Web Content Management System Review 2

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					Web Content Management System Review 2
WCM vendors internationally renowned
Here are three more influential in the international web site content management
system professional supplier of products, they are EMC / documentum, Interwoven,
EMC / documentum
Headquartered in the United States, Documentum originally independent companies
listed on NASDAQ in 2003 acquired by storage giant EMC.
Documentum's product line is wide, the current focus on enterprise content
management         orientation     level     (ie      ECM).       Chinese     Website
Core Products EMC / documentum WCM5.3
The product provides a powerful content storage services, with content on the site
throughout the life cycle support services, a complete content management control.
Attract more customers is the product provides automatic content classification, but
the system in the content personalization, behavior tracking weaker visit.
Headquartered in the United States, is a NASDAQ listed company, content
management fields, one of the largest scale, is the strategic Zhongdianyeshi ECM,
offer comprehensive enterprise content management solutions and products.
Interwoven is the most influential product of its content collaboration platform
TeamSite. The company and large multinational law firms and other professional
fields have an absolute advantage. Company Web address:
Core products: TeamSite 6.5 and LiveSite 2.0
These products have internal network and external network to provide strong support.
The initial focus of product design for IT staff, the content encoding, multi-site
deployment, release management, category management and text mining to provide
more powerful features, and now the site manager and content editor for the services
functional strengthening. With the introduction of LiveSite, site managers can be very
easy for the site definition, front style management and content distribution.
Interwoven not only provide large-scale WCM system, but also provide a
comprehensive ECM product.
Headquartered in the United States, is a public company, the company has a strong
product advantages, providing a powerful dynamic content publishing systems, and
site content personalization support. Vignette content management and site
management to better meet the needs of site managers and users. Vignette no sales
offices in mainland China.
Core product Vignette Content Management 7.3
The product is based on J2EE standards as the core building of suitable internal and
external network management system. System contains a wealth of integrated
interfaces, mature content distribution capabilities and dynamic personalized content
customized so. Meanwhile, the system provides visual content using the user behavior
analysis for site administrators to provide a basis for decision making.
Domestic part of the WCM system developers introduced
Content management system products from China after 2000 has gradually developed,
but in the product, company size and so on, compared with foreign manufacturers
have large gaps. Here are three more mature product suppliers.
TRS is the Beijing Information Technology Institute in the national commitment to
the Chinese information retrieval based on the project developed, mainly full-text
search technology is based on Chinese technology, leading market position for the
state enterprises. After several years of development, the company can provide a
relatively broad product lines, mainly in Chinese search and enterprise search,
competitive intelligence, digital library system, content management systems. Website:
Core products TRS WCM 5.2
The product is a new version introduced in 2005 to support multi-site management,
process collaboration, and online content editor and so on. The product is stable and
functional standards for the establishment of government institutions and other large
Web systems, but required the development of individual users, such as the enterprise
network (ECM), a large service-oriented media websites, the products lack the
flexibility of the corresponding .
Beijing Gimhae for customers in the process of developing large web system would
build on its Web site content management system products, currently has a network
for foreign WCM and ECM for enterprise network products. The products were
mainly located in large enterprises, media and other Web content require complex and
powerful website. Gimhae expansion strategy to provide flexible product can be made
to adapt to the individual needs of our customers. Website:
Core Products Web Manager WCM 5.0
The product uses industry standard J2EE, is a new version introduced in 2006 to
support multi-site management, content collaboration, approval process, the user
personalized custom (ECM), etc. The system also integrates a large number of web
site user interaction modules, such as: web analysis , Blog, BBS, member, online
surveys, news and comments to make the product adaptable. TRS as its wide product
Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (Founder Electronics) in Chinese electronic
publishing system, printing and publishing industry in China has an absolute
advantage, after years of development, Founder Electronics developed multilingual
electronic publishing technology standard has been living in the world, products are
exported to Asia , Europe, North America, more than ten countries.
Founder CMS System
The product is based on Java/J2EE architecture, cross-operating system,
cross-database, cross-application server, systems and external systems and data
exchange between modules and configuration files using XML format, the template
file (including html, jsp, css, image ) in the synthesis and release in order to transmit
ftp. Its advantage lies in providing a more complete feature standard modules and
features, shortcomings is the difficulty in providing personalized custom