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									Xiang Bing: Training world-class entrepreneurs in China
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(This column for the newspaper an exclusive interview, without permission, declined

    ?Xiang Bing: Cheung Kong Graduate School professor and founder of Dean.
Teaching at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
Europe International Business School and Peking University. July 1, 1999 to join
Professor at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, tutor of doctoral
students over the same time founded the Guanghua School of Management, EMBA
and short-term training centers senior managers.
    ?In recent years, Dr. Bing Xiang has been an active advocate of
"standing on the moon to see the Earth" global vision of
China's economic and national business opportunities and challenges
facing, and proposes "to take the situation, Ming, excellent
technique" way of thinking.

   ?Dean's main job is not to make money

    "International Aviation News": Initially, what kind of
opportunity for acceptance of the Ka-shing's Cheung Kong Graduate
School invited to serve as the principal?
    ?Xiang Bing: I founded the auspices of Peking University Guanghua School of
Management EMBA and short-term training projects, senior managers, there is an
idea, hope to build a covered pan-Asian business schools, including Japan and South
Korea. As we all know, Stanford, Harvard and other top educational institutions in the
world by private donations. Well, the Chinese world, the most eligible donors to
create a world-class business schools, is Mr. Li had. This is not just because he is the
richest Chinese, and his respected in the management level, he explores the
management model has been recognized throughout the world.
    ?In addition, there are several very important reasons: first, as an independent
business school, the Yangtze River is more likely to form their own independent spirit
and culture, which for the Yangtze River to achieve world-class business school
dreams, is very important; second, Li Ka-shing (Overseas) Foundation for financial
support, so that professors can devote themselves to the Yangtze River in academic
research, to create original management practices have a significant impact on new
ideas. Western management concepts beyond the mouthpiece model into China; third,
do not toil headache on how to make money, which helps to create a superior, relaxed
atmosphere of academic freedom; Fourth, Li Ka-shing patriotic feelings of the
patriotic heart mother I am deeply touched, we all have the same dream, that is, a
group of Chinese culture with social responsibility, world-class entrepreneurs.
    "International Aviation News": Cheung Kong Graduate
School of the Students are the main bosses of private enterprises, why do you special
attention to such a group?
    ?Xiang Bing: China really need a true world-class business school, in order to
achieve this goal, first of all must be able to attract world-class professors. Second, we
must study the challenges faced by Chinese enterprises. Why the emerging markets,
private enterprise as the primary object of study and clients? Stanford, Harvard will
study Chinese enterprises, even if research is also of interest to individual professors,
which is the Yangtze River can be better than their strengths, that differentiation
    ?Cheung Kong Graduate School's mission is to train a group of
indomitable Chinese world-class enterprises and entrepreneurs. Our initial orientation,
its focus is national enterprises, including private enterprises and state-owned
enterprises. MBA is to train future business leaders, came a platoon leader, company
commander out hope that the excellent, battalion commander, it is very important.
However, the current development trend in China, China National Enterprises none of
the senior management of large systems management training received, I think we can
take a different path and the United States, the short term we can focus on business
management and education of high-level (such as Chairman and Managing Director),
the commander and the army, division chief from the training set. So from the
perspective of social responsibility and benefits of, or the EMBA program as a current
focus of development.
    ?Some people think that to do business school and the EMBA program is to make
money, but in fact it is incompatible for CKGSB false. A serious business school,
must have its own team of world-class professor, and professor of world-class
research grant support, only then can the Business School Chaoyue
"Peixunjigou." World-class business school is not making
money, the U.S. top business schools in the school fees for their operating costs
20-30%. In order to make money and running, it is easy to lose the soul of the school.
Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, the success of top educational institutions, first,
because the rich and the generosity of alumni, professors can devote themselves to
academic research, the principal's main purpose is not to make money but
to build a world-class educational institutions. The difference between the Yangtze
River is the Li Ka Shing Foundation, a strong financial support, making Cheung Kong
Graduate School to focus on building world-class businesses.
    "International Aviation News": China has been promoting
independent innovation, but you seem to think that Chinese businesses to success
does not go this route, there are many other play, What is the source of this idea?
Something to do with your long teaching abroad and learn about?
    ?Xiang Bing: This is my continuous learning and precipitation related. I think the
most important thing is beyond thinking and vision. 1840 so far, we consider the
problem more than a bottom-up view of looking up, something high above the West,
we consider the Western idea of how the theory and Chinese practice. Under this
thinking, we choose the schools for the body, or Western for the body, or a
compromise. This vision and way of thinking focused on copying and catching up, in
which the ideal state of thinking and vision among the very few leads and beyond.
This is a bit like the Da Vinci of the space, to go beyond the Da Vinci. This is why I
have been advocating in recent years watching the Earth from the Moon, and advocate
top-down look down.
    ?If we can not go beyond vision and way of thinking, it is difficult to Starbucks
coffee made, and can not generate Google, MySpace and Microsoft's such
a great commercial. U.S. service sector accounted for 82% of its GDP, the
service's top enterprises in the traditional sense is not the core technology,
such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, but it can also become an indomitable
world-class enterprise. We may need to go beyond "technology"
from the broader perspective to consider China's economic and enterprise
development. Can be said that the expansion of vision and thinking, may help Chinese
enterprises to open a new sky.
    ?China's reform and opening up has made great achievements in three
decades, economic globalization, we must learn to use the global perspective, global
resources, the whole world as us. This may require us beyond the narrow national
brand, we want the world to learn, study aims to go beyond, not follow, nor copy.

