Eastbound CSX train at the new control point, CP by pxt10903


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Eastbound CSX train at the new control point, CP Shen, located about 1/4 mile west of the Norfolk Southern overhead bridge in
Shenandoah Junction, WV. Bringing up the rear of this train was a Missouri Pacific caboose being deadheaded east. The new control
point should go into service in early March 2003. Photo R. Schroeder, 9-11-02
                         DANVILLE FLYER

HISTORICAL SOCIETY for its members and other interested persons.
The DANVILLE JUNCTION CHAPTER, NRHS, is a not-for-profit corporation organized to preserve the history of railroading in
Eastern Illinois and Western Indiana and operates a museum located in the former Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad depot on
East Benton Street in Rossville, Illinois. The museum is open weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day and features many railroad
displays plus a large operating HO model railroad.
Membership in the Chapter is open to anyone having an interest in any aspect of railroading. Dues per year are $17.00 for Chapter
membership in addition to $20.00 for NRHS membership. Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Sunday of each month (except June
July, August and December) at the Pizza Inn Resturant, Gilbert Street (Illinois Route 1) and Williams Street, next to CSX, in Danville,
Il. with lunch beginning at 1:00 PM Central Time followed by meeting and program.
                                       OFFICERS FOR 2002 - Our 34th Year
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Volume 34                                                 October 2002                                                      Number 8

       October 20, 2002                             November 3, 2002                               Next Meeting
Danville, IL - Regular monthly meeting at     Kankakee, IL - Kankakee Model Railroad
the Pizza Inn, Williams Street and Gil-                                                     The next meeting will be October 20, 2002.
                                              Club Train Show and Swap Meet, Civic
bert Street (Route 1) , next to the CSX                                                     The program scheduled will be additional
                                              Center, 895 S. 5th Ave, 9:30 AM to 3 PM
mainline to Hillary.                                                                        scenes of the PA and MD by Rick
                                                   November 16, 2002                        Schroeder. Last month we saw steam on
   October 19 & 20, 2002                                                                    the Western Maryland Scenic and East
                                              Terre Haute, IN - Train Show and Toy          Broad Top, this time we will start the trip
Indianapolis, IN - Great American Train       Train Swap Meet, Terre Haute National         at Greenburg, PA and check out the diesel
Show, State Fairgrounds, 10-4, $7             Guard Armory, 10 AM to 3 PM, Adm $3           side of the trip.
      October 20th, 2002                            Operating Sessions                      Member and Treasure Allen Cooke re-
Chicago area - 11th Annual Chicago                                                          cently had bypass surgery and was not at
                                              See Page 3 for a list of operating sessions   the last meeting. Allen is doing good and
Railroadiana Show, Indiana lake Resorts,      at Rossville, the Grafton, Davis and Mt.
250 W. Schick Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 10                                                       hopefully will be able to come to the October
                                              Storm Railroad and the Danville and West-     meeting. Allen thanks all that have called
AM to 3 PM, adm $5                            ern Railroad.                                 and sent cards.
 November 2, 3 & 9, 2002                                                                    Note the schedule for operating sessions
Monticello, IL - Throttle time at the                                                       and the Indianapolis Show. Last month
museum, special fare lets you operate one                                                   Bill had to cancel his session and we did
of the diesel locomotives.                                                                  not have one setup for October at
                                                                                            Rossville. The Danville and Western ses-
                                                                                            sion scheduled in November is subject to
change due to work load and getting ready to have our company
Christmas party at the house. Your editor needs to get work done
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                                                                        Operating Sessions 2002/
Member and Secretary Al McCoy has started a new layout in his
new home on Gilbert Street. If he doesn't find a job soon he will be
passing our a catalogue to everyone for his Christmas gift.
                                                                          Grafton, Davis and Mt. Storm
(Remember doing this as a kid!)                                                     Rossville
Atlas Corporation will be coming out with a new series of GP-7's        Operates from 12:30 to 4 PM, 309 Dale.
sometime early next year. They have approached the C&EI Histori-        Saturday, October 26
cal Society about the scheme and are working on artwork for             Saturday, November 23
painting some in our favorite railroad. We will let you know when
                                                                        Saturday, December 28
they are available.
