Expanded pantry hours mean more food, more often by kby12992


                                                              June 2009

 Volume #4              www.goldenrainbowseniorcenter.org                           Issue #6

Expanded pantry hours mean more food, more often
The Golden Rainbow's Food Distribution Pro-           Better data = better services
gram is now open every Wednesday from 8 to
10 am. and serves Riverside County residents        New form may take a little patience,
who are disabled or age 55 or better.                 but will yield big program gains

                                                    By Harvey Stern, Executive Director
                                                    The number of Golden Rainbow programs
                                                    and services that we are able to offer at no
                                                    or low cost continues to grow. However, we
                                                    still have bills to pay and one of my major
                                                    responsibilities is to secure operating funds
                                                    through memberships, fundraisers, dona-
                                                    tions, and grants. Regular visitors know
                                                    that they’ll typically find me at my desk
                                                    working on a grant proposal.
                                                    This brings me to the need to begin collect-
                                                    ing better GRSC client data to demonstrate
                                                    who we are serving, and to assist us in ob-
                                                    t a i n i n g           g r a n t s .
Short-term, flexible-fee counseling                 I urge each of you to help support the cen-
                                                    ter by filling out one of our new Demo-
now available by appointment                        graphic Forms. The form only needs to be
Whether it is addiction, Alzheimer's or anxiety,    completed once for each person who
managing mental health problems is an impor-        comes to the center. I know people are
tant aspect of healthy aging.                       wary of divulging personal information, so
                                                    please rest assured that all information is
The Golden Rainbow Senior Center is proud to        kept confidential and will only be used de-
provide Mental Health Counseling and Case           mographically in our effort to obtain very
Management Program beginning on June 1.             important funding. (Continued on page 7)
The center-based and outreach mental health
program provides 5 to 8 sessions of short-term
private and confidential counseling, case man-      Newsletter printing
agement and referral services for LGBT sen-          and distribution
iors. All services are provided by a staff of ex-    underwritten by
(Continued on page 6)                                            RCFE# 336410691

              A Community Center for LGBT Elders and their Supporters.
New group offers a supportive forum                                      How about this for a workshop:
for bisexual men’s community                                            ‘Discover Your Personal Mission’
The Golden Rainbow Senior Center is offering all                       Attend this half-day workshop to help you real-
bisexual men a chance to become part of a                              ize your dreams and rediscover who you really
unique support group to meet the needs of the                          are. Leading the seminar is personal life coach
many bisexual men in the Palm Springs area.                            Bill Amejka who has studied Neuro-Linguistic
For information call Dr. Gary Schubert at 760-861                      Programming with Kristof Micholt. He will help
-1158. Gary is looking forward to meeting, work-                       you reconnect with the certainty you felt when
ing with and supporting the many other bisexual                        you were younger. By the end of the workshop
m e n      o f      o u r     c o m m u n i t y .                      you will have identified your "personal mission."
Meetings are on the last Thursday of every                             This is often a life-changing event. Most people
month, 7-8 pm, beginning June 25.                                      refocus on their personal mission three times in
                                                                       life: adolescence, after turning 40 and after
                                                                       reaching retirement age. These times are prime
          Rainbow Readers Unite:                                       opportunities to experience tremendous per-
                                                                       sonal growth.
 Join us from 7-8 pm on June 24 for a discussion
     of Rita Mae Brown’s Rubyfruit Jungle.
                                                                       In this workshop you will:
                                                                       • Participate in simple and enjoyable exer-
              Golden Rainbow Senior Center
publishes and distributes this monthly newsletter to members and
                                                                       • Uncover two great engines of your life: your
      friends via electronic mail.It is also available online at           VISION and your MISSION
                          www.grsc.info.                               • Reconnect with your essence and individual
                   700 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way                              identity
                     Palm Springs, CA 92262                            • Identify powerful personal resources and
                       Phone: 760-416-7790
                Open Mon-Fri 8:30 AM — 4:30 PM
                Additional programs as advertised                      • Explore and identify your own potentialities
                                                                           based on archetypes

                                                                       Tuesday, June 16 from 9 am to 1 pm. To regis-
                                                                       ter for the workshop please call 760-416-7790.

