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					                                                      State of Washington
                                                  Current Contract Information
                                                            Revision date: July 27, 2001

Contract number:                                  13000 (replaces 15398)                        Commodity code: 9747

Contract title:                                   INTERPRETER SERVICES, SPOKEN LANGUAGE
Purpose:                                          CONTRACTOR SUSPENSION LIFTED
                                                  Effective August 1, 2001, Polylang Translation Services 30-day
                                                  suspension has been withdrawn.

Present Term/Extension Period:                    January 1, 2001                 through:            December 31, 2002
For use by:                                       Department of Social & Health Services and State Purchasing
                                                  Cooperative Members. (See Special Conditions #2)
Contract type:                                    This contract is designated as mandatory use.
SCOPE OF CONTRACT                                 This contract is awarded to multiple contractor(s).
Contractors :                                     See Attachment “B”

Products available:                               Spoken Language Interpreter Services
Ordering information:                             See Specifications
Ordering procedures:                              See Specifications
Contract exclusions:                              Translation of written documents
Related product contracts:                        Contract 06800, Translation Services

Contract pricing:                                 See Attachment “A”

Estimated Term worth:                             $24,000,000/2-year

                                                  $840,000.00                $3,960,000.00                $19,200,000.00                 $0.00 EXEMPT
Current participation:
                                                  MBE 3.5%                   WBE 16.5%                    OTHER 80%                      EXEMPT 0%

This page contains key contract features. Find detailed information on succeeding pages. For more
information on this contract, or if you have any questions, please contact your local agency Purchasing
Office, or you may contact our office at the numbers listed below.

State Procurement Officer:                Sheila Mott                                 Office Assistant Senior:              Julie Hendricksen
           Phone Number:                  (360) 902-7438                                      Phone Number:                 (360) 902-7439
             Fax Number:                  (360) 586-2426                                        Fax Number:                 (360) 586-2426
                   Email:                                                     Email:     

                                      Visit our Internet site:

Washington State Department of General Administration
Office of State Procurement, PO Box 41017, Olympia, WA 98504-1017

The State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. To request this information in alternative formats call (360) 902-7400, or TDD (360) 664-3799.
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 2

I.  Best Buy: The following provision applies to mandatory use contracts only. This contract is subject to
    RCW 43.19.190(2) & RCW 43.19.1905(7): which authorizes state agencies to purchase materials,
    supplies, services, and equipment of equal quantity and quality to those on state contract from non-
    contract suppliers. Provided that an agency subsequently notifies the Office of State Procurement (OSP)
    State Procurement Officer (SPO) that the pricing is less costly for such goods or services than the price
    from the state contractor.

         If the non-contract supplier's pricing is less, the state contractor shall be given the opportunity by the
         state agency to at least meet the non-contractor's price. If the state contractor cannot meet the price, then
         the state agency may purchase the item(s) from the non-contract supplier, document the transactions on
         the appropriate form developed by OSP and forwarded to the SPO administering the state contract.
         (Reference General Authorities document)

         If a lower price can be identified on a repeated basis, the state reserves the right to renegotiate the pricing
         structure of this agreement. In the event such negotiations fail, the state reserves the right to delete such
         item(s) from the contract.

II.      State Agencies: Submit Order directly to Contractor for processing. Political Subdivisions: Submit
         orders directly to Contractor referencing State of Washington contract. If you are unsure of your status
         in the State Purchasing Cooperative call (360) 902-7415.

III.     Only authorized purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC)
         listings published and updated periodically by OSP may purchase from this contract. It is the
         contractor’s responsibility to verify membership of these organizations prior to processing orders
         received under this contract.       A list of Washington members is available on the Internet, contractors shall not process state contract orders from
         unauthorized users.

IV.      Contract Terms: This Document includes all terms and conditions published in the original RFP,
         including Standard Terms and Conditions, and Definitions, included in the Competitive Procurement
         Standards published by OSP (as Amended).

1.       Effective immediately, Polylang Translation Services 30-day suspension has been withdrawn.
2.       Regional contacts have been included herein for each of the contracted agencies. Contacts are defined as
              Contract Administration: This contact is the person who deals directly with the Office of State
               Procurement, contract administrator for any contact regarding the contract administration.
              Customer Service Contact/Order Placement: The contact that would be called to order interpreter
               services. Regional Customer Services contact may be listed for contracted agencies.
              Regional Contract Contact (Contract Administration): The contact that would be called by field
               offices when there are questions, issues and/or problems regarding this contract at the regional
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 3

3.       All Terms, Conditions and Specifications have been included herein and are unchanged from the original
         RFP and amendments.

4.       Other eligible end users may be added to this contract. To be included on this contract, end users are to
         coordinate addition through the Office of State Procurement. Confirmation of addition will be via a
         written Current Contract Information.

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 4
                                                     ATTACHMENT “A”

                                           REGION      REGION    REGION   REGION      REGION       REGION
     CONTRACTORS                              1           2         3        4           5            6
COLUMBIA LANGUAGE                           $36.00      $36.00                                      $35.00
CROSS CULTURAL                                                            $34.00       $35.00       $36.00
DYNAMIC                                                          $37.00   $37.00       $37.00
FOREIGN LANGUAGE                                                 $36.00   $35.00       $36.00
LANGUAGE CONNECTION                                              $37.00   $35.80
LANGUAGE EXCHANGE                                                $37.25
MERINO                                      $39.00      $36.00   $37.00   $38.00       $37.00       $37.00
POLYLANG                                                         $35.00   $35.00       $35.00
The LANGUAGE BANK                                                                      $35.00
UNIVERSAL                                   $33.60      $33.60   $35.60   $35.60       $35.60       $33.60

Region 1
Chelan, Okanogan, Douglas, Grant, Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Lincoln, Adams and Whitman
Region 2
Asotin, Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Garfield, Kittitas, Walla Walla and Yakima
Region 3
Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom
Region 4
King County
Region 5
Kitsap and Pierce
Region 6
Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Clallam, Klickitat, Pacific, Lewis, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark,

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 5
                                               ATTACHMENT “B”
                                           CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

                     11818 Southeast Mill Plain Blvd., Suite 307
                     Vancouver, Washington 98684
 Regions Awarded: 1, 2 and 6
           Contract                                         Regional    Regions 1,2,6
    Administration: Svetlana Linchuk                        Contract    Yasema Tratz
             Phone: 360-896-3881 ext. 10                      Phone:    360-896-3881 ext. 18
               Fax: 360-896-4074 or                              Fax:   360-896-4074 or
                     toll free 888-334-3881                             toll free 888-334-3881
             Email:            Email:
  Customer Service/
  Order Placement: Customer Service Representatives
Region 1 & 2 Phone: 888-202-3301
    Region 6 phone: 360-896-3881
               Fax: 360-896-4074 or
                     toll free 888-334-3881
    Federal ID No.: 91-1943242
       Supplier No.: 4872
    Payment terms: Net 30 days

                        Contractor: CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
                                    515 South “M” Street, Suite 202
                                    Tacoma, Washington 98405

