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Wang Ning


									Wang Ning
?Name Sex Male Wang Ning
Position / job status of nationality or region of China fund manager
Date of Birth 1971, Graduated from Beijing University
Master of the highest degree
Resume Mr. Wang Ning, was born in October 1971. He graduated from Beijing
University Guanghua School of Management, EMBA. Huaxia Fund Management Co.,
Ltd. served as assistant fund manager, Societe Generale fund manager duties. August
2005 joined Changsheng Fund Management Co., Ltd., a former assistant fund
manager Investment Management Division, Changsheng Dynamic Choice Fund fund
manager positions.
Time of their fund management company code name of the fund type of investment
fund investment styles
?2008-01-03 date value of stock 080 001 Changsheng balanced growth
2006-01-05 to 2008-01-03510081 Changsheng Dynamic selection of equity income

Main points:
1. Quiet before Zhiyuan
Operationally speaking, the Fund is the product of the style characteristics of the Fund
under the contract, the fund manager's personal style must obey the fund
2. The pursuit of large probability events
3. Through the important ways to control risk
Differentiation, diversification, on a regular basis of investment, effectively resolve
the investment risk and reduce the risk of low probability events, the average market
rate of return on investment level, the cumulative increase beyond the market, the
possibility of compound interest.
4. The next stage of investment focus is to refinance
Systolic enter the capital market from five years of expansion, last year the main
focus of interest is the new stock market in the approach phase of reform, this year
with the arrival of full circulation, mainstream companies will make use of
advantages of capital market financing and resource allocation function, rapidly from
big to strong. Therefore, new investment will focus on re-financing, issuing new
shares and high-quality listed companies and expand, so the market's
trading focus will change.
For more details, please refer to (the Fund Securities trading network
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& columnid =)
Classic Quotes:
1. A fund manager bullish on the stock to buy 10% of the positions quickly limit is
irresponsible, is of a gambling nature.
2. With a time perspective on the market in my mind the bull market, bear market is
not particularly prominent view, sustainable and stable financial capacity to fund
managers is the most critical.
3. Through the variety and the constant optimization of the structure to achieve the
objective of long-term sustainable returns
Its status of the fund:
1. Changsheng Dynamic Selection

2. Changsheng Growth Value

Data compilation and support: joint stock funds trading network

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