                                                                                               joy horseback riding on
                                                                                               beautiful      trails.
             Harvey Stern, Executive Director
                                                                                               This inviting enterprise is
              David Kimball, Assistant Director                                                owned by local attorney
                 Larry Huston, Administrator
           Jeanne Ablon, Mental health Coordinator
                                                                                               and GRSC business part-
                          Newsletter:                                                          ner Ernest G. Noia, who
              Managing Editor- Andrew Sheridan                                                 reports that his “gay-
               Assistant Editor- Michael Crick                                                 welcoming, adults-only
                                                                                               season is August 16 to
Beat the heat: Make a retreat                                                                  Sep 26.” Your stay in-
                                                                       cludes meals and activities such as fishing, gold
to scenic Mancos Dude Ranch                                            panning, swimming, old fashioned hayride, fly-
                                                                       fishing, archery, volleyball, basketball, river raft-
Calling all cow-girls and -boys: Check out the
                                                                       ing, mountain biking and hiking nearby at Mesa
Mancos Dude Ranch, situated high in the San
                                                                       Verde National Park.
Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado sur-
rounded by two million acres of scenic national                        Just relaxing is also an option. Investigate the
forest and pristine wilderness where you can en-                       resort’s website at www.mancosduderanch.com.

The director’s chair
  Outing the unique unmet needs of the region’s LGBT elders
By Harvey Stern                                               to sexual orientation.” On the federal level, in
The Golden Rainbow continues to grow in varied                2001 the US Office on Aging recognized that
and diverse areas. Our program schedule is jam-               LGBT elders are under-served by federally-
packed and we are fortunate to have a 4000                    funded programs supported through the Older
square-foot space that enables us to present up               Americans Act. These are positive changes
to four separate programs simultaneously. In ad-              reassuring us that the unique needs of LGBT
dition we’re receiving increased membership sup-              elders are being outed.
port from individuals and couples, as well as
businesses. Our volunteer base is also growing,               The “Aging in Equity” article notes that mental
reflecting the expanding needs of an active and               distress, mental disorders, substance abuse,
vibrant center.                                               breast cancer, and suicide rates are all signifi-
                                                              cantly higher among this group. The cause is
My personal mission--as well as the mission of                directly related to the stress of constant expo-
the Golden Rainbow --is to educate the commu-                 sure to anti-gay attitudes. Isolation and con-
nity about the unique and unmet                                               comitant depression are major
needs of the LGBT elder. To this                                              issues for lesbian and gay sen-
end, I feel really fortunate to have                                          iors, although these issues of-
been asked to participate in the
                                            Our seniors                       ten go unrecognized. A major
Prevention and Early Intervention        remember when                        reason that many LGBT seniors
(PEI) planning process for River-                                             are leery of accessing mental
side County Office on Aging. The          homosexuality                       health services is the fiercely
newly-funded program’s goal is to
provide early intervention for iso-
                                          was medically                       repressive treatment of this
                                                                              population by the psychiatric
lation or depression so as to de-         classified as a                     establishment in the past. The
crease the possibility of subse-                                              LGBT senior clearly remembers
quent and more severe mental              mental illness.                     when homosexuality was medi-
illness. The planning process
included 108 focus groups, as
                                           This form of                       cally classified as a mental ill-
                                                                              ness. This form of discrimina-
well as a four-day steering com-          discrimination                      tion becomes internalized and
mittee meeting which resulted in                                              is expressed through stigma,
the selection of specific target          is internalized                     trauma, and in fear.
areas in Riverside County.                and expressed
                                                                              The Golden Rainbow has tai-
Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs         through stigma,                      lored its large and growing
and Cathedral City were ranked                                                range of programs directly to-
as three of the top under-served
                                         trauma and fear.                     wards supportive services to
areas for LGBT elders. This rec-                                              combat loneliness, isolation,
ognition may seem self-evident to us, but it was a            and depression. Our social programs provide
real breakthrough given the conservative politics             a safe environment where the elder can create
of overall Riverside County demographics.                     a family of choice support system. Our educa-
                                                              tional programs not only provide opportunity to
Other signs of progress are heartening. A 2004                learn new skills such as Spanish or computer,
study titled "Aging in Equity" (LGBT Elders in                they also provide a sense of empowerment to
America, by Gerry Gomez Pearlberg), reported                  an oppressed and neglected minority. In re-
that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of                 sponse to member requests, we opened a
Healthcare Organizations--a prominent nonprofit               food pantry at the Golden Rainbow. There is
agency that develops quality of care standards                no disrespect intended to any other food distri-
for health care organizations-added to its list of            bution sites; however, as the director, my
standards “respect for the residence patterns and             charge is to listen to my members who feel
habits of living, including life style choices relating
                                                              (Continued on page 7)