           Regions Awarded: 4, 5 and 6
    Contact Administration:                              Regional Contract Contact
                             Linda Bidwell                         (Regions 4,5,6): Art Colvin
                     Phone: 253-272-5258                                    Phone: 253-446-1657
                       Fax: 253-272-8524                                      Fax: 253-845-3519
  Region 4 Customer Service/                                    Region 5 Customer
           Order Placement: Randy Bidwell                Service /Order Placement:   Sally Hernandez
                     Phone: 253-272-5258                                    Phone:   253-272-5258
                       Fax: 253-272-8524                                      Fax:   253-272-8524
                                                                Region 6 Customer
                                                          Service/ Order Placement   Lorraine Showalter
                   Federal ID No.: 91-1604904                               Phone:   360-666-7518
                     Supplier No.: 4924                                       Fax:   509-692-8036
                   Payment terms: Net 30 Days

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 6
                                               ATTACHMENT “B”
                                           CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

            Contractor: DYNAMIC LANGUAGE CENTER LTD.
                         15215 52nd Avenue South, Suite 100
                         Seattle, Washington 98188
      Regions Awarded: 3, 4 and 5
Contract Administration: Maria T. Antezana                  Regional Contract    Maria T. Antezana
                                                      Contact (Regions 3,4,5):   Sandy Dupleicha
                 Phone: 206-244-6709                                  Phone:     206-244-6709
                   Fax: 206-243-3795                                     Fax:    206-243-3795
                 Email:                               Email:
 Customer Service/ Order Interpreting Department
              Placement Shannon Cook
         (Regions 3,4,5): Eldin Jemenidzic
                          David Mowrey
                  Phone: 206-244-6709
                    Fax: 206-243-3795
         Federal ID No.: 91-1311959
           Supplier No.: 30396
         Payment terms: Net 30 days

                   1145 12th Avenue Northwest, C-4A
                   Issaquah, Washington 98027-8989
Regions Awarded: 3, 4 and 5
         Contract                                       Regional Contract
  Administration: Olga Afonin                      Contact (Regions 3,4,5): Olga Afonin
          Phone:   425-369-3096, 206-824-1335                      Phone: 425-369-3096,
                   or toll free 800-567-0314                                206-824-1335 or toll free
                                                                            800-567-0314 (Reg. 3&5)
             Fax: 425-369-3098                                        Fax: 425-369-3098 or toll free
                   or toll free 800-581-5895                                800-581-5895
          Email:                              Email:
Customer Service/
 Order Placement Irene Borsuk
  (Regions 3,4,5):
          Phone: 425-369-3096, 206-824-1335                Payment terms: Net 30 Days
                   or toll free 800-567-0314
             Fax: 425-369-3098                             Federal ID No.: 91-2033997
                   or toll free 800-581-5895
          Email:                         Supplier No.: 5033
                                         ATTACHMENT “B”
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 7
                                           CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

                         1314 South L Street
                         Tacoma, Washington 98405
      Regions Awarded: 5
               Contract                           Regional Contract
        Administration: Don Rennegarbe                      Contact Yana Cosme
                 Phone: 253-383-3951                         Phone: 253-593-6101
                   Fax:  253-597-6687                          Fax: 253-593-7853
                 Email:            Email:
      Customer Service/ Yana Cosme or Azusa Deems
      Order placement:
                 Phone: 253-593-6101
                   Fax: 253-593-7853
        Federal ID No.: 91-05700872
           Supplier No.: 5823
        Payment terms: Net 30 Days

                 Contractor: THE LANGUAGE CONNECTION L.L.C.
                              16436 Southeast 128th Street
                              Renton, Washington 98059
          Regions Awarded: 3 and 4
    Contract Administration:                               Regional Contract
                              Jeanne L Benitez          Contact (Regions 3,4):   Janet G. Aguilar
                      Phone: 425-277-6678                             Phone:     425-277-9045
                        Fax: 425-277-0065                                Fax:    425-277-0065
                      Email:                         Email:
    Customer Service/ Order
     Placement (Regions 3,4): Alfonso G. Benitez
                      Phone: 425-277-9045
                        Fax: 425-277-0065
             Federal ID No.: 91-1826865
                Supplier No.: 3585
             Payment terms: Net 30 Days

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 8
                                                ATTACHMENT “B”
                                            CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

   Contractor:                    THE LANGUAGE EXCHANGE, INC.
                                  P.O. Box 750
                                  Burlington, Washington 98233
      Regions Awarded:            3
               Contract           Connie Price                      Regional      Connie Price, Office Manager
        Administration:           Jaye Stover               Contract Contact      Melisa Camacho, Billing Specialist
                Phone:            360-755-9910                        Phone:      360-755-9910
                  Fax:            360-755-9919                          Fax:      360-755-9919
                Email:                     Email:
      Customer Service/           Julie Scerbik, Manager
      Order Placement:            Linda Lennon
                                  Carleen Shehan
                                  Shannon Brooks
                  Phone:          360-755-9910
                    Fax:          360-755-9919
          Federal ID No.:         91-1663564
            Supplier No.:         4835
          Payment terms:          Net 30 Days

 Contractor:                        MERINO LANGUAGELINK
                                    911 Main Street, Suite 201
                                    Vancouver, Washington 98660
      Regions Awarded:              1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
                Contract                                       Regional Contract Contact
        Administration:             Sarah Herndon                        (Regions 3,4,5):   Lori A. Dale
                  Phone:            800-798-5144 (toll free)                      Phone:    206-870-8089 ext. 12
                     Fax:           800-513-7273 (toll free)                        Fax:    206-870-8272
                  Email:                                  Email:
      Customer Service/                                        Regional Contract Contact
       Order Placement                                                   (Regions 1,2,6):   Sarah Herndon
    (Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6):          Sarah Herndon
                  Phone:            800-798-5144 (toll free)                      Phone:    800-798-5144 (toll free)
                     Fax:           800-513-7273 (toll free)                        Fax:    800-513-7273 (toll free)
                  Email:                                  Email:
         Federal ID No.:            91-1506430
           Supplier No.:            4486
         Payment terms:             Net 30 Days

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 9
                                               ATTACHMENT “B”
                                           CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

   Contractor:                    POLYLANG TRANSLATION SERVICES
                                  1200 112th Avenue Northeast #C 178
                                  Bellevue, Washington 98004

      Regions Awarded: 3, 4 and 5
               Contract                                          Regional Contract
        Administration: Aleksandr Grushkovskiy                             Contact    Ina Ides
                                                                   (Regions 3,4,5):
                  Phone:          425-455-5158                              Phone:    425-455-5158
                    Fax:          425-455-4946                                Fax:    425-455-4946
                  Email:                  Email:
       Customer Service/                                           Toll free Phone    800-715-7293
        Order Placement
         (Regions 3,4,5):         Regina Frank
                 Phone:           425-455-5158                        Toll free Fax 866-455-4946
                    Fax:          425-455-4946
         Federal ID No.:          91-1746244
           Supplier No.:          4833
         Payment terms:           Net 30 Days

Current Contract Information
Contract No. 13000
Page 10

                                               ATTACHMENT “B”
                                           CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

   Contractor:                    UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE SERVICE, INC.
                                  780 6th Street South
                                  Kirkland, Washington 98033

