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									When the cultural and creative industries experiencing Agriculture
  When the cultural and creative industries experiencing Agriculture - cultural and
creative farm agriculture and the rise of cultural and creative
            ?Beijing Normal University Institute of Educational Management Shen
      ?(This article has been published in 2009, No. 1, "China
"Agriculture is the foundation of a nation", which is the
teaching of Chinese. In terms of agricultural population, land or from the history and
tradition, China has always been a big agricultural country. The central government in
the future the most important task is to fully solve the three rural issues and building a
socialist new countryside, in the industrialization of the health and environmental
hazards has become increasingly evident in the case, the development path of
industrialization in rural areas go only to the rural environment and humanities bring a
new round of destruction. China needs to develop agriculture, and rural
industrialization is also a dead end, in this predicament, the vigorous development of
cultural and creative industries and agriculture in China will certainly become an
encounter of great significance and far-reaching event, created in China Creative
agriculture has been imperative. When we strongly Zai Cheng Shi-built
"Cultural Chuangyichanye Park" when, Womenbuyao forget
Guangda the Chinese Xiang Cun and construction of rural Xu Yao Yi Dapi
"cultural and creative Nong Garden" - one kind of fusion of the
cultural and creative industries and Nong Ye of Jide.
1, plowing the fields at home - is based on culture and education, agricultural real
traditional Chinese
As the Chinese saying depicting traditional well-off people in the poem: Male farming
women weaving children reading, farming representatives of agriculture, the
organization representing the included creative crafts, reading on behalf of education,
"men plow and women weave child reading" is a traditional
Chinese cultural and creative agriculture a high degree of generalization. Figure 1:
After the vicissitudes of "plowing the fields people," Dan Bian
When we walk through the rural residential areas in China, everywhere can see
"Cultivation and Reading", "plowing the fields
people" and "clear farming rain reading" of the
inscriptions and plaques, simple agriculture is simply not the Chinese tradition, only
the farming time - based on Agricultural education is a real tradition in China.
Farming in the mountains of Shun Li, Gong Geng Liang in Wollongong, mining Ju
eastern fence of the Tao are the farmers? No, although they will do farm work, but all
are the most prominent "cultural and creative person." In
Chinese history, agriculture is the foundation of a nation, teaching and an ability to
govern, and of the military is defending the three together constitute the core of the
national sustainable development strategies.
Second, the development of cultural and creative agriculture is the inevitable choice
for China's national conditions
The United States is a nation-building short-term (233 years) and lack cultural
traditions of the country, the United States, geography is relatively single, the majority
of the Central areas there are flat, so in the past the United States Nongye Zougong Si,
scale and industrialization of the road own Qi reason, But this model is not
sustainable and environmentally hazardous defects, the United States in 1995 adopted
the "family farms and sustainable farm bill," setting the 21st
century, the development direction of American agriculture - small-scale, sustainable,
high-tech and high yield. Thus, even in the U.S. use of chemical fertilizers pesticides
stress scale operation of chemical agriculture has also come to an end.
Organic agriculture is not to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, use of genetically
modified seeds are not, in the process does not use any chemical additives De
agriculture, by this standard Chinese traditional agriculture is organic agriculture,
organic agriculture can say is China's traditional agricultural one Taiyou
Liang. China's geographical environment is complex, large differences in
climate, in addition China is a long history and rich cultural, multi-national
agricultural country, since ancient times our ancestors had to develop intensive and
family-owned fine traditions and the development of small-scale organic farms as the
basic organizational form of cultural and creative agriculture is the best way of
agriculture in China.
High-tech means high investment, high technology requirements of human resources
is also high, so high-tech agriculture is not China's agriculture, rural
farmers in China the best option. The method of traditional agricultural practices
(organic farming are), local culture and national characteristics and cultural creativity
is a low-input agriculture and efficient development model.
Third, the international biodynamic Demeter organic agriculture and agriculture is a
successful example of cultural and creative
Agricultural products in China's agriculture in accordance with the level of
toxic elements into pollution-free agriculture, green agriculture and organic
agriculture, organic agriculture is no chemicals and toxic ingredients. In the
international organic agriculture, originated in Germany, biodynamic agriculture
(Biodynamic agriculture) is the highest standards of organic agriculture.
Biodynamic agriculture in 1924 by the German philosopher, scientist and educator,
Ruhr Road Fusitanna (Rudolf Steiner) founded, Dr. Steiner is not only the founder of
biodynamic agriculture, or human intelligence school, Waldorf education , holistic
medicine, organic architecture, sociology and excellent human intelligence co-founder
of legal U.S. campaign. As this is Dr. Steiner has created a complete system, in
biodynamic organic agriculture farms have adopted the basic organic building is also
a study of human intelligence, Waldorf education, holistic medicine, sociology and
excellent human intelligence the U.S. law campaign bases, these farms are profound
cultural background of the "cultural and creative farm."
