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                                              Rosary: 30 minutes before Mass

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         AUGUST 15, 2010

                                                       PASTOR’S CORNER

                                                              Rev. Eliseus Ibeh

         Although the dogma of the Assumption is a relatively new one made by the church

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         through Pope Pius XXII in 1950; but the belief in the Assumption is one of the oldest in the
         church regarding Mary.
          In the second reading for the Vigil Mass, St. Paul states that death is swallowed up by the
         victory of Christ. Physical death is now seen as a transformation from one manner of living
         to another. The second reading for the feast itself states that since the first man became
         the instrument of death, by rejecting God, the new man became the instrument of life
         through His obedience. We now understand the Assumption of Mary in the light of this
         reading. Her death was a transformation from this life to heaven. This is because she is a
         model Christian who heard the word of God and kept it. Since Mary, our Mother is now in
         heaven, we have an intercessor before the throne of Grace. We now ask her to plead for us
         who are still in this valley of tears that after thus our earthly journey we may enjoy the face
         of her blessed son; our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

         PRAYER LIST FOR DEPLOYED MILITARY: (We add and remove names often so please check
          for changes) If you have a family member in the military that is deployed and would like to
                have him/her included in a prayer request, please contact Bob Kelety via phone
         (512-864-0493) or e-mail ( with the data. Any member’s daughter,
           son, grandchild, or extended family member is welcome to be on the list. PLEASE PRAY
             FOR: Sean Marrinan, USN, SSN, Louisiana; Josh Kidd, US Army in Iraq; Sp4 Michael
          Grayson, US Army, Iraq; LCPL Matthew Banigan, USMC, Iraq; Adam Babler, S/N 1, USN, at
         sea; Lt. Col. Shane Steinke, USAF, CentCom. Steven Magee, 2nd Lt., USMC, Okinawa; Elaine
                                           Magee, DOD, Afghanistan

         FALL FESTIVAL 2010: Hello all you faithful Crafters of Santa Rosa; It's time for us to get
         started working on things for the Country Store; you know, the booth that has something
         for everyone, especially the children. And remember, we have the cow bell that we ring to
         help bring in the players and win the many, many items, like baskets of food, grapevine
         wreaths, hand rolled from a tree from a local ranch. We will need lots of greenery, pine
         cones, ribbons, preserves, jams and jellies. Crochet and handmade crafts are nice, books
         for the children, pastas and any non perishable goods for our baskets. We also need you to
         consider helping us, can't craft, we'll show you, maybe you can tie a bow, group things
         together, don't worry, we'll find something for you. Right now, we will only work on
         Tuesdays, from 9:30 a.m. until noon or so, later, when we have more items, we can work two
         or three times a week. For more information and to VOLUNTEER, please call Barbara
         Hoernis at 512 863-2701 or Dot Absnaider at 512 515-5929 or email
         FIRST workday will be August 24th, at 9:30 a.m. at Carr Hall We need you, to help us make
         the "Country Store", have another successful year!

         RCIA: If you are thinking about becoming a Catholic or would simply like to learn more
         about the Church, please call the parish office at (254) 793-2047 or contact Terry Walters at
         (512) 863-8563, or e-mail:

         OUR FAITH - OUR LEGACY: The Our Faith~Our Legacy campaign raised $83 million in
         pledges. Of that amount, we have collected more than $48 million to date. Currently, 56
         parishes are receiving 80 percent of funds collected. To encourage continued pledge
         redemption, in August the diocesan Stewardship and Development Office will begin
         sending monthly reminders to those families who have not made a recent payment on their
         pledge.. Thank you for your continued commitment to the Our Faith~Our Legacy campaign.

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         SANTA ROSA LADIES GROUP: Religious Articles Cabinet: Check out our cabinet. There
         will be a new look coming soon. Bracelets, earrings, key chains, baby gifts. New items.
         We are here for your gift and spiritual needs. Do you have a ‘Clinging Cross’ on hand for
         relatives, friends – simply anyone facing an overwhelming challenge. Children’s Bible;
         Rosary ‘how-to’ books. Call Pat Oliver for your requests or suggestions. Pat Oliver (512)
         591-7300. Quilt for the Festival: Did you stitch your stitch? No? Too bad – too late – our
         gorgeous wildflower quilt is finished!!! Look for it at the festival!!!
         Continuous Prayer Chain: To be included in our prayers please Email or call Charlene
         Cooper ( (512)864-0362.