      Regions Awarded: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
               Contract                                     Regional Contract 1st Elena Vasiliev (ext. 16)
        Administration: Elena Vasiliev                                 Contact 2nd Lyamen Savvy (Ext. 12)
                                                          (Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6):
                  Phone: 206-233-0288 Ext. 16 or                        Phone: 206-233-0288 or toll free
                         toll free 888-462-0500                                  888-462-0500
                         Ext. 16
                    Fax: 206-233-0866 or toll free                      Fax: 206-233-0866 or toll free
                         877-516-4347                                         877-516-4347
                  Email:                              Email:
         Region 1, 2 & 6                                            Region 3
       Customer Service/ Lyamen Savy                        Customer Service/ Lina Jansen
       Order Placement:                                      Order Placement
                 Phone: 206-233-0288 Ext. 12 or                       Phone: 206-233-0288 Ext. 14 or toll
                         toll free 888-462-0500,                              free 888-462-0500, Ext. 14
                         Ext. 12
                    Fax: 206-233-0866 or toll free                      Fax: 206-233-0866 or toll free
                         877-516-4347                                         877-516-4347
                  Email:                               Email:
            Region 4 & 5
       Customer Service/ Ilyana Khanlarova
        Order Placement
                 Phone: 206-233-0288 Ext. 13 or
                         toll free 888-462-0500,
                         Ext. 13
                    Fax: 206-233-0866 or toll free
         Federal ID No.: 91-1806838
           Supplier No.: 5030
         Payment terms: Net 30 Days

         In conjunction with the Competitive Procurement Standards, Standard Definitions, the following definitions will
         apply to this contract:
         1.        CLIENT
                   Any person applying, been determined eligible for, and/or receiving services from the department.

                   DSHS established performance standards to be met by interpreters and translators when providing
                   language services to DSHS programs and clients. Any violation of the Code of Professional Conduct
                   may be cause for termination of this contract. (Exhibit E)

                   Appointments beginning, or scheduled to begin, within fifteen minutes of the last completed

                   Evaluation of the quality of services provided by the contractor(s), monitoring the accuracy of billing for
                   services and the overall performance of the contractor(s). The quality of services will be determined by
                   DSHS as to whether or not it is acceptable. (Reference Section III. Paragraph 10, Contractor
                   Performance and Paragraph 24, Invoicing).

                   An individual, company, corporation, firm, or combination thereof, with whom DSHS has a contract to
                   provide services to those beneficiaries individually determined to be eligible and to receive payment from
                   the department. (WAC 388-500-0005)

         6.        CONTRACTED AGENCY
                   An interpreter agency awarded a contract by General Administration to serve DSHS clients at the request
                   of DSHS staff, DSHS contract service providers, or medical providers.

                   Interpreter who has passed the language fluency test of a DSHS recognized interpreter testing body such
                   as, but not limited to, The State of Washington Administrator for the Courts test, or the Federal Court

                   Interpreter who has passed the DSHS language fluency examination in one of the seven DSHS
                   certificated languages (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Cambodian, Loatian). This
                   includes DSHS certified social service and medical interpreters.

                   Interpreter who has passed the DSHS screening test in languages other than the seven DSHS certificated
                   languages or another DSHS recognized qualification process.

         10.       EMPLOYEE
                   A person hired to perform specific and as needed tasks based on employer pre-established criteria, in
                   return for financial or other compensation.

         11.       EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS (EOB)
                   A coded message on the Medical Assistance Remittance and Status Report that gives detailed
                   information about the claim associated with that report.

         12.       FAMILY MEMBER
                   Any person who is related to the client and/or DSHS employee or provider of services: a spouse, child,
                   grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle,
                   step relations and/or in-laws.

                   (1) A facility that is receiving grants under section 329,330, or 340 of the Public Health Services Act; or
                   (2) receiving such grants based on the recommendation of the Health Resources and Services
                   Administration within the Public Health Services as determined by the Secretary to meet the
                   requirements for receiving such a grant; or (3) a tribe or tribal organization operating outpatient health
                   programs or facilities under the Indian Self Determination Act (PL93-638). Only Health Care Financing
                   Administration-designated FQHCs are allowed to participate in MAA's Medicaid program.

         14.       HOURLY SERVICE RATE
                   The hourly service rate is defined as a flat hourly rate for Social Services Interpreter and Medical
                   Interpreter encounters. This rate shall include the costs of proposal preparation, servicing of accounts, all
                   contractual requirements and no shows by DSHS client, employee or service provider.

         15.       INTERPRETATION
                   The oral transfer of a message from one language to another.

                   The support center for language services in the Department of Social & Health Services.

                   A limited ability or an inability to speak, read, or write English well enough to understand and
                   communicate effectively in normal daily activities. The client decides whether he/she is limited in
                   his/her ability to speak, read, or write English.

         18.       MEDICAID
                   The federal aid program (under Title XIX of the Social Security Act) under which medical care is
                   provided to:
                           Categorically needy as defined in WAC 388-505-0110, 388-505-0210 and 388-5050220; or
                           Medically needy as defined in WAC 388-505-0110, 388-505-0210 and 388-505-0100.

         19.       MEDICAL INTERPRETERS
                   For the purpose of this contract, medical interpreters are individuals who are certified, qualified or
                   authorized by LIST as medical interpreters.

         20.       MEDICALLY NECESSARY
                   A term for describing requested services which is reasonably calculated to prevent, diagnose, correct,
                   cure, alleviate or prevent the worsening of conditions that endanger life, or cause suffering or pain, or
                   result in illness or infirmity, or threaten to cause or aggravate a handicap, or cause physical deformity or
                   malfunction, and there is no other equally effective, more conservative, or substantially less costly course
                   of treatment available or suitable for the client requesting the service. For the purpose of this section,
                   'course of treatment' may include mere observation or, where appropriate no treatment at all. (WAC 388-

                   Translations generated from an on-site interview and/or requiring translation completion (e.g., fill-in,
                   short document, client basic mail-in information, etc.).

         22.       NO SHOW
                   The result of a DSHS client, employee or medical provider not keeping an appointment and failing to
                   cancel the appointment.

                   A seven digit number beginning with an “8” and assigned by MAA to a certified, authorized or qualified
                   interpreter employed by or contracted with an interpreter agency.

         24.       PRIMARY LANGUAGE
                   The language identified by the client as the language in which he/she wishes to communicate. This is
                   also referred to as the preferred language. Primary language information is used to compile estimated
                   total LEP population by language.

         25.       PROGRAM
                   Any distinct service unit of the department usually designated as a division or institution which designs,
                   schedules, administers or plans the services.

         26.       PROPOSAL
                   An offer to provide goods and/or services to the state in response to a formal solicitation.

         27.       PROVIDER NUMBER
                   A seven-digit identification number issued to service providers for the purpose of billing on the HCFA
                   1500 or electronically.

                   A report produced by the claims processing system in the MAA Division of Program Support that
                   provides detailed information concerning submitted claims and other financial transactions.

         29.       REQUESTER
                   A DSHS staffperson, DSHS contract service provider, or medical provider who is seeking an interpreter
                   for a DSHS client through a contracted agency.
                   For the purpose of this contract, social services interpreters are individuals who are certified, qualified or
                   authorized by LIST as social services interpreters.

         31.       SUBCONTRACTOR
                   An individual, company, corporation, firm, or combination thereof with whom the contracted agency
                   develops sub-contracts.