                                                                        Saturday, January 25
                                                                        Saturday, February 22
                                                                         Chicago, Illinois and Eastern -
                      Rail Redux                                               Rossville Museum
With new cars, renovated stations and a powerful friend in Ottawa,      Operates Saturdays from 1:00 to 4 PM
a resurgent VIA is rolling again. TRANSPORT MINISTER David              Saturday, November 2
Collenette calls himself a train buff. As a boy growing up in post-     Saturday, December 7
war England, he says the sights and sounds of London’s                  Saturday, January 4
Marylebone Station were an everyday fascination. “The coal              Saturday, February 1
trains used to marshal behind my bedroom window,” he recalls. “I
used to be a train-spotter.” So Collenette takes special satisfaction    Danville and Western Railroad
in the way the cabinet job he has held since 1997 has let him become              Champaign
the biggest booster passenger rail has had in Ottawa in a long time.
In spring 2000, Collenette persuaded Jean Chretien and the rest of      Operates Sundays from 1:00 to 4 PM, 1819 Coven-
the cabinet to let him inject $400 million over five years into VIA     try
Rail                                                                    Sunday, November 10 (subject to change)
Canada’s capital spending, allowing the government-owned rail-          Sunday, January 12 (change)
way to, among other things, buy roomier new cars and refurbish          sunday, February 9
rundown stations. Even with Collenette in charge at Transport           Please contact the owner of the railroad, Bill at 748-
Canada, though, the biggest dream of Canadian passenger rail            6445 or Rick, at 359-2868, if you intend to markup
proponents has been stalled. In 1998, a consortium of companies         on the board for operation on one of thse days.
proposed a high-speed service for the country’s busiest routes,         Refreshments will be served at all facilities.
the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto corridor. But the estimated $11-
billion cost of upgrading tracks and buying new trains — a third        Fall River Line, Midlothian,IL
of which the federal government would have had to pay — proved          Saturday, November 16 - 7 PM Craftsman layout
too much for the Liberals. The grand plan for bringing 320-km/h         set in the early 1900's. Operating session with cards
trains to Canada, comparable to France’s famously fast Trains a         and fast clock, all craftsman kits and scratch built
Grande Vitesse, or TGVs, never left the station.
                                                                         Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
But if truly high-speed trains will not be rolling in Canada anytime
soon, higher-speed rail is now a real possibility. Collenette told                Chicago, IL
Maclean’s he has asked VIA to develop a proposal before the end         Saturday, November 30 - 7:00 PM, Ed's B&O
of this year for a service that would significantly cut travel times    Operating session, great detail layout.
on those busy routes. “In my discussions with VIA, I’ve asked,
‘What would it take to get faster trains without going the whole        Contact Bill Sandusky for a visit to the two listed
TGV route?’” Collenette said. The plan VIA is working on for            above. Call 748-6445 or sandusky@soltec.net if
Collenette would boost maximum speeds to 200-240 km/h from the          interested in going. There are others on Bill's list
current 160-170 km/h. That would slice about 45 minutes off the         if interested in seeing layouts in the Chicago
current two-hour trip from Ottawa to Montreal.                          area.

continued on Page 3

How much it would all cost is, of course,        and large, VIA trains need to carry enough     his vision of faster trains. For VIA, it
the critical question. Collenette said it’s      passengers to pay their way — especially       would mark its recovery from the days
too early to put a firm figure on the project,   when it comes to adding new services.          when passenger rail looked like a fading
but he allowed it would run to “many                                                            force on the Canadian landscape. For
hundreds of millions.” A rail industry of-       The contrast between thriving VIA and its      Collenette, it would be a fitting terminus
ficial said $2 billion is a reasonable early     troubled U.S. counterpart, Amtrak, is strik-   for the abiding affection for trains that
estimate. Since VIA runs its trains mostly       ing. Facing a financial crisis, Amtrak got     began in a kid’s bedroom near a noisy
on tracks owned by CN Rail and CP Rail,          US$205 million in special funding from         London rail yard.