         RURAL LIFE MASS: Farming is now almost a Vanishing Breed; however the Diocese and
         the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women still honor the surviving Farmers and Ranchers of
         Central Texas, each year! It's called a Rural Life Mass, to commemorate the feast of St.
         Isidore, Patron Saint of Farmers and Ranchers. This year, it will be on Thursday August
         19th in Westphalia, Texas, at Church of the Visitation, Mass will begin at 6:00 p.m., with
         Bishop Joe Vasquez of the Austin Diocese, with dinner to follow, immediately after Mass.
         We invite you to come and talk to the Farmers and Ranchers, Thank them for their love of
         farming and also met our new Bishop. Did you eat your vegetables today? For more
         information, please call Dot Absnaider at 512 515-5929

         ACTS MISSION: Ladies: I will sing to the Lord all my life. I will sing praise to my God while
         I live.” Psalm 104.33 Join us for a weekend retreat Sept. 9-12, 2010 reflecting on this
         scripture and praise God for the gifts we have been given. Men: “Feed my sheep.” John
         21:15 Challenging all men to deepen their faith by attending the weekend retreat Sept.
         23-26, 2010. The fellowship and spiritual growth will add more to your personal life. Both of
         these retreats will be conducted at Eagles’ Wings Retreat Center in Burnet, TX. Costs for
         these retreats will be $125 per person. A deposit of $65 will reserve a spot for this event,
         with remaining balance due before the day of the retreat. Registration forms are available
         after all Masses or can be printed off of the parish website. “But I can’t afford to pay the
         fee”. Don’t let this come between you and the benefit you will get from attending this
         retreat. There are scholarships that can help you with the fee. Any lady wanting to attend
         should contact Magda Hernandez at 512-694-4159 or for the men, Richard Mick at

         WE NEED WEB PAGE MINISTRY INFO! If your ministry does not have a link on our web
         page for parishioners to find out who you are and what you do, why not? Send information
         about your ministry, contact names with email addresses, how to join, meeting schedules
         (if applicable), etc. to for consideration to have a mini
         web page created for your ministry. Final approval from Father Ibeh is necessary before
         your web page is posted. Make sure your major events and activities are also included in
         the weekly bulletin.

         PRO LIFE: Please pray for all those individuals, especially in our government, who support
         abortion that they will come to understand God’ plan and will choose to support the
         Sanctity of Life. Austin Prayer Vigil –scheduled for Saturday, August 21, at Santa Cruz in
         Austin. Mass begins at 7:00 a.m. Following the Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
         will be in the church and a car caravan will travel to Austin Women’s Health where the

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         Mysteries of the Rosary will be prayed at the site from 8:20 – 9:50 a.m. Benediction will
         follow Santa Cruz at 10:30 a.m. All are invited to attend. Call the Office of Pro-Life Activities
         and Chaste Living for more information at (512) 949-2486 or your Parish ProLife
         Coordinator. (Michele Stanfield ProLife Coordinator,

         ROSARY: Rosary is done each weekend starting 30 minutes prior to mass, i.e., Saturday at
         4:30 p.m., Sunday at 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

         Sat. Aug. 14th:
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 8:00 a.m.: For the Parishioners of Santa Rosa
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 10:30 a.m.: Lucy Anele
         Tue. Aug. 17th:
         Wed. Aug. 18th:
         Thu. Aug. 19th:

         Mon. Aug. 16th: St. Stephen, King of Hungary
         Thu. Aug. 19th: St. John Eides
         Fri. Aug. 20th: St. Bernard
         Sat. Aug. 21st: St. Pius X, Pope

         08/17 Finance Council meeting 7 p.m. Rectory
         08/23 Fall Festival committee meeting Carr Hall 7 pm
         09/06 Labor Day Holiday – church office closed
         09/09 Women’s ACTS Retreat
         09/19 Blessing of Catechists 10:30 a.m. mass
         09/23-26 Men’s ACTS Retreat
         10/24 Fall Festival Celebration
         11/13-14 Ministry Fair
         11/20 Day of prayer/workshops for Liturgical Ministers 9 a.m. to 12 noon
         12/14 Advent Sacrament of Reconciliation

         Sat. Aug. 7th: $2519.00
         Sun. Aug. 8th: 8:00 a.m.: $ 1454.00
         Sun. Aug. 8th: 10:30 a.m.: $ 2066.00
         St. Vincent de Paul: $ 1014.00
         Building Fund: $140.00
         Jamaica: $ 50.00
         Candles: $ 54.00

         Michael or Virginia Marrinan, 512-819-0974
         Camille Figurelli, 512-931-0108


