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									   Distribution  West Cobb Magazine has the largest free distribution network in the West Cobb area with over 400+ distinct distribution points. We print over 20,000 copies per issue and distribute them to over 400+ locations in West Cobb and the Cedarcrest corridor. Our distribution is managed by TGS Media, the largest distributor of free publications in the United States. They place copies in locations such as shopping centers, doctors waiting rooms, salons, restaurants, retail stores, auto repair shops and our advertisers business locations.  The distribution area for West Cobb Magazine now covers all of the West Cobb and the Cedarcrest area from the Marietta Square up through the Cedarcrest corridor. You can conveniently pick up a copy at local shoping centers, retailers, restaurants, salons and doctors offices in the following zip codes within West Cobb; 30060 (Marietta Square area), 30064 (Marietta by the Avenue of West Cobb, Due West and Dallas Highway areas), 30101 (downtown Acworth, the Mars Hill/Brookstone area, the Bentwater area off Cedarcrest), 30144(downtown Kennesaw and surrounding areas) and 30152 (Kennesaw west of Cobb Parkway), 30127 (Powder Spring locations off Mars Hill and Dallas Highway), 30132 (the Seven Hills area off of Cedarcrest).   Our distribution is now managed by TGS Media, the largest distributor of free magazines in the United States. We changed from mailing to area homes to a direct distribution to multiple locations in order to assure our advertisers that copies were going to individuals who would read them vs. the large potential for them to be discarded because of how many pubiciations, catalogues and junk mail is mailed to upscale West Cobb households. For questions about where to locate your Free copy of West Cobb Magazine at a location near you, contact us at 404-694-2208.  In addition to our regular distribution outlets, in 2009, West Cobb Magazine we will be a sponsor at 7 major area events, where we will distribute an additional 3,000 -10,000 copies at the event. Included within the events that we are a sponsor for are the Taste of Marietta (April), the Big Shanty Festival(April), the new Whole Hog Festival at Whitewater (May), the Love the Lake Festival in Acworth (July), the Peaches and Pigs BBQ Festival in Kennesaw (August), the Taste of Acworth(September) and the    Taste of Kennesaw(October). There is no charge for


Nancy  Jones                                             5660 Brookstone  Dr.                    Acworth, Ga. 

With approximately 400 distribution outlets, a free copy of West Cobb Magazine (WC) is easy to locate, however, if you prefer to have West Cobb Magazine mailed to your home or business, we do offer paid subscriptions. Our annual subscription rate is now $15 for 10 issues annually (continental U.S. only). Use the convenient subscription link below to order you subscription of West Cobb Magazine or call us at 404-694-2208. 

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