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?Template Monster (monster template) China is the world's largest web site
templates TemplateMonster sales operations in China, the official Web site, Monster
templates Web site templates are displayed by the U.S. super-class designer designed,
every week several new Web site launched template, the number of existing template
monster template has more than 30.000 kinds, deeply user's welcome and
praise. Very detailed classification of monster templates, by industry is divided into:
business templates, real estate, web page templates, etc. industries. Divided by the
template type: website templates, flash, Joomla templates and so on.
  ?Here we introduced this website to the template is Template Monster (monster
template) China inside a Virtuemart site templates, Virtuemart is the one for joomla
system components of an electronic mall. joomla is an open source content
management system, joomla with virtuemart, you can build a very good e-commerce
platform. Joomla can be Linux, Windows, MacOSX and other platforms running
different, Joomla can also publish and manage blog posts and have a member page,
e-commerce, voting, website internal search, share content and other functions, is the
world's leading content management system . This Template Monster
(monster template) China selling computer products online shop with website
templates, website background with a white background, content, images are also
relatively light in color, the color is very refreshing the page. Page layout on the main
navigation bar on the top horizontal display, following up a big picture, picture
content is very nice laptop several pictures. Turn down, there are other digital
products, graphic description. This Template Monster (monster template) China
website template brow main menu navigation, including the home page, online store,
special merchandise, FAQ, news, contact a total of five interface elements. This
Template Monster (monster template) China selling computer products online shop
with website templates, function and content to meet a variety of forms of
computer-scale sales organizations need to promote your business management
company a good helper!
  ?For more information, please click on Template Monster (monster template) China
can be found here on the Joomla website templates for more information. Template
Monster (monster template) China China official site web template will also provide
you with excellent value for money based on site construction, web production

Download price (note)
1,007 yuan
Buyout price (note)
18,330 yuan

Template Code: 28712
Category: Flash8
Author: Mercury
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Subsidiary file extension
Editing software required
Adobe Photoshop CS +
Adobe Dreamweaver 8 + (or any php-editor)
Adobe Flash 8 +
For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9 + (Windows)
Stuffit Expander 10 + (Mac)
Joomla! 1.5.x
Virtuemart 1.1.4


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