those freight railway companies are closely      Congress last month to keep it running
involved in drafting the proposal                through the end of September. The situa-
Collenette wants to put before cabinet.          tion turned still bleaker last week. Amtrak
Much of the money would be spent                 was forced to suspend 30 per cent of its
straightening tracks, building bridges and       service — including all its new high-speed
tunnels, and making other improvements           trains on its heavily traveled Boston-New
to let trains go faster and make fewer           York-Washington corridor, after finding         Redesign stalls US
                                                 cracks in a component meant to keep
stops. New locomotives might also be
needed. VIA’s latest batch, delivered only       locomotives from swaying. (The locomo-         Route 136 underpass
                                                 tives are built in part by Montreal’s Bom-
last fall, hauls cars at maximum speeds of
177 km/h well below the anticipated pace         bardier Corp.) Even before that setback,              plan
of the higher-speed service.                     Amtrak’s new president, David Gunn, the
                                                                                                Jennifer Evans, Indianapolis Star (July
                                                 former head of the Toronto Transit Com-
                                                                                                12, 2002)
Train buff Collenette wants to see these         mission, was pleading for US$1.2 billion
passengers get to Montreal more quickly          from Washington in the next fiscal year,       Work to renovate the U.S. 136 railroad
The fact that Collenette can seriously           more than twice the previous year’s sub-       underpass in Clermont is stalled due to a
discuss a huge injection of new spending         sidy. One perennial problem: Amtrak has        proposed redesign of the project. The
on VIA is remarkable. For much of its            been forced to run money-losing, long-         original plan is being modified to eliminate
history, the national passenger rail             distance routes through key states to          the need for a temporary railroad bridge,
company’s outlook has seemed uncertain           keep Congress from cutting off money. In       according to Mike Wink, construction
at best. Created by Pierre Trudeau’s gov-        other words, Washington still hasn’t           manager for the Crawfordsville District of
ernment in 1978, VIA, by 1981, was cancel-       come to terms with the need to rationalize     the Indiana Department of Transporta-
ling routes to save money. When the              Amtrak in the way VIA was scaled back          tion. Various lane restrictions were in place
Conservatives took power in 1984, many           more than a decade ago.                        along U.S. 136 in late spring for utility
of those services were restored. But in                                                         relocation and initial earthmoving. Then,
early 1990, then-transport minister Benoit       Such cuts may not always be as unpopu-         site work halted. Problems with soil stabil-
Bouchard eliminated 18 of 38 routes.             lar as politicians fear. After weathering a    ity caused the project’s contractor, Beaty
Among those dropped was the historic             two-week firestorm over the 1990 VIA           Construction, to propose the redesign,
southern transcontinental route through          cuts, Bouchard says he rarely faced criti-     said project engineer David Sides.
Calgary, leaving only the northern run           cism over the decision again. “People saw
                                                 that we couldn’t keep putting a huge           The CSX railroad bridge crosses U.S. 136
through Edmonton. “They said that I was                                                         just west of Louise Avenue on the east
killing Canada,” Bouchard recalls. The           subsidy into empty trains.” As well, where
                                                 there is real demand for rail service, new     edge of Clermont. The old style masonry
outcry reflected not just practical con-                                                        railroad bridge allowed only 12.5 feet of
cerns over lost service, but also the endur-     companies tend to pick up the slack when
                                                 the big railways retreat. When it comes to     clearance for highway traffic. There also
ing symbolism of trains in a country built                                                      were frequent problems with standing
around the “national dream” of coast-to-         tourist travel through some of Canada’s
                                                 best scenery, private railways from Rocky      water under the bridge after rainstorms.
coast rail.
                                                 Mountaineer in the West to the Acadian         The time being spent on the redesign will
Twelve years later, Bouchard’s hard-             Railway Co. in the East have sprung up.        be compensated by not needing to install
headed cost-cutting now looks like it might      Between those regional railways and            a temporary rail line bridge, said Wink.
have been VIA’s salvation. The federal           VIA’s national network, passenger rail in      Previous plans called for a temporary
subsidy poured into its operating costs          Canada is hardly endangered. By the end        bridge to be built for train use while other
then stood at $350 million; it now runs at       of next year, VIA expects to have 139          site improvements were made.
about $170 million a year. And VIA’s             plush new passenger cars in service to go
management knows that outlay can’t rise.         with its 21 new locomotives.                   The renovation project will increase the
The government still requires some                                                              road clearance to 16.5 feet and widen the
money-losing routes to be maintained as          Stations from Moncton to Prince Rupert         underpass by 28 feet. New and bigger
a matter of policy, including service from       have been spruced up. But all this will        storm sewer pipes also will be installed.