         32.       TRAVEL TIME
                   The time spent commuting to and/or between interpreter services assignments.

                   Interpreter services provided by contractor and/or contractor's employees or subcontractors to DSHS
                   Limited English Proficient clients, are independent of political, cultural, social, economic, personal, and
                   any other bias. Providing unbiased interpreter services to DSHS clients is required of any agency or
                   individual that contracts with DSHS.

         1.    INSURANCE
             General Requirements: Contractor shall, at their own expense, obtain and keep in force insurance as
             follows until completion of the contract. Within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of notice of award,
             the Contractor shall furnish evidence in the form of a Certificate of Insurance satisfactory to the state that
             insurance, in the following kinds and minimum amounts has been secured. Failure to provide proof of
             insurance, as required, will result in contract cancellation.

                Contractor shall include all subcontractors as insureds under all required insurance policies, or shall furnish
                separate Certificates of Insurance and endorsements for each subcontractor. Subcontractor(s) must comply
                fully with all insurance requirements stated herein. Failure of subcontractor(s) to comply with insurance
                requirements does not limit Contractor’s liability or responsibility.

                All insurance provided in compliance with this contract shall be primary as to any other insurance or self-
                insurance programs afforded to or maintained by State.

                A.     Specific Requirements:
                       1.    Compensation Coverage: The Contractor will at all times comply with all applicable workers’
                             compensation, occupational disease, and occupational health and safety laws, statutes, and
                             regulations to the full extent applicable. The state will not be held responsible in any way for
                             claims filed by the Contractor or their employees for services performed under the terms of this

                       2.      Commercial General Liability Insurance: The Contractor shall at all times during the term of
                               this contract, carry and maintain commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, and if
                               necessary, commercial umbrella insurance arising out of services provided under this contract.
                               This insurance shall cover such claims as may be caused by any act, omission, or negligence of
                               the Contractor or its officers, agents, representatives, assigns, or servants.

                               CGL insurance shall be written on ISO occurrence form CG 00 01 (or substitute form
                               providing equivalent coverage). All insurance shall cover liability arising out of premises,
                               operation, independent contractors, products-completed operations, personal injury and
                               advertising injury, and liability assumed under an insured contract (including the tort liability
                               of another assumed in a business contract), and contain separation of insured (cross liability)
                               conditions. Exclusion B.2.a. (4) shall be deleted from the CGL to allow coverage of
                               contractual liability, personal injury and advertising injury losses.

                               Contractor waives all rights against the State for the recovery of damages to the extent they are
                               covered by general liability or umbrella insurance.
                               The limits of liability insurance shall not be less than as follows:
                                      Each Occurrence                                          $1,000,000
                                      General Aggregate Limits
                                      (other than products-completed operations)               $2,000,000
                                      Products-Completed Operations Limit                      $2,000,000
                                      Personal and Advertising Injury Limit                    $1,000,000
                                      Fire Damage Limit (any one fire)                         $ 50,000
                                      Medical Expense Limit (any one person)                   $ 5,000

                       3.      Business Auto Policy (BAP): In the event that services delivered pursuant to this contract
                               involve the use of vehicles, or the transportation of clients, automobile liability insurance shall
                               be required. The coverage provided shall protect against claims for bodily injury, including
                               illness, disease and death; and property damage caused by an occurrence arising out of or in
                               consequence of the performance of this service by the Contractor, subcontractor, or anyone
                               employed by either.
                               Contractor shall maintain business auto liability and, if necessary, commercial umbrella
                               liability insurance with a limit not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. It is preferred that
                               such insurance shall cover liability arising out of “Any Auto” (Symbol 1) or if Contractor’s
                               vehicles are used, coverage at least shall be “Owned Autos” (Symbol 2). However, if the
                               insured does not own any autos and if Contractor employee’s vehicles are used, coverage shall
                               be secured for “Non-owned Autos” (Symbol 9), and, “Hired Autos” (Symbol 8) which includes
                               autos leased, hired, rented or borrowed.
                               Business auto coverage shall be written on ISO form CA 00 01, or substitute liability form
                               providing equivalent coverage. If necessary the policy shall be endorsed to provide contractual
                               liability coverage and cover a “covered pollution cost or expense” as provided in the 1990 or
                               later editions of CA 00 01.
                       4.      Errors and Omissions:
                               The state will not be responsible for any mistakes or omissions by any contractor under this
                               agreement in performance of services provided under contract. Limitation of liability includes,
                               but is not limited to, unintentional, negligent, willful or intentional mistakes or omissions by
                               any contractor, employee of contractor, or sub-contractor. Further, the state will not be
                               responsible for any acts of the contractor that occur during the course of the performance of
                               this contract, but are not related to interpreter services. These acts include all criminal and
                               civil acts that may give rise to liability.

                               The contractor and subcontractor(s) shall at all times during the term of this contract, carry and
                               maintain Errors and Omissions Liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per
                               incident, loss or person, as applicable. If defense costs are paid within limit of liability,
                               Contractor shall maintain limits of $2,000,000 per incident, loss or person as applicable.

                       5.      Additional Provisions: Above insurance policies shall include the following provisions:
                               A.      Additional Insured: The State of Washington and all authorized contract users must be
                                     named as an additional insured on all general liability, umbrella, excess, and property
                                     insurance policies. All policies shall be primary over any other valid and collectable
                                      Notice of policy(ies) cancellation/non-renewal: For insurers subject to RCW 48.18
                                      (Admitted and regulated by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner) a written
                                      notice shall be given to the State forty-five (45) calendar days prior to cancellation or any
                                      material change to the policy(ies) as it relates to this contract.
                                      For insurers subject to RCW 48.15 (Surplus Lines) a written notice shall be given to the
                                      State twenty (20) calendar days prior to cancellation or any material change to the
                                      policy(ies) as it relates to this contract.
                                      If cancellation on any policy is due to non-payment of premium, the State shall be given
                                      a written notice ten (10) calendar days prior to cancellation.
                               B.       Identification: Policy(ies) and Certificates of Insurance must reference the state’s
                                      Proposal/contract number.
                               C.       Insurance Carrier Rating: The insurance required above shall be issued by an insurance
                                      company authorized to do business within the State of Washington. Insurance is to be
                                      placed with a carrier that has a rating of A- Class VII or better in the most recently

                                      published edition of Best’s Reports. Any exception must be reviewed and approved by
                                      General Administration’s Risk Manager, or the Risk Manager for the State of
                                      Washington, by submitting a copy of the contract and evidence of insurance before
                                      contract commencement. If an insurer is not admitted, all insurance policies and
                                      procedures for issuing the insurance policies must comply with Chapter 48.15 RCW and
                                      284-15 WAC.
                            Excess Coverage: The limits of all insurance required to be provided by the Contractor shall be
                            no less than the minimum amounts specified. However, coverage in the amounts of these
                            minimum limits shall not be construed to relieve the Contractor from liability in excess of such

         2.        SUBCONTRACTING
                   Agency to include in their response a listing of subcontractors that will be utilized to comply with the
                   requirements of this RFP. Agency to provide a written policy describing how you will communicate
                   requirements of the contract to subcontractors. Agency subcontracts and written policy will be reviewed
                   to ensure all requirements of this contract have been met; and to ensure there is no conflict of interest.
                   Failure to submit agency subcontracts and written policy may be grounds for finding response to RFP

                   At time of the site visit, the proposer shall have completed and have on hand for review Washington
                   State Patrol for criminal history background checks (within the last two years) on all employee, volunteer
                   or subcontractor who will be providing services under this contract. Any changes in criminal history
                   after contract award shall be reported immediately to the Department of General Administration, Office
                   of State Procurement. All criminal history background checks must be kept on file with the agency.

