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					With the advent of WLAN
November 1, networking industry alliance Zhongguancun things set up in Beijing.
With the establishment of alliances throughout the industry and work, physical
interconnection to the national capital, further heating the core radiation, evolved a
systematic, large-scale and industrialization. View of the network or with objects from
the things related to business networking, user participation and concern the heat of
wireless technology in the world cum 2009 International Summit on Internet of things
in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology departments, China
Communications Standards Association's support in 2009 November 19-20
held at Presidential Plaza Hotel Beijing.
First, wireless technology and the Internet of things
Wireless Technology: Internet of things the highest voice!
The development of various wireless technologies, and combined with the isolation of
sensor network applications, network development will be the most critical things the
driving force is the most important part. 2009 wireless technology in the world cum
Internet of things is the focus of international summit meeting here, based on China,
the world, with "the development of wireless technology to promote the
Internet of things" as the theme, present at the meeting website / w-world, on invited participants from around the world the
authority of the guests, on-site Zeyi divided plate, forms, full of radio
communications, especially in the short-range wireless communications technology;
With the advent of WLAN, Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee, RFID These short-range
wireless technology is increasingly mature, 应用 faster pace and Jiakuai, various
wireless communication technologies in the automation Kong Zhi and family
information of an increasingly important role Lingyubanyan play a greater and
important role; China Jin Qi Ye Tong Guo Yi Jilie measures to support and encourage
the short-range wireless communications, and wireless sensor technology related
technology R & D and industrialization.
Internet of things = wireless + sensor + other. . .
In particular, recently, many standing on the world technology frontier countries and
companies have concerns about the "Internet of things" caused
a wave of technological revolution and the economy, development of standards,
research and application of new technologies in order to grasp the market active.
China is an urgent need to upgrade the level of awareness on the Internet of things,
and to quickly promote the development of Internet of things. It is anticipated that
smart facilities, intelligent driving systems, intelligent medical and other fields,
physical networking solutions, will effectively save resources and stimulating
domestic demand. Mu Qian, Internet of things has been in charge of China at all
levels of government and industry departments attach great importance, Xiang Xin Qi
Ye of forces in the industrial chain, the support and promotion, physical
interconnection of a wireless technology will become the development of
China's information network the latest trend. In fact, the Internet of things
in addition to the bottom of the realization of sensor technology, vast amounts of
IPv4/IPv6IP address resources, automation, intelligent embedded and other
supporting technologies, the ubiquitous real scale of things and things of the network
(rather than one by one small isolated sensor network), more importantly, is (in the
transport layer) to achieve the scale of a network of unified collaborative
communications basis of agreements, among which, the various radio communication
technologies, will play a key role in particular, including WPAN, WLAN , NGBWA
and other wireless communications technologies, and wireless technology based on
the combination of the integration of the sensor network applications, will be the
Internet of things in the industrial chain, the most important part.
Second, wireless Internet of things of the times
Digital Storm: Internet of Things Past and Present:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology was first introduced in 1999, the concept of
Internet of things: all items of information through radio frequency identification and
other sensor equipment and Internet connection up to identify and manage intelligent
networks. Internet of Things in the ability to change the world is predicted to be far
more than the Internet. In 2005, the International Telecommunication Union in its
annual report on the meaning of the concept was extended: the objectives of
information and communication technologies have been from any time, any place to
connect to any person, to connect the development stage of any article, and links to
object constitutes Internet of Things. Since 2008, the world's major
developed countries and regions have thrown out the information and material related
networking strategy, hoping to stimulate economic growth in the Internet of things.
11 billion, 270 billion, 26 million units
President Obama "Internet of Things" is a revitalization of the
economy, the establishment of key strategic advantage, start investing 11 billion U.S.
dollars for smart grid research and development; European information industry and
the business people on the matter at the EU headquarters in Brussels launched a broad
network discussion; by the end of 2008 IBM made materials based on the emerging
Internet and networking technology, "smart Earth"; in June
2009, Japan proposed "i-Japan" program; GE /, IBM /, Siemens
/, Google, Intel and other information industry dragon smart grid has been put into
operation. Research firm Alexander Resources, said the United States in 2010,
Internet of things will bring 270 billion U.S. dollars in a huge market; the next three
years, Internet of Things applications meet industry growth has remained above 50%
in 2011, the terminal will reach 26 million units shipped .
Internet of Things in the perception of China
Internet of Things in intelligent buildings, street lighting control, animal traceability,
Smart Hospital, intelligent transportation and other applications a wide range of
application areas, the effective energy conservation, stimulating domestic demand. In
view of this, on August 7 this year, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that the matter
should be attached great importance to the development of networking, and the
construction of China's Internet of things to make recommendations.
Internet of Things has been the central leadership attaches great importance to the
local government's strong promotion of the positive reaction of telecom
operators, as well as important user support, development of information networks
become the latest trend.
However, we remain mindful of the things the whole process of developing a
networked information society for the process in the government, enterprises and
other aspects of promotion, to realize Jishu mature, Naizhi to Guimo of business, yet
to cross the Zhongduomenkan: breakthrough technology; concentrate development
efforts; the establishment of the architecture; break through barriers to entry; improve
the policy environment; to explore win-win model.
Third, the most authoritative "wireless technology" +
"Internet of Things" discussion platform
What non-wireless networking in the end?
Internet of Things become a hot topic since the beginning of summer 2009, is one of
the most forward-looking technology. Many of the world stand in the forefront of
technology and business sense to a country about the "Internet of
things" caused a wave of technological revolution and economic, have
developed standards, research new technologies and applications, in order to grasp the
initiative in the market. The first "Internet of things wireless technology in
the world cum International Summit" held in a timely manner, will
effectively promote a variety of wireless networking technology in the property
achieved in the core development.
Wireless networking in all things technical line
The summit as a wireless networking technology combined with the materials of
international conferences, received authority from the global technical standards
organizations to support, including: the European Union / EU, ETSI, IEEE, Bluetooth
SIG, WiFi Alliance, WiGig Union ( UWB), IPSO Alliance, NFC Forum, green IT
standards organizations, IGRS, excellent networking alliance, IPv6 Forum,
particularly from China Radio Association, the China Communications Standards
Association and other standards bodies, industry alliances and industry associations
for their support. From the various technical organizations and alliances of the
President and the responsible person at home and abroad on behalf of the known
manufacturers, operators Zhuan Jia, Jiang and Ling Yu from all related to
Xueshuquanwei Yi Qi, from the most broader context Shenru the technology of
wireless Wu Lian Wang and networks, business applications and business models,
development status and future prospects. Summit will be organized during the
"low-power Bluetooth technology," "Walter the EU
project",        "ultra-broadband        wireless      interoperability
testing," and other seminars.
I believe this Summit will discuss related wireless technologies and industries,
particularly on wireless communication technology to promote the development of
China Internet of things, play a positive role in promoting.
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