Jasper, Alta. to Prince Rupert, B.C., and        seem like small stuff if Collenette can per-   The entrance to Louise Avenue will be-
from Winnipeg to Churchill, Man. But by          suade cabinet to embrace — and fund —          come less steep, Sides said. That will give

people turning onto U.S. 136 from Louise          the drilled shafts. So far they have not     shops in the fall of 2000. NS may also
a better field of vision. The total cost of the   been able to get that work designed so       order additional locomotives from
project is expected to remain near $3.1           it can be completed in the 40-hour           General Electric, which in recent years
million. The project’s original contract          schedule. At the same time they keep         has supplied the railway with more than
called for a maximum of 30 days of road           telling us and CSX engineering that          800 C40-9W’s. Both orders, however,
closings. Officials hope the number of            they have a commitment from CSX for          may hinge on economic conditions for
days motorists are rerouted will be closer        the 40-hour window but so far CSX has        the rest of this year.
to 20. Because U.S. 136, also known as            not issued the letter they state they         
Crawfordsville Road, is a main thorough-          have in their possession. Once bridge        An NS spokeswoman did not return a
fare to reach Indianapolis Raceway Park,          design plans are approved we will be         phone call seeking comment today, and
the construction contract forbids any road        reviewing the fabrication drawings.          an EMD spokeswoman was not available
closings that would interfere with major          That will take another 30 days of            today.
events like the Super Chevy Show, Kroger          review time. Fabrication will take
Speed fest or Mac Tools U.S. Nationals.           some 60 to 90 days with bridge               Via Trains On-Line 9-25
                                                  installation not expected until
Due to the proposed changes in the                February or March, not November as
project’s scope, Sides says there will not        they planned. Waterproofing cannot be           Amtrak Chief
be any effect on traffic until fall and cer-
tainly none for the upcoming Brickyard
                                                  installed until at least 40-degree days
                                                  so by the end of March the bridge
                                                                                               Proposes More Cuts
400 and its accompanying activities on            could be ready for roll in. I will keep
the Indianapolis Westside. When the road
closing is imminent, motorists will see
                                                  you posted on the progress.                   Budget Plan for ’03
work site signs posted with proposed                                                               Ends Freight Service
closing dates, as well assigns posted for
the detour. “The contractor is required to             New Norfolk                             Amtrak President David L. Gunn says he
give IN DOT two weeks’ notice of any                                                           has developed a fiscal 2003 budget that
closings so we can in turn give adequate            Southern SD70M’s                           calls for more personnel cuts, an end to
notice to the public. We hope to keep                                                          freight service and an eventual end to
traffic flowing as much as possible with             to wear modified                          state-subsidized trains unless the states
                                                                                               agree to cover all of their operating losses.
the use of flagmen,” Sides said.
A total of 2,300 feet of U.S. 136 will be                                                      The plan, which calls for $1.2 billion in
                                                  Norfolk Southern will introduce a            federal subsidies, reflects movement by
affected by the renovation. The road will
                                                  modified logo on an order of 50 General      Gunn and the Bush administration —
appear to be four lanes wide but actually
                                                  Motors SD70M’s set for delivery in           whose relations have often been strained
will be two lanes (one in each direction),
                                                  2003, industry sources said today,           — toward common ground on stabilizing
with driving shoulders that will let traffic
                                                  confirming rumors that had been              the railroad for the next year or two while
go around turning vehicles. The original
                                                  circulating this month.                      they prepare for later decisions on the
completion date was August 2003. Sides
says the contractor hopes to shave a
month off that. Officials estimate that the
CSX rail line will be closed only 40 hours
                                                  NS speed-
during one weekend in late October or
early November. That will let workers slide
                                                  logo will include an image of the NS         passenger train’s long-term future.
