Wang_amp;_39;s head of China_amp;_39;s Zhong Liu Zhongtian 24 billion of assets crowned a new generation of China_amp;_39;s richest

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					Wang's head of China's Zhong Liu Zhongtian 24 billion of
assets crowned a new generation of China's richest

A new generation of China's richest man! China's low-profile
head of Wang Zhong Liu Zhongtian to 24 billion assets of more than 2008
"Forbes" Rich List Rich Liu Yongxing China. Contact with Liu
Zhongtian, alleged that point I can not see him the way to become the
mainland's richest man. He is not like Yang Yan, Zhang Yan, Huang
Guangyu, as in the capital markets overnight, also like Liu Yongxing, Lu Guanqiu
other richest evergreen, has been low-key forward, experience appears to be simple,
but in fact the mysterious. Liu Zhongtian has been unable to access the mobile phone.
Fu Road, built 15 years
Liu Zhongtian was born in 1964, shortly after graduating from high school his
chemical business operations. But a person familiar introduction, Liu Zhongtian
worked as a carpenter after graduating from high school, the local grain management
in the repair of furniture, then do petrochemical business is due to father's
background, and get local government support.
The largest enterprises in Liaoyang Liaoyang Petrochemical Company of China
Petroleum is undoubtedly an important pillar Liu Zhongtian fortune. Liaoyang
Petrochemical is the largest chemical fiber production base in the north, its refined oil
products, ethylene, polyester, etc., in the dual system of planned economy and market
economy of the last century is 80 "with money," the baby, Liu
Zhongtian also learned a two-track opportunities the earliest development experience
and capital.
The late 80s of last century, the Northeast's state-owned large enterprises
are still subject to planned economy, but their heads and flexible Liu Zhongtian has
seen the market opportunities, private enterprise to transform from a self-employed.
In 1989, Liu Zhongtian founded and served as director of synthetic resin, chemical
plants, and later founder of aluminum products plant in Liaoyang, Fukuda chemical,
plastic and other enterprises Cheng Cheng. By 1993, Wang and Hong Kong Limited,
a joint venture power to Liu Zhongtian richest man set foot on the way to the road.
January 18, 1993, by the Liaoyang City Aluminum Products Factory Co., Ltd. and
Hong Kong joint venture power Liaoyang Wang Chung Mong Aluminum Co., Ltd.
(Chung Mong aluminum), the registered capital of 20 million yuan, Liu Zhongtian to
plant, land use rights and equipment accounted for 12 million yuan investment, the
power to equipment investment accounted for Wong eight million yuan. After 10
years, Chung Mong continued replenishment of aluminum, to 2003, the registered
capital of 47.305 million U.S. dollars, of which Chinese investment was 28.383
million U.S. dollars, accounting for 60%. April 2003, Wang quit power, Hong Kong
Hong Long Industrial Co., Ltd. took over.
Even the 47.305 million U.S. dollars, is still but just busy group funded a small part.
By 2005, Chung Mong Group paid-in capital has reached 18.0547 million yuan,
registered capital exceeding 14.1395 billion. The reason for failure to register paid-in
capital, Chung Mong Group explanation is required if the joint venture's
registered capital reached more than 50 million U.S. dollars, it is necessary to the
approval of relevant state ministries and commissions, more complicated procedures,
so the excess part of the adjustment to the capital fund in.
2007 and 2008, respectively, Chung Mong bond issue 600 million yuan and 20 billion,
one-year bonds carry a coupon interest rate as high as 6.1%. Chung Mong in the
market concerns on the Group financial chain tension, in November 2008, Chung
Mong Group suddenly announced that the U.S. Olympus Capital Group and the
United States the world over to Chung Mong Capital Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested
300 million U.S. dollars. Later, Chung Mong Hong Kong-listed tour launched.
First half of 2008, total assets of 8.95 billion yuan of loyalty Wang Group, operating
income as high as 11.26 billion yuan, becoming the world's third largest
and Asia's largest aluminum company, this time from the power of Wang
and        Hong      Kong        joint      venture      is      only    15       years.
"4000000000000" investment birth of a new richest man
Zhong Wang announced the launch of the Hong Kong listing, the State Department
announced that happened to 4 trillion yuan investment plan, which will undoubtedly
inject listed Chung Mong shot in the arm.
Three quarters of 2008, Chung Mong Group exports about 78,000 tons aluminum
income of about 275 million U.S. dollars, but the main sales market in the country,
three quarters of the capital, airport expansion, the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai
World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games will be more than a dozen state-level key
projects, Chung Mong new single signed totaling 7.3 billion.
China Railway Speed, Zhong Wang has become one of the winners, won several
subordinate the Ministry of Railways locomotive factory 70,000 tons aluminum
contract. Then, ten industry support plan has been put forward, the credit has started
to blow, large-scale projects continue to be launched, on a sudden growth in demand
for aluminum.
A series of national investment projects, under the adverse economic Wang Chung
Shing Chuen a listing of the Group of dreams.
April 20, Chung Mong start this year, the largest IPO road show, 24-day offering.
Zhong Wang Group sold 1.4 billion shares of stock, of which 140 million shares sold
in Hong Kong, 12.6 million shares International Offering, 7 Hong Kong dollars per
share offer price. Liu Zhongtian 74.1% of total shares, about 40 million shares, the
Offer Price, the market value of up to 280 billion HK dollars, equivalent to more than
240 billion yuan. Low-key and mysterious tycoons
Liaoyang, a media person, told reporters: "Liu Zhongtian low-key man,
and not involving the Mafia, like Yuan Baojing Jing."
