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									World Summit on Emerging Technologies EmTech Introduction and Schedule
"EmTech the World Summit on Emerging Technologies" is a
Technology       Review       (MIT     "Technology      Pioneer")
magazine's annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston (MIT)
to host a large summit, which focused the world's most cutting-edge
technology of today's innovations will be the most innovative force of
scientists, laboratories, large multinational corporations and new enterprises come
together to exchange and to promote a major change in the future technology trends.

Every year, the summit is the focus of the global technology sector. Many of the
scientific and technological achievements are the first and the world at this summit
meeting, the Summit is the world's science and technology to investors and
closely related fields of the event. "EmTech the World Summit on
Emerging Technologies," a concern for every high-tech change have the
opportunity to close contact with the world's most innovative laboratories
and from around the world's most innovative companies and entrepreneurs,
to tell you how to lead their companies to always stand in the forefront of the trend.
Innovation and technology leaders face to face, feel a strong scientific and
technological innovation a driving force of economic development.

2010, "EmTech World Emerging Technology Summit" held in
Guangzhou, China for the first time, MIT is also concerned about China as a symbol
of technological innovation activities. By then, the "Technology
Pioneer" magazine editor in chief Jason Pontin President will launch the
"Technology Pioneer" magazine's "Ten
Emerging Technologies 2010," including real-time search, solar fuel,
mobile 3D technology, artificial stem cells, social television technology These
technologies will change the way people live, then, MIT president will be through
high technology exchanges with the audience.

The meeting will be technology entrepreneurs, new energy, mobile technologies and
cloud computing four keynote addresses and discussion forums, guest lectures and
forums including: venture capital firm KPCB founder Tina, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Media Laboratory "Sixth Sense" device inventor
Pranav Mistry, China Green Technology (United States) organizations responsible
Elen G. Carberry, Japan Energy Association Chairman Teruaki Masumoto, IDG
partner Gao Xiang, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Center General Manager
Zhu Near the MIT, Director of Global Industry Coalition Karl Koster, and the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor dozen experts.

June 25, 2010, the opening morning of Friday, & TR108 :00-9: 00
Registration Registration 9:00-9:15 Introduction sponsor

Mr. Jason Pontin, Technology Review editor of the United States
President Susan Hockfield, MIT President (video address) 9:15-9:20 Cao Ke,
Southern Metropolis Daily editor

9:20-9:30 guest speech

Mr. Albert Gore, former U.S. Vice President (video address) 9:30-9:40 9:40-10:35
Keynote leaders of Guangdong Province: 2010 TR10

Mr. Jason Pontin, Technology Review editor of the United States, shows the 2010 top
ten emerging technologies 10:35-10:50 Coffee Break 10:50-12:00 Theme Forum:

Moderator: Tina Ju, KPCB founder and Managing Partner

Forum Guests:

Antoinette C Matthew, director of the MIT Enterprise Cooperation Forum

Cory D. Kidd, Intuitive Automata, founder and CEO

Tongshi Hao, Kai Chong peacemakers investment advisory firm partner, Vancl, nine
drill, happy investors network

Dundee, United Science and Technology Beijing Yun, founder and CEO

Yu Wei Xia, MBA, Asia Business Group Marketing Director, Venture Accelerator
CEO 12:00-14:00 Lunch + social energy 14:00-14:40 pm Keynote Address:

Speaker: Teruaki Masumoto, Japan Energy Association Chairman, World Energy
Council, Chairman of the Committee 14:40-15:50 Forum: Development of new
energy sources

Moderator: Hong Hao, MIT "Technology Pioneer" magazine
managing editor

Forum Guests:

Stephen R. Connors, MIT Energy and Environment Centre Regional Director of
Alternative Energy

Teruaki Masumoto, Japan Energy Association Chairman, World Energy Council,
Chairman of the Committee
Lee Onishi, International President of the Association of Chinese science and
technology business

Jiang Yu, GCL-Poly Group Executive President of New Energy

Robert Stoner, MIT Energy Innovation Research Centre (MITEI) in charge of
developing countries, physicist

15:50-16:00 Coffee Break 16:00-16:40 Keynote Address:

Speaker: Chen Zhixiang, MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities (Smart Cities)
Study Group

16:40-17:30 Forum / Interview: New Energy Vehicles

Moderator: Sun Zhuang, executive director of New Horizon Capital


Zheng Yonggang, Shanshan Group Chairman

Ren Yong, assistant general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation; Vice President
of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.; Dongfeng Nissan vice general manager and party
secretary of

Population developing Shenzhen Land Ark Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer

Chen Zhixiang, MIT Media Lab experts in the field of new energy vehicles
17:30-20:00 Dinner June 26, 2010, 9:00-9:10 Saturday mobile communication
technology introduces the organizers 9:10 - 10:10 Forum: how mobile technology
change our life and work

Moderator: Gao Xiang, IDG Partners

Forum Guests:

Laijia Yong, China's Ministry of innovative products CUP

Pan Wei, MIT Media Lab Human Dynamics Project

SHEN Da-Wei, MIT Media Lab viral communications projects

Jin Huang, Chief Strategy Officer catwalks Network
Zhou Wei, Kai Peng Ying Hua Venture Capital Fund Partners 10:10-10:20 Coffee
Break 10:20-11:00 live demonstration: "The Sixth Sense" - to
the virtual world into the real world

Pranav Mistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab researcher, PhD.
The invention of "The Sixth Sense" device in the world much
attention: 2009TR35 "the world's leading scientists,"
award winner, 2009 Popular Science "Popular Science"
magazine "Best Innovation Award"; 2010 Creativity agency
"Global Innovation 50, "winner 11:10-12:00 Forum: Mobile
Device Application Development

Moderator: Xu Feijie, Alcatel Shanghai Bell, partner

Forum Guests:

Liu Weihan, Nokia Growth Partners Fund Partners

Chen Chang, founder and CEO Fractalist

Tang a small, Network Innovation Institute grand head of industrial research

Qiu Jun, Tencent Research Institute Director, Wireless Center

Xu Chen, Gobi Partners

Innovation Institute grand

Tencent Research Institute

12:00-14:00 pm Lunch + social cloud 14:00-14:50 Keynote: Cloud computing to
promote the wisdom of the Earth

Speaker: Zhu near the, IBM general manager of Greater China Cloud Computing
Center, MIT Alumni 14:50-16:00 Forum: Smart City and cloud computing

Moderator: Zhu near the, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Center Project
Director, MIT Alumni

Forum Guests:

Song Anlan, Softbank China Partner

Quarterly Kay, president of Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute
Guo Chun University, China Embedded System Industry Alliance vice chairman and
secretary general

Ning, solutions director, SuccessFactors Asia Pacific

Joseph Ferreira, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Urban Information
Systems Director, Professor of Urban Planning and Operations Research

16:00-16:20 Coffee Break 16:20-16:50 16:50-17:30 cloud Keynote live demonstration
of the game: Cloud Security

Speaker: Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the 360 security guards 17:30-20:00 Dinner

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