Demeter (demeter) is a certified biodynamic organic farming members of the joint
body composed of an ecological, but also represents a kind of organic agriculture
standards. The Demeter is an international legal, economic and spiritual to work
closely with international organizations, so far, 43 countries joined the 4200 organic
producers Demeter International, launched in 4215 around the world Organic
agriculture cooperation projects. Bio-dynamic organic agriculture as the foundation,
Demeter's members have developed over more than 3500 kinds of signs to
Demeter for the various products, in addition to a variety of agricultural products also
include wine, vitality drinks, cosmetics and clothing and so, although the prices of
these products higher than the average product about one-third, but still are very
popular internationally. Germany WALA company's cosmetics,
"German Family" (Dr. Hauschka) is the world's most
famous natural cosmetics brand, the brand is based on bio-dynamic agricultural
research and produced.
Demeter International has evolved into an organic agriculture as the foundation for
the production, processing, certification, creative design, promotion and publicity and
sales for the industry chain of cultural and creative industries Union, China should
follow the example of the successful experience and learning. Beijing Xishan Phoenix
Organic Farm has become the first Chinese to receive the Demeter-certified
bio-dynamic agriculture base, Phoenix Organic Farm organic vegetables industry, and
medicinal and edible yam features, and then integrated education, yoga, Chinese
medicine and tea , is forming a culture of innovation with Chinese characteristics,
Figure 2: Beijing Phoenix Organic Farm -
China's first bio-dynamic agriculture receive international certification
Fourth, a number of cultural and creative forms of agriculture and development model
1, the private organic farms
As far as I know, Beijing is the most expensive of the two houses opposite the new
CCTV Tower, the top Fortune Center, a must around 140 million, its main selling
point is that in the CBD center window shows the new building and International
Trade CCTV center, in fact, the idea of thinking are upstarts.
Wealth levels of foreign real fact of life in the countryside, where most of them who
have their own private farm or ranch. U.S. President Bush's private ranch
in Crawford, Texas, where the countryside is called the White House, President Bush
often met in their own private farms around the world political figures, leaders of our
country's former President Jiang Zemin visited the United States time, is
here with an important meeting with President Bush. Mr. Vice President Al
Gore's private farm in Tennessee, Gore teens every summer were spent
Figure 3: U.S. Vice President Al Gore's private farms
Tao in the "Peach Blossom Spring" depicts a yearning that
many Chinese people's "paradise," Peach Blossom
Spring in others: "Land Ping Kuang, neatly ordered houses, there is fertile
U.S. Pond mulberry and bamboo. Crossroad traffic, cocks. Which between different
types of men and women dressed like an outsider. yellow hair Chuitiao happy and
content. "Have you ever noticed that this paradise is actually an organic
Chinese old saying says: poor Ben City, Ben Rich Township. The poor long for city
life and work opportunities, but the rich just the opposite, they want a return to lead a
quiet and beautiful country life, the private farm is sure to become a major cultural
and creative forms of agriculture will be the future of real estate development in
China a new direction. Of course, the private farms is certainly organic, because the
wealthy will not be the pursuit of efficiency and production and application of
chemical fertilizer and pesticides.
2, urban farm
City Farm has a long history in foreign countries, Europe and Japan has now become
the favorite city a kind of entertainment and leisure, the development momentum of
the trend of much more than golf, because of farming and gardening is not only
suitable for adults, but also for the elderly and children, and more on patient health
and health effect.
Urban farm mode of operation is to suburban block of land area leased to the public, a
small piece of land about 400-600 square meters for growing vegetables, fruits,
flowers and trees, or running the family agriculture. Farming by hand, the public can
enjoy the fun of return to land and nature, access to safe fresh food, to promote family
unity and communication between members.
Beijing and Ningxia and other places have already launched the operation of this city
farm project near the Sixth Ring Road in Beijing, the North will have a city farm,
anyone can cost 1,000 yuan to rent a 100 square meters of land, can either grow their
own, you can entrust each other grow, this small piece of land, enough to supply a
family of vegetables. Urban Farm with travel, vacation, food, training, health health,
combined with cultural and creative development of agriculture in Chengdu, a major
form of management.
3 real estate with gardens
Chinese traditional residential patterns, the vegetable in the kitchen near the larger
yard, vegetable garden in the yard, small yard, vegetable garden just outside the
residence. Ecological and environmental point of view, the design of this vegetable is
found near the kitchen reduce the prevalence of food miles concept of food from the
origin to the distance between the consumer as short as possible - both energy and
The vast majority of urban real estate projects are now designed, are not inherited
China's "vegetable garden near the kitchen," the fine
tradition of frequent incidents of food safety has attracted intense public crisis of
confidence in the food, design and construction of a "with
garden" The residential real estate should be a good business opportunity.
