PLYMOUTH     VOYAGER           BLUE,2DR,3.0L,ATOD           UPULL-08
1995   OLDSMOBILE       CUTLASS SUPREME   MAROON 4DR S,3.1L,AT4                UPULL-08     1994   PLYMOUTH     VOYAGER           WHITE,3.8L,AT                UPULL-10
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model        Description of Vehicle         Row Number   Year   Make      Model            Description of Vehicle                Row Number
1999   PLYMOUTH         VOYAGER      PURPLE,3.3L,AT                 UPULL-10     1998   PONTIAC   GRAND PRIX       MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT                     UPULL-07
1990   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT,SSE          UPULL-05     2000   PONTIAC   GRAND PRIX       MAROON,2DR,3.8L,AT,SUPERCHRGD          UPULL-05
1991   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   MAROON,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-02     2001   PONTIAC   GRAND PRIX       MAROON,4DR,3.8L,AT,FWD,PRE-DIS         UPULL-09
1992   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   MAROON,4DR,3.8L,AT             UPULL-08     1971   PONTIAC   LE MANS          ORANGE 4DR,350,AT,OLD RUSTY CAR        UPULL-16
1993   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   GREEN,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-07     1988   PONTIAC   SUNBIRD          RED,2DR,2.0L,AT,TURBO                  UPULL-01
1993   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   GREEN,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-06     1993   PONTIAC   SUNBIRD          WHITE,2DR,2.0L,AT                      UPULL-08
1994   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   GREEN,4DR,3.8L,ATOD            UPULL-05     1996   PONTIAC   SUNFIRE          WHITE,2DR,2.2L,AT                      UPULL-02
1994   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-05     1961   PONTIAC   TEMPEST          GREEN                                  UPULL-12
1995   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-05     1962   PONTIAC   TEMPEST          RED,2DR,4 CYL                          UPULL-09
1996   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   PEWTER 4DR SE,3.8L,AT4         UPULL-09     1993   PONTIAC   TRANS SPORT      GREEN,2DR,3.8L,ATOD                    UPULL-03
1997   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   BRONZE 4DR SE,3.8L,AT4         UPULL-08     1994   PONTIAC   TRANS SPORT      RED,3.8L,AT                            UPULL-03
1997   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   WHITE,4DR,3.9L,AT,SUPER,SSEI   UPULL-07     1994   PONTIAC   TRANS SPORT      RED,3.8L,AT                            UPULL-03
1998   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   GREEN 4DR SE,3.8L,AT4          UPULL-08     1983   RENAULT   R-5 LE CAR       GRAY                                   UPULL-11
1998   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   SILVER 4DR SE,3.8L,AT4         UPULL-08     1985   SAAB      900              SILVER,4DR,2.0LTURBO,MT                UPULL-12
1999   PONTIAC          BONNEVILLE   WHITE 4DR SLE,3.8L,AT4         UPULL-07     1989   SAAB      900              BLACK,4DR,2.0L,MT                      UPULL-15
1984   PONTIAC          FIERO        BLACK,2DR,2.5L,MT              UPULL-05     1989   SAAB      900              BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-16
1988   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     BLACK,2DR,2.5L,MT              UPULL-06     1997   SAAB      900              GREEN,4DR,2.3L,AT,HTCHBK               UPULL-13
1990   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     BLUE,2DR,2.5L,AT               UPULL-07     1997   SAAB      900              GREEN,4DR,2.3L,MT,HTCHBK               UPULL-16
1992   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     MAROON,2DR,2.3L,MT             UPULL-08     1988   SAAB      9000             GRAY,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD                   UPULL-16
1992   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     RED,4DR,3.3L,AT                UPULL-01     1996   SAAB      9000             GREEN,5DR,2.3L,AT,TURBO                UPULL-16