              As described in RCW 43.43.834(2)(a) through (g); agency interpreters will complete, sign, and date an
              Interpreter Self Disclosure form (see Exhibit F), disclosing whether the interpreter has been:
              (a)     Convicted of any crime against children or other persons;
              (b)     Convicted of crimes relating to financial exploitation if the victim was a vulnerable adult;
              (c)     Convicted of crimes related to drugs: (“Crimes relating to drugs” means a conviction of a crime
                      to manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled
              (d)     Found in any dependency action under RCW 13.34.040 to have sexually assaulted or exploited
                      any minor or to have physically abused any minor;
              (e)     Found by a court in a domestic relations proceeding under Title 26 RCW to have sexually abused
                      or exploited any minor or to have physically abused any minor;
              (f)     Found in any disciplinary board final decision to have sexually or physically abused or exploited
                      any minor or developmentally disabled person or to have abused or financially exploited any
                      vulnerable adult;
              (g)     Found by a court in a protection proceeding under Chapter 74.34 RCW, to have abused or
                      financially exploited a vulnerable adult.

                 It shall be the responsibility of the agency to assure this requirement has been fulfilled for employees and
                 subcontractors that may provide interpreter services under this contract. The disclosure shall be made in
                 writing and signed by the interpreter to be a true and sworn statement. Any convictions resulting after
                 award shall be reported within one week to the Department of General Administration, Office of State
                 Procurement. All self-disclosure forms must be kept on file.


                   Unless otherwise stipulated, all proposals must include pricing where applicable and be otherwise in the
                   format requested.

                   All pricing shall include the costs of Proposal preparation, servicing of accounts, and all contractual
                   requirements. During contract period pricing shall remain firm and fixed for the initial two (2) years
                   contract term after effective date of contract.

                   Adjustments in pricing will be considered after the firm fixed price period on a pass through basis only.
                   A minimum of 60 calendar days advance written notice of price increase is required which is to be
                   accompanied by sufficient documentation to justify the requested increase. Documentation must be
                   based on United States published indices such as the Producer Price Index. Acceptance will be at the
                   discretion of the State Procurement Officer and shall not produce a higher profit margin than that
                   established on the original contract pricing. Approved price adjustments shall remain unchanged for at
                   least 365 calendar days thereafter.

                   During the term of this contract, should the contractor enter into pricing agreements with other customers
                   providing better benefits or pricing, contractor shall immediately amend the state contract to provide
                   similar pricing to the state if the contract with other customers offers similar usage quantities, and similar
                   conditions impacting pricing. Contractor shall immediately notify the state of any such contracts entered
                   into by contractor.

         6.        STATE ETHICS LAW
                   Any current or former state officers or employees must comply with the Ethics in Public Service Law,
                   RCW 42.52, and may wish to consult with an attorney to determine eligibility to submit a proposal.
         7.        DRUG FREE WORKPLACE ACT
                   After Award of contract, Contractor will provide evidence of or proof of a comprehensive drug free
                   workplace program. Contractor will:
                   a)     Publish policy statement, specifying standards of conduct and sanctions for violations. The
                          policy statement will establish the standards of conduct regarding the use, possession, and
                          distribution of alcohol and other drugs, and/or impairment as the result of such conduct;
                          sanctions for violations of the policy; and opportunities to obtain assistance for employees with
                          drug/alcohol problems.
                   b)       Furnish a copy of the policy statement to each employee and subcontractor.
                   c)       Establish an employee awareness program, which includes, but is not limited to, an explanation
                            of the policy statement to all employees along with information on local drug/alcohol resources.
                   d)       Notify the appropriate federal agency when an employee is convicted for violation of a criminal
                            drug statute occurring at the work site.
                   e)       Provide referrals to employees of recovery programs when the employee's use of alcohol or
                            mood-altering substances has produced a dependency harmful to the employee's work

                   In the event the state establishes overpayment or erroneous payments made to the contractor under this
                   contract, the state may secure repayment, plus interest, if any, through the filing of a lien against the
                   contractor's real property, or against future payments from the state to the contractor, or by requiring the
                   posting of a bond, assignment of deposit, or some other form of security acceptable to DSHS, or by doing

                   If contractor(s) fails to provide required payment documents, DSHS will not pay for services invoiced.
                   DSHS will consider such claims as an overpayment, if payment has been made.

                   DSHS is prohibited from permitting the disclosure of the contents of any records, files, papers, software,
                   or other communications connected with the administration of its programs for purposes not connected
                   with official business. Official business shall include purposes connected with the administration of
                   DSHS programs.

                   Contractor will take measures to prudently safeguard and protect from unauthorized disclosure all such
                   DSHS records, files, papers, or other communications, which come into its possession in the performance
                   of services, provided in the contract.

                   Requests for disclosure of the contents of contract files, papers, etc., or portions thereof, from members
                   of the public shall immediately be transmitted or otherwise communicated to the State Procurement
                   Officer for appropriate action.
                   Breaches of confidentiality will not be tolerated and may cause termination of this contract. The
                   contractor must take discipline measures as appropriate. Contractor and DSHS shall mutually agree upon
                   the level of discipline.
                   Pursuant to RCW 70.160.030, no person may smoke in a public place except in designated smoking
                   areas. All state facilities are non-smoking facilities; therefore, contractor and/or contractor's
                   representative(s) will not smoke in state facilities.

                   A.   General Requirements: The state, in conjunction with purchasers, monitors and maintains records
                        of Contractor performance. Said performance shall be a factor in evaluation and award of this
                        and all future contracts. Purchasers will be provided with service performance report forms to
                        forward reports of superior or poor performance to the State Procurement Officer.
                   B.       Liquidated damages will be assessed in the amount of actual damages incurred by the state as a
                            result of Contractor’s failure to perform herein.

         12.       RETENTION OF RECORDS
                   The contractor shall maintain all records relating to this contract for at least six years, following date of
                   final payment or completion of any required audit, whichever is earlier. This shall include, but not be
                   limited to, all records pertaining to actual contract performance from the date of contract award. It shall
                   also include information necessary to document the level of utilization of MWBE’s and other businesses
                   as subcontractors and suppliers in this contract as well as any efforts the contractor makes to increase the
                   participation of MWBE’s. The contractor shall also maintain, for at least three years after completion of
                   this contract, a record of all quotes, bids, estimates, or proposals submitted to the Contractor by all
                   businesses seeking to participate as subcontractors or suppliers in this contract. The State shall have the
                   right to inspect and copy such records. If this contract involves federal funds, Contractor shall comply
                   with all record keeping requirements set forth in any federal rules, regulations, or statutes included or
                   referenced in the contract documents. Failure to produce a requested record will result in reproducing
                   the record at contractor’s expense.

