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RE Pfizer Corp Peak 150 Steam Turbine Governor by tam26166


									peaker services, inc.

Mr. John R. Rose                                                                      January 24, 2007
1016 South Burdick Street                                                             p 269.381.9870
Kalamazoo, MI 49001                                                         

RE: Pfizer Corp: Peak 150 Steam Turbine Governor

Dear John,

         Per your request, we are pleased to provide information on replacing the governor system applicable to
Pfizer’s Elliott YR boiler feed water steam turbine. The new digital control provides optimum starting and precise
speed control. This control also allows remote speed setting input via a 4-20mA signal. The scope of the project is
as follows.

Scope of Work:
         Peaker Services will supply and supervise installation of a Digital Governor System and actuator for
Pfizers’s Steam Turbine. The system will comprise the Peak 150 unit and panel, electro-hydraulic positioner, and
speed sensing equipment.

        Woodward’s Peak 150 digital control system is widely used for this application. The Peak 150 system offers
precise speed control, speed setting via an analog input, overspeed, local readouts, and modbus communication.
Peaker Services will provide an isolator for the analog input, and a handheld programmer for the unit.

         The Peak 150 digital control unit will be mounted, wired and protected by the supplied purged custom
control panel with windowed enclosure. A freestanding panel will have all the required control switches and
terminals for safety trips wired to the Peak 150 Unit. An AC to DC converter will power the panel. The custom control
panel will be silk screened and powder coated.

         The TG hydraulic governor and its associated linkage will be removed. The new electro hydraulic positioner
will be mounted in place of the old TG governor. A custom installation kit will include new linkage and mounting

        A custom speed sensing gear will be fitted and mounted to the output shaft of the turbine. The supplied
speed sensor bracket will mount to the turbine and firmly hold the speed sensors and shielded cables.

         This proposal includes rebuilding the governor valve bonnet and governor valve. The governor valve stem
will be replaced with a new nitrided stem. The governor valve bonnet will be resurfaced and a new packing gland
and packing will be furnished. The governor valve will also be polished and reseated, insuring system operation.

          Peaker Services will supply the materials for this project in kit form. All necessary items required for
installation and mounting will be supplied.

         Peaker Services will provide onsite installation and commissioning assistance.

           Project Material Price: $39,045.00 per turbine.
           Delivery: 3-4 Weeks ARO, as required

248-437-4174 • 800-622-4224 • FAX 248-437-8280
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        FOB Brighton, MI
        Taxes not included
We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on this project. Please call if you have any questions.


Eric Feiler
Peaker Services, Inc.
Engineered Systems Group

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