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					Xing Xing Shenyang Institute of International Television Animation
Xing Xing Shenyang Institute of International Television Animation welcome you
Shenyang Xing Star International Television Animation Training Institute Address:
Heping District, Shenyang City, North Fourth Street, 28 by the League Committee
Room 208, Complex Building
    Website: welcome you
    Shenyang Xing Star International Television Animation Training Institute was
established in 2010, is a subsidiary of Xing Xing animation college. Animation
School aims to provide for the lucky star production capacity of an international
project,     with     team     spirit  of   animation,      "practical     and
combat-type" talent. Xing Star International Film Animation College, all
courses are a combination of the practical application of film and animation industry
cases, and employ more than at home and abroad with many years of actual work
experience to teach animators.
Unlike most training institutions, the lucky star of international film and animation to
the teaching quality has always been in accordance with the application of the
international animation industry standards carefully developed instruction in a large
number of international animation projects, such as the American History Channel
broadcast of the "long march", as Europe's largest
animation company produced 52 episode cartoon "Fireman
Sam" and so on. Graduates will enter the lucky star preferred to work and
participate in the production of the international animation projects, and at any time
and from around the world can best animators exchange, to his international career to
provide a starting point.
Xing Xing's goal is "the lucky star to create the best animation
companies in Asia," and keep the most advanced ideas and the North
American animation combined with local cultural characteristics, so that animation art
can flourish in China.
Major: film and animation, game animation, architectural animation, film special
effects, TV packaging, TV commercials, two three-dimensional animation,
commercial illustration
Training courses: animation training, animation training, Maya training, training
video special effects, architectural animation training, game animation training,
training in television packaging, commercial illustration training, 3D training.
Job security
Xing Xing Department of Employment, is responsible for student placement
department is specifically set up to ensure employment of graduates is an important
institution, is to connect the community and understanding the window is based on the
recruitment needs of employers, the employment of student success for the
forthcoming employment, provide career guidance and employment services
Six under the Employment Security System:
1. Entrance sign employment agreements that meet the recommended conditions of
employment of students to ensure employment for all;
2. And thousands of enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship, on a regular
basis to the lucky stars and talents, to protect the students on time employment;
3. We focus on student life, career path planning, to professional quality, vocational
education, career guidance, employment Du into our system, train Chugengshige
industry Fazhan of professionals;
4. Small job fairs regularly held for students and corporate chiefs face to face, and
in-depth understanding of business conditions and demand, so students have more
choice of employment opportunities;
5. Is to ensure that the curriculum system and the actual integration of the
development project, the students practical training and application capabilities, major
companies nationwide transport a large number of CG animation talent.
6. Xinjiang held regularly within the country and animation contest, college students
work to ensure that priority is selected to provide more opportunities for combat
operations and competition.
1. Outsourcing business
Animation: Xing Xing is committed to provide customers with the highest quality
processing services for film and television animation. The company's core
business is three-dimensional animation, flash animation, games and other digital
entertainment products produced.
(1) "FARM KIDS" - Europe's renowned
children's animated TV series.
(2) "Fireman Sam" - "Fireman Sam" is a
1 year 1 quarter, a quarter of 52 set long-term fixed-motion animation series has been
translated into 25 languages and broadcast in over 40 countries and 16 consecutive
BBC and S4C in the UK channels. The animated content is educational and
entertaining, can teach children to establish a correct concept of security has a high
reputation in the world, and many parents deeply favored. Since 2007, Xing Xing
started producing full three-dimensional means, not only speed up the production
speed and improve the production quality and make more lifelike animated characters.
HRTV head of Charlotte Loynes, said: "We have now formed a very good
cooperation, we can greatly reassured that the project to the lucky star in the future we
will continue this cooperation model."
(3) "every day" - "every day" is a lucky
star in April 2007 put into production a total of 26 sets of French animation.
(4) "Food Fight" - "Food Fight" by the
U.S. Lionsgate release of the full three-dimensional film, lucky star swept all of the
material in the light film work.
(5) Disney projects - as the founder of the animation world, Disney has always been
to choose partners very carefully, lucky stars through rigorous testing, has finally been
recognized and become a Disney Disney's long-term partner, is responsible
for lucky star Disney made a lot of Chinese sub-projects.
Game production: Fortunately, the game stars team modeling, texture mapping and
animation has a wealth of experience and holds degrees from the high fine role model
to generate Normal Map texture and then to the low accuracy of all the props
modeling techniques. The company has for the world famous game company EA,
THQ, Backbone, Radical, Facode and Rockstar has provided good service, etc.,
involved in the production of the game works, including "CSI",
"Scarface",                "Crash"               and
"Chrono Trigger Ressurection" and so on. In addition, the lucky
star also with the "Spider-Man 3" film release publicity and
produced "Spiderman 3" game, and is responsible for making
the game exciting titles.
Film special effects: the lucky star in special effects production is very professional
and made all the special effects work very handy. Fortunately, relying on its powerful
effects star production team, has been
Is more than well-known movies, TV series and many advertisers to provide high
quality professional services in the industry enjoys a high reputation and popularity.
(1) the movie "Fantastic Four" - the 2005 release of
"Fantastic Four" is a sci-fi blockbusters, the film used a lot of
special effects, 3D scenes and realistic scenes of alternating, creating the
"Fantastic Four" in the The success of 2005. Fortunately, the
movie star involved in the production of special effects shots.
(2) movie "The Forbidden Kingdom" - Xing Xing in the film 30
minutes late for synthesis of the work. In the following prior to this project, Xing
Xing and other domestic and foreign production companies to participate in the
excellent "The Forbidden Kingdom," the bid, finally, through
several strict examination, Xing Xing stand out, success was the synthesis of the work
of the later films .
(3) The film "Red Cliff" - in February 2008, Xing Xing and the
film "Red Cliff" signing the production company, responsible
for producing the film in 60 film and television special effects shots. In the production
process, "Red Cliff" the visual effects director Craig Hayes had
personally come to Xing Xing provide technical support, and special effects fully
affirmed the work.
Consulting Tel: 13940247722 QQ: 1120704403

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