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					                       VATICAN CITY & THE PAPACY
                            WITH BURT WOLF

Television journalist Burt Wolf, who specializes in travel and cultural history, delivers a
powerful one-hour documentary on the beauty of Vatican City and the history of the
Papacy. As part of his popular travel series, the expert on world journeys presents
Vatican City & the Papacy. The program airs on public television stations across the
country in May, 2005 (check local listings).

In early March, Burt Wolf and his production crew arrived in Rome and began taping a
program on the history and future of the Papacy and Vatican City. It was to be part of his
regular Travels and Traditions series. He was the guest of the Vatican and given
extraordinary access to archival footage and locations.

In the middle of Burt’s trip, Pope John Paul II passed away. Hundreds of television crews
quickly arrived to cover the events, but were given only limited admittance to the
Vatican. To his surprise, instead of being restricted Burt was given an increased level of
assistance by Church authorities. The result is an amazing one-hour program with
exceptional footage.

Vatican City & the Papacy visits the actual first-century tomb of St. Peter, takes a
private tour of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel and views art in striking close-
up. The documentary highlights the techniques that are used to preserve and restore the
great mosaic works. Burt also climbs the sacred staircase that Jesus walked to confront
Pontius Pilate and discovers the origin of Holy Years and why they fueled the anger of
Martin Luther.

Viewers will witness the arrival of two million pilgrims who came to say good-bye to
John Paul II and get an insider’s view of how a new pope is elected. The show also
explores how the Papacy became so important, what it’s been doing for the past 2000
years and what it intends to do in the future.

Vatican City & the Papacy with Burt Wolf will be fed on May 21 through American
Public Television to coordinate with the first weeks of the new Papacy. This program
illustrates the ability of public television to cover an important and unfolding story with
greater depth and insight.

Executive Producer is Emily Aronson. Senior Producer: Caroline McCool. Produced in
2005, Vatican City & the Papacy is presented by WKNO in Memphis, TN and
distributed by American Public Television through the Exchange service at no cost to
public television stations nationwide.

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