the new steel structure in place. After that
                                                  Thoroughbred’s head, neck and mane,
is done storm sewer work will be com-
                                                  similar to the logo that appears on the      Federal officials say they still want changes
pleted. (Via Railfans of Indianapolis)
                                                  railroad’s Web site, www.nscorp.com. It      in an organization that has never made
Editor:                                           will be the first change to the logo since   money in its 31-year history and long been
Our office is handling the construction           it was designed in 1982, when Norfolk        criticized as inefficient. But Deputy Trans-
review for CSX along with review of all           & Western and Southern merged to             portation Secretary Michael P. Jackson,
changes in the drawings. As of the end            form NS.                                     who represents the administration on
of September we were still reviewing                                                           Amtrak’s board, says the administration
and finding problems with the                     The locomotives – NS’s first major           will work with Congress to be certain that
redesign. The concrete redesign has               order with GM in two years – reportedly      Amtrak avoids another cash crisis similar
just been submitted for review. The               will be built with flared radiators, North   to the one that left passenger-train service
contractor will install drilled shafts for        American cabs, and standard control          within days of a nationwide shutdown in
the ends of the bridge structure. A cast-         stands. NS’s last new EMD’s were 10          July.
in-place abutment will be placed on               SD70M’s assembled at its Juniata, Pa.,

“I don’t think there’ll be a fight over hav-     must guarantee coverage of all losses.           built the Acela trains has completed tem-
ing enough money to survive,” said Gunn,         The state-subsidy program began many             porary repairs on enough of them to allow
who has met with Jackson and other ad-           years ago to help states establish passen-       a return to full service on weekends and
ministration officials in the past few weeks.    ger service that Amtrak would not other-         nearly full service on weekdays. Gunn
Gunn is scheduled to present the detailed        wise operate, but in most cases — except         also said passengers returned to the
budget to the Amtrak board of directors          in California and perhaps Washington             Acelas almost as soon as the trains were
today and Friday. He said that it will force     state — Amtrak still loses money.                back on the track. Amtrak estimated the
Amtrak to delay many worthy projects,                                                             service problems, involving cracked
such as major track work on the Northeast        Jackson said in an interview that the ad-        shock-absorber brackets, cost it $9 million
Corridor. All new projects will be delayed       ministration will continue to nudge Amtrak       in revenue in August. Meanwhile, Gunn
or killed, including a plan backed by Florida    toward basic “reforms” that would even-          has ordered further cuts in management
Gov. Jeb Bush (R) to restore passenger-          tually lead to more efficient operations         staff by Oct. 1. Partly because of those
train service to his state’s east coast          and franchising out some current Amtrak          cuts, Chief Operating Officer Stan Bagley
through Daytona Beach.                           service. But he said the administration          retired suddenly on Monday. And Kevin
                                                 wants Amtrak to be sufficiently funded in        E. Lydon, general manager of Amtrak’s
“All of that expansionary stuff is gone,”        the short term as well as through next year      commuter operations in Boston, said he
he said. He would not predict how many           — since it is unlikely the fiscal 2003 trans-    was fired when he refused to cut person-
of the projects would be revived. Gunn           portation appropriations bill will be passed     nel. Bagley was well respected within
said he will insist, however, on continuing      before the fiscal year begins Oct. 1.            Amtrak and had emerged as Gunn’s top
with a program to rebuild wreck-damaged                                                           lieutenant. But sources said he and Gunn
passenger cars. More than 100 passenger          Without an appropriations bill, Amtrak
                                                 and other transportation programs would          could not agree on laying off significant
cars have been sitting around for years,                                                          numbers of operating managers.
earning no revenue, because there was no         have to be funded by a temporary “con-
money to repair them.                            tinuing resolution.” But in that event,
                                                 Amtrak would receive funding only at the
With anything less than the full $1.2 bil-       monthly rate of the administration’s $521
lion requested, “We’re dead. It’s over,”
Gunn said during an interview and in a
                                                 million fiscal 2003 budget, meaning it would
                                                 face another cash crisis within weeks.