Let’s get going
The town that will not die… guns, ghosts and galleries!
By Melanie Martin                                           We lunched at the Red Rooster where the food
It was a snowy morning in March and pines                  is reasonable and good and the owner is a jazz
crowded our hairpin road, 89A north from Pres-             musician. As we left the café he told us that
cott; one twelve mile section has 158 curves!              he’d owned the Rooster for a year and now he’s
We drove our RV slowly, eyes straining for a               ready to start a jazz band!
glimpse of “The wildest, wickedest town in the             During the depression the copper claims were
old west” Jerome, Arizona.                                 sold to Phelps Dodge, who, despite the waning
Small cottages began to appear; perched pre-               demand for copper, kept the mine going
cariously on Cleopatra Hill’s 30-40 degree in-             throughout the war years. But finally in 1953
cline, they were built for miners and merchants            Phelps Dodge was forced to close down opera-
who came to town beginning in the 1870’s when              tions and the population fell to 100. What were
three million pounds of copper ore were taken              they to do?
from the mountain every month.                             Town folks formed an historical society and
Then around a final curve,                                 brainstormed ideas to save their town. Tanzigoot
Jerome spread out before us.                                                  National Monument curator,
We gasped at the sheer                                                        Jimmie Brewer, came up
nerve of this town clinging to                                                with the idea of Jerome be-
the side of a mountain, spar-                                                 coming the largest ghost
kling and thriving after 140                                                  town in America!
difficult years.                                                             Soon tourists were flocking
While the original copper min-                                               to see Madame Jenny Ban-
ers were the Tanzigoot peo-                                                  ter; Headless Charlie, a de-
ple, the first mining claim was                                              capitated miner who haunts
filed in 1878 by US Cavalry                                                  the mine tunnels under
Scout, Al Seiber. His success                                                Jerome; Scotty, a mainte-
catapulted Jerome into the                                                   nance man at The Grand
position of fourth largest town                                              Hotel found murdered in an
in Arizona (Pop: 15,000 in                                                   elevator shaft and who
1920) as folks came from all                                                 haunts the place ‘til this day,
over the world to mine or ser-                                               and many other ghostly
vice the miners.                                                             manifestations. The Histori-
                                                                             cal     Society    eventually
In town we passed the re-
                                                                             bought Jerome’s downtown
stored brick buildings, read
                                                                             and in 1967 the whole town
the historical markers and could almost hear the
                                                           was designated an historical landmark.
old- time music spilling out of 25 saloons, the
laughing voices of miners drinking, playing                Today, tourists walk through modern galleries
cards, and pairing up with women: And plenty               and antique shops and still feel the presence of
of fist fights and shootings.                              the hard-drinking miners, Jennie and her girls,
                                                           lawmen shooting it out with gunslingers, and the
We saw the luxurious Hotel Connor built in 1898            mothers and children who made Jerome home;
that boasted 26 overnight rooms with call bells,           past and present blended together in the largest
the Liberty Theatre built to entertain 536 people,         intact frontier town in America.
The Mile High Inn, once the establishment of
Jennie Banter, the town’s most popular madam               Melanie Martin is a travel planner, writer, coun-
(who is still there with her cat, in spectral form),       selor, genealogist and follower of dreams.
the artist’s Community Center standing on the              Email Melanie: shazamtravel@gmail.com with
old “Cribs District” (across from the English              questions, comments or to receive her monthly
Kitchen), and the restored Grand Hotel.                    newsletter. http://www.shazamtravels.com

             And this next one is a ladies’ choice ...
            Our Saturday night women’s dance gets a firm foothold
All women, single or couples, are in-
vited to dance the night away at the
Golden Rainbow on Saturday, June 6
at 7 pm.
Attendees can join Tamara Burt and
Cynthia Kaye, gold medal-winners at
the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago, as
they share their knowledge and pas-
sion for dance with a free hour of
dance instruction from 6 to 7 pm fol-
lowed by dancing from 7 to 10 pm.
Music provided by the gorgeous, na-
tionally known DJ, Terri O'Brien.
Tickets $10 per person in advance,
$12 at the door. Admission includes
one beverage (beer, wine or soda).
Additional beverages available by
contribution at the donation bar. Call
760-416-7790 for reservations and
                                          Line dancing and live music by the Hip Tones drew a crowd
information.                                    for last month’s women’s dance, held on May 2.