   ?Real breakthrough in Chinese enterprises: the mainstream industry and the
mainstream market

    "International Aviation News": some of your theories such
as the new foreign affairs strategy, the chain of the chain's competition,
how kind of adaptation in the country? Are there any success stories?
    ?Xiang Bing: New Westernization strategy has three lever leverage the world,
which are associated with a huge domestic market. The first lever is a high-value
service firms such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile, the
world's market capitalization had become the industry's largest
companies. These high value of the company, can be in the same industry with
world-class convertible foreign strategy, a joint venture with top multinational
companies worldwide. Such as China Mobile, and Vodafone may consider convertible.
I can help you deal with the Chinese market, you help me deal with the global market
outside of China, China Mobile and Vodafone join forces, dominate the global
communications market - the leverage that is leveraging one of the world.
    ?Another lever is the domestic market orders, which used a "chain of
chain competition" theory. From the whole industrial chain, some
businesses in China's domestic market share of orders for large global
market share of orders, such as electrical equipment, railway and so on. Upstream
through the lower orders for equity strategy, and the upper reaches of the
world's top multinational companies in the industry global joint venture to
jointly dominate the global market. Electrical equipment such as procurement of the
national grid each year more than 300 billion yuan, so that we can become
world's top three manufacturers of electrical equipment as a lever for
global joint venture.
    ?The third lever is the foreign exchange reserves. Chinese companies are good at
doing the middle of the process chain link, but the highest value-added chain ends,
then the hands of the transnationals. From the national level, economic and social
risks in the two long-term development. So I said, we can come up with a
considerable portion of foreign exchange reserves, shares excellent at both ends of the
global industrial chain, multinational corporations. I emphasize not a stake in a
company, but overall shares of several industry leading companies. We should buy as
much as possible to avoid holding type, because our existing management capacity is
not strong.
    "International Aviation News": it looks like you a lot of
concepts apply to large domestic enterprises, such as its ability to be convertible, but
for some small and medium enterprises in China?
    ?Xiang Bing: I think that Chinese companies need to change, the first way of
thinking. For example, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Humanities attach great
importance to the importance of education for management, but we do not have to
send professors to study Christianity, Islam and science, but to persuade the new
master of Professor Du Weiming Confucianism as the Yangtze River Humanities
Committee. He is already a world-class division within the humanities, is the United
Nations "to promote dialogue between civilizations eminent persons
group" members. Tu Wei-ming with the power of teachers, can we
organize a team of world-class humanities professor. In this way, Cheung Kong
Graduate School Humanities Council launched the date is a world-class, I precipitated
the humanities around the world as we are settling. Can be said that a high state of
thinking is different, it might be different.
    ?I hope that some qualified Chinese companies to go beyond the traditional ways
of thinking, beyond the existing pattern of behavior. The problem of Chinese
enterprises is one of the largest vision too, "China"
Homogeneity of thinking. Enterprises will focus on price, cost, competition often
results in "self-inflicted 800 kills 1000." This approach, when
we Chinese companies to become a mainstream industry players in this sector of the
middle class may become a proletariat.

