The March LEPC Meeting was held at Dow Corning by kby12992


									The April LEPC Meeting was held at Guilford Metro 9-1-1 on April 14, 2005 and hosted by
Marilyn Braun.

Introductions were made by all attendees and everyone was welcomed. Marilyn and
Debbie Meurs were thanked for setting up our meeting today. March meeting minutes
were approved.

Treasurer – Bill Nieland

Outreach & Education Committee – Debbie Meurs
    Already hearing from vendors concerning this year’s Conference
    Getting many suggestions for topics to use
    Working with coliseum for Conference date (probably October 5)]
    E-waste notices sent out
    Presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Colonial Pipelines for their help with the
       ewaste event – Colonial Pipelines donated $25 gas cards

Regulatory Review Committee – Billy Cobb
    No report

Citizens Core Committee – Ken Weeman
     Committee is being reformed
     If interested, please let Ken know

By-Laws Committee – Chuck Mortimore
    No report

Web Page Committee – Dorothy Vannoy
   Looking at web sites of other LEPC for ideas

Program Committee – Kirk Weil
    May 12 - meeting is canceled due to the NC Safety Conference at the Koury

      Center in Greensboro.
    June 9 - Tyco Electronics.

    July 14 – Ciba

    August 11 – OPEN – any volunteers to host???

    September 8 – Syngenta

    October 13 – Greensboro Fire Training Center

    November 10 – High Point Fire Training Center

    December 8 – Christmas Social (TBD) Need location and refreshments –


TERG – Barry Tilley
    No report

Historical Committee – Kevin Cowan
     Need volunteers to help create scrapbook of year’s events and information for

Executive Committee – Clarice Garrett
    No report

High Point Fire Dept – Barry Tilley
      No report

Greensboro Fire Dept – Chief Hunter
    Harbin had small chemical leak with a new chemical, “information confidential”,
      Marilyn working with them on the clean up

Guilford County Fire Dept – Donald Rierson
    Lots of training being conducted to maintain knowledge and efficiency

Law Enforcement – City and County – no report

Greensboro Emergency Services – Marilyn Braun
    Working to bring Greensboro Emergency Services into alignment with National
    All Tier II data for Greensboro has been entered and being compared to state data,
      several volunteers have helped

Guilford County Environmental Health – No report

Guilford County Environmental Management – Ron Campbell
    Working on IC 300, training trainers
    Introduced Steve Marks, responsible for resources, training and logistics for
        county and training information on web site

NC Emergency Management – no report

Board of County Commissioners – Billy Yow
    No report

Greensboro City Council – no report

Clarice asked if there was any old business – none

New Business–
Keith Robinson - There will be an ASSE Meeting on 4/19/05 in High Point. Discussion will
be “Indoor Air Quality Issues”. Also, there will be a golf tournament sponsored by the
ASSE at Corbin Hills in Salisbury on April 15 . Please see Keith if you are interested.
Cintas is having a free ½ day conference on NFPA 70E on May 5, 2005 from 10:00 am to
1:30 pm. Lunch will be provided.
                                                           th      th
Kevin Cowan – CHMM Review Course will be held on June 6 – 10 (exam will be held on
6/10) in Chapel Hill. Instructors will be from the local CHMM Chapter. Contractor Safety
Meeting will be held April 21, 2005 at 10:30. Check with Michelle Kareis or Kevin Cowan
for details.

Guest Speaker – Wesley E. Reid, Director of Guilford Metro 9-1-1
       “Emergency 911 – What Happens When You Call?”

      Guilford County being consolidated into response system GM911
      Most calls are actually not 911 emergencies
      Contact Center in Greensboro starting to catch some non-emergency calls
      May have several calls about same thing, only dispatch once
      Must listen to each call in case new important information related
      Communication Towers and satellite annexation create problems in determining
       who should respond
      911 surcharge on phone bill comes to the Center to maintain phone system and
      High Point has own separate communication system and has decided to not
       participate in consolidation efforts
      Total call process and dispatch time approximately 4 minutes with current system
       because of transferring calls for correct responsibility
      Consolidation officially approved 9/2004
      With consolidation, call process and dispatch time approximately 2 minutes
       because have 1 source to receive and dispatch
      Once consolidated, county facility on Meadowood will be backup
      Consoles and computer system at Guilford Metro 9-1-1 will be updated to eliminate
       “ping-pong” of calls being transferred
      Hope to have in operation in one to two years
      Radio network also being upgraded
      Cell phones and digital phones have been a problem in determining location call is
       coming from, where regular phones have location identifiers to help
      Digital phones through Time Warner charged 911 surcharge to work same as
       regular phones
      Vonage and others are NOT using 911 connection
      Public information is being spread concerning capabilities and future plans

A very informative tour of the Guilford Metro 9-1-1 Center was provided for those who
wished to participate.

The next meeting will be at Tyco Electronics on June 9, 2005.
Penny Partido, Guilford County LEPC Secretary
Clarice Garrett, Guilford County LEPC Chair

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