Ugly corrupt and shameless lust by fdjerue7eeu


									Ugly corrupt and shameless lust
Horny ugly corrupt and shameless "10 corrupt nine colors." In
recent years, were the corrupt elements, almost all "degenerate and
corrupt," "moral turpitude" such a conclusion. Cheng
is that Chen is ,······ According to statistics, the corrupt officials have been punished
more than 95% support a "mistress." They are not only big
corrupt, but also "big Yingun" they licentious unrestrained,
immoral objects frequently several, a dozen, dozens, or even hundreds. Speaking of
sexual immorality, people often say that the feudal autocratic imperial times the most
"obscene" and no one is not Sannomiya six homes, many
queens, but today some of the lecherous and corrupt officials in comparison, I am
afraid that the ancient emperors of Iranian society. Home to Jiang Zemin: former
director of Construction Department of Jiangsu Province, a total of keeping and
feeding more than 140 mistresses. He was not very comfortable one to live his chest
to the hospital, "senior cadres of the ward", the 40-year-old
nurse Xiu for an intravenous drip, home to Jiang Zemin's left hand still lose
the liquid, actually Sanxialiangxia solved Xiu on white coat the button ... ... became
the lover home to Jiang Zemin, the Wang Xiuli Xu demand for graduate work at home
arrangements for the unemployed and the daughter, also the daughter of Liu Lan into
a "tiger's mouth." The poor girl, one year, twice as
abortion home to Jiang Zemin. It is appalling that dissolute excesses of the home to
Jiang Zemin not only to conceal their shameful acts, but sometimes deliberately flaunt
their "capability." A drink, he not only in front of witnesses to
show off their " 一 箭 双 雕 " It will actually mother and
daughter's "in bed" had some more! Distortion: the
former county party secretary in Fujian Zhouning Distortion. He has maintained a
long-term and 22 women improper relations between the sexes. To this end, he
specifically made a red skin contacts, the above records of these women,
communication, and pride for this address book named "Kwan Fong
spectrum." May 22, 2002 Tickets Prices are still held in Fuzhou, a major
hotel, "Kwan Fong feast," so 22 dressed in costumes, beautiful
enchanting woman meet each other in the private room. During the banquet Distortion
also announced that in the future be held every other year, "Kwan Fong
Banquet", but also set the "Annual Pageant Prize",
awarded to the year's most satisfying to own a woman! This absurd
proposal that he actually won public applause lover, who do not jealousy. Li
Ching-General: former Hainan Province, Deputy Secretary for the textile industry.
Taking the "Alternative Collection" known for its storage room
4 with a password lock metal cabinet, with Li Ching-general record of their
occurrence for each gender relations with women the whole process of the 95 diary,
the diary every few years page volume is wrapped in paper and Li Ching-general
women have sex hair. Investigators statistics, Li Ching-General to collect as many as
236 female hair. Charles Jingui: Nanjing Vehicle Administration of the original
director. Although nearing his sixtieth Charles Jingui, actually keeping and feeding
the 13 mistress, and his position in order to show the dignity and the right to dip one
side of the extraordinary courage! He also has such a glorious result of the
intelligence field and proud of their little capital, often in a social group can not help
but show off: "" Dream of Red Mansions "There
Twelve Beauties of Jinling, for me, there are 13 hairpin Jinling ... ...." Not
only the proud feeling of loneliness, but also clearly showing a woman to occupy
pride of men more than the satisfaction and sense of achievement. Yang Feng, Anhui
Province, the city declared the former Municipal Committee. To handle the
relationship with a number of mistresses, he imaginative, do not set out the heart, in
the establishment of a number of chief mistress mistress, and using the theory of
management science MBA mistress own team, the effect actually is not bad. In a
longer period of time, Yang Feng and his mistress who feel satisfied with each other,
no problem at all, and thus he and illustrious career in officialdom. If not,
"chief mistress" Zoumou rivalry with another mistress losing
supernumerary "turned on", Yang Feng probably are still
"mistress team" in its capability, it is still the rage officialdom.
Zhang Zonghai: Chongqing Municipal Propaganda Department, the former minister.
Zhang Zonghai Although home in Chongqing, he was still five-star hotel in
Chongqing, a long-term private dining room. He chose a woman has three
"standard": First, college graduates, second, beautiful, three to
not get married. Strategical: former vice mayor of Leshan City, Sichuan Province.