Muchas gracias, Vinnie: beginning Spanish class and its
popular teacher make a 10-week summer comeback
The Golden Rainbow Senior Center is pleased           Assistance Program and the Golden Rainbow.
to announce the return of its popular                 To register, or for further information, call 760-
"Beginning Spanish" class this summer. Also           416-7790 or by email to info@grsc.info..
returning by popular demand is veteran course
instructor and former United Nations inter-
preter, Vinnie Stoppia.
                                                         Facilitated bereavement group
                                                         will aid those recovering from
Classes begin June 30 and run for ten weeks
on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 - 3 pm.                     the loss of their loved one
Class size is limited.
                                                       A bereavement support group is forming at
The cost is $100 for the full ten week course,         the Golden Rainbow for all those who are
and is payable at the time of registration. All        mourning the death of a loved one.
fees are non-refundable and there will be no
make-up       for     classes       missed.            Sponsored by Odyssey Health Care, the
                                                       group will be led by a trained facilitator and
The course textbook is Easy Spanish Step-by-           will meet on the second and fourth Wednes-
Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for                days of each month from 2-3 pm. Call 416-
Spanish Proficiency-Fast!, by Barbara Breg-            7790 to register for the group.
                                                       Odyssey Health Care also offers free hos-
Cost for the textbook is $10.95. Students are
                                                       pice counseling at the Golden Rainbow .
responsible for purchasing their own book.
                                                       For more information, call Cynthia Bliss, 464
All proceeds from the class benefit the AIDS           -8520.

Volunteer spotlight                                         Sliding-scale counseling broadens
Bud Strauss is Golden Rainbow’s new right hand
                                                                 the scope of our services
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bud
Strauss moved with his par-                               (Continued from page 1)-perienced, licensed, pro-
ents to Los Angeles as a tot.                             fessional counselors and therapists This new
He went to USC, first major-                              program is coordinated by Al Gentle, LCSW,
ing in TV-motion picture pro-                             and Jeanne Ablon, LMFT. A sliding-fee scale is
duction, then in business ad-                             negotiated based on each individual client's cir-
ministration. Bud worked dur-                             cumstances. Program hours are Monday-Friday
ing college as a page at                                  9 am to 5 pm with a maximum 24-hour response
NBC’s Burbank studios. He was drafted into the            time during program hours. Intake and access to
Army, and assigned to Armed Forces Radio & TV             services are via a private, confidential phone
Service, which he describes as “fighting the battle       number. Walk-in intakes are not allowed. Tele-
of Hollywood.” Following Army service, he began           phone: 760-416-7899.
a career as a systems analyst-programmer, and
he eventually headed the corporate systems de-              Free financial seminar
partments of two major software firms.                    You are invited to attend a free lunch and semi-
Bud has two grown sons living in Arizona. After           nar sponsored by Sterling First Financial.
separating from his wife in 1982, Bud met a for-          You may learn more in one hour than some
merly married retired Air Force pilot with whom           people learn in a lifetime at this free financial
he lived for almost 15 years. The couple moved            seminar. Sponsored by Sterling First Financial,
to Palm Springs in 1990 as owners of a boutique           the seminar will help you avoid the top financial
gay resort, which they operated until 1998.               mistakes often made by seniors as well as offer-
Shortly thereafter, he partner passed away and            ing some great information about retirement ac-
Bud subsequently worked as an administrative              counts, annuities, taxes, long-term care insur-
assistance for a number of local firms, including a       ance and reverse mortgages. Hear how Ster-
major country club from which he finally retired in       ling First Financial has helped hundreds of cli-
2007.                                                     ents keep their money safe in a turbulent mar-
He now volunteers to serve about 100 lunches              ket. The program is on Friday, June 12 from
every Tuesday during season at the Cathedral              10:30 am to 1:00 pm. Free lunch included.
City mobile home park where he lives. He also             Please call 1-800-530-9405 to reserve your seat
volunteers at the Golden Rainbow as the admin-            or for more information. Must be age 50 or older
istrative assistant to Harvey Stern.                      to attend.