                                                                                                  Intermodal to knock
meeting with Washington Post editors
                                                 “The administration wants to work with
                                                                                                   coal off top spot in
and reporters.
All long-distance trains will continue to
                                                 Congress to find an appropriate continu-
                                                 ing resolution mechanism to allow Amtrak
                                                                                                    2003, study says
operate under the budget. Gunn said that         to operate until the fiscal 2003 budget is        
the future of the long-distance train is a       passed,” Jackson said. Administration            King coal may be losing his railroad crown.
political decision for Congress and the          sources said no “reforms” will be tied to        Intermodal traffic is expected to dethrone
administration but that he will not object       the continuing resolution, and the               coal as the largest single source of railroad
if Congress sets financial performance           administration’s requests for fiscal 2003        revenue by the end of next year, according
guidelines for those services, with those        will not be extensive. They said the admin-      to a study commissioned by the Associa-
that do not meet the standards being             istration will ask that the bill clear the way   tion of American Railroads. 
discontinued unless the states want to           for private enterprise to operate some
contribute.                                      Amtrak routes as an experiment, to deter-        “People will have to start thinking of rail-
                                                 mine whether competition could lead to           roads differently now,” said Thomas R.
“I don’t mind having to be held to some          more efficient service. Such service could       Brown, an author of the study. “Freight
standard,” he said. The budget will reflect      then be set up in fiscal 2004. Gunn said he      railroads are an increasingly significant
at least two major changes to Amtrak’s           still considers franchising unrealistic be-      delivery service for household products,
strategy, he said. First, money-losing ex-       cause Amtrak has the “gene pool” to              in addition to bulk commodities like coal
press freight service will end, although         operate passenger trains, particularly an        and grain.”
Amtrak will continue to haul mail, which is      operation like the Washington-Boston
profitable. Express service, which involves                                                       The study, conducted by Brown and Wall
                                                 Northeast Corridor. “We are the only game        Street analyst Anthony Hatch, assumed
adding freight cars to Amtrak trains, was        in town when it comes to an electrified
supposed to help Amtrak become opera-                                                             that current intermodal, coal, and eco-
                                                 railroad,” he said.                              nomic trends would continue when con-
tionally self-sufficient. Instead, it has been
a financial drag, delayed passenger trains       Meanwhile, Amtrak appears to be emerg-           cluding that intermodal will overtake coal
and angered the freight railroads that           ing from the chaos caused by mechanical          next year.Despite its past growth – and
Amtrak depends on to operate long-dis-           problems with its Acela high-speed trains,       projected growth of 5% in each of the next
tance trains.                                    just as it is entering internal personnel        several years – intermodal remains
                                                 chaos.                                           underutilized.
Second, he said, over the next two years,
states that subsidize certain Amtrak routes      The Bombardier-Alstom consortium that            “Intermodal has the potential to become

the core of our long-distance freight trans-    tween two extremes, Gunn said in an inter-      To gain credibility, Gunn has switched to
portation networks, and to make substan-        view in his Washington office. Hard-lin-        a budget system that doesn’t require an
tial inroads in new markets,” Brown said.       ers, arguing that government should not         accounting degree to understand. “You
“This can be accomplished through the           own a railroad, have been trying to kill        can spend a day going through these
addition of new capacity in certain lanes       Amtrak since Congress created it in 1971.       sheets and know what we’re spending
and through the introduction of incen-          On the other side, passionate proponents        money on,” he said, holding up the docu-
tives for new intermodal investments.”          have offered nothing huge and costly            ment he would present to his board the
                                                projects, Gunn said. “If you have some-         next day. Turning to a page, Gunn asked:
The study recommended three incentives          thing that is reasonable and that doesn’t       “Want to know what this $4.8 million is
to spur further railroad investment in          break the bank, and produces results in         for?
intermodal facilities and capacity:             our lifetime, a lot of people will come into
                                                the fray and take the argument away from      Glad you asked. Here’s the specific project.
