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Software Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hua Chen - UFIDA marketing service center in
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Company Address: Shenzhen, China, headquarters Longhua, Bao'an
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When your business is also caught in the fierce battle for market share to forge ahead,
when the sales revenue growth, scale, and constantly develop new business
, Who can ignore the changes have been difficult to calmly deal with you:

Sudden increase in customer orders an emergency, and you do not know whether the
timely adjustment of production planning, to ensure on time delivery;
Raw material prices, while you are still unclear on how much impact your costs;
Sales suddenly resigned, and his original charge your customers in that region the
situation is unknown;
Leadership to understand business progress, and you have to take not the latest
business data can not predict next month's operations;
Competitors cut prices, and to develop countermeasures, and you do not know the
number of distribution channels, what are the varieties of the amount of inventory;
A new project requires investment, and you are not sure in the end how much money
to spend,
Need approval of a contract, and you are out on business;
... ...
To cope with various changes in management of the most difficult duties of the UF
ERP-U8 Apps will help you with the times and changes in the market has calmly
rapid reaction capability and flexible capacity to adapt and maintain a sustainable
competitive advantage.

1, to find problems
To meet the rapidly changing external environment, managers should have high
sensitivity awareness, through effective decision support tools to experience the
changes in the external environment within the organization, and then highlight the
problem points.
2, the right to make decisions
Rapid changes in the market, very competitive times, any reliance on the experience
of decision-making is very dangerous. Scientific decision-making is in full and timely
access to information based on, from an overall perspective, to grasp key issues
quickly to change.

3, close to plan
From decision-making process must be repeated to the plan to think closely, and to
seek best practices will help you determine a more effective program. A clear role in
process design and a clear division of the plan is to achieve predetermined objectives
of protection.

4, the effective implementation of control
Must implement automatic computing and data transfer by automatic processes,
reducing human intervention; establishment of early warning mechanisms, feedback
exceptions; achieve business back, find root causes in order to guarantee
implementation of the plan strictly and effectively control change.

5, rapid analysis and evaluation
Through quantitative analysis and argument can be correct, comprehensive
assessment of the operation. Real-time, multi-angle query and analysis, a
comprehensive system of monitoring indicators to quickly control the functioning of
the overall business, to achieve effective forecast.

The information age, companies need to integrate the various business functions and
the use of various resources, operational procedures, to achieve specialization and
integration of business processes quickly and efficiently combine.
UFIDA ERP-U8 Apps is to meet the needs of your business integration designed to
help you realize the people, information and other resources to integrate effectively
into the surging force you to manage change.

1, integration of business people, financial, and material and other internal and
external resources.
Implementation of human resources, capital, materials, equipment and other resources
to fully integrate the management, basic data management platform helps you to all
the resources inside and outside the enterprise Tong Yi, Biao Zhun, establishing
business operations in the Jichuguifan. Enterprise information portal not only allows
you to overview business panorama, but also to establish communication with the
outside business platform, whether your suppliers, shareholders, partners or customers
can easily realize information exchange and business collaboration.
2, integrated business logistics, capital flow and information flow.
The supply chain, finance, manufacturing, quality management, the operation of core
business collaboration, information sharing, so you can always check any of the
customer's sales, collections, credit, and all other information, as well as
any real-time order tracking and cost analysis . Integrated, efficient, accurate business
management platform to help you achieve the full business management.
3, integration of enterprise information systems.
For you to build a flexible configuration, flexibility, and information management
platform, whether CAD, PDM, third-party software, or mobile devices, bar code
equipment, systems can be easily integrated into this platform to achieve integrated
application. EAI (enterprise application integration) and the UAP platform to meet
your information management unlimited extension possibilities.

Only in the enterprise every aspect of business operations, have taken the appropriate
strategy for managing change, is the most fundamental countermeasures. Your
business must be able to change every part of the business came quickly realize
business decisions can be, and regain the initiative before being integrated business,
manage change.
UFIDA ERP-U8 Apps will help you to integrate the eight core business, so you can
easily control all aspects of the business, managing change to achieve.
Financial Management
Accounting Treatment
Cashier Manager
Accounts payable management
Fixed Assets
Project Management
Online claims
Cost Management
Financial Analysis
Budget Management
Funds Management
Supply Chain Management
Contract Management
Purchasing Management
Sales Management
Inventory Management
Stock Accounting
Quality Management
Outsourcing Management
Manufacturing Management

Master Production Schedule
Capacity Management
Demand Planning
Production Order
Workshop Management
Engineering Change
Equipment Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Management
Business Management
Salesman Management
Event Management
Cost management
Marketing Management
Complaints management distribution and retail chain
Sales Process Management
Procurement Process Management
Remote Inventory Management
Retail store management
Accounts payable management
Price with Management
Stock Statistics
Price Fee Inquiry Decision Management
Business valuation
Performance scorecard
KPI Monitoring
Business Analysis
Business model
Statistical model
Mobile Commerce
Early warning platform
Administrative Office Management
Send and receive text management
Conference Management
Personal Services
Knowledge Management
Information Center
Human resource management within the forum
Personnel Management
Recruitment Management
Attendance Management
Training Management
Benefits administration
Contract Management
Manager for
UFIDA ERP-U8 Enterprise Application Suite is a comprehensive summary, analysis,
extraction of Chinese small and medium business operations and management
features, based on different management levels for small and medium enterprises,
management and information of different maturity characteristics of different
applications and industry information Design needs.
It has five product features to help you successfully integrate operations, manage
change strategy.