This was the mistress of the public and nurturing only 16 years old, moving to get the
tender and beautiful girl, he had pretended to be a Singapore businessman, to win the
ladies smile, his flower garden in Chengdu Lido 61 million yuan to buy a mansion.
Guo-Hua Zeng: School of Posts and Telecommunications, the former president of
Hunan Provincial Communications Authority, former director of the exclusive,
sub-departmental level. He a fool around him and his mistress for up to 7 years,
contacts in and celebrate a certain period, not only "look at every one hour
to dial a phone greeting mistress, let celebrate one know where," He had
also given a written held several guarantee to guarantee the content of wonders:
"never to let Hemou Sheng Qi", "60 years of age,
and He must marry a", "Ho every week and has 3 times in a
sexual relationship." Leshan deputy mayor Strategical mistress
performance on the field so that all those involved in shame! Mistress before he and
nurturing only 16 years old! In order to tender and beautiful and moving, and the
Virgin of 16-year-old young girls Gao Daoshou, he had pretended to be a Singapore
businessman, to win the ladies smile, his flower garden in Chengdu Lido 61 million
yuan to buy a mansion. Zhao Zengjun: Anhui Xuancheng original Municipal Standing
Committee, Deputy Mayor. Zhao Zengjun Jixi County as the time in its 20-year-old
mistress promised Fan Min, said: "Little girl, you young and beautiful, I
want you out of bed on the train to the podium." He said to do, really to
Fan Min from the bed to the podium training. Fan Min Soon on the way promotion,
from Hsiang-tang, deputy secretary of the township People's Congress
Chairman to Hsiang-tang Weishujijian, then it became the county Women's
Federation President. When Zhao Zengjun after he was promoted to the Standing
Committee of Xuancheng City, Min Fan again transferred to Municipal
People's Congress office. Tube Zhicheng: The original Beijing Iron and
Steel Company party secretary. He often several "Xiao Mi,"
between mistress pleasure, sometimes even simultaneously with several women with
sexual immorality, but also no shame in talking about the so-called modest sex tips,
reviews what the best woman in bed. Jiao Junxian: former secretary of Jingmen City,
Hubei Provincial Government Secretary-General. Chen Li Jiao Junxian mistress for
the promotion, even instructed the personnel to falsify, was originally
"Street Girls" mistress Chen Li forged party, the state cadre
status, and arrange to Jingmen Development Culture, Broadcasting and Television
Bureau Deputy Secretary . Liu Zhihua, former vice mayor of Beijing. According to
media reports, Liu Zhihua has more than his mistress, his mistress to make them
self-serving, he went so far as to build the name of the resort, in the Beijing suburb of
Huairou, built a luxurious wide ditch the "palace." The
"palace" with 150 rooms, internal decoration in accordance with
the five-star standard. It was "in charge" this
"palace," said Liu, a mistress, a girl named Zhang Yi may be
required for dedication Liu Zhihua without return, then set a trap in a high-level hotel,
Chang will be Liu Zhihua sex itself and the process and conversation are recorded
down quietly. After Zhang Yi to this site for up to 60-minute sex video sent to the
relevant departments in Beijing. According to Fang Jian news is that 60 minutes of
video disc that led directly to senior officials of the Lok Ma FY Kyoto. Guo Jiusi:
former state-owned assets in Liaoning Province Authority. Late 1998 to early 1999,
several managers, chairman of the board were given the value of the yuan Guo Jiusi
Anshan Dragon Spa Village membership card. Where a beautiful environment, eat,
drink stop. Most Guo Jiusi heart is beautiful as Miss there, gentle enough, years have
been his sixtieth of Guo Jiusi gentle dove into the town, met with five women
maintained an illicit relationship. To win the roots of favor, his total in five women
who spent 93 million yuan, of which Miss Pang in Heilongjiang one person spent 590
thousand yuan. In order to win a lot of her happy, to satisfy base desires, Guo Jiusi
had to repeatedly sell their power, taking bribes. He eventually died of bribes 2.71
million yuan, 2.5 million, 60,000 Hong Kong dollars and 7.68 million yuan to the
state caused a great loss to the death penalty. Jin Weizhi: Nanjing Dairy Group, the
former general manager, deputy departmental level corrupt officials. He has publicly
stated: "People of my level of leading cadres, who few lover? This is not
only physical needs, but also a status symbol. Otherwise, people may look down on
your psyche."

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