SAP and International Paper

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					SAP and International Paper
            International Paper
• International Paper has significant global businesses in
  paper and paper distribution, packaging and forest
  products, including building materials.
• The company has operations in nearly 40 countries,
  employs approximately 83,000 people worldwide and
  exports its products to more than 120 nations.
• Sales of almost $25 billion annually are derived from
  businesses located primarily in the United States,
  Europe, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and Canada.
•   SAP delivers the assistance you need to optimize the
    performance of your software and manage your
    business processes more effectively. You can adapt
    existing solutions to changing market and business
    requirements, and take advantage of the new
    innovations that will make your business more
       Problems with SAP
1. Work instructions are not clear
2. Currently, EEO information has to be
   tracked on a separate system as SAP does
   not provide necessary information for EEO
3. Work Instruction are too lengthy. It can take
   up to 20 minutes to "hire" a new employee
   into the SAP system.
         Solutions for SAP
• Employees could survey and find answers
  to make it more clear.
• Have the employees make new and easier
  instructions so it’s more understandable.
• They could find a middleware to connect
  the information from the EEO’s and SAP.
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