For the outside world, Zhong Wang Group is very mysterious. Zhong Wang Group is
headquartered in the courtyard, there is an alleged and abroad than the famous
"Red House" is also luxurious small building, special
hospitality to the leadership of the inspection visit. And covers an area of 180,000
square meters of loyalty within the group busy, like a miniature society, clothing,
housing, lines do not go out, outsiders must go through the various barriers to entry.
Some executives in Beijing one that is often not seen the silhouette reception side, has
been to rely on direct welcome the "underground palace" - Red
House. This looks a bit ordinary and even the seven-story rustic guest house, look for
the red because of the name "Red House" and its inside is
extremely luxurious: a dance hall, karaoke OK hall, small theater, sauna and foot bath,
but also five sets of super-luxury Mandarin Duck Room.
It is an honor to those who've seen the Red House, as long as people have
access to the Red House, room and board free of charge, of course, this also means:
Red is not an ordinary person can enter the premises.
Liaoning Liaoning media and national media in the press correspondents, almost no
opportunity to interview Liu Zhongtian, many reporters have encountered have been
shut out of embarrassment. Zhong Wang Group, an employee told the reporter:
"Recently, not to the group to interview, and now all foreign vehicles and
foreign workers are allowed to enter the door."
Liu Zhongtian's low-key, so that its people had two completely opposite
impression, one is that nice person, very easy-going; other is that he is
"cow", and is incredibly kind of cattle.
A Department of Liaoning Province, an official said on one occasion, the hall of local
media organizations and foreign journalists to interview, to Zhong Wang
Group's main entrance, security companies are allowed to enter the door, I
called, say bosses not, can not be received. But not long to see Liu Zhongtian official
car driving out of the gate, walk away.
Liaoyang officials on local, he often does not buy it. 2007, Liaoyang, an official with
a much-needed loans to business owners, to help Chung Mong Group to request a
security, although to those with almost pleading tone of voice to ensure that
"the security of the Zhong Wang Group will pay a higher rate of
interest" But Liu Zhongtian has not been ignored.
However, members of the media to respect a Liaoyang tone, Liu Zhongtian which are
very easygoing and very kind. For example, he said, Zhong Wang Group started in Xu
Village, Liu Zhongtian so many years has been very good on the villagers, the
villagers send rice, flour, oil, on the poor households are given the million in cash.
Several reporters asked Chung Mong Group employees the impression that the
enterprise, said feels like to work in state-owned enterprises, as front-line staff about
the monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, considered the finest in local, benefits good, as long
as there are bigger festival will send two to three hundred dollars, and sometimes hair
oil, noodles.
Liu Zhongtian rarely go out to socialize, most of the time in the company within the
group, walk inside the shop, see the problem immediately point it out.
"Very severe, unrelenting, but the sake of argument." Employee
who has been reprimanded over that.
Young executive team
Hong Long Industrial Chairman Liu Yan Liu Zhongwang two years older than the two
men's life trajectories vary greatly, but in the end have a common goal, to
become partners. Yan Liu graduated from Beijing Union University in 1985, after
graduating from low-voltage devices in a Beijing factory office technician. When the
chemical was founded in Liuzhong Wang, Yan Liu was studying in Australia and New
Zealand, followed by Hong Kong entrepreneurs. Long Wong in Hong Kong, after
taking over power in 2004, the joint venture has changed to Liao Ning Zhongwang
Group Co., Ltd., Liu Zhongtian chairman, Liu Yan was appointed vice chairman.
However, according to listing prospectus, Yan Liu as vice chairman of the Hong Kong
investors and, not to the board.
A loyal group of staff, said Wang, head of Chung Mong Group is Liu Zhongtian, and
Liu Zhong lock brother, another hook hi Fai Executive Director responsible for
managing daily operations, and the "second in command,"
Executive Director of Road Evergreen, is responsible for listing.
Hook hi-hui and Lu Changqing have professional backgrounds, hook hi-hui, 42, a
former crane factory in Changchun City Engineer, came to work in Liaoning, in
aluminum mold design, and access to group vice president Chung Mong.
Liu Zhongtian has been no public appearances, road shows and even in the process of
offering is also the executive director and vice president of Evergreen Road,
endorsement, and investors and the media. The road is only 30 years old Evergreen,
Zhong Wang Group is the end of 2007 from the listed Huiyuan Juice executives hired
specifically planning, investment banking in 2003, joined the Huiyuan, as general
manager of investment management, he served as the Board of Directors, in February
2007 to help Hong Kong-listed Huiyuan Juice.
After entering Zhong Wang Group, Road Evergreen has expertise in the stage play
again in the financial crisis, Zhong Wang Group to help improve the corporate
governance structure, the introduction of venture capital, and the successful
promotion of the Group listed in Hong Kong Chung Mong.
Liu brothers, the management of enterprises, almost all self come. His brother Liu
Zhong lock, 38, college degree, has served as supply and marketing Liaoyang
Petrochemical Fiber plant chief, entered Zhong Wang Group Manager from Liaoyang
Chemical Co., Ltd. has been done Futian Group General Manager. 1 to Chung Mong
Group employees has been for several years, said Liu brothers usually small in
Liaoyang, mostly to domestic and foreign enterprises to study, learn, a good
experience, new management methods, so they took back to business to test.
The Group Office Director Cheng Castle Peak is more young, only 30 years old,
Liaoyang Institute of Technology in 2001 after graduating from the Department of
Chinese into the Zhong Wang Group, responsible for enterprise culture, foreign
exchange and party work, part-time deputy party secretary of the Group, deputy
secretary of the discipline inspection.
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