   ?Can not cross the bottom line of businesses to pursue profits

    "International Aviation News": In 2008, China's
manufacturing industry is facing a great crisis, Guangdong, Zhejiang, some
manufacturers have closed down, but some economists think that this is the industrial
restructuring process appears inevitable. Do you think the future of these
manufacturing enterprises in China?
    ?Xiang Bing: the present situation, the global economic situation has undergone
great changes, our government hands are N more cards, such as tax cuts, interest rates,
are an effective means to maintain economic stability. But I think, perhaps equally
important that the Government should be market deregulation, the industry will be
more open to private enterprise, an active market, promote competition and create
more opportunities for development. In this regard, the Chinese government than the
United States and other developed countries, governments have more and more
effective economic stimulus.
    "International Aviation News": Sanlu milk powder incident
exposed the dairy industry in our country there has long been the terrible phenomenon,
you analyzed the breach of business ethics, corporate real reason to make such things?
    ?Xiang Bing: Most people would not think of how milk is added melamine, and
even the world's most advanced equipment are not detected. For this
problem, we should not look for any excuse, but to reflect on the overall business
value. Enterprises can not in pursuit of a few hundred points of revenue growth to
exceed the value of the bottom line. If we ignore the moral bottom line individuals
and institutions, we construct commercial buildings for many years may be collapsed.
Generations of hard work from the brand and reputation may be ruined. From the
heart of the identity and importance of moral bottom line is an international business
enterprise is a necessary condition for acceptance. For this, we can not have fun on
occasion and any chance of mind.
    "International Aviation News": There are more and more
business schools began to focus on Chinese culture in business management role.
Some entrepreneurs even said he liked to read "Journey to the
West", "Three Kingdoms", and his decisions are
from the classics. How do you think of Chinese culture on Chinese Enterprises?
      Xiang Bing: our sages left behind many valuable ideas of wealth, we can give
full respect to absorb and inheritance. Must have a lot of the essence of Chinese
culture, but we should also see the limitations of which we should go beyond the
traditional way of positive thinking. More importantly, in globalization, we must have
a global perspective, active global learning. So that we can control the future
world-class enterprise.

   ?China is likely to occur world-class commercial

    "International Aviation News": You always thought that
despite a lot of rich people in China, it is difficult to occur a number of great business
agencies, there is a management consultant, also said China's reform and
opening up, not out over three years of a world-class enterprise home, how do you
evaluate China's entrepreneurs?
    ?Xiang Bing: In the past three decades, the efforts of Chinese entrepreneurs have
created enormous wealth for the society, in the non-mainstream industries achieved
great success, the output of many products to do the first in the world. But in the
mainstream industry, national enterprises are not substantive breakthrough so far.
Large degree, European and American multinationals in developed countries to low
value-added, polluting industries to China. China's export-oriented
enterprises to realize the limitations of the economic growth model, the future, our
dreams should be the mainstream industry and the mainstream market, higher value to
the global industrial chain links expand. So, what we rely on to enhance their global
competitiveness? This is what we have to consider. China's economic
development achievements of a group of wealthy, in the near future, we will be a
group of extremely wealthy of the wealthy, this is an important achievement of
economic development. More worthy of our attention is: we can out of a group of
world-class businesses.
    "International Aviation News": Yan Kai and established a
"Xiangshan of Arrow" body, he thinks the university to do
business schools simply have no future because there is no business of practical
experience, Professor, how do you see his point of view?
    ?Xiang Bing: So far, there is no business running a world-class university. From
Harvard, Stanford to Puleston, so many excellent business schools are run by
non-corporate. Corporate university problem is difficult to accommodate world-class
professors teach, research professor of the scope and content is very broad.
    ?However, the business management of education in promoting the unique and
has its role. Operating costs such as system, invented by the Japanese companies, was
summed up by the U.S. top business schools, and promote the world. Business School
can 将 theory of corporate practice, this view, a great company again, Du more like a
tree, it could be a case of practice. Enterprises in the Business School's
core values are not you successful or not, but there is no reference to other companies
of significance. What can be copied and which are necessary avoided. So, to say,
business school professors and entrepreneurs should be a complementary relationship,
not interchangeable.

