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What is the MBA and the MBA curriculum


									What is the MBA and the MBA curriculum
MBA was (Master Business Administration) in abbreviation, the Chinese said MBA.
MBA is a product of the market economy, training is of high quality, a leader in
professional business managers to equip them with production, financial, finance,
marketing, economic laws and regulations, international business and other
disciplines of knowledge and management skills, strategic planning vision and keen
insight. MBA degree is a focus on complex, integrated degree in personnel training,
capacity-building is important in imparting knowledge of the degree. It is the face of
actual combat, Professor of "management" rather than
research-oriented "management." It requires of its graduates
with adaptability, predictability, comprehensive ability, organizational skills, and in
the changing world market and international competition, continuous development
and winning. The course covers management class, economics class, finance,
financial, legal, etc., capacity training not only pay attention to organization,
leadership, also involved with eloquence as relying on communication skills, grasp
the overall situation, were keen, to judge and deal with the problem capacity and so
MBA is the first widely accepted international degree. MBA is a postgraduate degree,
on the MBA are the most essential qualities, knowledge and academic standards.
Learning into the MBA degree requirements generally must have the first and only
individual who has extensive professional experience can be an exception.
MBA after work experience is a degree, it was already 3 years professional experience
as a career accelerator or after the conversion means.
MBA course covers all the major modern management functions, such as accounting,
finance, finance, marketing and sales, logistics (production operations) management,
information systems management, legal, human resources management. It also
provides basic economic and quantitative analysis, curriculum is highly integrated and
include business policy and strategy. In addition, the course also requires students to
obtain knowledge and theory with practical skills such as decision-making skills,
teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial potential, negotiation skills, communication
and reporting techniques. In the learning process, students should be elective
preferences, and select a major direction.
MBA full-time minimum learning period of one year or the amount corresponding
time job learning. MBA required at least 400 hours of classroom learning, the course
requires at least 1,200 hours of personal assignments. MBA project requirements
thirst for knowledge and personal commitment and efforts devoted efforts.
Into the MBA program student must pass a strong selection process to ensure that
only those qualified candidates to obtain the MBA degree. All students must go
through rigorous examinations and marking score work to ensure that learning
objectives to meet the criteria for MBA degrees.
Not all business schools can meet these standards, if not meet these standards, we can
not say that is a real MBA. MBA and Master of Business Administration difference.
First of all, different conditions apply for. MBA candidates can meet the requirements
of national unity can be, that is, fresh raw and in-service personnel can apply for.
MBA candidates must be college graduates with 3 years or 3 years work experience of
personnel; college graduates have more than 5 years or 5 years work experience staff;
been a master's degree or PhD and 2 years or more than 2 years experience
of staff (refer to the school on graduation day). Second, the examination subjects are
different. MBA entrance examination to attend 62 colleges nationwide pilot exam,
exam subject is politics, mathematics, English, management, language and logic.
Third, the item difficulty difference. In general, MBA candidates to participate in
entrance examinations of national unity in English, mathematics difficult than MBA,
but in recent years, the number of domestic MBA applicants soared, more and more
intense competition accordingly. Fourth, the culture in different ways. MBA students
generally train for the country, more than 200 yuan per month subsidy, but also
commissioned a training culture and self-funded students, MBA, or be self-financing
unit for the Wei Pei. Fifth, different training objectives. MBA training goal is to
practice good entrepreneurs and workers, such as Tsinghua University MBA graduates
should be competent industrial and commercial enterprises and economic
management departments, the work of senior positions, is able to adapt to fierce
competition in the future society compound talents . Peking University Guanghua
School of Management MBA program for multinational companies, large state-owned
enterprises, large private enterprises and large financial institutions. Guanghua School
of Management is committed to helping the localization of multinational management
team, national business management international, private enterprise management
modernization. So MBA program emphasizes practical. Master of Business
Administration should not only cultivate the actual management, focusing on the
scientific theory of education student management for the development of academic
training successors.
Under normal circumstances, enterprise solid theoretical foundation MBA graduates,
MBA student before admission because of their considerable practical experience has
been and learn and practice the process also been key in the combination of
enterprises can adapt quickly to the actual work.
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