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The recent very unhappy, and his girlfriend see <Myth> read, quite
unhappy, and by the "myth" drew a series of thought let me add
worry worry, anyway, is guilty of a worry, ah ~ Fan pumping a bit.
Of course, this is a lively topic, we can think that I take this speculation, anyway, the
basic elements of speculation I have a. Is not known. Not on fire, and 2. Simply did
not name the three. Well-known fire or not fire the no name.
That question right now
This "myth" and Western "myth" two
"Myth" is not a "myth" (this point was
interesting, not a cabbage, Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage), are myths, ye
movies and TV series such a big gap on the squeeze? (Fan Wei language!)
Movie "Myth" director Stanley Tong, director drama no return
came when TV started shooting artistic director Stanley Tong, first I kinda expected,
was a look out, there is a street to buy food, Cai Fanzi gave me a feeling of insect
food basket .
In fact, the title pretty well hung, no return is and the meaning, to the TV when the
artistic director, may I ask the audience, you can see from the television show, any
arts-related things into effect? Implying that Yaopai when the shell is LG? So far no
return, and Stanley Tong had doubts in private in the end is doing what kind of
relationship or transaction,
If the TV set to entertain the public or for public entertainment-based, that it is
successful, the ratings are so high, it is an indisputable fact, but he has nothing more,
in terms of history, scenery, plot , figure 3 concept, the details of it, (and so will ye go
into detail in 11) that it is overturned table ---- Montreal, tableware, cups, tea sets.
TV in the spoof of you that are wrong, spoof some attention to these things, is
pumping his heart cold sub-sub then suddenly you do not drill, so you unparalleled
ecstasy, this drama is not empty go out into your body free extract, not a little
technical content This is obviously fucks Well, if true spoof should add a
"Jingke Ci Qin" story is this "edge of the Yi River
before Jingkeciqin singing sorrowful hip-hop, Gao Jianli name of drums to send him,
it is to pull the wind. Unfortunately, Jing Xueyibujing small, sharp flat meal was the
King of Qin, Jing a rage, under a small open legs, red king made a very sexually
suggestive movements, Qinwang Li Ma in exchange for 300 eunuchs, small Jing
immediately Five limbs spurting died five forces "
To highlight of my senses, give one to subject, I had an argument (true Fan smoke, eat
too much and feel uncomfortable)
?Question drama "myth" in the end Ze Yang
Party ideas: TV Logic-year-old children are even less than it is to degrade the
"myth", it is not fun I am an audience is a large audience in the
entertainment (a strange remark sounds familiar), example: the first episode that
mining site does not say, (another day I get with a Pig mask the fruit knife to the
archaeological site thieves go, this safety factor is much higher) Episode, Xiang Yu
Hu Ge with martial arts training with a spring, summer autumn and winter, and Hu Ge
was To think of the festival, their hair long so long, his LG even has electricity (writer,
this is how many mAh battery? what to buy?), as well as the third and fourth ... the
50th. Details: What will the director in the end all people and things through the, ah,
ye Liu Bangxiao was burning paper money for Ogawa, Liu Bang Bang indeed, know
the future. Ogawa B, on the very cattle Penpower said, "You burned the
paper is useless," the Housing a lot of paper in the windows, ah, Ogawa
said he wanted items badminton racket a photo albums, Xiang Yu do not know but
can judge the whole state, "You said I do not know what
photography," cried the Great Wall that sets Meng There is a saying that
yesterday found a large number of yi tang from Xianyang. . (They take the train to the
Great Wall, ah, or Harmony) Yu Shu will ink, she can really tide ah, Gaoyao also fried
potatoes in the Qin Dynasty silk, really want to taste the flavor Ze Yang. Also ah.
Scriptwriter. Is 4000W investment can only make you create a scene so, anyhow
series created by computer-point potential ah. You saw Meng Jiajun like African
refugee camps like. Your wife forces you to look dry to early ? This New Year is not
yet to you? You the nerve to say more than "find love in mind"
is not shy.
Story is also pretty good selling point. But I always have a question: Yu Shu and
Ogawa in the end how good you are on? Also how much love at first sight ah? In
ancient times, people are so bold as writings to be finished? If you want to involve the
historical drama, then stand at attention correct your attitude, at least get Kaopu ah. Of
course, you wanted to take unofficial I have nothing to say, so it has failed in this
drama too sorry people had. With no points and fiction
Has room view: bring it it away for good, the story is good or bad depends a whole,
Goof TV films which can not evade. Do not use the rhetoric can not change history,
can be said that in addition to the modern history of previous history is half-truths, can
not take history for subject matter, then what history is not something to do. Then rule
the world might be a monkey, lying on the tree on the people.
TV caters to the tastes of most viewers, viewers like to watch the TV that is good TV
So it. This is a successful TV series (uh ~ has side view a little less afraid of too much
code word not to send Sina)
Finally to a brief incisive film critic
In fact, the myth is a good movie, just look for problems is to prevent future similar
work out the errors, warning, not a complete denial and put an end to this film. There
are good people say, please say a bad place and the wrong place, prick is not a bad
thing is a good thing to help improve future videos. Wrong to say that this drama lot
that is quite a loyal audience and the judges. When you're playing
basketball referee, you can not unreasonable Black Whistle blowing, but can not see
the foul does not whistle. The audience is judge, television is the players. Judge how
to do it, then how is the film critic wrote. Video is wrong do not speak, also applau ded
the blind pursuit. So instead of Chinese film will not advance slowly back. Cry out
that the error bar. But do not reject the works that is what we love, but he too is not
perfect fills our only hope, he can be more perfect!
ps: I am more and more like Chang Shih, and he will play the role of Zhao Gao
speech to the extreme, Sands performed Susu is also a big highlight of the two is my
favorite play. Zhang Bing performed Yu-Shu, the truth, lack of temperament. can not
make people think that this is a princess, but that is a dancer. Easy Ogawa corner - this
very tangled, from the acting point of Hu Ge speech, quite good, I wonder , he in the
end a character portrait of what? Hero? Knight? Selfish ghost? Mentally? Animal in
nature? Idiot? I do not understand extremely difficult to understand. (Please note that
if you savored this role you will have my way of thinking, for example: why did not
believe he should be believed Gaoyao Liu Bang? In order not to change history? Can
he do All is not change history? also on the love of loyalty, I have rarely said,
Characterization of the role anyway so I am puzzled ah)
PPS: finished successfully received, to the audience to please the right seat.
PPPS: in front of an audience, do not smoke, do not know who thought what I was
writing Sin Hup

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