Visa Extension Tracking System for International Office by kby12992


									              Web Based Information System

Visa Extension Tracking System for International Office
                    in University of Stirling

                               Victus Paul

                              September 2006

        Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of
               Master of Science in Information Technology

           Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
                           University of Stirling
This project attempts to exploit Web Based Information System technology to design a
system which will enable staff in International Office to check, assess and provide
feedback to both International students and Home office during the process of visa
extension. Through this product, international students will be able to track the progress of
their visa extension application. The Web based system should be capable of storing and
retrieving information of all International students. The system will also allow the
international office staff to register themselves, view International students list, search
specific student if registered with the university, view individual student details and view
the list of students sorted by different criteria. International students will be required to
register with the system before login and search for status of their visa extension. Apache
will be used as a web server, PHP as the server side programming language, data
processing and storage will be carried out by MySQL. JavaScript and HTML will be used
to create the client side interface components.

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