; World University Rankings 2009
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World University Rankings 2009


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									World University Rankings 2009
North America Chinese Web Roundup: from the British "Times Higher
Education" (Times Higher Education-QS World University) and other
organizations jointly organized the "World University Rankings
2009" has revealed, there are 11 universities in Canada into the world top
200. Including McGill University in Montreal (McGill University) No. 18; the
University of Toronto ranked 29; University of British Columbia (UBC) ranked 40;
Alberta ranked the 59th.
China, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University and Chinese University of
Hong Kong again ranked the world's top 50 universities, including
University of Hong Kong ranked 24th in Asia behind only Japan ranked 22 University
of Tokyo.
According to local media reports, on the 7th officially announced the
"World University Rankings 2009", academic performance, the
employer assessment, students and professors of international level, teacher-student
ratio and citations as its thesis the world university rankings, is the most authoritative
related messages.
This year's ranking is still topped Harvard University, Harvard University
has been for 6 years, the world's best universities; replaced Cambridge
University Yale University is ranked No. 2, which is relegated to No. 3. Top 10
universities in the United States accounted for six, the United Kingdom accounted for
Little information: the world's top 20 universities
?Harvard University, Cambridge, Yale University, University College London
(University College London), Imperial College London (Imperial College London),
Oxford University, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, MIT, California
Institute of Technology.
Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University,
Duke University, Cornell University, Stanford University, the Australian National
University (Australian National University), McGill University, University of
Michigan (University of Michigan), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH
Zurich) and University of Edinburgh, tied for No. 20.

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