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         Sat. Aug. 14th: Mary Zurek; Len Zurek
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 8:00 a.m.: Ana Ramirez; David Ramirez
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 10:30 a.m.: Terry Walters; Kurt Kurten
         Sat. Aug. 21st: Ann Sang; Nancy Tarvin
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 8:00 a.m.: Louis Broussard; Kathy Testa
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 10:30 a.m.: Henry Boecker; Manuel Ramirez
         Scheduler: Bea Burrell

         Sat. Aug. 14th: Ashee Brunson; Tristen Brunson; Manuel Ramirez; Michaela Delahossaye
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 8:00 a.m.: Logan Hageman; Chris Patschke; Michael Patschke
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 10:30 a.m.: Blake Tomjack; Kris Barrientos; Kristin Barrientos; Lauren
         Sat. Aug. 21st: Ashee Brunson; Tristen Brunson; Manuel Ramirez; Michaela Delahossaye
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 8:00 a.m.: Casey Smith; Heather Smith; Morgan Oliver; Clarissa Lloyd
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 10:30 a.m.: Emilio Ramirez; Lucas Saenz; Kyle Parrish; Jo Jo Ramirez
         Scheduler: David Burrell

         Sat. Aug. 14th: Dot Absnaider(L); Ann Barry; Paul Barry; Vic Colonnetta; Vicki Curwick
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 8:00 a.m.: Mary Ann Dobias; Dom Dobias
         Sun. Aug. 15th: 10:30 a.m.: Cheryl Tatro; Tony Theriot(L); Sophia Torres(L); Theresa Bates;
         Betty Calcote; Byron Calcote
         Sat. Aug. 21st: Nell Ficken; Kathryn Hart; Noel Livaudais(L); Terry Mack; Mary Manis
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 8:00 a.m.: Nancy Osuna; Amelia Ramirez
         Sun. Aug. 22nd: 10:30 a.m.: Camille Figurelli(L); Marnie Finan; Mark Johnson; Sandra
         Meredith(L); Elsie Parish; Mona Parish
         Scheduler: Elsie Parrish

         Sat.: Joe Mullen; Bill Hagen; Robert Kelety; Paul Pratt
         Sun.: 8:00 a.m.: George Nabb; John Ganey; Ed Pastor; Jim Ralston
         Sun.: 10:30 a.m.: Fred Osuna; Dennis Siple; John Corbett; Vic Figurelli; Ernest Ramirez; Ron

         BISHOP VASQUEZ' PRAYER INTENTIONS: For all teachers and students as they prepare for
         the start of another school year

         BULLETIN BY EMAIL: To subscribe to the email bulletin or to change your email address,
         visit our web page: and select "Add/Rem/Chg Email
         Subscription” on the left side.

         IN OUR AREA

         THE CARING PLACE: The Caring Place still needs the following items for our food Pantry:
         Canned fruit; Fruit juice; Canned meats – especially chili (please, no tuna); Boxed Dinners;
         Cereals; Jelly; Toilet paper; Toiletries; Monetary donations to purchase meat. During the
         period of January to June 2010, the Food Pantry at The Caring Place provided over 162,000

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         pounds of food to families in our community. This is only 2% short of the record set last
         year. We appreciate your support as together we care for our neighbors and for each
         other. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. John
         Stock, Executive Director, The Caring Place, 2000 Railroad, P. O. Box 1215, Georgetown,
         Texas 78627; 512-869-4735; fax 819-9233. NOTE: Santa Rosa's total food donation for the
         months of June and July was 135 pounds. Thank you."

         PRO-LIFE AWARENESS EVENING: Usted está invitado a una noche de información Pro-Vida
         con ELIZABETH McCLUNG, Directora Ejecutiva de Austin Coalition for Life en la Parroquia
         Santa Elena. Ella nos hablará de "el aborto y la vida". Esta será una hora que cambiará --
         para siempre -- su perspectiva del aborto. Jueves, 19 de agosto, 7:00pm a 8:00pm en el
         Frizelle Hall. El evento está patrocinado por el ministerio Pro-Vida de Santa Elena. Una
         invitación a una presentación muy interesante. Por favor de anunciar en misa este

         CATHOLIC WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: Coming Soon! Early registration ends 9-8-10. The
         conference will be 10/1 & 2 in San Antonio and will focus on the search for the Truth of
         god’s plan in the life of all women and will offer inspirational speaker, Mass, great music
         and more. Register early as space is limited. Call 210-521-3377 for more information.

         BULLETIN INFORMATION: Articles for the next bulletin on Sunday, August 22nd, are due on
         Tuesday, August 17th, before noon. Please limit your articles to no more than 200 words.
         Articles for the bulletin should be sent to:

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