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									In Re Grand Jury Investigation 2007B-61

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Case 2:07-mc-00123-MCE Document 1 Filed 10/31/2007 IN RE: GRAND JURY 2007B-61 ) ) Case No. 07-mc-00123

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APPLICATION FOR WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS The undersigned attorney hereby applies to the Court for the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus () Ad Prosequendum (x) Ad Testificandum Name of Detainee: EDGAR BOBADILLA Detained at (custodian): GEO Detainee is: a.) () charged in this district by: () Indictment () Information () Complaint charging detainee with: __________________________________________________ or b.) (x) a witness not otherwise available by ordinary process of the Court Detainee will: or a.) b.) (x) return to the custody of detaining facility upon termination of proceedings () be retained in federal custody until final disposition of federal charges, as a sentence is currently being served at the detaining facility

Appearance is necessary FORTHWITH in the Eastern District of California. Signature: Printed Name & Phone No: Attorney of Record for: /s/ CAROLYN K. DELANEY - (916) 554-2798 United States of America

WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS () Ad Prosequendum (X) Ad Testificandum The above application is granted and the above-named custodian, as well as the United States Marshal's Service for this district, is hereby ORDERED to produce the named detainee, FORTHWITH, and any further proceedings to be had in this cause, and at the conclusion of said proceedings to return said detainee to the above-named custodian. Date: 10/24/07 _/s/ Morrison C. England United States District Judge _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide the following, if known: AKA(s) (if applicable): Booking or CDC #: Facility Address: Facility Phone: Currently Incarcerated For: _____________________________________________ 01142298 220 W. “C” Street San Diego, CA 92101-3804 (619) 232-9221 Unknown X Male Female DOB: 01/25/1981 Race: FBI #: 565691RC7

RETURN OF SERVICE Executed on ____________________________ By: ___________________________________________________ (Signature)

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