   ?Hope to influence entrepreneurial way of thinking

    "International Aviation News": Now do the things that your
ideal career?
    ?Xiang Bing: Yes, it has not changed. After I graduated to Canada read MBA,
received his PhD later, I realized that not only should do research, more importantly,
with modern management theory and concepts to grasp the enormous resources of the
armed group of Chinese entrepreneurs. If they have a positive change of thinking,
they will have a tremendous positive economic development impact. This view, if I
joined a company, a company may be affected. If through our efforts, if a group of
outstanding management can go to China to teach and train a group of world-class
entrepreneurs and to promote China's produce a great commercial
institutions, and this is the best thing.
    "International Aviation News": the process of engaging in
business education, you feel the most happy thing to do?
    ?Xiang Bing: I am most happy thing is that the students gain: First, the success of
their business, and second, many students study in the Yangtze River, it can make
many very good friends. Because of this they become more sun, more optimistic,
more positive response with a more positive attitude towards their lives. President and
general manager to become happy, and staff also became happy, and social benefits to
be progressively enlarged, not just sales revenue, profit increases.
    ?We hope to be able to truly domestic companies Cheung Kong Graduate School
of president and general manager reduced to "human." As the
saying goes, standing above the crowd, made chairman and general manager, after the
30-year-old hard to make friends of iron, is difficult to share pain and joy. We solved
this problem and improve their quality of life, they are not among business dealings,
but to share the joy, to bear the pain.
    "International Aviation News": Liu Xiaofeng wrote a book
called "this generation's fear and love", you think
you of this generation's ideals and concern is what?
    ?Xiang Bing: I am an optimist, do not consider the success or failure. The biggest
problem in order to judge men too utilitarian. If this is really meaningful experience
of the failure of the later may also have a great effect. Each person who can enjoy the
ultimate success, it would be too selfish and too narrow a bit.
    ?I have two hopes, the first great hope that China can a group of business
organizations, like IBM, Toyota, only way to consolidate China's economy,
businesses large and strong to the middle class is possible to become mainstream,
which is to create a harmonious economic basis of society. Secondly, I hope China
can a group of great world leaders of commercial organizations. I hope that after 20
years, perhaps longer, the Yangtze, MBA graduates may become IBM,
Toyota's global chairman of this company. Why the Yangtze River in the
global business school first introduced the humanities? Is to train full of passion, there
is very strong spirit, while entrepreneurs in globally competitive.
    ?As for the concern, I think a lot of entrepreneurs or too anxious, lack of
"Bie De live" spirit. In addition, our entrepreneurs should not
arise because of the success of past complacency. In globalization, the ability to learn
is essential, then the world should learn from success, lost the ability to learn will be a
big problem.
    ?Comparison of India, I saw, although some Indian cities appeared dirty and
disorderly, infrastructure is not possible, and in Beijing, Shanghai par, but India is out
of a group of indomitable, world-class entrepreneurs. Their global perspective, global
docking ability of Chinese entrepreneurs are worthy of study. Their global
acquisitions, encroaching, really gives us a very big shock, they have a
"global response to global" capability.

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