1, enterprise-wide applications
Covering ERP / HR / CRM / OA / BI applications, enterprise front-to back a
comprehensive enterprise applications, is the most complete suite of products-made
enterprise applications.
2, on-demand deployment
Against a company in which different industries, different management levels and
different maturity of information technology to achieve on-demand deployment.
Powerful customization and secondary development tools, enterprise management
features can be customized to achieve business process management and the role of
other elements of the dynamic adjustment of enterprises to adapt quickly to market
changes to meet individual management needs.
3, highly integrated
Help companies adapt quickly to establish customer, channel, sales, purchasing,
production, cost, quality, capital, information, efficiency, personnel, coordination,
integration, application integration strategies, business processes, information, and
people highly integrated.
4, QIP
Model design, process and role of pre realize sophisticated applications quickly
copied, breaking the traditional ERP product complexity, the implementation cycle is
long, slow effect limitations. Product easy to use, quick implementation, fast
application, quick impact.
5, low-cost
ERP business applications reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), improve
enterprise information technology return on investment (ROI).

1, for: to bring you the best business practices
Best Practices
Serving nearly four million customers, we continue to manage the advanced thinking
of the sum and the accumulation of experience, to extract a number of management
control model, flexible preset in the software, the international advanced management
thought and practice with Chinese characteristics, combined. Software
implementation of sophisticated applications can be realized quickly copied, so as to
achieve rapid promotion business management purposes.
For example: in the procurement management business, the system has set up a
complete procurement business processes and a variety of procurement operations
control model, to bring you the best business practice of purchasing management.

The successful management experience and practical applications of business, the
management of pre-rational elements in the software, so that more enterprises through
the application and implementation of the UF ERP-U8 Apps to achieve advanced and
mature management application.
Free configuration, flexible deployment
Configuration parameters of free choice through the different management control
model and implement management objectives for different issues and the precise
management, and can choose according to your actual needs of different IT
Strong expansion of
Powerful customization and secondary development of tools for your management
features for flexible customization, business process and role of dynamic adjustments
in order to quickly adapt to market changes to meet your individual management
2, easy to use: to bring you the best application experience
Role-driven, process navigation
UFIDA ERP-U8 Apps navigation application process clear and intuitive way, the
typical process of pre-configured, role of the rational distribution of responsibility and
authority and control, making the system easy and convenient application, make your
management more coordination.
Industrial enterprise application suite, for example, the system has been under
different management levels, 66 preset roles and operations in more than 50 business
processes to help you easily achieve the role of enterprise communication and
collaboration functions. And, you can always adjust the actual business processes and
roles to achieve personalized applications.

Role-driven, process navigation not only make your business operate more clear,
more efficient operation of the enterprise management.
Rapid application brings you a new experience.
Simple, fast display depth information
Personalized information portal, allows you to easily see the information needed.
Extensive report query, multi angle for your business perspective.
Intuitive graphical analysis of your business at a glance.
Convenient mobile office, so that you can control the business.
... ...
Bring you to easily manage the new experience.
3, easy to use: to bring you the best return on investment
Mature products, fast delivery
UFIDA ERP-U8 Apps user testing from the most experienced ERP for SMEs first
brand - UFIDA ERP-U8 management software bodiless out innovative products,
professional, standard, maturity, coupled with the role and management elements of
pre- home and navigation process will greatly reduce your learning and maintenance
costs, rapid implementation of the system possible to maximize the benefits of the
system application.
Suite of deployment
UFIDA ERP-U8 Apps is not only a highly integrated, comprehensive business
management needs for enterprise systems, the deployment of its suite of more
flexibility, and support the expansion application. Not only reduces the cost of your
initial investment, but also to upgrade and extend your lower cost, greatly reduced
from your total cost of ownership (TCO).
An efficient, stable, open system
Provide you with a reliable, scalable, easy to deploy management platform. It
supports a large SQL server database and the large number of concurrent users, to
achieve centralized / distributed / mixed / ASP and other arrangements. Integrated
system design, open EAI interfaces, effectively avoiding the islands of information
generation and cost of third-party integration, thus protecting the business investment
in the future.
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