Letter to the editor
    Kind words from a satisfied GRSC business member
It is with great pleasure that I write to recom-          meeting with Harvey I knew the special value he
mend the Golden Rainbow Senior Center as a                could bring to enhance my exposure to the very
vital business partner that has enabled my small          influential gay communities. All recommenda-
business to graduate to the next level. Harvey            tions have been very positive and I have even
and the staff at GRSC have been instrumental in           started doing work for referrals from the original
networking with their members and promoting               GRSC referral which is a strong indicator of the
the valuable service I offer repairing computers.         frank and honest effort done by the staff at
The integrity shown by the staff has been out-            GRSC to keep our partnership a very productive
standing and the numerous jobs I have done                one. In return I offer a substantial rate discount
have been a direct result of being a business             for members and some guests of GRSC which
partner at GRSC.                                          is an added benefit beyond my extensive indus-
                                                          try experience with large corporations.
I have been living locally for over 3 years and
the obvious barrier to promote my business has            James Douglas McClure
been the lack of local insight. After the first           Network Engineer, Sunrise Consulting

The director’s chair
 Meeting the unmet need of our community’s elders
Continued from page three.                                nity. Special thanks are due to Jeanne Ablon—
(safer coming to our Center.      We are deeply           who put in a 12-hour day for that event—as well
grateful that we have been able to go from a bi-          as to Gianna Volpe, Ruth Debra, Pat Swanson,
monthly to a weekly distribution schedule. This           Sophia Moore, and Barbara Wohlke. Harriet
is in large part due to the generosity of individu-       Marks-Nelson, Rita Strombeck, and Donna King
als, as well as the Desert Healthcare District, the       also helped at the event. Although there are
Desert Business Association,                                               many mixers for the women in
Casswood Insurance and the                                                 the desert, most take place in
Palm Springs Sisters of Per-                                               bars. Given the high incidence
petual Indulgence.       I have     ‘Given the high                        of alcohol abuse among lesbi-
met with the AIDS Assistance                                               ans, we want to provide alterna-
Program (AAP) to formulate a          incidence of                         tives for social networking. The
plan whereby their clients                                                 Golden Rainbow is offering
may also take advantage of           alcohol abuse                         women opportunities for sober
                                                                           events, such as women's movie
our food pantry.
                                        within the                         night and a lesbian book club.
With support from the Desert
Regional Hospital Auxiliary        LGBT community,                         In addition, we also host meet-
                                                                           ing of Desert Women for Equal-
we were able to begin imple-
mentation of our mental                we want to                          ity (DWE) and Old Lesbians
health program. This pro-                                                  Organizing for Change (OLOC).
gram was developed by a
                                         provide                          In closing, there are some an-
small army of therapists and
social workers who volun-
                                    alternatives for                      gels who deserve our special
                                                                          thanks. The Auen Foundation
teered their time. It was co-             social                          has assisted us in setting up
                                                                          our kitchen and our wellness
chaired by Al Gentle and
Jeanne Ablon. Because of               networking’                        room.
the high incidence of drug                                                 Our Spring Fling fundraiser--a
and alcohol abuse among gay                                                wonderful event attracting over
seniors, we have also imple-                                               300 supporters--was master-
mented an AA meeting, as well as a weekly ad-             minded by David Hood. The Mirage Inn, one of
dictions program, headed by Donna King, a cer-            our new business members, plans to underwrite
tified addictions specialist. We are in the proc-         publication of our monthly newsletter and pro-
ess of working with ABC Recovery Center to                vide mailing to all our members unable to re-
augmenting this addiction program with the col-           ceive it online. We had reluctantly abandoned
laboration of the ABC Recovery Center, who is a           these mailings due to budget constraints, and I
most welcome new Golden Rainbow business                  am thrilled to be able to reestablish this vital
member.                                                   communication link. Finally we are collaborating
The Golden Rainbow is proud of our lesbian out-           with Odyssey Hospice to better educate our
reach program. Recently, we hosted a well-                members about Odyssey’s LGBT-sensitive ser-
attended dance for the women of our commu-                vices.

  New demographic form helps us help you with funds and programs
(Continued from page 1)                                   choose an ID that you can easily remember for
The form provides a field where you may assign            future use when signing-in.
your own User ID-- such as a screen name,                 Thank you for your help in instituting this new
nickname, or email address—for use each time              process. It will enable the Golden Rainbow to
you visit the Golden Rainbow. It is important for         keep expanding the scope of programs and
our grant-required record-keeping that you                services we offer the community.


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