         13.       REPORTS
                   The contractor(s) must provide the following report(s) to Office of State Procurement:
                   Sales and Subcontractor Report
                   A quarterly Sales and Subcontractor Report (attached) shall be submitted in the format provided by the
                   Office of State Procurement. Total purchases for each State Agency, University, Community and
                   Technical Colleges must be shown separately. Total purchases for all political subdivisions and non-
                   profit organizations may be summarized as one customer. Additionally, all purchases by the State of
                   Oregon or other purchasers must be reported as an aggregate total.

                   The report shall include sales information (Section A) and amounts paid to each subcontractor during the
                   reporting period (Section B).

                   Reports should be rounded to nearest dollar. Contractors will be provided with all necessary sample
                   forms, instructions, and lists. Reports are due thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar quarter, i.e.,
                   April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st.

                   SPO Required Report
                   This report will be designed by the SPO to obtain information needed for proposal design, contract
                   negotiation, or any other SPO determined need.

                   Contractor(s) will provide the State Procurement Officer with annual customer expenditure/usage reports
                   based on the contract year, not the calendar year. Reports are due 30 days prior to contract expiration
                   (the first report submitted will contain only 11 months history). Total purchases for each state agency
                   shall be listed separately by line item and total dollar amount. Total purchases for political subdivisions
                   must be summarized as one customer by line item and total dollar amount. Reports may be rounded to
                   the nearest dollar.

                   Recently enacted legislation allows nonprofit corporations to participate in state contracts for purchases
                   administered by OSP. By mutual agreement with OSP, the contractor may sell goods or services at
                   contract pricing awarded under this contract to self certified nonprofit corporations. Such organizations
                   purchasing under this contract shall do so only to the extent they retain eligibility and comply with other
                   contract and statutory provisions. The contractor may make reasonable inquiry of credit worthiness prior
                   to accepting orders or delivering goods or services on contract. The state accepts no responsibility for
                   payments by nonprofit corporations. Contractor may not change contracted payment terms for nonprofit

                   A.   Designation: Proposer shall provide name, address, phone number, fax number and email
                        address of contractor(s) representative as required in proposal documents.
                   B.       Responsibility: Contractor’s representative shall function as the primary point of contact, shall
                            ensure supervision and coordination and shall take corrective action as necessary to meet
                            contractual requirements.
                   C.       Availability: Contractor’s representative, or designee, shall be available at all times during
                            normal working hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time,
                            which ever is in effect) throughout the term of the contract.

         16.       AUDIT PRIVILEGES
                   The State Procurement Officer, one or more employees from DSHS or any other designated
                   representative(s) reserve the right to audit, examine or review all Contractor’s records directly or
                   indirectly relating to this contract. With reasonable prior notification, the state shall have access to all
                   buildings, records, and other information relating to this contract. These representatives shall be given
                   access to these records within 48 hours of notification. If deemed by the department for cause, no notice
                   is required. Contractors must provide an environmentally safe work area for the audit and examination
                   of these records.

         17.       PAYMENT TERMS
                   Payment will be made by the state agency or political subdivision no more than thirty (30) days after
                   services provided and receipt of accurate, legible and complete invoice/billing document. Any proposal
                   that requires payment in less than thirty (30) calendar days need not be considered.

         18.       TRAVEL TIME
                   Travel time will not be authorized under the terms of this contract.

         19.       MILEAGE
                   Mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with the Office of Financial Management Policy & Guidelines
                   rate. Current reimbursement is $.325 per mile. This rate will remain firm and fixed for at least 2 years
                   after the effective beginning date of the contract. Mileage will be reimbursed if outside a 30 mile radius
                   beyond interpreter’s place of business, home or last appointment, which ever is the actual beginning
                   point of departure to an appointment.

                   The contractor must maintain backup documentation for all mileage claims. The contractor may not
                   submit a claim for payment for mileage unless street addresses for origin and destination are established,
                   and listed on the Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Record. Claims lacking this information
                   will not be paid, or will be considered an overpayment. Mileage will be reimbursed only for the point to
                   point most direct route. The contractor may not submit a claim for payment unless the accuracy of the
                   mileage claim has been verified and documented, e.g. via Mapquest or some other reputable method.

         1.    To be eligible to submit a proposal for Social Services and Medical interpreting for this contract,
               Proposer must:
                      Be currently providing services of this scope for a minimum of two years consistantly.
                      Be able to meet DSHS service requests for the entire LEP population of the region for which services
                       are proposed.
                      Be able to provide DSHS certified, qualified, or authorized interpreters on a daily, 24-hour basis,
                       365-days per year.
                      Have the ability to electronically schedule, track and report services provided.
                      Have the ability to communicate with DSHS via telephone and/or facsimile 24 hours per day.
                      Have the ability to provide three-way telephone interpreting services.
                      Have the ability to provide on-site interpreting.
                      Have the ability to provide advance confirmation of scheduled interpreter services.

         2.        Interpreter services must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Most dshs services
                   are provided by appointment and interpreter services are coordinated in advance. The contracted agency
                   must respond to the requester within 24 hours of the request for service, confirming whether or not the
                   interpreter appointment can be filled.

         3.        The requester must request the interpreter through the contracted agency, and schedule the interpreter
                   appointment with the contracted agency. If an individual interpreter schedules an interpreter
                   appointment, it will be considered a material breach of this contract, and payment will be denied. If
                   payment has been made, it will be considered an overpayment. See also specification # 8.

         4.        The contracted agency will provide three-way phone interpreting services if an on-site interpreter is not
                   available, and/or DSHS determines it is appropriate. Three-way phone interpreting is not reimbursable
                   for MAA clients. DSHS will ultimately determine the appropriateness of the service mode for interpreter
                   availability especially where previously documented concerns are involved.

         5.        DSHS and contracted service providers reserve the right to cancel interpreter appointments without
                   penalty or charge.

         6.        The contracted agency will track language trends to identify languages needing additional recruitment.
                   This is especially crucial where interpreter availability is low, and where three-way phone interpreting is
                   the only available mode to provide interpreter services.

         7.        Contracted agencies will ensure all interpreters providing service under this contract are DSHS certified,
                   authorized, or qualified; receive the required orientation; meet state and federal safety requirements (TB
                   Screening, Airborne Pathogens orientation, etc.); comply with the Code of Professional Conduct (Exhibit
                   E); and present picture identification at all interpreter service appointments.

         8.        Services described herein will be ordered by specific DSHS personnel, contracted service providers and
                   medical providers as needed, based on program policy and other client requirements. (Reference Exhibit
                   D). It is agreed that services called for in this contract will be ordered from the contracted agency(s).
                   The contracted agency must use an appointment scheduling database that specifies each interpreter’s
                   appointment schedule and availability to accept appointments. Each contractor must have a written
                   process of policies and procedures for completion of timely updates to the database reflecting scheduled
                   appointments for interpreters. Each contracted agency must have a written process of policies and
                   procedures to determine priorities for assigning interpreters to appointments, e.g. specific gender,
                   cultural, or age requirements; and the requester’s preference for a specific interpreter.

