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					         Dana Whitaker and Mark Petersen, hosts
   Joel Rubinstein, Gail Dolson-Freeman, Susan Oehser,
   and the Oakland and San Francisco RESULTS partners

                 invite you for dessert and coffee
           to meet RESULTS founder Sam Daley-Harris
                   and celebrate publication of
             the 10th anniversary edition of his book

  Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between
                 People and Government

                     Thursday, February 3, 2004
                           7:30–9:30 pm

                                     At the home of
               Dana Whitaker and Mark Petersen
                     7 Tanglewood Road
                     Berkeley CA 94705

                   RSVP/Info: Joel Rubinstein, 415-759-5075

This invitation, including a map link, is online at

From Ashby heading east, turn left on Claremont Ave., pass the Claremont Hotel on
your right, and turn left on Tanglewood.

Note: From Derby Street, cars are prohibited from entering Tanglewood. You can park
on Derby near Tanglewood, or turn right on Belrose, first left on Claremont Blvd., first
left on Tanglewood Road.

                    Proceeds from book sales go to RESULTS
 Many of the world’s problems, including poverty, poor health, and ignorance, are correctable.
   In Reclaiming Our Democracy, Sam Harris shows how to take action to eliminate these
  problems. And he provides a road map for global involvement in planning a better future.
                                          Jimmy Carter
                               39th President of the United States

 . . . At a time when cynicism and alienation from our political institutions are widespread, this
account of the activities and ethos of the RESULTS group in pursuit of its anti-hunger campaign
                                 provides a healthy antidote . . . .
                                     Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN)

         Most of us don’t believe we play a part in the decisions made by our government, and this
feeling of impotence has led to years of public apathy.
         The tenth anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy once again brings to the fore a
unique vision to meet this crisis: ordinary people taking extraordinary action, becoming citizen
leaders in order to create a democracy “as if people mattered.” The story is told through the inspiring
action of RESULTS, an international grassroots citizens’ lobby committed to healing the break
between people and government, and creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects
of poverty.
         RESULTS has played a leading advocacy role in campaigns that have dramatically
increased global immunization rates, saving the lives of millions of children, and produced a
revolution in banking—microcredit—which is providing tiny, life-changing loans to millions of
the world’s poorest people. A domestic branch of RESULTS now focuses on issues like early
childhood education and childcare in the United States. Such activism is needed more than ever
today. According to the Washington Post, “There is not a rich lobby in Washington that wouldn’t
trade its limos for [RESULTS’] achievements. . . .” Parade magazine has said of the group,
“They defy the odds.”
         Apollo Astronaut Rusty Schweickart has said, “We aren’t passengers on spaceship earth. We’re
the crew.” Reclaiming Our Democracy is for anyone who wants to learn how to make a difference. It’s
an operator’s manual for citizens on spaceship Earth.

SAM DALEY-HARRIS married Shannon Daley in 1995 and changed his name from Harris to Daley-
Harris. He is the founder of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund, as well as director of the
Educational Fund’s largest project, the Microcredit Summit, a nine-year campaign to reach 100 million
of the world’s poorest families—especially the women of those families—with credit for self-
employment and other financial and business services by the end of 2005. Daley-Harris lives in
Washington, D.C., with his wife Shannon, their son Micah, and their daughter Sophie.