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									Web site production and release of open source content management system used

   ?Currently, Web content management and publishing system (CMS) about the
number 700, because the system architecture, methodology, performance differences,
we can divide them roughly into the following four categories:
(1) Web content management and publishing framework: This Web site content
management and distribution system more like a tool of foreign trade e-commerce
package itself does not contain any application implementation, but provides the
underlying framework and basic functions, such as work flow, templates and
personalization tools, but the specific application development needs of the user to do.
The      establishment      and      use    of     these      systems     is     relatively
"expensive", usually large businesses to use. Business Software
in BEA's WebLogic Portal, Oracle PortalDeveloper Kit, IBM's
WebSphere Portal, Microsoft's Content Management Server and other open
source projects are Cocoon, Zope, Vignette.
(2), page-based systems: These systems automate traditional Web design
implementation,         which        uses       "folders"             and
"document" generated web pages and directories, and the
difference between traditional Web design is the content of external trade and forms
of online marketing (page template) is stored separately, and the content is actually
stored in the database of. The advantage of this model user familiar with the meaning
of files and folders, but go beyond simple web pages for advanced applications
usually require the user to further development. Such as Plone, Backend, Red Dot.
(3), module-based systems: These systems are concerned about the
"functional" or "content type", a typical
block-based system may include news, events list and forums. The benefits of such
systems is to provide the ability to establish standards for portals, and the speed of
overseas brand building soon. However, these systems often confine themselves to a
particular content type, if the news or calendar module to change a field often means
going to modify the underlying code. Such as PHPNuke, EZPublish.
(4) content-based object systems: These systems are the core of content objects,
information can move within the site and used in different ways. In this way, it is easy
to different parts of the site (release page or file), or different applications (news or
events) to achieve the reuse of content. Such systems are often similar to the
traditional database, each article as a record in the database. If Action App s,
In a variety of open source systems, Web site marketing Web content management
and publishing overseas release system with the most competitive, from the earliest
PHPNuke, XOOPS, to the current Drupal, Mambo, open-source Web sites and Web
content management and publishing no less than 30 kinds of distribution system.
According to Packt company early in September 2006 concluded "The
Packt Open Source Content Management System Award" The results show
that: PHP + MySQL based open source CMS system in the Web development battle
shows the absolute advantage, winning the top 5 best CMS system The four (Drupal,
e107, Joomla, Xoop s), Plone Python developers to use the only winner, not
short-listed based on Java development projects.
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