Eliminate the 4.3-cent per gallon fuel tax on                                                 It’s going for cable renewal between mile-
railroads, which unlike the trucking indus-     the extremes,” Gunn said. This must hap-
                                                pen soon, he said. “This place can’t muddle   post 29.5 and 135.” Turning to another
try get nothing in return for the tax.                                                        section, he said: “Here’s a list of wrecked
                                                through much longer.
Provide tax incentives to companies that                                                                         cars we’re going to re-
invest in intermodal infrastructure.                                                                             pair. Here’s the sched-
                                                 “Most taxpayers would be rather outraged if they knew           ule.” Gunn has thinned
Create public-private partnerships to fi-        that they had to fork over $212 every time a person rides       management to the point
nance rail infrastructure improvement            the train from Louisville to Chicago. For that amount, the      where there was an eerie
projects that provide public benefits, such      government could simply send for a limo.”                       quiet at corporate head-
as reductions in traffic congestion or im-                                                                       quarters last Wednes-
provements in air quality.                       —Terry Carmack, chief of staff for Rep. Anne Northrup,
                                                                                                                 day. Where other chiefs
                                                 R-Ky., who planned to back a bill that would limit federal
Via Trains On-Line                                                                                               show up at the Wash-
                                                 subsidies to Amtrak trains that lose less than $200 per
                                                                                                                 ington Post editorial
                                                 passenger. Carmack, quoted in The Courier-Journal of
                                                                                                                 board in chauffeur-
                                                 Louisville, was referring to Amtrak’s Kentucky Cardinal.
  Gunn hopes simple                              Editor: Now lets see, the airlines have lost billions,
                                                                                                                 driven cars, Gunn
                                                                                                                 walked in Tuesday from
   budget will sway                              wonder what that loss per passenger is for the
                                                                                                                 the nearby Metro sub-
                                                                                                                 way stop.
  Congress to back                                                                                                The outcome of
      Amtrak                                    It has to have some stability or we’ll start    Amtrak’s struggles will have a profound
                                                                                                impact on the Philadelphia region. If Gunn
                                                running out of equipment; bridges and
                                                                                                succeeds, Philadelphia would be in an
    with $1.2 billion.                          signal systems will begin to fail,” Gunn
                                                said. Long-term, state and local govern-        even stronger position to attract compa-
                                                ment must share in the cost of the nation’s     nies that value easy rail access to New
After four months on the job, Amtrak’s                                                          York and Washington.
new president, David Gunn, says he has          passenger rail system, akin to the way
figured out how to save the bedraggled          they share the cost of highway construc-        Gunn, 65, has a much broader and deeper
national passenger railroad. He’s using         tion and transit systems, he said.              railroad background than his recent pre-
the railroad’s brush with bankruptcy in         “If it’s all federal,” Gunn laughed, “I’ll be   decessors. “He’s had experience across
July to focus broader attention on how          like a piece of chum in a tank of barracudas.   the board. He knows rail operations, the
many regions would be hurt if Amtrak            Everybody wants free service. You’ve            technology and the human resource side
stopped running. And he is going to seek        got to have something that disciplines          of the fence,” said John C. Spychalski of
support from a large group of government        requests.”                                      Pennsylvania State University, a noted
officials and business leaders that has                                                         transportation scholar. Gunn’s incremen-
stayed on the sidelines of the never-re-        Gunn is asking Congress for $1.2 billion        tal approach makes sense, Spychalski
solved debate that has left Amtrak with         for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, more    said, adding: “When you put forth a com-
barely enough funds to keep going               than double the $521 million subsidy it got     prehensive long-range strategic plan that
throughout its 31-year history.                 this year. A final federal budget is unlikely   develops rail service to its full potential,
                                                until after the November elections. That        the cost clearly causes a rush to the exits
He calls his new target audience “the           additional money is urgently needed, he         among politicians.”
mushy middle - mushy in terms of their          says, to catch up on long-deferred main-
views toward rail.” These people consti-        tenance, get wrecked railcars returned to       Amtrak has been in financial trouble since
tute a majority in Congress and state leg-      service, and make long-overdue improve-         Congress created it in 1971, bowing to a
islatures, he said.                             ments to track and signals.                     railroad industry, beset by bankruptcies,
                                                                                                that wanted to abandon money-losing
For decades they have been caught be-
passenger service.                             he spent his time overhauling transit systems. He was general manager of SEPTA from
                                               1979 to 1984. He prefers the tried and proven. For example, when he was called out of
Its brush with bankruptcy has its roots in     his retirement retreat in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in May, he moved into the same
1997, when the Republican-controlled           apartment building, near Washington’s Reagan National Airport, where he had lived
Congress decreed that Amtrak must wean         when he was general manager of the Metro transit system in the early 1990s.
