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  Template Monster (monster template) China is the world's largest web
site templates TemplateMonster sales operations in China, the official Web site,
Monster templates Web site templates are displayed by the U.S. super-class designer
designed, every week several new Web site launched template, the number of existing
template monster template has more than 30.000 kinds, deeply user's
welcome and praise. Very detailed classification of monster templates, by industry is
divided into: business templates, real estate, web page templates, etc. industries.
Divided by the template type: website templates, flash, Joomla templates and so on.
  ?Here we introduced this website to the template is Template Monster (monster
template) China inside a Joomla site template, web page templates to use Joomla for
web development, Joomla can be Linux, Windows, MacOSX and other platforms
running different , Joomla can also publish and manage blog posts and have a member
page, e-commerce, voting, website internal search, share content and other functions,
is the world's leading content management systems. This Template
Monster (monster template) China Travel Service with Website templates, website
page design, the background image using a mate's oceans, blue sea, flying
Ouniao, for companies and households living in people who have great attractive, the
heart is also with the bird to fly sky children. The content of the page layout is also
very unique, content block on the right side of the page, the page navigation bar on
the left, up and down a place to change the traditional way. Navigation bar rich in
content and links to related content can be done. In text form of the body of popular
travel related information, and with the station search and member registration,
management functions, this Template Monster (monster template) China Travel
Service with a website template, function and content to meet a variety of size forms
of travel needs, promote your company's business management a good
  ?For more information, please click on Template Monster (monster template) China
can be found here on the Joomla website templates for more information. Template
Monster (monster template) China China official site web template will also provide
you with excellent value for money based on site construction, web production
Template Information
Download price (note)
396 yuan

Buyout price (note)
11,861 yuan
Template Code: 22877
Category: Joomla website templates blog system
Author: Delta
Downloads: 10
China Downloads: 0
Subsidiary file extension
Editing software required
Adobe Photoshop CS +
Adobe Dreamweaver 8 + (or any php-editor)
For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9 + (Windows)

Stuffit Expander 10 + (Mac)
Joomla! 1.5.0

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