1993   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     PURPLE,4DR,2.3L,AT             UPULL-06     1992   SATURN    S SERIES COUPE   RED,2DR,1.9L,AT                        UPULL-05
1993   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     WHITE,2DR,3.3L,AT              UPULL-02     1993   SATURN    S SERIES COUPE   BLACK,2DR,1.9L,AT                      UPULL-06
1994   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     WHITE,4DR,3.1L,AT              UPULL-05     1994   SATURN    S SERIES COUPE   PURPLE,2DR,1.9L,AT                     UPULL-05
1995   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     BLUE,4DR,2.3L,AT,QUAD4         UPULL-07     1997   SATURN    S SERIES COUPE   BLACK,2DR,1.9L,MT                      UPULL-06
1995   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     GREEN,2DR,3.1L,AT              UPULL-06     1999   SATURN    S SERIES SEDAN   PURPLE,4DR,1.9L,AT                     UPULL-13
1995   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     TEAL,2DR,2.3L,AT               UPULL-08     1984   SUBARU    BRAT             BLACK,4WD,2DR,1.8L,MT                  UPULL-06
1995   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     WHITE,2DR,2.3L,AT,GT           UPULL-05     1985   SUBARU    BRAT             SILVER 2DR,1.8L,5SPD                   UPULL-01
1996   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     WHITE,4DR,2.4L,AT              UPULL-07     1985   SUBARU    GL PASSENGER     BLUE,4DR,1.8L,MT,4WD,TURBO             UPULL-15
1997   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     GREEN 2DR GT,3.1L,AT4          UPULL-08     1993   SUBARU    LEGACY           RED,4DR,2.2L,MT,RWD                    UPULL-15
1997   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     MAROON,4DR,3.1L,AT,PRE-DIS     UPULL-09     1995   SUBARU    LEGACY           GREEN,4DR,2.2L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-13
1997   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     RED 2DR GT,2.4L,MT5            UPULL        1997   SUBARU    LEGACY           RED SW AWD,2.5L,AT4                    UPULL
1999   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     SILVER,4DR,3.4L,AT,PRE-DIS     UPULL-09     1987   SUZUKI    SAMURAI          YELLOW,2DR,1.3L,MT                     UPULL-06
1999   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     WHITE,4DR,3.4L,AT,PRE-DIS      UPULL-09     1992   SUZUKI    SWIFT            WHITE,2DR,1.3L,MT                      UPULL-11
2001   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     SILVER,4DR,3.4L,AT             UPULL-08     1995   TOYOTA    4 RUNNER         BLACK 4DR SR5 4X4,3.0L,AT4             UPULL-16
2003   PONTIAC          GRAND AM     SILVER,4DR,3.4L,AT,PRE-DIS     UPULL-09     1997   TOYOTA    4 RUNNER         SILVER 4DR SR5,4X4,3.4L,AT4,BAD MTR    UPULL-16
1989   PONTIAC          GRAND PRIX   WHITE,2DR,2.8L,AT              UPULL-02     1986   TOYOTA    CAMRY            SILVER,4DR,2.0L,4CYL,AT,FWD            UPULL-15
1995   PONTIAC          GRAND PRIX   BLUE,2DR,3.1L,AT               UPULL-05     1990   TOYOTA    CAMRY            BLACK,4DR,2.5L,AT,V6                   UPULL-12
1997   PONTIAC          GRAND PRIX   GREEN,4DR,3.1L,AT              UPULL-02     1990   TOYOTA    CAMRY            BLUE,4DR,2.0L,AT                       UPULL-11
1997   PONTIAC          GRAND PRIX   WHITE,4DR,3.8L,AT              UPULL-07     1991   TOYOTA    CAMRY            BLACK,4DR,2.0L,AT,FWD                  UPULL-16
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated   8/17/2010

Year   Make             Model      Description of Vehicle   Row Number   Year   Make    Model   Description of Vehicle   Row Number
1991   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BLUE,4DR,2.5L,AT         UPULL-12     1991   VOLVO   740     GREEN,4DR,3.5L,AT,RWD     UPULL-16
1991   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BLUE,4DR,2.OL,AT         UPULL-15     1992   VOLVO   940     BLUE,4DR,2.3L,AT          UPULL-15
1991   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BROWN 4DR SW,2.0L,AT     UPULL-12     1988   YUGO    GV      BLUE,2DR,1.1L,MT          UPULL-11