itself from federal operating subsidies by
this fall. Gunn’s two predecessors, first      To save Amtrak, Gunn said, “we need to achieve modest victories in new high-speed
Thomas Downs and later George                  corridors,” not try to mimic Japan and Europe with bullet trains.
Warrington, tried to meet that goal by
spending money on capital improvement          “Once you attempt speeds over 150 miles an hour, it gets very complicated and very
projects they hoped would lower operat-        expensive. There are many places where 110-mile-an-hour technology can compete
ing costs. They invested, for example, in      with airlines and cars,” Gunn said.
new technology and tried to reduce main-       “With what they’re doing at airports - making you take your shoes off and be searched
tenance costs with more frequent over-         - and the delays,” Gunn said, “we can have an hour penalty on running-time and beat
hauls of equipment.                            the airlines.”
“The accounting system became per-
verted because of this glide path to self-                                   Wheel Report
sufficiency. Who knows how I would
have responded in that environment.                             Additional Alcos in Watseka area.
Management went through contortions
to drive down the operating budget,” Gunn      I finally managed to contact Cameron Charles, president of Watseka Farmers Grain Co.
said.                                          He expects both RS-11’s to be delivered before the end of this month. They will be used
                                               for in-plant switching at two locations: Pittwood, a new facility north of Watseka along
Amtrak’s chance of meeting the self-suf-       the UP/CSX line, and Darrow, located on the ex-Milw route of the KBS. I’ve never been
ficiency mandate was doomed by early           to either place, but they must be pretty big operations to warrant RS-11’s rather than
last year when it became apparent that         critters or trackmobiles. He has no plans to repaint them anytime soon, and he says
Congress would come up with only half of       they will retain their original numbers.
the promised capital improvement money.
Then long delays in the introduction of        My understanding is they plan to use a siding at Pittwood to hold enough cars (65 I
new high-speed Acela Express trains            believe) to take advantage of lower shipping rates. I don’t know if the siding is in place
robbed it of badly needed new revenue.         or has to be installed. I would assume the same thing at Darrow.
The picture went from bad to worse when        Internet via Bill Gustason
the economy slumped after Sept. 11.            Cruise line orders 89-foot dome car - Cruise line Holland America has ordered 89-foot
Over the last year, Amtrak lacked funds to     dome cars – billed as the longest ever built – from Colorado Railcar for use on Alaska
repair wrecked or damaged cars. With no        tourist trains. The company is ordering four of the $3 million cars, which will feature
spares on many routes, there was little        windows that offer views to the front and back of the car, the Associated Press reported.
time and staff to make minor repairs and       The cars will enter service on the Alaska Railroad next spring. Via Trains On-Line
clean cars thoroughly, as was evident          Terre Haute Train Show and Toy Train Swap meet will be at the Terre Haute National
from rattles and filth on trains last week.    Guard Armory this year on Saturday Nov. 16, 2002 10 AM - 3 PM. Dealer set-up starts
“When was the last time this restroom was      at 7:30 AM, Admission $3 for 12 and up with under 12 free with paid adult. For more
cleaned? There’s a big puddle on               information contact Jim Nolan 963 Main St. Sullivan, IN 47882 (812) 268-6667 or
                                               via e-mail jnolan@joink.com
the floor,” a woman complained to the
conductor on the Washington-to-Bos-
ton Train 66 Wednesday evening. “All I
can suggest is that you try one of the other
cars,” the conductor replied.
Gunn has spent a lot of time on trains.
After earning a master’s degree in busi-
ness administration from Harvard Busi-
ness School in 1962, he went to work for
the old Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and
spent as many as 200 nights a year in
sleeping cars.
From the mid-1970s until he retired in 1999,


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