         9.        During interpreter appointment downtime, interpreters (if they and their employers/contractors have no
                   objections) may perform necessary on-site translations and other language-related tasks. Examples of
                   language-related tasks include assisting staff with language needs on the phone, sight-translating
                   documents from and into the target language, etc. Interpreters shall not perform any non-language
                   related tasks, such as answering or responding to general phone inquiries, filing, copying, cleaning,
                   organizing or arranging things, or running errands.

         10.       DSHS Required Report
                   Contractor Monthly Assessment Reports must be submitted electronically to DSHS by the last working
                   day of the following month. Successful proposers will receive the required report template from DSHS.
                   Reports must be as follows:
                   A.      For each division/program
                           Aging and Adult Services Administration (AASA)
                            Children’s Administration (CA)
                                   Division of Children & Family Services (DCFS)
                                   Division of Licensed Resources (DLR)
                                   Office of Child Care Policy (OCCP)
                            Economic Services Administration (ESA)
                                 Community Services Division (CSD)
                                 Division of Child Support (DCS)
                                 Division of Assistance Program (DAP)
                                 WorkFirst Division (WFD)
                            Health and Rehabilitation Services Administration (HRSA)
                                   Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA)
                                   Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
                                   Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
                                   Mental Health Division (MHD)
                            Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA)
                            Medical Assistance Administration (MAA)
                                  Division of Disability Determination Services (DDDS)
                                  Division of Client Support/Interpreter Services Section

                   B.       Office location/institution/provider (DCS/ISS)

                   C.       Reporting Period (Month and Year)

                   D.       The following must be listed by Language:
                            Total number of requests.
                            Total number of requests filled with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice.
                            Total number of requests filled with more than twenty-four (24) hours notice.
                            Total number of requests unfilled with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice.
                            Total number of requests unfilled with more than twenty-four (24) hours notice.

                            Total number of client, provider or DSHS employee no shows.
                            Total number of interpreter no shows.
                            Total number of on-site interpretation encounters.
                            Total number of telephone interpretation encounters.
                            Total number of interpreting hours performed during this time period.
                            Total number of interpreting hours billed during this time period.
                            Total number of encounters over thirty (30) miles and total miles.
                            (Reference Exhibit C)

         11.       Contractor rosters of all interpreters providing services under this contract (DSHS certified, authorized or
                   qualified) must be submitted electronically to the DSHS contract administrator and all DSHS LEP cluster
                   coordinators at the end of each calendar quarter, i.e. March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
                   Should any of these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, then rosters must be submitted the first business
                   day following.

          12.     DSHS and/or GA staff will meet regularly with contracted agencies to review their contract compliance,
                  service performance and to assist them as necessary. Much of this assistance will evolve from user and
                  contractor(s) feedback.

         13.       INVOICING
                   Contractor shall provide an original invoice and original signed copy of the “Appointment Scheduling
                   and Confirmation Record”. (Reference Exhibit D, Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Record)
                   Each invoice/bill shall be submitted for payment no later than ninety (90) days from the date of service
                   rendered. Each invoice/bill shall reference the contract number.

                   To support and justify spoken interpreter services provided to a client, the records must be maintained in
                   an accurate, legible, and complete manner.

                   Other authorized contract users: Each invoice/bill shall be submitted for payment no later than sixty (60)
                   days from date of service rendered. Each invoice/bill shall reference the contract number.

                   The state does not pay for the following under this contract:
                    Interpreter early arrivals
                    Interpreter late arrivals
                    Interpreter travel time

                   Contractors may not bill DSHS for the cost of no shows; except when, by prior agreement, select DSHS
                   programs agree to pay for no shows under certain circumstances.
                   A.     SOCIAL SERVICES
                          Contractor shall attach the original Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Record document
                          to invoice. Each invoice shall be submitted as required by the contract and shall reference the
                          contract number. Contractor(s) will bill DSHS:
                                The agreed hourly rate, for interpreter service requested and provided.
                                Beginning from that time scheduled by DSHS employees and or service providers, through
                                 the time of service completion, if time runs longer than scheduled, excluding early arrival or
                                 travel time.
                                Bill in fifteen (15) minute increments (rounding up) and one (1) hour minimum.
                            a.        Contractor must bill MAA electronically, except where circumstances require a paper
                                      claim (HCFA-1500), e.g. a claim adjustment.
                            b.        The Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Record (reference Exhibit D) will be
                                      used as additional documentation for possible review/audit. Backup documentation must
                                      be maintained by the contractor for any claim of 2 hours (8 units) or more. The backup
                                      documentation must include a breakdown of how the interpreter’s time was spent during
                                      the encounter (See following examples).
                            c.        Contractors will bill MAA in fifteen (15) minute increments (units) which equals one-
                                      fourth the contracted agreed hourly rate for interpreter service requested and provided.
                            d.        Use the following procedure codes for interpreter services:
                                                                        Spoken Language
                                           Procedure Code                                          Maximum
                                                                 Description of Service             Allowable
                                           0991M thru 0996M     Agency Spoken                   Contracted Amount
                                                                Language Interpreter
                                                                (15 minutes = 1 unit)
                                                0998M           Mileage                         Contracted Amount

                                      Bill actual time providing interpreter services when the appointments are consecutive
                                      1)       The interpreter interprets for more than one client, in the same medical
                                               provider’s office, on the same day; or
                                      2)       the interpreter interprets for one client, for multiple medical providers, in the
                                               same medical facility, on the same day; or
                                      3)       the interpreter interprets for more than one client, for multiple medical providers,
                                               in the same medical facility, on the same day.

                                 e. When appointments do not meet the criteria given in number “d” above, Contractor may
                                      bill MAA a minimum of four units per encounter. Under no other circumstances may the
                                      total number of units billed for a date of service exceed the number of units of service
                                      actually provided by the interpreter.

                                 f. Billing units begin to accumulate at one of the following times, whichever is later:
                                      a)       The time the appointment is scheduled to begin; or
                                      b)       The time the interpreter arrives after the scheduled appointment time.

                   C.       MAA BILLING EXAMPLES
                              a. Services for less than one hour in a single provider’s office:
                                 If you provide interpreter services for less than 1 hour in a single provider’s office,
                                 Contractor may bill for a total of four (4) units (1 hour).

                                      Mary Jones, interpreter for Contractor, provides 30 minutes of service for Joe Client.
                                      Contractor bills MAA for a minimum of one hour by billing 4 units.

                                 b. Services for more than one client, for more than one hour, in the same provider’s
                                      If Contractor provides interpreter services for more than one client at the same provider’s
                                      office, Contractor bills in 15-minute increments for actual time spent interpreting.