1992   TOYOTA           CAMRY      MAROON,4DR,3.0L,AT       UPULL-14
1992   TOYOTA           CAMRY      WHITE,4DR,2.2L,AT        UPULL-16
1993   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BLUE,4DR,3.0L,ATOD       UPULL-12
1993   TOYOTA           CAMRY      PEWTER,4DR,2.2L,AT       UPULL-10
1993   TOYOTA           CAMRY      TAN,4DR,2.2L,AT          UPULL-15
1995   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BLACK,4DR,2.2L,AT        UPULL
1996   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BLACK,4DR,3.0L,AT,FWD    UPULL-14
1998   TOYOTA           CAMRY      BRONZE,4DR,2.2L,AT       UPULL-15
1986   TOYOTA           CELICA     BLACK/BLUE,2DR,2.0L,MT   UPULL-15
1987   TOYOTA           CELICA     GREY,2DR,2.0L,AT         UPULL-10
1988   TOYOTA           CELICA     GREY,2DR,2.0L,MT         UPULL-13
1991   TOYOTA           CELICA     BLUE,2DR,2.2L,MT,FWD     UPULL-15
1991   TOYOTA           CELICA     GREY,2DR,1.6L,MT         UPULL-14
1991   TOYOTA           CELICA     WHITE,2DR,1.6L,MT,FWD    UPULL-16
1988   TOYOTA           COROLLA    GREY,4DR,4CYL            UPULL-13
1989   TOYOTA           COROLLA    BLUE 4DR DX,1.6L,AT3     UPULL
1989   TOYOTA           COROLLA    RED,2DR,1.6L,AT4         UPULL-16
1990   TOYOTA           COROLLA    BLUE,4DR,1.6L,MT         UPULL-10
1991   TOYOTA           COROLLA    BLUE,4DR,1.6L,AT         UPULL-15
1991   TOYOTA           COROLLA    MAROON,4DR,1.6L,AT       UPULL-12
1991   TOYOTA           COROLLA    RED,4DR,1.6L,MT          UPULL-15
1991   TOYOTA           COROLLA    WHITE,4DR,1.6L,AT        UPULL-16
1992   TOYOTA           COROLLA    MAROON,4DR,AT            UPULL-15
1993   TOYOTA           PASEO      WHITE,2DR,1.5L,MT        UPULL-15
1983   TOYOTA           PICKUP     BROWN,2DR,2.4L,MT,RWD    UPULL-14
1981   TOYOTA           SUPRA      BLACK,2DR,2.8L,AT        UPULL-12
1992   TOYOTA           TERCEL     WHITE,2DR,1.5L,MT        UPULL
1993   TOYOTA           TERCEL     BLUE,2DR,1.5L,MT         UPULL-15
1997   TOYOTA           TERCEL     BLUE,2DR,1.5L,AT         UPULL-14
1973   VOLKSWAGEN       BEETLE     BLUE,2DR,MT              UPULL-01
1990   VOLKSWAGEN       GOLF       RED,4DR,1.8L             UPULL-14
1992   VOLKSWAGEN       GOLF       GREEN,2DR,1.8L,AT        UPULL-10
1994   VOLKSWAGEN       JETTA      RED,4DR,2.0L,MT          UPULL
1988   VOLVO            240        BLUE 4DR,2.3L,5SPD       UPULL-16
1980   VOLVO            264        PRIMER,4DR               UPULL-15
        Nordstrom's Ewe Pullet Facility
        Vehicles Located Onsite
        List Updated     8/17/2010

Year   Make               Model               Description of Vehicle                        Row Number                        Year   Make               Model              Description of Vehicle                       Row Number

                                                                               PRE-DIS: What it means when you see PRE-DIS in the vehicle description?
              PRE-DIS is an abbreviation for a Newer Model vehicle, which has been processed in our full-service facility, has many great parts remaining for EWE-PULLET. Parts up to and including the drive-train may have
                            been removed for use at Nordstrom's auto Recycling, our full service operation. This process gives us the opportunity to offer a greater selection for EWE-PULLET than ever before.
                                                                              PRE-DIS: ¿Qué significa cuando ves PRE-DIS en la descripción del vehículo?
               PRE-DIS es una abreviatura para un vehículo más de un nuevo modelo, que se ha procesado en nuestro negocio del -servicio- al cliente,estos aun tiene muchas partes en el vehiculo para ser vendidas en
              EWE-PULLET. Partes como el tren de engranes es posible que se hallan quitado para ser vendidas en Nordstrom Auto Recycling, nuestra negocio de servicio al cliente. Este proceso nos da la oportunidad de
                                                                                   ofrecer una mayor selección para EWE-PULLET mejor que antes.

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