High-end real estate projects for each household to prepare a vegetable garden, and
general real estate projects you can plan when put residential and urban farms
combined so that each household has a vegetable garden in the vicinity . Currently,
the national real estate downturn is not before time, real estate companies should pay
more attention to product innovation and marketing innovation, the initiative to
develop and transfer to the satisfaction of consumers fond of the house.
Figure 4: The house band is a traditional Chinese vegetable
4 Creative Farm
Now many cities are developing "cultural and creative industries
park" dedicated to cultural and creative industrial, commercial, film,
entertainment, media, arts, publishing, animation and other areas of integration, but
few pay attention to cultural and creative combination of agriculture, development of
surrounding areas in the city, "cultural and creative farm."
As noted above, each of Demeter biodynamic farm is a "cultural and
creative farm," organic farms around the city should be the basis of organic
agriculture, the development of organic processing industry, handicrafts and organic
retail trade, the formation of an organic industry chain. Meanwhile, the use of organic
agriculture and attractive features, additional cultural activities, education and training,
catering, tourism and leisure, health rehabilitation, and other industries, to an organic
farm products into a rich variety of industry to industry and the "cultural
and creative agricultural park" .
Beijing has also appeared in this "cultural and creative farm,"
the prototype, located in Shunyi Airport Road near the green cow organic farm is one
of the representatives. The organic farm has about 70 acres of land, attached to a cake
factory and organic restaurant, through membership in the form of sales of organic
vegetables, to expand its influence by organizing various activities, gathering
popularity. Same farm with many international partners, the school formed a school
for students on a regular basis to the farm to participate in farming, experience life
and taste of organic food. Green cow organic farm activities of the most distinctive
one is the green cattle farms harvest festival, in this harvest festival has hand-made
street, a street of organic food and organic farms, markets, and various
children's play activities - production of the Scarecrow tug of war and
through the maze, holding open-air village concert, each will attract four to five from
adults and children around the world.
Such as the green cow organic farm business is still in a state of civil spontaneous, as
if the "cultural creative industry parks," the same access to
policy, resources, capital and media and other aspects of support, I believe that the
organic farm-based "cultural and creative farm "would become
a cultural and creative industries next general direction, will also open up a new
socialist countryside construction new world.
Figure 5: Green Organic farms open cattle country music
Figure 6: Green ready to receive guests cow organic farm organic farm market
Figure 7: Participation in the green cow organic farm harvest festival of international
?5, cultural and creative town
?Cultural and creative industries and agriculture combined, not only in urban areas
around the establishment of a "culture of creativity of the
garden" in the vast rural areas can also be a "cultural and
creative town." This cultural and creative parts of town have been
emerging, but we do not have from the "cultural creative" point
of view to locate and treat these areas.
Mutianyu Village, Huairou District, Beijing, using the Great Wall tourist attractions
and beautiful countryside scenery as the advantages attracted to American Samoa
Yang represented a number of foreign friends to live and to promote local tourism
development. International Cultural Village, the village committee defined the
position, the Mutianyu developed into a truly international "cultural and
creative village."
Figure 8: Beam River, a small restaurant windows
Yunnan Lijiang Dayan Ancient Town and the Beam River, in fact, China's
"cultural and creative town," an outstanding example of these
two ancient town has a unique ecological environment, with traditional houses,
traditional music, handicrafts and traditional Naxi culture cultural superiority and
advantages of traditional industries, attracting a large number of cultural and creative
at home and abroad who work in this life and for the Lijiang create a unique
"cultural creative" weather, so Lijiang world famous tourist
Xiang Lijiang that the cultural creativity and leisure Xiangcunshenghuo Wei
characteristics of "cultural and creative Xiangzhen" has Jieneng
reduction, Fuxingchuantong culture, protect the natural environment Yu Deng
Duozhonghaochu stimulating domestic demand, should be in China Guang Da
promote rural Diqugeiyu.
Of course, the cultural and creative industries and agriculture is far more than the
combination of the above five models, with the rise of cultural and creative and
vigorous development of agriculture, I believe there are emerging more and better
business model.
Cultural and creative cultural and creative industries of agriculture is not only a major
trend is the inevitable choice of China's rise. Whether China will become
the leading world power, China can achieve the Chinese nation and the revival of
Chinese culture, the key is not the elite and urban Chinese, but depends on the vast
rural areas and farmers. If China's vast rural areas like Europe and the
United States and Japan to become as beautiful and clean village, most farmers in
China have become known over ceremony of the book, a degree of cultural
accomplishment, this is the true symbol of China's rise.
Therefore, the cultural and creative industries into rural areas, to develop
China's "cultural and creative agriculture" is to
determine the success or failure of the rise of China can move.

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