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					                      Terrific Travel Tips For Summer
You prepare everything for the road trip during summer and all that is left is to enjoy the drive.
There is a list of tips below you might want to check out before packing up the car.

Summer tires should be in place, if not, go get it done. Around a pound of tire pressure is lost
each month from a standard tire so check the tires prior to leaving. What is crucial to avoiding
tread separation or a blowout is proper tire inflation since optimal road and tire contact is

Pay attention to the condition of fluids. See if the oil needs changing. The owner manual for your
vehicle includes oil suggestions from the car maker. Inspect the radiator particularly its coolant
and anti freeze mixture content. A 50 to 50 coolant to water ratio is the ideal for achieving
optimized thermal regulation in both summer and wintry weathers.

Make an overall assessment of the car. Ask a mechanic to inspect the hoses and belts before
taking the trip. Wiper blades usually last just a year so check yours for efficiency. Finally, check
the battery and if yours is more than 3 years old, have it tested at a certified automotive repair

Include emergency paraphernalia in the vehicle. Changing tires can mean soiled clothing prevent
this from happening by taking along a blanket and storing it with other emergency items like
flares and jumper cables or flashlights. You never know when supplies will run out so be sure to
pack spare clothing and water plus some non perishable goods and a bunch of tools including
pliers and screwdrivers plus other items you deem essential.

People can really go to extremes when they are about to take a road trip winding up packing
even unnecessary items from pillows to compact discs to coolers. There is no need to bring a
whole lot so just pack the basics. The hotel will take care of your shampoo needs so no need to
bring extra. You are going to a hotel not the woods so there will be washers and dryers there for
doing laundry which means bringing 10 pairs of shorts is not required.

When done picking out what you will bring pack them just so that they do not interfere with your
view of the road. Keep the load even all around and if hauling items in an SUV or pickup put the
heaviest pieces in the center or close to it in the car for better handling.

Driving while feeling dopy is a top cause of road mishaps. Make absolutely sure you get a good
night’s rest before spending a long time behind the wheel. Coffee caffeine could perk you up
temporarily but it is often followed by a downtime. Take time to rest by switching drivers every
couple of hours and stopping frequently. Small bladders mean more frequent restroom stops
which actually contributes to lowering the freeway fatigue risk.

The hours driving for miles and miles on highways plus the unruly kids behind your seat and the
exhaustion all make for the perfect road rage recipe. Word to the wise keep your cool. Tailgating
is wrong and the same goes for hogging the road so never do them but always use car signals. If
people were just a little nicer to each other then road rage would be a distant memory. You will
not encounter problems on the road trip drive during the summer if you think about the travel
tips mentioned here.
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Description: You prepare everything for the road trip during summer and all that is left is to enjoy the drive. There is a list of tips below you might want to check out before packing up the car.