                                      Mary Jones, interpreter for Contractor, provides services for Joe, Maria, Harold, and
                                      Inez, whose appointments are back-to-back at Dr. Smith’s office. The total time is 2
                                      hours and 45 minutes. The total number of units is eleven. Billing would be as follows:

                                      For Joe (30 min.) bill 2 units.
                                      For Maria (45 min.) bill 3 units.
                                      For Harold (1 hour) bill 4 units.
                                      For Inez (30 min.) bill 2 units.
                                      Total = 11 units

                                 c.           Multiple providers
                                             4:30            Scheduled appointment time
                                      4:30 – 4:45            Waiting room
                                      4:45 – 6:00            Exam by Tech, Resident (Wright), and Attending (Larsen)
                                      6:00 – 6:30            Dilation
                                      6:30 – 6:50            Exam by Resident
                                      6:50 – 7:15            Exam and consult by Attending
                                      Total = 11 units

                                 d.           Outpatient foot surgery including waiting time requested by provider
                                      8:30 – 9:20             Check in and admit
                                      9:20 – 9:50             Pre-op instructions
                                      9:50 – 10:10            Anesthetic instructions
                                      10:10 – 11:30           Foot surgery (requested to wait by Dr. Gantz)
                                      11:30 – 1:00            Recovery, post-surgery instructions, discharge
                                      Total = 18 units

                                 e. Two appointments same day, same client, different facility
                                      8:00 – 8:45              Dr. Jones, change dressing (4 unit minimum)
                                      9:30 – 10:45             Dr. Smith, x-rays and blood sample
                                      Total = 9 units

        15.        DSHS clients are entitled to:
                        Be provided with effective communications as established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
                           Be notified that interpreter services are available at no cost to client.
                           Decide, with DSHS personnel and contracted service provider, to use an interpreter.
                           Unbiased interpretation; and
                           Be assured of confidentiality, as follows:
                            Interpreters may, with client written consent, share information from the client’s records only
                            with appropriate medical professionals and agencies working on the client’s behalf. Interpreters
                            must ensure that this shared information is similarly safeguarded.

                            The contracted agency and its subcontractors shall maintain information concerning ALL
                            individuals receiving chemical dependency treatment services in strictest confidence and
                            safeguard ALL information, electronic and hard copy. The contracted agency and its
                            subcontractors shall not disclose ANY information on individuals directly or indirectly except in
                            compliance with state and federal law and department policy. The contracted agency and its
                            subcontractors shall comply with the Federal Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient
                            Records, 42 CFR, Part 2.
                            Contracted agencies and their subcontractors will adhere to the above DSHS client entitlements.

        16.        Contracted agencies, their employees and/or subcontractors are prohibited from applying undue influence
                   on DSHS clients, employees, and service providers by:
                         Marketing interpreter services to DSHS clients.
                           Arranging services for clients in order to create business.
                           Contacting the client other than at the request of the medical provider or DSHS employee.
                           Providing transportation for the client to, or from, medical or social services appointments.
                           Requiring a DSHS client to obtain interpreter services exclusive of other interpreters or
                            contractors holding valid contracts with the department.
                           Billing DSHS for interpreter services provided to the interpreter’s own family members.
                           Accepting any compensation from clients or others on behalf of clients.
                           Denying DSHS clients for any services DSHS deems appropriate (example; HIV/AIDS
                            treatment, abortions, domestic violence services, child/adult protection services, etc.)
        17.        The contracted agency will cooperate with DSHS in the resolution of any complaint made against the
                   contracted agency. This will include any complaint made against a subcontractor or employee of the
                   contracted agency, including violations of the interpreter and translator code of professional conduct.

         18.       Conduct Orientation for all interpreters providing services for DSHS clients. The orientation will consist
                   of the following:
                         Codes of professional conduct and confidentiality for interpreters;
                           Completion of the Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation Record form;
                           Clarification of the billing process;
                           Other specific requirements covered under this contract.
                   Contractors must provide orientation and documentation that includes items 1 through 4 above. An
                   affidavit of completion of the checklist must be signed and dated (in ink) by the interpreter after
                   completion of the orientation. The completed checklist must be included in each interpreter’s personnel

                   Contractor responsibilities:
                         Obtain a provider number by submitting a completed Contractor Billing Registration to MAA.
                          (Obtain these forms from MAA by writing to the Medical Assistance Program Manager.
                          Reference Exhibit A)
                         Obtain a performing provider number (PPN) for each interpreter. Provider Services must assign
                          a PPN to each interpreter prior to payment by MAA for services provided by the interpreter.
                          PPNs will be assigned to certified, authorized, and qualified interpreters. Requests for a PPN will
                          be submitted electronically to a designated MAA staffperson; and must include the interpreter’s
                          name, address, certification number, and effective date of certification. MAA will deny payment
                          on claims submitted without a PPN. PPN assignment will not change if the interpreter begins
                          work for a different contractor.
                          MAA will pay for interpreter services for LEP clients when all of the following conditions
                          are met:
                          1.       The LEP client is an eligible MAA client.
                          2.       The LEP client and the medical provider determine that an interpreter is necessary in
                                  order for the client to appropriately access necessary medical and health care services
                                  covered by the client’s medical assistance program.
                            3.    Interpreter services are provided for medical services covered by MAA.
                           MAA does not pay for the Interpreter Services under this contract:
                            1.    Inpatient hospital services (for example, labor and delivery);
                            2.    Nursing facility services (covered by Aging and Adult Services rates);
                               3. Community mental health center, mental health clinic, or mental health institution
                                  services (covered by Regional Support Networks);
                               4. Services funded or paid for by other sources (e.g., alcohol or other drug related
                               5. Services provided by any other facility, agency, or provider that is required by state or
                                  federal law, regulation, or rules to provide those services (e.g., public health agencies,
                                  public hospitals and local health jurisdictions).

                   MAA does pay, under this contract, for services provided at a Federally Qualified Health Center

                                           OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                               PERFORMANCE REPORT

To OSP Customers:
Please take a moment to let us know how our services have measured up to your expectations on this contract.
Please copy this form locally as needed and forward to the Office of State Procurement Purchasing Manager.
For any comments marked unacceptable, please explain in remarks block.

             Procurement services provided:                      Excellent       Good   Acceptable   Unacceptable
     Timeliness of contract actions
     Professionalism and courtesy of staff
     Services provided met customer needs
     Knowledge of procurement rules and regulations
     Responsiveness/problem resolution
     Timely and effective communications


Agency:                                                                 Prepared by:


Contract No.: 13000,                                                    Date:

Contract Title:             INTERPRETER SERVICES                        Phone:

                                                 Send to:

                                                 Purchasing Manager
                                                 Office of State Procurement
                                                 PO Box 41017
                                                 Olympia, Washington 98504-1017

                                       PRODUCT/SERVICE PERFORMANCE REPORT

Complete this form to report problems with suppliers or to report unsatisfactory product or services. You are also
encouraged to report superior performance. Agency personnel should contact suppliers in an effort to resolve problems
themselves prior to completion and submission of this report.

Contract number and title:            13000, INTERPRETER SERVICES, SPOKEN

Supplier’s name:                                                    Supplier’s representative:


        Contract item quality higher than required             Damaged goods delivered
        Contract item quality lower than required.             Item delivered does not meet P.O./contract specifications
                                          SUPPLIER/CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE:

        Late delivery                                                Slow response to problems and problem resolution
        Incorrect invoice pricing.                                   Superior performance
                                                CONTRACT PROVISIONS:

        Terms and conditions inadequate                              Additional items or services are required.
        Specifications need to be revised                            Minimum order too high.

Briefly describe situation:

                        Agency Name:                                               Delivery Location:
       Prepared By:               Phone Number:                        Date:                       Supervisor:

                                                         Send To:

                                            SHEILA MOTT, STATE PROCUREMENT OFFICER
                                            OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                            PO BOX 41017
                                            OLYMPIA WA 98504-1017